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Found 130 results

  1. NEW!!! Merchant available near highway at deed (L12) for your convienience NEW!!! Nahimana's Wagon Emporium: InGame contact: Nahimana Archaeology items: Nature items: Carpentry items: History of color runed wagons: InGame contact: Nahimana
  2. Hello! Returning to wurm and need a wagon and crates. Would love something other than freedom isles pattern but not looking for anything TOO crazy in price tho.
  3. With no linking to EPIC Clusters, we are stuck with the dirty green Wagon, Banners & Flags!!!!!!!! Since Defiance doesn't support PMK's there is no way to get or make those cool banners & wagons that we all loved back in SFI. We had a discussion in global chat and I received some amazing ideas! Let us make PMK in NFI itself as Defiance isn't much active and it's just 1 map which won't be great for PMKs, or let Alliances have their own banner designs for wagons, maybe rename or create Alliance Banners same as Kingdom Banners ! A Competition for Banner & Wagon designs like we had for tapestries back in the day and pick 5-7 designs from them ! For Wagons, make a dyable version so we can color them ourselves, even if just solid colors, maybe some basic 2 color stripes would look really cool ! The same designs for Tabard would be great too ! Archeology has a lot of stuff so why not PMK banner & flags too and maybe cloth that works as skin for wagons! (Papapazza) Talking of Archeology, scroll fragments to rebuild the scroll or parchment which gives the reader the ability to create all or specific artwork from the PMK it belongs to! (Papapazza) This is a personal recommendation that I think would be great, skins for Huge Axe and plate armor as those are the most used in the game and honestly, trident might make us look like Aquaman, but hardly anyone I see using spear so a skin just to show and not use in a fight isn't something I personally would go for. If anyone has more amazing ideas regarding the topic, feel free to pm me on forum or Wrumdragon ingame and I would love to add it in. Don't kill me for not mentioning the names on the initial suggestions, it was a big discussion and tough to remember who suggested it in the first place.
  4. Taking best offer on the Wurm University, The Crusaders, Horde of the Summoned, Jenn Kellon, Mol Rehan wagons and will be finalizing my options after timer runs out. I will not sell if offered less than id like to let it go for. Thank you. All are over 80ql, none are rare. Pickup when bought or will deliver, may charge fee depending on where delivery is at.
  5. Starting bid: 70 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Buyout: No Sniper Protection: No Private Bids: not accepted I live on Xanadu, I will be delivering to the coast at or closest to your deed.
  6. This post is just to share something I recently found out, and which caused frustration before I knew (credit to Evening (CA Channel) for this advice): When you want to move stuff like forges, beds, ovens, crates and so on to upper floors from a bottom floor, Build a ladder. Not a staircase. Not a hole in the floor. ONLY A LADDER WILL WORK. Load your stuff into a wagon and park it directly under the ladder. Go up the ladder, and then embark the wagon from the floor you want your stuff to go to. The whole wagon, animals and all, will move to upper floor where you embarked from (through the ladder). Now ride your wagon around upstairs, and unload your stuff where you want it. When ready to go downstairs again, park the wagon directly over the ladder. Unhitch your animals. Go down the ladder, haul the unhitched wagon downstairs with a rope. Go upstairs again, hitch the animals to your wagon (which is now downstairs) through the hole of the ladder. The animals will appear hitched to the wagon on the bottom floor. This method is great for moving whole wagons full of stuff upstairs, and getting empty wagon down again. On a different note, and in case someone missed this gem: There was a recent change which allows loading full wagons, carts, bsbs and fsbs. You can also drag full drafts and chests between wagons or carts. Great news
  7. I have just been watching Dracaa's stream, and watched her lead 4 horses up to the wagon and then have to go through the process of hitching each one in turn using the menu. It is apparently possible to set a key-bind for 'hitch', but that still means at least 1 key would need to be pressed 4 times. I am just thinking it might be easier and faster if there were a 'Hitch All' option. This would mean that if you are leading several animals using a halter rope, or separate ropes, clicking 'Hitch All' (or using a key-bind for 'Hitch All') would fill all remaining empty animal positions on the wagon with any animals being led. Examples: Before 'Hitch All' After 'Hitch All' Leading 4 0 Empty Wagon Positions 4 0 Animals on Wagon 0 4 Before 'Hitch All' After 'Hitch All' Leading 4 2 Empty Wagon Positions 2 0 Animals on Wagon 2 4 Before 'Hitch All' After 'Hitch All' Leading 2 0 Empty Wagon Positions 3 1 Animals on Wagon 1 3 Before 'Hitch All' After 'Hitch All' Leading 4 2 Empty Cart Positions 2 0 Animals on Cart 0 2 I'm not the first to think of this as the following posts show!
