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  1. Message for animals stop leading due to walls/etc

    Is there any reason why animals being lead should ever stop being lead? My preference is that the animals never stop being lead in the first place.
  2. What a misery :(

    I mean, smiths with 90 blacksmithing skill has zero chance of exploding the tool they are imping if the tool quality is the same as their skill quality...so why should priests have any shatter chance what so ever? At least I am thankful that Genesis does not have a shatter chance.
  3. PC Wurms 5th Best Potter

    PC I would say around 200 Euro, depending on what interest you get at an auction. Obviously this won't even cover the prem you paid to get your char to the levels it is now, so given the current market it seems a buyer can walk away with a very good account for an amount less than what it would cost in time, mats and money to work up a new account to that standard. As for whether to "sell yourself" it is interesting to read what others advise here since it obviously crosses many people's minds at times. I know two people who sold their mains both of them were sad later on. All I can ask is that, if you do decide to sell, please let all the people on your friend list know. Someone on my friend list sold one of their chars and I forgot to take their roles off my deed settings, and the new owner merrily lead some of my prized ponies off deed...and it was just by chance that one of my other friends noticed them sitting somewhere remote and asked me what they were doing there.
  4. Once charge tomes from digging and rifts

    Wargasm, I think you made your downvote abundantly clear here You can stop now.
  5. Once charge tomes from digging and rifts

    The monetary value of tomes really has no bearing on whether this should be voted up or down. There are many examples where the balance in the game was restored with decisions to include more players into the game, and to allow newer players to also obtain what others already have. If it has to be a situation where newer players can only get things at a very high (real money) price which other players obtained before it was taken out of the game, what is the sense? What about the other people who also had the same situation with many other things which were subsequently changed? Many people spent lots of money on things they thought were never going to be equalled in the game, e.g. fountain pans, traders, once of prizes like Masks, helms, and yes, even tomes. These things impact the balance in the game and allow a few people to have things other people really cannot obtain. Not to mention other people who paid for premium and then used the time to grind skills to obtain 100 ql mats to use for imping or to sell, BEFORE imbues and runes made it much more accessible to the general player base. There are always things that are brought in to restore some balance, e.g. armor are way more balanced now that other armor types can come closer to scale and drake. Sleep bonus and affinity meals allow others to get more increase in skill ticks if they are more casual players (or have a life and job outside Wurm). As for your comment where you stated It's not about financial value. It's about preserving the rarity of something precious. What's going to be special about smoke of sol if everyone has it? Surely you can't think that EVERYONE will get a Smoke of Sol, with this suggestion? What will more than likely happen is that many people will trade the frags they need to offset their tome which they got with completing their goals...and if EVERYONE wants Smoke of Sol, then the price will reflect that desire. (I, for one, would like a Worg for my Fo priest. They seem like a friendly sort of beastie.) This suggestion thread is just that: A suggestion to make something more accessible and fun to the general player.
  6. Once charge tomes from digging and rifts

    The more I thought about your suggestion, the more I liked it because "The idea is that every person is able to get an equal chance on their own terms", so it is not just in the domain of people being at a unique spawn where they randomly drop and are sold for an obscene amount. Every person can actually work towards getting these items by spending time in the game and upskilling. There is something about collecting and building the tomes, which encourages someone interested in that to log in and do some upskilling. I guess some would be harder to complete than others, e.g. the smoke of sol would be like an eagle statue while the green or red ones would be more like the miner ones? This idea follows the trend where other items were introduced in the game to make it more accessible to everyone, e.g. larders to store food items, sealing barrels to store liquids, archaeology to give masks and helms and things which were previously only sold for obscene amounts as they were only ever given as reward items. Essentially it opens up the avenue for a much bigger part of the player base to participate and trade and exchange items.
  7. The personal goal achievements gave a few people some tomes with three charges, which cannot be split away from the tome. Dragons and uniques may continue to drop these at random times. I would like to suggest a mini-tome with one charge exactly the same as the current selection of tome charges, but only one charge per tome. It does not matter if several of these drop during the same rift event, similar to how the jewellery currently drops. The mechanism would be that a single charge tome is randomly dropped right into a participant's inventory during rifts, or while digging/burying/killing mobs, similar to how rare bones, coins, Halloween hats/masks, and rift crystals/stones/woods/goodies are obtained. Also, tiny tomes would be cute, there can never be enough cute things in any game
  8. Wurm Museum

    I was going to say the same - Warlock's museum has wagons, banners, flags, big things and little trinkets and stuff I never even knew existed (and I am a super packrat), he has anything and everything ranging from stuff long gone to stuff current in game...it is fabulous. He can be contacted on forums @Shakys or in game @Warlock.
  9. When sailing a rowboat the waves splash right through it on occasion. Gifs attached.
  10. sold

  11. Merry Christmas release

    RollyPolly + Brainer = Precision Magicians
  12. [Known Issue] Named Recipes cleared on all servers

    Fairyshine lost hers on Release.
  13. Useless christmas gifts

    Holiday season is never over Just keep them on deed because you can get the snowballs and throw an innocent passer by.
  14. Useless christmas gifts

    I don't care what others think...I love the present! Thanks devs! Send them my way if you don't like yours (I pay.)
  15. Innovative Christmas decorations

    When you play Wurm all day you don't always have time to decorate the yard...This idea might help!