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Found 672 results

  1. From any kind of Bows, to everything Cloth and Smithing has to offer! We take requests from any kind of item related to both levels, in case some of them arent listed yet. We also take improve services for the QL below Up to 85ql for Cloth items (Updated 01/10) Up to 70ql for Bowyery items (Updated 01/10) Up to 70ql for Smithing items (Updated 01/10) ---~ RARE SECTION ~--- (All blank items) rare Willow Longbow -> 60ql - 3s rare Willow Shortbow -> 60ql - 3s rare Fine Meditation Rug -> 80ql - 3s (2x in stock) rare Exquisite Meditation Rug -> 80ql - 8s (3x in stock) rare Horse shoe -> 60ql - 2s (6x in stock) ---~ BOWYERY ~--- (all made with Willow) Shortbow | Longbow | Bow -> 60ql - 5c Shortbow | Longbow | Bow -> 70ql - 10c ---~ COTH TAILORING ~--- Cloth armor Complete set 50ql -> 30c | 4c each part Complete set 60ql -> 40c | 5c each part Complete set 70ql -> 50c | 6c each part Complete set 80ql -> 60c | 9c each part Complete set 85ql -> 80c | 15c each part Satchels Creation quality -> 3c 50ql+ -> 6c Meditation Rugs (Normal/fine/beautiful/exquisite) 50ql - 15c 60ql - 20c 70ql - 25c 80ql - 35c 85ql - 45c Sails (of any kind) 30ql - 10c 50ql - 20c Decorations Banner/Flag - 8c Small colorful carpet - 8c Colorful carpet - 10c Large colorful carpet - 25c ---~ SMITHING ~--- Metal Tools 50ql - 20c 60ql - 25c 70ql - 30c Horse Shoes (Full set of 4x) 50ql - 20c 60ql - 25c 70ql - 30c ---~ BULK ~--- (Free delivery for coastal deeds) Stone Bricks 1,5s per 1000 bricks - 6k in stock We will keep this post with levels and prices updated and check at least twice a day. Thanks for checking out Feel free to comment any requests or PM any of us ingame: (specially if you are in hurry) Panquecca Agorafilia Rowsbrasil
  2. 1 Supreme Mask of the Enlightened Fragment + 9 plain Mask of the Enlightened Fragments to finish it! Looks like an Owl Face when finished - see below! Get your very own supreme mask you can easily put together yourself! A very personal gift for yourself or a friend. I have never personally seen a supreme Mask of the Enlightened completed, but I believe this mask will glow blue like the others. Have fun! Buyout: 30s No sniper protection Start Bid: 5s <-----------------L@@K! Increment: Whatever! Low Reserve.
  3. please Close, Buyout accepted

    Supreme Hammer 95ql unenchanted for you to customize starting Bid 12s Increments 1s Hidden Reserve Pm for Buyout
  4. Supreme Horse Shoe - q26 with Woa61 Starting bid: 2s Increment: 1s Snipe protection: 1 hour Good Luck!
  5. Hey guys, want to do some meditation? Supreme fine meditation rug - Ql 78 Starting bid: 8s Increment: 1s Have fun! Snipe protection: 1 hour
  6. wts rares,supremes,pelts

    message here or in game to Rumble prices as marked or make offers SOLD fence bars dirt dog pelt w92 supreme rock shard supreme marble shard supreme gold lump all logs sold 100ql pelt key mold wild cat pelt 98.73
  7. Hello! I'm in the market to buy rare and supreme building mats for fine carpentry and masonry. Currently looking for the following; Large Nails Small Nails Stone Bricks Mortar Clay Planks Shafts Ribbons If I'm not on when you try to contact me send them anyway and I'll grab them when I get on. I'm on daily! Any questions on what I will buy feel free to reply here or PM me in game @ Quelon or Sunnyside Cheers!
  8. Late Springcleaning!

    Some random goodies, gimme a fair offer and I'll sell! Rare Knapsack Cedarwood Rare Gold Bracelet Small Shoulderpad Double Shoulderpad Excuisite Shoulderpad 50c per shoulder atm! Buy buy buy!
  9. Supreme Caravel, now up for your bidding pleasure Starting bid: 50 silver Reserve: No reserve Minimum increase: 1 silver Sniper protection: 1 hour Buyout: 125s/125 Euros/$146 Bids in Euros or Dollars are acceptable through Verified Paypal at 1s=1Euro=$1.17 (please list silver/Euro equivalent)
  10. Please Close :)

    [10:39:34] A huge axe with a heavy head and a wooden shaft. You'll need to wield it with both hands. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. The huge axe needs to be sharpened with a whetstone. [10:39:34] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Lmonkey'. [10:39:34] Nimbleness has been cast on it, so it increase the chance to hit. [97] [10:39:34] Life Transfer has been cast on it, so it will transfer life to you when harming enemies. [91] [10:39:34] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [88] 95 QL Start Bid: 35s Bid Increment 1s+ Sniper Protect: 1 Hour *Hi guys, got this really snazzy Axe for you to oogle this time, please don't shoot the auctioneer [once again this is a hosted auction, not an item of my own] or make any unreasonable comments that are not bids!!!* *PLEASE DON'T BE A NEGATIVE NANCY, I WILL ASSIGN YOU A DRESS*
  11. WTS Red Dragon HoTA and Silver