  8. It is somewhat tedious (and, depending on body strenght, even not possible to get a felled tree on a wagon, cart, or ship. One has to pick up the tree (maybe two trees at one time depending on str and items carried), and move them from inventory to the vehicle. Instead, it should be possible to use the "load cargo" option.
  9. DRAGON'S MARKET Welcome to the Dragon's Market, we are located on Harmony at I-13. Prices may vary according to market and demand. Delivery on request for a small fee, there could be delay due to high demand. Cruise Liner All ships are custom made to your choice of wood including any archaeology wood. Free ship improvement to 50ql! Rowing Boat 2s Ready within 5 hours Small Sailing Boat 5s Ready within 7 hours Corbita 25s Ready within 2 days Cog 30s Ready within 3 days Knarr 40s Ready stock available Caravel 75s Ready within 4 days Don't like empty ships? Noone does! Get your ship ready to sail with crates, cages & wagon! Prices negotiable for bulk order with ship. Small Crate 10c Large crate 20c Creature Cage 80c Wagon 4s Redefined Woodworks If it's wood, you name it and we'll make it! Bulk Utilities Small Crate 10c Large crate 20c Floor Boards (100 pcs) 4s Large Planter 30c Support Beams (100 pcs) 7s Specified Containers Larder 1s Wardrobe 1s Animal Housing Bee Hive (50 ql) 1s Chicken Coop (50ql) 2s Custom furniture order also available! Exotic Home Décor Decorate you house with the most exotic decoration of the Wurm world Alchemist's Cupboard 1s Tapestry (Any) 50c Turret (Any) 1s Canopy Bed 2s Axe Display 50c Sword Display 50c Little Paradise Create your little paradise! Lumber Sprouts (100 pcs) 1.5s Fruit Sprouts (100 pcs) 1.5s Bush Sprouts (100 pcs) 1.5s Oak/Willow Sprouts 5c Single Sprouts (100 pcs) 2.5s Mixed Flowers (100 pcs) 2s Post you orders or PM Wrumdragon, Froststorm or Libelle ingame.
  10. i want to give you easy tool for vehicle speed calculations, planning to release it later as a website, currently only as a datasheet.
  11. Start bid 9s Buyout 15s 1h snip protection
  12. Auction starts at 50s and bid increments of 5s - will run for 14 days or will sell outright for 1.5g Deed on Harmony Memento Mori located at F15 - water access at posting 66 days upkeep Deed size is 61 x 40 Level 43 guard tower on property Large Magical Chest included 2 clay patches on deed Mines: 19 Iron veins 2 Copper veins -Average 1 Lead Vein - Normal 1 Silver Vein - Utmost Animals: Bison - at posting most females are pregnant (many with speed traits) 26 male 25 Female Wild Horses - at posting most females are pregnant 20 Grey - Female 1 Gold - Male 1 Gold - Female 1 White - Male 1 Brown - Male 1 Brown - Female 1 Black - Male 1 Black - Female 1 Gold Buckskin - Female Named Horses at posting most females are pregnant (many with speed traits) 5 white 2 Piebald 19 Grey 1 Gold Buckskin 5 Gold 1 Chestnut 9 Brown 5 Black Property also: comes with 2 wagons, 4 large carts, 5x5 building, 2 larders, 5 forges, 2 ovens, ship transporter, unfinished corbita, 3 rowboats, 1 active beehive also included: 600 cotton meats herbs vegetables leathers
  13. Want to auction rare wagon on harmony! Can be delivered to Heartland Starting bid: 15s Increase: 1s Buyout: No buyout
  14. Hello everyone! Welcome to the official Wurm University shop. Prices: Wagons - 10s each. Free delivery to Exodus/Deli/Pristine/Release/Cele and coastal Xanadu and Indy. Tents - 5s each Tall banners 1.75s+small delivery fee (no fee when delivered with a wagon) Small banners and flags - 1s The money from the sale will go towards improving our kingdom, it is not for personal gain.
  15. WTS Jenn Kellon template wagon 15s
  16. This package includes the following: Wagon 2 Tall Kingdom Banners 2 Kingdom Banners 2 Kingdom Flags Starting Bid: 15s Bid Increments: 1s Auction winner is responsible for pickup on the Deliverance server at Rainbow Retreat (s14), or on the South coast at map coords t14.
  17. This package includes the following: Wagon 2 Tall Kingdom Banners 2 Kingdom Banners 2 Kingdom Flags Starting Bid: 15s Bid Increments: 1s Auction winner is responsible for pickup on the Deliverance server at Rainbow Retreat (s14), or on the South coast at map coords t14.
