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Found 62 results

  1. 2x black drake dragon blood 2s each message me @ MrZodiac
  2. Looking to sell a wide collection of rares, a supreme, some seryll gear and a few collectable items 1 Rare FSB SOLD 4 Rare Forges sold 1 Macedon tall banner sold 1 Macedon banner
  3. I'm offering blood of some unique creatures:
  4. Hello. Everything on the screenshot is for sale. PM with your offer or ask me about price. I am taking ALL offers into consideration! Feel free to pm me, I don't bite!
  5. WTB 5.75kg of Dragon Scale Feel free to send it to me at 65 copper/.01kg in quantities more than .01kg.... and 50 copper if only .01kg. WTB One of each Valrei item for now, as I have none. WTB Fantastic Bones! (only fantastic not interested in supreme or rare) Feel free to msg me about payment arrangements. Generally I prefer silver in game. If you want paypal payments I will require the item in game first before sending payment.
  6. [01:22:46] The settlement of Ruffled Feathers has just been founded by Joelle. The feathers of the Goblin Leader's silly little crown, that is! What: Goblin Leader Slaying When: Saturday, March 4th - 5pm EST Who: Everyone! Why: Goblin Leader bloods make mining potions! And if you're lucky, you could get the 'Fearless' title for swinging at it. Where: Independence -- O16 in-game map coordinate. Public kill, private loot. Bring your premium alts, bring your friends! Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend! Park at the red outlined square; kill is just up the road to the south, at the dark red square. There is a guard tower nearby called Zanzibar Land. The road will be marked tomorrow with colored lamps, as well. Excited to see you all there! Should be a fun kill! (For us, not the Goblin.)
  7. WTS Red dragon hatchling skull 5s 3 Green dragon hatchling blood 75c each or 2s/3 Oil of the weapon smith 88,71 1,5s 86,51 1,5s 82,08 1,5s 78,00 1s 68,17 1s 60,18 1s or 5s for 6 oil
  8. Hello, Selling black dragon blood for 2s each, 4x available at the moment. Buy all for 7s (1s discount). Trading dragon scale (up to 1.03kg) for Drake Hide at a ratio of 1:1.5 (ie, 0.1 scale for 0.15 drake hide). Please close this topic
  9. potions

    Fletching 84.89 3 Fletching 74.30 2.5 Oil of Weapon smithing 58.07 1.25 Oil of Weapon smithing 64.89 1.5 Oil of Weapon smithing 66.52 1.5 Oil of Weapon smithing 22.97 1 Oil of Weapon smithing 57.14 -1.75dmg 1.25 Potion of carp 56.51 -1.77dmg 1.5 potion of leather working 93.66 3 potion of leather working 72.62 2 potion of leather working 56.19 1.5 potion of leather working 66.30 1.75 salve of frost 90.65 75c potion of mining 87.27 6s ointment of tailoring 88.71 75c Oil of Armour Smithing 92.55 2.75 Oil of Armour Smithing 25.35 1s Oil of Armour Smithing 75.90 2.5
  10. 1s per blood or 6s for all the bloods 1.5s per oil, or 12s for all the oils you can save even more by buying all of it at a low low price of 15s!
  11. wts

