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  1. Congrats Jaytoo and Arno! I will Dm you about pick up. Wow, what a long day/night of bidding!
  2. Sorry Heddwyn, Jaytoo had already bid 11s on it.
  3. I have to log for the night, rules still apply, 1 hour after last bid, winners can pick them up from me tomorrow
  4. figured, if you took B from 11 to 128 I would be really really worried about your mental health
  5. Will update bids as I see them, but please follow the thread to be sure
  6. Auction for Rare Trait Hell Horses Starting bid: 2s Increment: 50c Reserve: No Buyout: No No Private Bids Sniper Protection: 1 hour Horse A- 4 draft with rare immortal trait, Envious Male Winner Jaytoo 11s Horse B- 4 draft traits including rare more nimble trait, Nightshade Male Winner Jaytoo 11s Horse C- 5 speed including unbelievably fast trait, Ash Male Winner Arno 160s Please Include horse letter in bidding A B C
  7. Ok, snipe protection lasts for 45min, I really really need to run to the store. Rules still apply while I am gone, 1 hour from last bid.
  8. Who doesn't love rare ponies!!!!
  9. Auction ened, winners, please give me a minute to finish dinner. Please DM drusme in game Please specify the horse you are bidding on by letter A) White 3 speed and 1 rare speed trait unbelievably fast Current Bid 51s Mr. Kettle b) Black and silver 3 draft and rare twins trait Current Bid 21s Heddwyn c) Black 4 speed and rare immortal trait Current Bid 18s Heddwyn d) Ash Hell horse with 3 draft and rare immortal rare trait Current Bid 9s Mr Kettle E) Nightshade 2 draft with rare immortal trait Current Bid 6s Mr Kettle A ----White 3 speed 1 rare unbelievably fast B-----Black and Silver 3draft with twins \\ C- Black 4 speed with immortal D- 3 draft Ash Hell horse, with immortal rare trait E---2 draft Nightshade with rare immortal trait
  10. Who am I kidding, I am too disorganized for a forum thread!
  11. Specializing in 4 draft animals Work in progress I sell 4 speed and 4 draft animals, horses, hell horses, bison and mules. Will make deals on lesser traited. Right now you need to hit me up in dm here, or on in game, Drusme. I do not do self serve, you actually have to communicate with me!
  12. oh crap, its not!!! lol!