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Found 21 results

  1. Supreme Dioptra Ql 67 fragment + 23 additional dioptra frags to complete with your own signature. Starting bid: 10 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: No Buyout: None Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: not accepted
  2. I tried to start a Dioptra with BS skill of 33 and a Protractor of ql 42. According to the wiki I should have been able to start it at a very low probability. The example they gave was BS skill of 31 and a Protractor of ql 18 with a probability of 6%. It wouldn't let me start it at all, and said the percentage was 0%. This example needs to be updated. Thanks.
  3. *Special Event item* This Community is absolutely wonderful! With some help from CistaCista, Aarontx, and Elrohiir; I believe we've pin pointed the particular event in which these were given out. "Other than being a non-creatable reward these things are actually rather nifty compared to their bronze counterpart. Not funny to improve bronze or gold items to 90+, but your gold version does NOT require metallurgy at least." -Elrohiir The Gold Dioptra was a reward for a treasure hunt on Independence May 2016. Visual Difference Left: Event Gold, Right: Regular Bronze [08:50:05] An astronomical and surveying instrument, mounted on a tripod. It could be improved with a lump. [08:50:05] You can easily make out the signature of its maker, 'Aarontx'. Start Bid: 8s Minimum Increase: 50c Sniper Protect: 1hr PM me on the forums/ in game with any questions or concerns about the auction. Pm: Sugarfoxx or Moonfoxx. ***Don't Shoot the AUCTIONEER, if you're a troll or rude, your comment will be reported to mods, please do not post here unless you intend to bid or friendly bump this auction, THANKS!*** *SFI AUCTION ONLY, NO TRADING TO NFI AVAILABLE, If you are on Cadence, Harmony, Melody, or Defiance; do not participate in this auction please.*
  4. Close

