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  1. I am with you. That level of complexity would be too much, especially for beginners. Also I wouldn’t want it to be extreme, like fog that allows just one tile visibility or white out blizzards. Just a bit more immersive, snow that feels like snow and not like sleet. Clouds that are not just seethrough cirrus clouds but also sometimes a completely overcast sky
  2. the system is so horrible, that I can hardly imagine any kind of insentivation that makes it viable without significant changes 1. short distance weapons buy weapon skill weapon skills ready to go 2.) archery skill bow making ( there are no bows on the market) skill rope making (possible to buy strings) make bow and bow string grow a cedar tree forrest skill wood cutting skill fletching skill weapon head smithing make arrow tips and shafts make arrows improve every freaking single arrow skill your bow weapon skills ..... and tada youre ready to go the fletching skill impact on arrow quality is just an insult to everybody who dares to go for this area. change (skill determins chance of getting max shaft QL for your arrow for example) this and get aride of imping of arrows and you might have a working game mechanic. Imping a consumptive good is a horrible idea. The loss rate of arrows is much higher than the decay rate of used weapons.
  3. it’s only eye candy in an already beautiful game, but weather visuals could get some love. I look in the sky and no matter how cloudy I see stars in the night?!? Rain no matter how strong it is, hardly to see. Same for snow. Please make weather more meaningful, at least visually. Low hanging thick clouds, blizzards, monsun like rain, fog. and flawless sunshine.
  4. General Terms Location: The Quary is located R19, Harmony, at the shore Waggoneering: Orders need to be in batches of 300. The large crate has a collateral of 15c. I do prefer you send them back. Shipping: I usually don't do transports by ship. For orders greater 5s, you may ask. You're welcome to visit me. Stone Shards: <40 QL 0.25 s per 1000 40- 80 QL 0.5 s per 1000 80+ 0.75 s per 1000 Sandstone Shards: <40 QL 2.0 s per 1000 40-70 QL 2.5 s per 1000 70+ QL 3.0 s per 1000
  5. ###### I have played EVE for 13+ years and I didn't notice ....
  6. * deleted, question already answered*
  7. Does a new skill, i.e. Cartography, inherently mean cooking recipies need to be adjusted? To my knowledge the calculation is relying on 138 skills. If there is one more that means, all affinities would change.
  8. when you want to inflict damage to a creature, you buy a weapon, skill by use of the weapon. Tada you inflict damage when you want to inflict damage by the means of Archery, you choose which range you want inflict damage buy or in most cases craft the bow and bow strings nurse a cedar tree nursery craft arrow shafts craft arrow heads craft cedarwood arrows improve arrows unless you don’t what to shoot tooth picks skill archery and the right bow skill wait till it’s day climb above the target eventually inflict a tiny amount of damage is that really justified by the benefit of inflicting distance damage? I’d say no. Remove improvement from arrows and limit QL based on fletching and base resources. And it is still quite a burden to go for archery
  9. love the idea, changes of terrain could be towards initial untouched map. so over time unsettled terrain would look like the initial island, not like ruined minecraft projects. I dont mind if the full process would take 2 years
  10. how about a submission process? Player can hand-in mod packages for certain topics & signs an IP waiver grant the company exclusive access to the assets. Every month a public voting is done on the top 3 packages. The best gets available as opt-in download for the public.
  11. good stuff !! but you know after QoL patch definition is before QoL optimization ^^ A couple of QoL Items for the next iteration: Crate/BSBs right click gives a "take", which triggers the "how many items" UI .... I hate the mandatory drag and drop (or at least that's the only way I know) Animal naming right tied to the "can brand" role. I am a villager and do the AH stuff. Every time I get offsprings I can brand them, but need to have my mayor give them their name/ID suitable for my breeding log I would love to have the same transfer script for BSB2chest/Cart as it is already implemented for BSB2Crate transfers in the "how many items" UI please put space between the most bottom number of items radio button and the send button. Can't count how many times I had clumsy fingers and missclicked ....
  12. Windows Version: I click Save to Pastebin ---> Not Found (#404) This page is no longer available. It has either expired, been removed by its creator, or removed by one of the Pastebin staff. Is this normal?