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  1. Sermon Group

    Excellent host and sermon group - highly recommended!
  2. Lot # 4: 11 silver Lot #7: 8 silver Lot #9: 9 silver Lot #11: 13 silver
  3. WTB rare open helm - iron, steel, or seryl Also WTB 2h skin - Claymore (not Zweihander) Please leave message here or PM Kruber or Saltzpyre ingame
  4. butchering knife blade, iron, ~21ql, 94coc - 1,0s Free gift: wild cat pelt ~99ql, 86coc - FREE CoD to Kruber, thanks!
  5. Thank you! Please CoD to Kruber!
  6. 22s Edit: Please mail to Kruber if I win!
  7. Sent a pick over for imping to 90+ and 90+ BoTD would be awesome! (Kruber)
  8. WTB Zweihander or Claymore skin (2h sword)! PM me on forum or ingame (Kruber).