    Starting bid: 10 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: Yes, 30 silver. Buyout: 30 s Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: not accepted Gives +1 Tile as Rare so max of 39 instead of 38 tiles [20:54:20] An astronomical and surveying instrument, mounted on a tripod. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a lump.
  5. Well, here we are, and I know somewhere, someone has thought of it but I'm putting this suggestion in. “Buoy Marker's”. Would be great to place (in the water) to mark and check distance's using the dioptra, combined with the marker flags we are able to create, with regular or mooring rope. This would allow measurement of deep water to perhaps calculate: dirt amounts, slope, distances more efficiently. Simple but highly needed idea. It could also be used to put on a dirt pillar for bridges, of which dirt is being added, to calculate remaining amount needed to finish.
  6. *** Post updated: 25 Apr, 2020 Hi! Thanks for visiting my post! For your leather, carpentry and enchants please visit Annyil's page The flaming forges of Jaz provide you the following services: * Weaponsmithing * iron 70ql -- 30c iron 80ql -- 50c iron 85ql -- 75c iron 90ql -- 1s steel 70ql -- 70c steel 80ql -- 1s steel 90ql -- 2s * Dioptras and improve * bronze 80ql -- 1s bronze 90ql -- 2s Need even higher ql? PM me here or ingame * Blacksmithing * tools, horseshoes, etc. iron 50ql -- 15c iron 70ql -- 30c iron 80ql -- 50c iron 90ql -- 1s iron 95ql -- 4s steel 80ql -- 1s (large anvil 2s) steel 90ql -- 2s (large anvil 3s) iron or copper lamps 50ql -- 15c iron street lamps 50ql -- 30c bronze, brass,silver or gold lamps 50ql -- 30c Special items made of other materials: ask for pricing * Shieldsmithing * iron shields 70ql (any size) -- 30c iron shields 80ql (any size) -- 50c iron shields 90ql (any size) -- 1s steel shields 70ql (any size) -- 70c steel shields 80ql (any size) -- 1s steel shields 90ql (any size) -- 2s * Chainsmithing * Armour sets are 9 parts with coif Chain set, iron or copper 70ql -- 3s Chain set, iron or copper 80ql -- 4s Chain set, iron or copper 90ql -- 9s Chain set, silver, steel or gold 80ql -- 5s Chain set, silver, steel or gold 90ql -- 10s Any other metal or ql: ask for offer * Platesmithing * Armour sets are 9 parts with helm (great, basinet or open) Iron plate set 70ql -- 3s Iron plate set 80ql -- 4s Iron plate set 90ql -- 9s Steel plate set 70ql -- 3.5s Steel plate set 80ql -- 5s Steel plate set 90ql -- 10s * Stonecutting tools * mortar and pestle, baking stone, grindstone, etc. stone 70ql -- 30c stone 80ql -- 50c stone 90ql -- 1s marble 70ql -- 60c marble 80ql -- 1s marble 90ql -- 2s * Imping services * Imping fee from any ql to lowest ql above: -- same as the price of the items shown. Imping fee to higher ql levels from the lowest levels above: -- the price difference between the respective prices Examples: * imping an any ql shield to 80ql is 50c * imping a 83ql shield to 90ql is 50c * imping a 73ql iron shield to 80ql is 20c * Ship imping * to 70ql -- 45c to 80ql -- 75c to 90ql -- 1s50c * Strongwall casts (collapse mine entrance or tile) * First tile to collapse -- 1s Additional tile to collapse, Magranon or Nahjo altar available nearby (same location and job) -- 50c Additional tile to collapse, no altar (same location and job) -- 1s Travel fee (depending on travel distance) -- free to max 1s * Courier (mailbox) and genesis casts (remove bad traits from animals) * Courier: min. 80 power, but at least 3 casts -- 1s min. 90 power, but at least 3 casts -- 4s Genesis base package (3 casts, removes 3 bad traits in total) -- 1s Genesis additional casts (same location and job) -- 30c Travel fee (depending on travel distance) -- free to max 1s Items are made upon request, please don't expect instant availability although it may happen Contact: Reply here PM Jaz or Zaj ingame Forum PM Jaz My timezone: GMT+1 - Central European Time Delivery options: Pickup at various locations on Freedom Servers, actually there is at least one location on each server COD - 1c / item I keep the right to COD to selected customers only, as well may not COD orders above 4s to other than returning/trusted customers.
  7. Looking for a gold dioptra. QL is not important. Please PM me.
  8. Looking for someone who can sell or rent a 96+ ql dioptra OR sell 96+ ql bronze lumps. Thank you.
  9. Like title says: want to but a dioptra ql96 or higher. Please pm me. Thanks.
  10. Rare Dioptra, Bronze, 82ql Starting Bid: 4s Min Increment: 1s Buyout Price: 8s Sniper Protection: 1h
  11. Hi, Dioptras - 5 for sale 72ql - 1.75s each + CoD from Xana Range poles - 5 for sale - 1.25s each - not mailable - so need to be collected from SW Xana, T8 These items are used to survey and plan bridges - for those who did not know this. PM me here or ingame - same name. Thanks,
  12. Looking to buy range pole and dioptra, at least 50ql. NE Xanadu.
  13. Another quality auction brought to you by Black Forest Smithy (Click to view merchant) In celebration of our new market in SW Xanadu (Here) We are auctioning a rare Bridge tool set Rare Birchwood rangepole ~92.5QL and rare Dioptra 90QL Bidding starts at 10s 1s increments 20s reserve No buyout The range pole cannot be mailed so the winner will need to collect All items have 1 hour sniper protection Buyouts are placed high to encourage bidding All items marked with ~ are rounded up or down to nearest whole QL Items can be based at Q13 Black Forest Nemeton on Xanadu if you wish to collect Happy bidding!
  14. Please update the Dioptra to state it's material type. I have only seen Bronze, Dioptra.
  15. As the titles says, i want to sell dioptras for 30c each Dioptras over 60ql is 50c each every first post will get higher ql buyer pays cod
  16. Building Bridges Look out for those trolls! Bridges are here and along with them come our questions. A fellow alliance member of mine suggested that an information gathering thread was started, so here it is. So far there's a few things we already know, thanks to a few threads from the test server, which I'll link to below, and Q&A already posted in CA ingame and on the forums, and of course since many of you have already built your own. How I see this working - post like crazy in here (on-topic only, same as CA) with your questions and findings. Every day or so (until the thread slows down) I'll collect the top or most common questions and stick them in the second post, with links to the answer posts and/or Wiki page. This will also be a great resource for updating the Wiki pages on Bridges. A few asks: If you post an image that's more than 200px high, please could you put it in spoiler tags. Same with any log dumps more than a few lines long. [spoiler] Image / log dump [/spoiler]
  17. Would like to buy Dioptra. You may make offer here or you can PM Osh Edit: purchase made from Seedling and Hypamania at Magic City. Please close thread
  18. WTS 3 50+ql dioptras, 80c each PM Woad in-game chat.
  19. closed

    I am looking to buy a Dioptra and a Range pole and if they can not be cod then i will want them delivered to me on Pristine in the H9 area. (if on pristine i might be able to come pick them up at your place just pm me here on the forums) closed