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  1. WTA Rare Ravager Mask

    [19:19:29] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes Thank you!
  2. WTA Rare Ravager Mask

    Who shall I send it to?
  3. WTA Rare Ravager Mask

    WTA Rare Ravager Mask AFAIK mask do not take damage, it Glows! Starting bid 5s Increments 50c Buyout 15s Sniper protection 1 hour No reserve
  4. Please close

    Exactly how it works, first in, first out.
  5. Please close

    I take a percentage. I am currently in talks with a few people. Once I get things started with them I will consider taking on more.
  6. Please close

    Ok, so if you aren't completely turned off by the asshatery, let it be known I wont publicly call you out, unless we talk and you agree to it first. I will still do my best to sell your stuff either way!!! Those that posted did it on their own accord, and yes they are customers of mine.
  7. Please close

    Ok, so yeah, I'm sure the drama kinda ruined my chances of getting back into brokerage, even with the 2 positive comments. I have a more than those 2, people that may not want to be be public, which is why I am here, I will handle the public for you, and keep you out of the public, aka help you avoid the asshatery I have had to endure even posting this!!!!!
  8. Please close

    There is no guarantee, I sell things other people have, people that may not want to publicly try to sell themselves. They may not be social or they may not have time to post on forums and trade. I don't usually buy, more of a seller.
  9. Please close

    Thank you Jonny, had I known how much asshattery I would have received from my post, I would have never posted it. I am not looking to screw any one, by either giving away my providers (references) or anything else. I am just looking to help me and those not social enough to sell here. I can sure understand why now! Way to go wurm community!!!
  10. Please close

    I don't need to say publicly who my sources are, that defeats the entire purpose . I am public for those that don't want to be public, and damn I didn't expect the 3rd degree. So yeah, if you have stuff to sell and don't want to be grilled by those currently grilling, hit me up. But damn this really isn't worth my time anymore
  11. Please close

    Looks like I have already been moved to classifieds, didn't even know there was a classifieds, I guess I am as good as done, I have said, I have been on forums since 2015, been playing on and off since 2012, more on than off, I was hooked after my first break. I can provide plenty of references, sales, broker etc. I promise, I am not out to screw anyone, I love Wurm, it has become my main hobby (saddly). I am looking to pad my income, I can not afford to pay for game irl tbh. I make my premium money in game, I am looking for some new clients to sell for. And as I said to start, I can provide references, even more than the one that already saw this and posted! PM me for details
  12. Please close

    yes it is, sadly, part of why I stopped selling, but eh, its a new challenge! And by the way I bought TSP off you, and enjoy it, so thank you
  13. Please close

    I'm Huhwhat, been active since about 2015 in forums, been playing since 2012, looking to get back into selling....can you suggest a forum? looking to sell my services, not quite a merchant yet...? So for now, yeah, I'm a WTS. Thanks for the help.
  14. Please close

    Please close, I have enough interested parties.
  15. pls close

    pls close