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  1. Thanks Retro, although I personally think this response shows that somewhere the actual needs of the clients for a MASSIVE QoL feature is lost in favour of other stuff we most likely don't really need this urgently. Also, where can I find the step by step thing for twitter. I don't actually use Twitter at the moment, in fact never have for any online game. If this can't be done via the game itself, at least show me with very simple and noob friendly document how to achieve this. Thanks.
  2. Glass half empty or half full? I guess there are two sides to every story, so here goes: I met a player of an antique gameWho said: Twelve vast and unexplored landsSit on the network. In these, to keep the fort,a tight group of loyal knights firmly standswith conviction and hope, and a daring dreamof better things beyond the here and now.Despite some people who kick and screamthe loyal army will never give up, never bowto the whines and sneers in game or on forum. We keep our heads up in defiant decorum.'My name is Wurmonlinias, god of games:Log on to my network, ye many, and have fun!'We log on to build our houses, our gardens, our names -For we are here, and to all out there: Come, come come!
  3. This is not a QoL request...or is it? Please tick the box to allow painted stuffs.
  4. Many threads with the same request. Hopefully somewhere someone reads one of them and sees the QoL difference this will make.
  5. People do play the game. The game requires ONE mayor per deed. People may have different deeds with sleeping mayors. It has happened numerous times that a deed disbanded due to this and it would actually make business sense to let people know they have the option to renew before the whole deed is gone and they perhaps decide to, idk...go play another game?
  6. Please email a mayor the week before deed upkeep runs out. Thanks.
  7. Three waves total, exactly like it was before the "four wave rift" updates, four waves take too long to finish. Stop rewarding people for hitting a mob once and sitting back so others tank and kill the mob. Those who tank and kill should win the rifts, not those who hit once and run off. Healing should get higher rewards given you heal a heap of people at once. Third wave with warmaster, but allow smaller number of people with lower fs to actually kill the beast by adapting his skill to smaller groups as well. Allow some way to stay with current mob instead of being taunted off constantly.
  8. Are you talking about from Jackal to Freedom or from one steam server (PvE to PvP) or what?
  9. I guess I want Rolf or Retro to give an official response on this for the current playerbase.
  10. So, if the current WO is then abandoned, what is the use playing there now? Paying deed upkeep, building skills, doing anything basically?
  11. Yes in principle but no to increase deed price or deed upkeep. If a premium char can make a deed, the deed itself should be relatively free to keep and be able to be kept with money generated from within the game itself, with little rewards you get from just playing the game.
  12. @rolf @retrograde Thanks for keeping the playerbase in the loop about possible future developments. I played Wurm Online for many years. I am wondering if you can please let us know whether our current deeds and skillsets will be merged with the Steam plans or will we have to start from scratch? Will we retain what we have now, e.g. armor, tools, deeds, and previous unique presents or will we lose it all to have to start again? What is the timeframe for all of this to happen (if at all)? If it does not happen, what is the future plans for current Wurm Online servers? These are important questions for quite a few of the current playerbase and it would be great if we could get some answers. Thanks