    Selling a red dragon HOTA for 30s, 30 Euros, or $35 via Verified Paypal, free coastal delivery: Selling silver coins at 1S=1Euro=$1.17 via Verified Paypal, 136 silver currrently available.
  12. WTS blood, dragon hide, fragments... whisper in game or post reply please Rare rounded stone x2 : 10c each Rare slate brick : 10c Rare rock shard x5 : 10c each Supreme rock shard : 30c Rare shard marble x3 : 10c each Rare Sandstone bricks x3 : 10c each Rare pottery brick : 10c Rare peg x3: 10c each Rare fence bars iron : 20c Rare war Arrow head, iron : 10c Rare crude axe qt62 : 40c Rare crude pickaxe qt46 : 30c Rare blue grape qt 83+ x2 : 10c each Supreme dirt : 30c Rare plank x2 (qt25 qt46) : 10c each Blood white dragon hatchling x2 : 2s each (salve of frost) Blood green dragon hatchling : 2s (potion of acid) Blood red dragon x2 : 2s each (ropemaking) Blood black dragon hatchling x2 : 2s (armor smith) Blood red dragon hatchling x2 : 2s each (weapon smith) Blood king troll x2 : 3s each (ointment of stonecutting) Black dragon scale qt 90,59 weight 0.15 : 7s50c (50c per 0.01kg) Red dragon scale leather qt 84,57 weight 0.07 : 3s50c (50c per 0.01kg) Blue dragon scale leather qt 92weight 0.16 : 8s (50c per 0.01kg) White dragon hatchling drake hide leather qt 93,13 weight 0.15 : 6s (40c per 0.01kg) White dragon hatchling drake hide leather qt 85,75 weight 0.32 : 12s80c (40c per 0.01kg) Green dragon hatchling drake hide leather qt 84,78 weight 0.17 : 6s80c (40c per 0.01kg) Red dragon hatchling drake hide leather qt 82.44 weight 0.07 : 2s80c (40c per 0.01kg) Red dragon hatchling drake hide leather qt 85.62 weight 0.12 : 4s80c (40c per 0.01kg) Left layered shoulder pad : 50c Troll mask : 3s Statue Fragments : trading statue fragments for Vynora's statue fragments Available : Hell horse, Rift beast, Eagle, Fo, Magranon, Kyklops, Guard, Worg
  13. Close

    i don't know the price for these, give me an offer.
  14. WTA Supreme Knarr

    As title says, would like to auction this beauty. Start bid: 50s Minimal increments: 5s 1h sniper protection Hiden reserve Buy out: Offers
  15. no bids - returned to Bloodydrongo's streamteam for re-issue (better it gets used than ignored) Start bid: 10s min increment: 1s 1hour snipe protection Buyout: Offers (modeled here by my alt, the blue is the animated sheen)
  16. WTA Supreme horse set (all 90+woa)

    Start Bid: 75S (Silver only) Bid Increments: 1s Reserve: None Sniper Protection: 1hr
  17. (please close) WTA Supreme stone chisel

    Hello, I'm auctioning my supreme iron stone chisel. Good luck! 94.17 QL Supreme Stone Chisel, Iron (c99 w93) 7 day auction 3 hour sniper protection No buyout No reserve 20s starting bid 1s minimum increment
  18. Rare/Supreme Shards +

    Any interest in these, can cod, any reasonable offers accepted. Please note I am busy running a new pub business in the real world, so my responses may not be quick, have patience
  19. Supreme Marble Brazier Pillar Starting Bid: 15s 1 hour sniper protection
  20. amount | name | price [1] rare pickaxe - 3.0s [2] supreme horse shoe - 12.0s [1] supreme horse shoe - 12.0s [5] rare iron horse shoe - 2.5s [1] rare silver horse shoe - offer [1] forest giant blood - 2.0s low ql, no enchants PM in game: Jasson
  21. Auctioning a 91QL Supreme Rowboat. Comes locked & with key. Maplewood. [22:34:30] A small rowing boat that will accommodate three people. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It is locked with a lock of very poor quality. It is made from maplewood. It could be improved with a log. Ql: 91.79457, Dam: 0.0. The name of the owner, Yldrania, has been etched in the stern. Starting Bid: 1 Silver Increments: 1 Silver Reserve: Has been met. Delivery: Included to any coastal PvE location. Buyout: Offer Sniper Protection: 2 Hours I will not accept bids via PM. If you want to join the auction, post your bid here or make a buyout offer via PM. Private bids are unfair towards other bidders.
  22. Starting Bid:20s Minimum Bid:1s Buyout: 30s Reserve: Hidden
  23. all prices are negotiable! make an offer if you feel like a price is a bit off Bulk goods: Rare items: Rare Materials: Enchanted tools: Enchanted weapons/shields: Other: Delivery: Buyer pays mail expenses. Mailed from a 99 courier runed mailbox. I will deliver non-mailable goods to any freedom PVE coast accessible for a knarr except the inner coasts of Xanadu for an additional 1s 50c fee. Free delivery to any purchases of 5s or more. I have no access to a wagoneer. Crates/BSBs 10c each unless we do an exchange. Located at D24 coast, Xanadu. You can reach me with a message in game (Acrisius), a forum PM or a reply in this thread I don't take custom orders. I only sell what I currently happen to have in stock.
  24. Looking to sell the following scale set: 300e obo Thanks in advance! -=Jakeii=-
  25. For a brief time, I had rare, supreme and fantastic animals, and they were amazing! I know it was the result of a bug, but I'm hoping it can be brought in as a proper feature. Animals would sometimes be born rare, supreme or fantastic, just like items are sometimes created as such. Animals with one of the three conditions would have a higher chance of passing it to offspring, like you get a higher chance to get a rare when you use rare materials. Most were shiny without the names rare, supreme or fantastic, but some had the names. I'm hoping we can keep it in the names if we bring it in as a feature, the same as rare, supreme or fantastic items. My screenshots will not let me post them to the forums, see the awesomeness here