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  1. Crimson Lake deed is placed in the wrong area since last map dump, correct area is,433 Highway... its too much to give yaga coords, if this doesn't work let me know, and I will spend more time on it, yellow is highway red is cave tunnel
  2. Congrats to Aleck, will be in touch to work out pick up on both.
  3. Lowered Hellie price, new stock updated
  4. Up for Auction is a Rare 5 Draft Bison and a Rare 5 Draft Donkey A. 5 Draft Female Bison with Stationary and Spark in eye B. 5 Draft Female Donkey with Spark and Slow Metabolism Pick up only c16 Cad Starting Bid 5s Min Increment 1s No reserve No Buyout Sniper protection 30min Sniper goes per animal A. B.
  5. I'm currently updating pens with new stock
  6. Just joining an alliance then leaving for months, is not a guarantee. They joined that alliance allowing their alliance holder to make decisions on their behalf unless said other wise.
  7. Thank you Shmoe, you put it into words better than I could, agree 100% for PVE!
  8. It for sure can, that's why we need an easier way, let the alliance holders deal with it, and poof, everyone becomes one. Granted there is still discord and stuff to figure out, but that can be worked out later
  9. It would be really nice if we could combine alliances, that way we don't have to worry about inactive mayors that come and go, that we don't want to lose. Is there another way? Open to suggestions. Would love for alliance holders to have the option of "combine", combine the alliances into one with an invite. Getting a lot of crap about it freedom, but this is strictly for PVE. For those of us that are expanding and have alliances willing to join.
  10. Congrats Nobligan, let me know who to send it to.
  11. Up for auction is a Rare Backpack with Bjarne Teddy bear skin 70ql Starting bid 15s Increments 1s Buyout no 30 Minute snipe protection
  12. New stock, Moltens have already been sold