  18. No prices set, just make offers. All items located at D24 coastal xanadu. Pickup only for items that cannot be mailed. I am very busy irl atm, so it may take up to 24+ hours for me to answer. You can reach me here in forums(best way) or in discord(Acri#3666). I accept both silvers and € through paypal(1s/1e). RARES: RARE FURNITURE/DECO: COLLECTIBLES: HOTAs WAGONS: RARE TRANSPORTS: random tools: random weapons and armor:
  19. Hello everyone! We are aware that not everyone was happy about our recent design change. We were working on improving our kingdom design, but this time we don't want to unexpectedly upload it, we wanted to ask your opinion about it first. We made some major changes to the wagon and tent design but the banners and flag were also changed a little bit. Here's what we came up with: Current design for comparison: Please vote on the poll above if you would like us to change the design, or just leave it as it is. I also wanted to use this opportunity to inform you that there are some wagons and banners on the market which were stolen from us. And no, not stolen in a raid or a pvp battle - that would be fair game. They were made by a person from the enemy kingdom, abusing an alt account. I've met a lot of people that were happy they can support Wurm University in our battles on Chaos, so I think if you want to buy a wagon, you should at least know where your money is going. Because of that, I just want to inform everyone that all the wagons made by a character "Btgringo" or any character other than Aesir are not made by us. Also we don't sell anything on the freedom Trade chat. If you want to support Wurm University, visit our official merchant thread: All the PMK gear made by us is not made for personal gain, the money is used to support our kingdom. Thanks for your consideration.
  20. 40 euro [10:08:44] A fairly large wagon designed to be dragged by four animals. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is locked with a lock of below average quality. It has a benevolent aura. It is made from cedarwood. It could be improved with a log. Ql: 80.6263, Dam: 0.019296. The name of the owner, Nachtiti, has been etched in the stern. [10:08:44] A zinc rune of Magranon has been attached, so it will increase size (5%) and increase vehicle speed (5% can ship to costal deed (not pvp server)
  21. I'd like for the vehicles to have 'hooks'. Certain items could be attached to these hooks, and then become part of the vehicle. The most obvious is a lantern. Would function just like a lamp, but attached to your cart or corbita. They'd increase vehicle weight, but wouldn't take storage space or slow it down. Some possibilities for attachable items would be: Lanterns/Hanging Lamps Banners Water Barrel Toolbox Hitching hooks (hitch a horse that's being led) Compass There are probably a lot of other possibilities... JS
  22. Auctioning this beauty behalf of Neowyn! [20:14:14] A fairly large wagon designed to be dragged by four animals. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It is locked with a lock of very poor quality. It is made from oakenwood. It could be improved with a log. Ql: 60.70144, Dam: 0.0. The name of the owner, Neowyn, has been etched in the stern. [20:14:14] A adamantine rune of Magranon has been attached, so it will increase vehicle speed (10%) [20:14:14] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Neow.n'. Start Bid: 50s Buyout: 70s Min Increment: 0.5s No Sniper Protection No Reserve
  23. 1x DD Wagon 4x DD Tall Banners 4x DD Banners 4x DD Flags 1x DD Tent Asking 30s/e (First order posted below will be for 25s!) I have four such sets available presently. I only wish to sell as sets. I believe the prices are fair as is. I really don't want to deliver, as I feel my location is pretty convenient (C19 Xan), but I will if requested. All items will be improved to 40ql. Thanks for reading, have fun!
  24. Unhitching Typo

    When unhitching we get the following typo: [04:06:39] Aged diseased Goldenlad stop dragging a wagon. With one horse it should be 'Goldenlad stops dragging a wagon'. With English we have to remember the verb rule: One horse stops Many horses stop.
  25. There were two incidents recently where mailboxes did not work as they should. INCIDENT ONE Deed: Vinyamar Server: Xanadu Character: Mirabloodarc Mailbox: On Deed Recipient of items: Shrimpiie Items: Supreme Copper Lump, Rare Copper Lump x2, Rare Bow String x3, Rare Sprout x3, Rare Cordage Rope, Rare Thick Rope I dropped all of these items in the mailbox at the same time. Drag and drop from my inventory. About half of them ended up inside the mailbox, the other half disappeared. I relogged for lotime, they were nowhere to be found. I then checked around all piles of items and carts and found it inside the wagon next to the mailbox. INCIDENT TWO Deed: Darq Falls Server: Xanadu Character: Ajblack Mailbox: On Deed Sender of items: Silvertail I purchased a drake set and all 9 items were sent to me. I accepted all 9 items and only got 4. I panicked and made a support ticket, through which we found out that apparently I rejected the items. I went through my logs to confirm this but there is no message of spirits returning unwanted items and I am 100% positive I accepted them. Silvertail then received no message of getting the other 5 items back, but they were back in his mailbox. He sent them again and they were picked up without issue. When I was picking them up the first time I was sitting on a wagon. Both incidents, the wagons were rare but different wagons and located one tile next to the mailbox. Logs from Incident Two (I can search for those from the first one if necessary): Me picking them up and NOT rejecting them: Conversation with attending GM: