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  1. Plus one for a container/showcase that does not cost money and big plus one for taxidermy of full size champ or rift creatures.
  2. I would also like to have underwater "plants" like coral, kelps, shelly things and so on to either plant in our docks or in our (hopefully soon coming to Wurm) fishtanks. And the ability to create ponds on mountain deeds without having to dig a dungeon to get to water. It does not have to be a real pond, any old pretend pond with some pretty fishes will do.
  3. Ditto.
  4. I believe this is happening again.
  5. Something I must confess: The other day when I checked my stuff before going to work, a wall needed repairing, and for that I needed a brick, then another brick, then another brick... So on that day, what happened? You can guess: I had to call in sick. (I am certainly no poet either! Guess I will have to work harder to keep my dayjob!)
  6. Yes and now I can't reinvite her back to our convo since she left. She can't rejoin 'cause she left. What to do???
  7. Bela you are awesome, ty.
  8. Looks awesome.
  9. I was going to say we are pretty much forced to have alts since no toon can have more than one deed, and yes I agree, it is almost impossible to play a priest as a main (unless you have some friends around who can do some stuff you are restricted to do). Furthermore, people are encouraged to buy prem on occasion as the priest can't do a lot of priesty stuff unless they are prem, and two unpremmed chars can't trade deeds either. Functional starter towns will give people who want to actually play the game, a chance to learn the basics. Alts only created for a purpose like becoming a priest for another toon or taking care of a second deed, is pretty much not going to "live" in a starter town.
  10. Awesome ad. Unfortunately I grew roots where I live....but, hopefully, one day, we can have cross server allies! Wouldn't that be grand!
  11. ...but having people live together on a new player starting deed funded by other players is different to this...how? The fact that players pay for these deeds yet the outcome is exactly the same (newer players can live with them being handed some basic tools in a protected environment while they gain enough skills to strike out on their own, at the same time building relationships with those around them which in many cases will last their whole Wurm life) is exactly the same concept, except, obviously, that players fund these and not the game. Does it help to retain new people? Yes. Should it always be up to players to fund this? No. Also, you should know that not everyone who invites noobies to come live on their deeds is necessarily noobie friendly. Sometimes the noobies end up being nothing more than slave labor, creating stuff the deed owner sells to help fund the deed the noobie gets free lodging on. If at any stage the deed owner decides to kick the noobie and take all his/her stuffz, a GM will most likely shrug and say too bad too sad, you live on someone else's deed so they can decide what to do. These type of things can see a player pack their chisel and leave Wurm. I know of three noobies who tried making a little house close to one of my friends' deeds but as they were still trying to come up with enough money to make their own deed, they had their animals in pens around the houses. Some other numnut thought it wise to go kill their bison and lock their fences. Last time I saw those three noobies was when they raged in local and logged out, never to be seen again. I am not saying livable starter deeds are the right choice, or mentors, but I know that these type of options usually give a much better experience to new players than just being left to their own survival skills. Nobody said hand everyone everything on a silver platter either. They still need to mine their own ore and make their own tools, but at least they have a bed and a usable forge and an open mine. The point is that a char living in a paid for starter town is no different to a char living in a player paid for deed somewhere else. It is a body in the game. Whether they don't pay for a starter town deed or they don't pay for a player funded deed, they don't pay for a deed. However, putting all the responsibility for funding the deeds for noobs back on players, is perhaps not such a wise decision if you are serious about retaining new players.
  12. I wondered if I should respond to this, seeing as there is another thread at the moment requesting this specific thing you suggested, but seriously, this just further shows the depth of the effect that complete nerf of all traders had on the game. I agree with you Hailene, it should not be up to players to make, run and fund deeds to try and retain noobies. (This was one of the arguments used to state how traders in the past actually helped noobies and helped to retain them as well.) However, the response of the devs is completely different as they "don't see livable starter towns being beneficial, if that were the case any new player starting deed would work and that can be achieved by players." Basically, fund it out of our own pockets, or lose it (and with it the potential noobies who may have stayed. Again, this is not in dispute, it actually happened.) Again, +1 to the OP's ideas for trader coins linked to the deed upkeep of the deed they are attached to, which would see a benefit to all players in Wurm.
  13. I chose the fix because with the previous system I could not get meals for certain affinities. What I want is a system which means all chars can potentially get any affinity in the list, and this also means not having to rely in rare ingredients to get certain affinities. Seeing how some people can't get a rare oven or forge, I would assume it to be much fairer if everyone gets the affinity they got for the non rare oven/forge but just a longer timer (same affinity), and the same for pan vs rare pan, which means that you can stack the timer a bit using a rare forge/oven plus rare pan to get a meal with a much longer affinity timer.
  14. wagon

    16 silver
  15. If the bows can be mailed please send to Fairyshine. If needle is still available please send to Fairyshine. Scissors CoC 84 to Fairyshine.