    wts SOLD .. nails,ribbon,iron lump,iron ore, potion of mining,blood,star ruby, potion of lw
  12. Goblin Leader Slaying 20 September 2016 at 6PM GMT Come and get your mining potion blood! Location: Northeast corner of the island at S25 (Celebration)
  13. These lovely foals need a new home! They are two unrelated blood bays, both 5 speed and will fight fiercely. The male is Blooddream and the female Jadeecker. Great for starting a line of blood bays, or simply as a matching pair of 5 speed horses. They are located in Amish Sanctuary Market. Delivery is available, just ask for details. Price 5s plus delivery if applicable.
  14. The price is 4s.
  15. The Summerholt Community Alliance Presents upon all whom are willing White fat Dragon Hatchling Slaying Excluding Our alliance here is the public Twitter Feed List I will Roll out 10 Rare Items And List Numbers And Items Mailed. Thank you all for attending. [20:37:14] Vortexxx rolls 2/37. Rare File [20:37:15] Vortexxx rolls 4/37. Rare Clay Shaper Oak [20:37:16] Vortexxx rolls 18/37. Rare Leather Adventurer's Hat [20:37:17] Vortexxx rolls 33/37. Rare Fo Puppet [20:37:18] Vortexxx rolls 3/37. Rare WhetStone [20:37:19] Vortexxx rolls 23/37. Rare Spatula Oakenwood [20:37:21] Vortexxx rolls 37/37. Rare Mag Puppet [20:37:22] Vortexxx rolls 28/37. Rare Lib Puppet [20:37:23] Vortexxx rolls 24/37. Rare Awl [20:37:24] Vortexxx rolls 26/37. Rare Rake expect COD SOON and TYVM for all whom attended. ( LOCATION ) SMALL EDIT The Boxed Staging area on this map is now the alts fenced in area ) staging area will between dragon and there via posted signs etc cant miss it ) Main Tank / Puller: Vortexxx Secondary: Tank / Puller : Mistvengery Main Healer: Valadrim Meeting Spot / Location : Summerholt Market / Summerholt Updated Time: 7pm CST Friday May, 27th Finder- Jive Trapper: BigBuoy, Greensteel, Egbert and there alts ( good job you guys ) Founder has Decided to keep the loot Private... However Blood and Hide For all whom Attend... Location to be posted shortly before fight Timer Subject to chance plus or minus a few hours depending on weather and alliance schedules -Rules & Requirements- All Fighters: 70+ Fight skill Required and at least 40 in your weapon skill and a 70+ QL weapon in required in order to land a hit. ( 2 hander's seem best ) however you do not need to land a hit or get on the twitter feed as this is private loot. but if you want credit for the kill please have the requirements. back up once you land a hit. you will be warned during the fight to back up. please refer to fight rules. Fo priests who can cast Light of Fo are welcome to sign up as well. Bystanders: Everyone is welcome to show up for Blood and Hides. If you want to swing at the dragon then make sure you read the rules below. there shall be a designated spot for alts to be parked near by for safety ! Fight Rules: to allow as many people as possible to get credit for the kill, Fighters must back up once landing a single hit. ( please watch your combat logs ) no more than 3 hits Failure to do so will be black listed from all future Summerholt Community Alliance and there affiliates future public events. ( excludes Main Tank and Secondary Tank ) AT EVENT RULES: SHALL BE POSTED BY MAIN TANK / PULLER AND HIS SECONDARY TANK / PULLER AS /ME in Local future rules to be added at event extra note- 60+ fighters may be allowed to join the fight but if your unable to make a hit within the 1st quarter of the fight please back out. and stay out until we call for the final push. this will also be based on attendace if there is room for everyone this will be fine. I may have extra rares to roll out so please make the twitter feed or combat logs.
  16. Starting Bid: 25s Increment: 1s No Buyout 1h Sniper No I wont sell without the frost potions, you're bloody getting them!
  17. Wts these items: Blue drake blood & 1 unknown blood 1.4s
  18. I would like to buy some Goblin Leader Blood
  19. Buying stonecutting and masonry potions over 50ql, or troll king bloods. Paying 2s each. Edit: Stonecutting pots covered.
  20. Hello ladies and gentlemen, today i want to present you this humble collection of interesting items. You can enjoy them alone or with your family, inside or outside, before or after or instead of work, you can use them or you can hang them on a wall or hide in a safe. They are all handmade and will serve you well for whatever purpose you would like to utilize them. Prices are in the items' names. Feel free to haggle about the prices in PM as well. I would also like to sell some bloods and potions: Kyklops blood x4 - 8s as a set Fletching potion 51ql - 2s
  21. Rare Large Maul - 6s (Sold) Small Anvil, Botd - 1s Hammer, Botd - 1s (Sold) Trowel, Botd - 1s Rake - Botd 82 -.1s Rake - Botd 98- 2s (Sold) Fleching potion, 84.42ql - 1.50s Fleching Potion, 68.85 -1.50s Blood - Troll King - 1.50s Blood - Troll king -1.50s Blood - Goblin Leader 3.50s Potion of Leatherworking - 94.07 - 2s (Sold) Potion of Leatherwokring - 98.40 - 2s (Sold) Oil of the Weaponsmith - 97.63 - 2.50s
  22. As the Title says I am selling some of my Unique Potions. Please post below or PM. If you think the price is wrong make an offer, Serious offers only. Oil of the Weapon Smith: Ointment of Tailoring: Potion of Leatherworking: Oil of the Armour Smith: Potion of Carpentry: Ointment of Stonecutting: Potion of Acid: Salve of Frost: