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Found 230 results

  1. Looking to purchase a substantial amount of sleep powder by delivery to coastal deed on Celebration only. up to 1g worth. Please in game message Melody if interested.
  2. Hi everyone, I recently started playing on Harmony and I want to sell some of the stuff I have currently on Xanadu. I'll mail anything I can, but for anything else, you'll have to come pick it up. Prices are pretty open, just make an offer. I'm trying to get rid of as much as possible! Everything in these images is for sale, but I also have 51 small crates in a rack that I'll sell if you are willing to come get them. Location is close to Whitefay. PM CuteStrudels if you have any questions and happen to catch me on! All tools and armor have the enchants shown in their name. Ex: (aosp 82) = aura of shared pain 82. I have some vanity/seasonal items I'm getting rid of like witches hat and skull mask (and a snowman not shown in the pictures). Make a reasonable offer for these if you are interested, but ideally I just want them sold. Already Sold rare small barrel - sold carving knife (2x) - sold horseshoe (woa 101) - sold snowman statue - sold NOTE I will be updating images when I can to remove sold items.
  3. I am selling the items listed below. Please contact Alendhor or Liam in game, or post message here, for more Info. Sleep Powder, 15 available.....1s ea red dragon scale, leather, 80ql .04.....1.6s white dragon scale, leather, 83.23ql .06.....2.4s green drake hide, leather, 86.44ql .02.....60c Blood, Green Dragon 2ea.....1s ea
  4. I'm selling sleep powders for 1s each. Special discount (10%) on bulk purchases (>9). Pick up in southeast Deliverance @ Dunegard (T19 on community map). I can also deliver to any coast (except Chaos). PM me here or in game (Yaga).
  5. I would like to sell sleep powders for 1s ea. I have 8 available. PM Alendhor in game, or reply here.
  6. Trying to sell some items, to get silver for prem Rare carving knife 89ql 92coc (iron) Oakenwood ropetool 79ql 97coc Seryll chain coif 90ql Hatchet 1ql 84coc (steel) 4x Sleep powder (Located on Exodus at Black Pearl) More might be added if nothing gets sold Reply here or try Mrcoffee in game
  7. Hi, As in the title, I am here to sell sleep powder. 5x sleep powder - 1s each Cheers.
  8. WTS 20 Sleep Powder 1 S each. If you take the whole bundle you get them for 18.50 S. Plz note that you have to come to Cele to get it Contact via PM here plz
  9. 12 sleep powder for 1 silver each or nearest sensible offer Gonna use this to start my deed up with I'm afraid I cannot travel very easily, only having a sail boat (gift by the very, very kind and saintly Grifo) So, the buyer will quite likely need to come and collect them. I'm located at about E21 on Xan, very near an abandoned settlement called Windy Shores Estate (massive deed!) In game toon name is Chucksta. I also have a toon called Friarchuck.
  10. Hi I have 50 30 sleep powders for sale. 1s each Pickup: any amount hells Harbour -> Crystal lake->indi (just south of hells forge witch is on hw system) Delevery: min 20 pcs on a pve coast near you. Send PM here or contact deathlemming or godzildarella ingame
  11. WTS Glimmersteel 2,5s each 84ql 0.34kg 84ql 0,34kg Oil of the weapon smith 60-78ql 1s each 80ql+ 1.5s each 60ql 68ql 71ql 78ql 12 sleep powders 1s/each Open for offers
  12. 100 Iron Lamps all 50ql+ (avg 53ql) 10c each, 10 for 90c, or all 100 for 8.5s 2 rare long swords - 80ql 4s each 24 Sleep Powders SOLD 22s - pickup at T14 on Deliverance 3 rare iron lamps and 3 rare iron torch lamps 2s each, or all 6 for 11s
  13. Almost done mining the large ship canal from Crystal lake to Lake Harmonie. Picked up a few goddies along the way. Selling 26 Sleep powders 25S Selling Below rare batch for 3S Delevery on a PVE coast near you 1S Pickup at Hells Forge (on Highway system) or Hells Harbour north end of Crystal lake 40x,34y map: PM here or ingame to deathlemming / godzildarella Item QL rare-lump(29x) iron 67,32 rare-lump iron 18,50 rare-lump iron 38,50 rare-lump iron 38,50 rare-lump iron 38,50 rare-lump iron 41,19 rare-lump iron 43,30 rare-lump iron 51,73 rare-lump iron 57,64 rare-lump iron 58,50 rare-lump iron 64,50 rare-lump iron 64,50 rare-lump iron 66,50 rare-lump iron 68,19 rare-lump iron 68,32 rare-lump iron 71,81 rare-lump iron 71,85 rare-lump iron 73,00 rare-lump iron 73,00 rare-lump iron 73,00 rare-lump iron 75,15 rare-lump iron 77,74 rare-lump iron 82,01 rare-lump iron 83,84 rare-lump iron 87,76 rare-lump iron 89,46 rare-lump iron 90,48 rare-lump iron 90,82 rare-lump iron 96,00 rare-lump iron 98,11 supreme-lump(3) iron 84,86 supreme-lump iron 59,96 supreme-lump iron 96,31 supreme-lump iron 98,32 Merry XMAS to all DL
  14. Selling 8 sleep powder for 8 silver , Xan , Summerholt area
  15. Looking to sell 15 Sleep powder for 15 silver. Don't have to buy all at once, will do smaller lots for 1sp/1s. Currently at Linton on Xanadu for trade, willing to possibly arrange travel throughout Xanadu if needed.
  16. 1s each, can disount large orders and deliver to any Xanadu starter town, or areas local to P22. Could also arrange for pickup from Q12 on Independence.
  17. 0 Sleep powders 1 silver each one for sale o/
  18. Looking to sell 14 sleep powders 1s each first come first served will sell whole lot 10s post here don't pm. Will cod to you. Sold to Arium. thanks for looking. :3
  19. Hello all. Looking to sell 18 sleep powders for 1s each. Can meet at any starter town but would prefer Vrock. I don't mind if you want one, some or all of them. Many thanks Cal
  20. SOLD

    I'd like to sell 2x sleep powder for 1 silver per bag. I can deliver it to buyer on Xanadu.
  21. Want to Sell 6 sleep powder. 1s/each Location: Xanadu Newspring island, but can deliver if you buy all of them.