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  1. Fairies are part of many of our childhood stories, and wurm seemed like it would be a magical adventure where strange and wondrous things can happen. Fairies sparkle and shine ... so Fairyshine seemed appropriate.
  2. -1 One of the things that brings me back is the memories shared with friends in the little gifts or places built together. Named bridges, gnomes, painted statues displayed in special places on my deed, painted carts with wonderful colours, dragon armour made by a friend, a rose from a new server from years ago, a horse named a special name which will always be part of my wurm journey. These things can't be replaced. People stopped playing or passed away, and the world around us shifted. But when I log in all of these fill the world and makes it feel like a place to belong. Wiping it away will not make me, or anyone who grinded to get to 100, 95, 90 or whatever goal they had, feel excited to log in. Actually, I think many won't ever log in again.
  3. What a delightful market, what an amazing owner. Congratulations Crimson
  4. People who helped us in the past when 5 speed unicorns escaped through locked gates and bridges kicked drivers off carts and a few other mishaps over time - Pomona and Astarte - thank you x
  5. A very merry Christmas to Wurm and Madnath. Fairyshine x
  6. It is a mess. Did anyone ask real players for any input? Please address it urgently. We need more control over which traits are preferred, even if our preference is a hybrid.
  7. I always thought the old system was bad. Now I wish we could have it back. No "five speed" horses ever again because someone decided there shalt be no mix of draft and speed... why? Isn't this game about giving players control and freedom? Now it seems players have little to no control over...anything at all? Useless traits. Convoluted and confusing. Slow carts and wagons. Wish we could go back to what we had.
  8. With new and large servers the mailbox is a vital item. It takes a priest to be physically present to do a cast. It might be an idea to think about creating some token that can be sold at merchants where a priest can create a little item, an cast courier on it, and sell it via merchants (or mail it to a person waiting at a mailbox at spawn or somewhere). The recipient can purchase the token and go apply it to a remote, blank mailbox. It could be similar to a rune or some magic potion, and perhaps the quality of the cast range from 1 to 49 or something like that. At least it will give opportunity for anyone starting a deed in the middle of nowhere to have a working mailbox. It would seem selling casts remotely is not something completely outside of the Wurm lore, because other priests can spin a little money by selling their casts on items already, e.g. Vyn priests can sell many items with WOA and CoC casts, and as these items can be sent, received and traded, these priests have a lot of scope to make some coin. For things like carts and ships, we have runes.
  9. Great horse shoes! Friendly service. Would recommend.
  10. A decade of collecting and caring for unique, named, sentimental, champs etc. If any is lost due to this it might be a final straw. Please roll back servers and fix it urgently. Thanks.
  11. Waiting for prem to run out while awaiting fixes to the nerf in AH. I would also like to know if I missed the "official information", because if the prem runs out before the fix I will have to assume the game was stuffed beyond repair and nobody is going to revert the changes or fix the nerfs. Edit: Colour changes are not speed and draft. Should be possible to breed any mix of traits we want becsuse this is a sandbox game.
  12. People say wagon/ cart speed slightly fixed. Breeding is still random and broken. Think of it this way: A 90 skill weaponsmith uses high ql silver and supreme tools to try and create a huge axe. He has to wait a week for the axe to be created in the forge. After a week he opens the forge and finds a low ql tin axe (even when he used high ql silver to create it) with some cracks in the weapon. These cracks can only be repaired if the weaponsmith pays a priest to cast the weapon. The axe can't be imped other than fixing the cracks even though the smith has 90 skill and high ql tools and mats. Instead, the smith must try again and again. If he is lucky, the resulting axe can be the same colour as the tools he used to create the axe, that is if his creation tools even had a nice colour. Added to this, the amount of weapons on a deed now has a cap and if the smith exceeds this amount, his creations will get random negative casts like "this weapon will splinter in your hands" or "this weapon will poof randomly even if it has no damage". Also, casts on weapons are totally predetermined by RNG and can only ever be either speed or more damage, never both. Forget all rounder weapons forever. Would the smiths and their clients like this update?
  13. This is a major update, rolled out as having been trialled and tweaked. The playerbase doesn't know much about the intended outcomes, but what is happening is that this update mucks up ppls current breeding and offspring which will negatively impact future plans even if major changes are made some time in the future. (When, we also don't know.) Was any of these changes even trialled and tweaked at all? By whom and for how long? If it is still in the testing phase, given how profound the changes are, wouldn't it have been better to leave it on a testing server instead of implementing it system wide and forcing disenfranchised customers to pay for your experimentation with their items and time?