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  1. Nice, CoD to Fairyshine thanks Will pick up later today.
  2. Staying home all day we discovered that we still have an outside yard where our chickens lay eggs under an old garden chair. For the first time in a very log time we could sit outside in the morning sun instead of in an office staring out a window. Literally having time to smell our roses. Finding little joys in life has been a good way to stay calm. Hope everyone finds something like this.
  3. I was only making a joke Yldrania Sorry - been a very rough 6 weeks.
  4. Well, we need more facemasks that actually look like surgical ones...for those times we need social distancing, or when a dragon's blood threatens to get into your nostrils. Also helpful when a troll stinks up the yard.
  5. Dude, that facemask on your avatar :D 😅

  6. They are also symmetric on every axis, a complete hole within themselves...which is why a group is needed, so everyone can sit in a circle and chant songs in an animated fashion about the hole left in their souls (soles too, if you are trying to fix shoes and your repairing action brings no joy.)
  7. Since donuts are self centering, it may help focus on the inner hole left after the changes to repairing skill. Focus on the outer ring, people!
  8. I think the reason some people are commenting about this is not because they believe there is a conspiracy theory per se, but more because they invested lots of time to gain skill in repairing which now seems to have much less of an impact when imping their very cool moonmetal or other valuable stuff.