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  1. I can see if someone did not have a proper helm, he would use anything at hand, even a bucket. I like all the skins for the variety they offer, thanks devs!
  2. Various lumps have the same icon as well.
  3. I saw that happen too, just one section, and I thought my deed partner painted it black. Turns out it had no paint on it yet looked like on your screenie.
  4. No, it is purely cosmetic, like applying or taking off dye or paint. If you applied a skin to your backpack you made as a noob which still has sentimental value as it carries your name or you got something from a friend who passed away since and you want to keep that base item even after removing the skin you applied to it for a while, but want to use the skin on something else, it would be a cool QoL thing for many people who like to change their look (or the items on their deed) every now and again.
  5. Similar to dyable cloth bardings, and similar to how beds can be painted/dyed (bedding and wood components different colours) please create a wagon where the sail part can be dyed one colour and the wood another colour, and similarly, white dyable carpets.
  6. The skins are a cool aspect which adds cosmetic pizazz. However, once a skin has been applied to an item, that is it. If you later on get a rare item you would like to apply a skin to, you can't re-use your own skin and are forced to buy one from someone else who saved one. Since skins don't add any other aspect but a cosmetic one, please allow players to take the skin off and apply to another item (or trade it) if they later on choose to do so.
  7. I considered setting an alarm to wake up for this, seeing it is very early morning*. Unfortunately one of my SMART goals is to get into a routine of non-vampire sleeping hours... Hope everyone had fun, and thanks Stanlee for making these public. * After midnight but hours and hours before sunrise i.e. the ideal time to find random skills to grind in Wurm
  8. Bump, this is an issue many horse breeders deal with. Given that many breeding operations have two sides to look at (draft and speed) for horses and bison, plus other traits like output (e.g. for sheep and bison), a visual effect to show disease, which can be seen from a distance without having to mouse over the animal, would be very helpful.
  9. Can highly recommend Kain with all the WoA and CoC casts - awesome service and super fast high casts. Thanks very much!
  10. I never thought about all that stuff, to be honest, because I rarely never harvest woad for gardening skill. Also, people who make lots of paint need lots of woad, but this would also apply to herbs etc. Since making seeds allow a stack to instantly convert to seeds rather than rely on amount of actions allowed, I assumed this could be applied to picking stuff. However, it seems there are way more things to consider regarding skills etc. so don't worry about this suggestion, please close it. (Also, never thought about looking into WU type scenarios where this might be possible for someone with much more casual play style, where it it would not affect the WO player base. I can see how this could change the whole direction of the game.)