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  1. Congratulations Nordlys. Let me know where you want the rope delivered to
  2. WTA 100k favor Favor will be delivered to the winner (costal not chaos) in the form of cordage ropes in a BsB. Starting bid - 20s Bid increments - 1s No buyout 30min Snipe protection Reserve - 20s
  3. if accept cod to Galigan Sent Hey o/ 1S for the 0,27 Seryll Lump? COD to Xheth if that's ok for you. Sent 1s each for black and blue dragon blood? I might wait a bit to see if I get a higher offer
  4. WTS an assortment of stuff. Reply below with offers or pm me in game (Gerlion) or on the forums. I also have 3 fireworks that I forgot to include in the picture
  5. I'm looking to buy potions of woodcutting and mining. As well as forest giant and goblin leader blood. Offering 1.5s each Contact Gerlion ingame or on the forums