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  1. Amazing service, would recommend
  2. Unfortunately, no. (I have updated the main post to be clearer.)
  3. Welcome to Gerlion's General Store and Co. Our main deed is located at Xanadu S19. We sell tools, horses, and ships - among other things. All prices are for pickup but delivery can be negotiated. Feel free to contact Gerlion in game with any questions, orders or jobs you want done. If I don't have it listed here ask anyway Horses: 5 speed horses 25c (pickup) Ships: Small sailing boat 1.5s Corbita 3.75s Cog 4.8s Knarr 7.75s Caravel 12.5s Tools: Pickaxe ql59 coc50 (8c) Pickaxe ql69 botd74 (45c) Pickaxe ql63 coc50 woa54 (12c) Pickaxe ql52 coc54 (Steel) (10c) Rake ql49 coc50 (5c) Rake ql54 coc76 (20c) Hatchet ql50 coc78 (28c) Containers: Large creates 5c Chicken coup 50c Ropes: Cordage rope 2c Misc: Gems (per 100ql) 40c - over 500ql currently in stock. All gems over 10ql Left Stylish Sholder pad silver 1s Source Crysstal 3c - 8 currently in stock Yellow Potion 3c - 16 currently in stock Sleep powder 90c - 16 currently in stock
  4. Starting bid 10s Increments 50c No Buyout Sniper protection 1 hour
  5. I would like to buy, QL 83 Awl c85 (72c) QL 64 Leather Knife c79 (40c) please cod to gerlion
  6. Hello. I purchased one of the horses (Jollycopper) but it does not appear that I have permission to lead it
  7. Rhinox, I have also tried many different methods. So far no love from the client.