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  1. Auction delayed until next weekend, not sure why some can see my links and others can not. Will post a new auction once I figure out the issues, and any help would be appreciated, i use imgur, used imgur for years
  2. End of auction delayed, until I figure out what is wrong with my links feel free to with draw your bids
  3. Anyone else having issues seeing my links?
  4. I have been told my links aren't working....
  5. Auction delayed until I figure out why my links aren't visible, feel free to withdraw your bids I am selling off my collection of rare trait 3-4 draft bison Starting bid: 50c each Increment 25c No reserve No Buyout No private bids Sniper Protection: 30 minutes (Covers all animals in the auction) If sniper is activated, all animals can be bid on, until 30 minutes after the last bid ( easier for me) There might be other traits, see screen shots You must bid by number, any bid not by number is invalid 1) Adolescent Female 4 Draft Rare Twins 2) Ven Female, 3 draft, plus Rare stronger than normal, and other traits-----Cared for 3) Ven Male 3 Draft plus more nimble, also more friendly----- cared for 4) Ven Female 3 Draft, Friendly, Rare Immortal 5) Ven Female 4 Draft Immortal, plus misc
  6. Coco can't be beat, awesome seller the best logs for the price!
  7. Great fast service, will use again
  8. Gallop Away Animal Farm Self-serve animal deed, specializing in 4 Draft hell horses, also have some speed Hellies, and 4 draft/speed regular horses, 4 Draft Bison Coastal access C15 Cadence, off deed loading area Highway access Gallop Away Animal Farm It is a work in progress Looking for something you don't see? PM me have many more available, Drusme in game Stock list, as of July 2nd: Hell Horses Draft and speed horses
  9. @SkoomyJust need your in game name Nevermind, Moma found you