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  1. Rare Ravager Mask auction, been holding on to it for awhile, time to give it to some one that will appreciate it! Starting Bid:5s Minimum Bid:1s Buyout: PM or Post Reserve: Hidden Doesn't appear to take damage Glows A few pics on 2 toons for looks
  2. So you can just blow us off and forget it? I seriously sat at our agreed upon spot for 45 minutes, if not an hour. You can't take 10 seconds in the time frame we spoke, to tell me that you had to leave, or what not? Its not like I sailed 10 minutes to get to you! I left at 18:43, you last spoke to me at 18:42, 19:50 is when I got to your deed, hey I understand RL, but Guess what! I have one too! I little common courtesy goes a long way!
  3. Did this to me too, sat at our agreed upon coastal place for 45 minutes, not a word from him. and to be honest, I delivered to him, or a deedmate before, took the hit of taking stuff off deed, 5%, I brought mortar for the prior sale, and slate shards to make more bricks if I took the hit again. I have never in all my years of playing been stood up like this, that was 3 hours of sailing round trip!
  4. [17:17:43] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  5. Where shall I send them?
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  7. WTA my collection of Glimmersteel Starting bid 4S Increments 25c Sniper protection 1hr reserve active
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  9. Sold
  10. As title says, want to sell up to 50 silver 1 silver=1 USD. Paypall verified only, you pay fees outside US. Honest seller that's been around a few years now Please post here, or PM here.