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  1. One important aspect here is honesty and clear expectations. Be clear about the service you are offering or buying. I've been annoyed a few times by people asking for imps who really wanted the item turned rare and wouldn't pay when it didn't.
  2. wts large magical chest 35s pm on forums or message gerlion in game
  3. *jingles large bag of silver coins*
  4. I'm looking to buy an imbued ropemaking tool or potions of the ropemaker. PM me with offers.
  5. Hi Gerboa, sorry for the delay in responding somehow I missed your post. I haven't been keeping the stock levels on this page properly updated, sorry; in particular, I sold the sleep powder some time ago. I can make 30 build container units if you like for 40c each.
  6. price for the dragon fang statue?
  7. I'm looking to buy the following: Supreme file Supreme shovel Supreme small anvil Imbued rope tool (preferable supreme) PM me what you got