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  1. Valrei International. 060

    I guess I will now have to find more time to play Wurm because REDECORATING INCOMING! Edit and ANIMAL CRATES \o/
  2. Glowy red eyes are HOT! Love your avatar :) Here's to hoping for mirrors so your in game char can be less hairy and more glowy 😊

  3. Mad Suggestions

    There should absolutely be an NPC representing a vet player with a "Keep off my lawn and don't you touch my trees!" attitude too, just so noobies can also learn the social etiquette of interacting with others in a community... because from what I remember noobies ALL know how to cut down trees, just not how to replant them, how to check perimeters and talk to deed owners BEFORE cutting the established oak and fruit trees, and how to NOT dig, and how to NOT drop dirt on clay (to raise it of course!) As a noobie, I thought it was a great plan to deed where someone left a forge in the field, because, by golly, I would not have to build one!
  4. Stuck in game please forward to GM

    Awe thanks to everyone for the help! I will tell Yuri to log in and hug his horsie What a great outcome - really appreciate it.
  5. In case someone reads this and can forward to a GM who can help, my friend Yuri got his horses and cart stuck somewhere in the mountains while hunting. The horses went through a wall but the cart and his body stayed on the other side. He got one horse unhitched, but the other was too far to be unhitched due to the wall / fence in the way. He relogged and then the unhitched horse disappeared despite being a stone throw in front of him (Manage, Animals, Get directions). His cart is still stuck. He put in a support ticket but after an hour there is still no GM to help and he has to go to sleep soon. If anyone sees this and can pass to a GM to help he would be very happy Thanks.
  6. Doctrines of Wurm

    XV All unicorns will be white only since any other colour is not realistic and we should always adhere to strict rules of realism in this game. XVI Some champion animals will be small and can be ridden while other champion animals will be big and can't be ridden. It does not matter that some can be hitched and others not, or that two bear species can be either big or small sized depending on some random, obscure reason. Wurm is a game and does not have to adhere to realism. XVII Any character with animal husbandry over 60 will progressively get less and less five speed horses the higher his/her skill goes. This is to encourage horse trading as higher skilled characters will have to purchase clean five speed horses from lower skilled characters.
  7. A Grand Farewell

    Now I know why I am still a noob in Wurm : I can't play chess either.
  8. Thanks Malena Did you put in adamantine, seryll and glimmer rings? I looked for them but probs missed them. Thanks for your amazing work.
  9. A Grand Farewell

    There are two sides to this coin. Veteran players who grew up and into this game, get bored with same old same old, so new cosmetic things like new materials to build houses, bridges and the like, are brought in. New dye options, new weapon options, new coloured mobs? Stuff that really don't make such a big difference to actual game style or play but just allow people more options. (I guess we could count different horse colours into this, BUT horse colours are not just cosmetic, they are game essentials! More would be better! Same with coloured unis, I would buy another deed JUST to breed different uni colours if they were in game ) Veterans also ask for better features, which decrease mouse clicks and make for a better gaming experience. When carts and push/pull became cumbersome, the game got wagons to cart stuff. So we got halter ropes to allow four animals as a wagon needed four animals. Then the game got crates to go into wagons to allow more bulk movement of stuff. So we also go crate racks. This went into other bulk options and storage solutions like sealing barrels and amphoras for which we got kilns. Then travelling with wagons became cumbersome, so we got automated wagoneers....one thing lead to another as more options were evident once a new feature was introduced. All of these things may seem overwhelming to a newer player, but also not really, as anyone can still play wurm "old style" and just cook meat and pumpkin instead of fancy meals which grant long periods of affinity, or just buy a meal for 20 copper, which people can find by foraging a lot or selling stuff to a token or making some bricks. Yes, the game has changed a lot, and some things do feel overwhelming, even for someone who is still a relative noob after many years of gameplay (me). The new gods system and getting a new one every few months made the whole thing very weird. Who do you pick to follow? Which god offers what? Why is one so OP? Wait, a new god ... What??? Highways with cat eyes are good in one sense as we don't have an interactive map, but building a whole server full of them? I know quite a few people who are not a big fan of this. And once you have killed trolls, hellhounds and scorps a few ten thousand times, it is same old same old. Unique mobs would have been the answer to this, but I guess the way dragons are handled in the game where it is all very organized and structured, also takes away a lot of "oh no a dragon chased me! Help!" feeling. Recently people got really upset with a noobie who discovered a dragon and was chased by it, and told people in global about his close shave... yet, this is actually a quintessential part of why people get hooked to wurm: The thrill of new experiences. As with anything, there are good things and bad things with every change or new things being introduced. I suspect that the hard core wurm players will always play wurm and love WO regardless, as the freedom the sandbox offers and the choices as to where to live, what to do on any given day, what to build, where to build and what to create, is a true breakaway option for many. Making friends and staying in touch the way we do in wurm, is a big drawing card that are perhaps not matched in many other online worlds.
  10. WTB gold

    I would like to buy a gold. Please pm me if you have one you can part with. Best to pm on forums.
  11. The Screenshots Thread

    I so want to have water tiles to make ponds and creeks and little hide away waterfalls for my mountain deed...this looks cool. And while they are working on water tiles, please add water lilies and water plants.
  12. Woad Planters

    If only Wurm woad have woad easier woad ways to grow woad... Woad planters. It should be a thing.
  13. I guess the reason it was reported in the Server Bugs section of forums is because people would like this bug brought to attention and fixed. There may be workarounds to it but it should not be necessary for people to constantly anticipate possible bugs and accept it as part of the game mechanics when in fact it is a bug.
  14. Wurm fashion collection spring 2018

    That moment when all of them are so awesome, you don't have enough likes for them all.