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  1. Should be able to make it tonight, will bring our Vyn priest (Franzlohner)!
  2. 1 90s coc pick (steel or iron both are great) please to Kruber
  3. Auction over, congrats Starnova/Starmoon!! Is there a specific demise that you would like or would you like it to be blank?
  4. WTA this rare iron huge axe! 91.9 ql Casts: 98 Coc, 95 MS, 94 Nim, 93 LT Free demise of your choice Starting bid 10s Minimum Increment 1s No reserve No buyout Sniper protection 1hour
  5. Message me what you think is fair and I'll COD it to you if we agree! Edit: rare small iron anvil, snow lantern . skull mask (silver) SOLD
  6. The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Congrats and Enjoy!
  7. About 50 minutes remaining! We will try to send it out ASAP to the winner today (but might not be for a few hours)
  8. Thank you for organizing this and for the invite!
  9. Starting bid: 11s Increment (minimum): 1 s No Reserve No Private Bids Sniper Protection: 1 hour
  10. I'll do 45s to start
  11. 1 rare iron huge axe to 92 ql please, CoD to Saltzpyre when completed!
  12. Thanks for the last order, highly recommended! Looking to get 90+ Mindstealer casted on my rare silver maul and 90+ Nimbleness cast as well. Currently getting it imped by Pantha. Please contact Kruber in game or send a messsage - thanks