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  1. Bought a ton of logs from Cococereza through Wagoner, will for sure buy from him again!!! Great transaction!
  2. I would change that starting bid to like 1s, I mean really, its a clay......
  3. Heck, I think you should just be happy there is a marks system, take the rewards you earned and be happy.
  4. updated screenshot, sorry, haven't put the time into a visible listing. All items are OBO
  5. I'm sorry didn't realize photo bucket took a dive into the asshattery, will take me a bit to figure out a new provider. War arrow and supreme pottery bowl sold Also 2 handed sword sold
  6. Screen shot work? I have been using photo bucket for years, didn't know they went all ass hat, will find a new image provider. Sorry about that.
  7. sorry been using photo bucket for years, looking to switch will be back soon
  8. [18:36:37] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thank you
  9. WTS random stuff, OBO Open to offers, cleaning out the storage!!
  10. MAKE OFFER Please PM, post or hit up Druanie in game Not looking to split the lot Chain set #1 91+QL some Aosp chain set #2 91+ with Aosp
  11. There is at least 7 masks for sale, prices vary, hence my make offer. Closing the thread, will sell in trade channel