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  1. Waiting for prem to run out while awaiting fixes to the nerf in AH. I would also like to know if I missed the "official information", because if the prem runs out before the fix I will have to assume the game was stuffed beyond repair and nobody is going to revert the changes or fix the nerfs. Edit: Colour changes are not speed and draft. Should be possible to breed any mix of traits we want becsuse this is a sandbox game.
  2. People say wagon/ cart speed slightly fixed. Breeding is still random and broken. Think of it this way: A 90 skill weaponsmith uses high ql silver and supreme tools to try and create a huge axe. He has to wait a week for the axe to be created in the forge. After a week he opens the forge and finds a low ql tin axe (even when he used high ql silver to create it) with some cracks in the weapon. These cracks can only be repaired if the weaponsmith pays a priest to cast the weapon. The axe can't be imped other than fixing the cracks even though the smith has 90 skill and high ql tools and mats. Instead, the smith must try again and again. If he is lucky, the resulting axe can be the same colour as the tools he used to create the axe, that is if his creation tools even had a nice colour. Added to this, the amount of weapons on a deed now has a cap and if the smith exceeds this amount, his creations will get random negative casts like "this weapon will splinter in your hands" or "this weapon will poof randomly even if it has no damage". Also, casts on weapons are totally predetermined by RNG and can only ever be either speed or more damage, never both. Forget all rounder weapons forever. Would the smiths and their clients like this update?
  3. This is a major update, rolled out as having been trialled and tweaked. The playerbase doesn't know much about the intended outcomes, but what is happening is that this update mucks up ppls current breeding and offspring which will negatively impact future plans even if major changes are made some time in the future. (When, we also don't know.) Was any of these changes even trialled and tweaked at all? By whom and for how long? If it is still in the testing phase, given how profound the changes are, wouldn't it have been better to leave it on a testing server instead of implementing it system wide and forcing disenfranchised customers to pay for your experimentation with their items and time?
  4. Rant incoming: Just curious whether all these terrible nerfy results were intended to teach the wurm animal breeders that they should have just shut up and be happy with what they had previously, or is it unintended but oh well, just better learn to live with or leave the game? I also went to extaordinary lengths to do the caring for pretty ponies with a myriad of premmed alts, several of which groomed to get to 50 AH, paying for a lot of land to keep ratios under control, having a fo priest on ice to prem during breeding cycles, enchanters to keep tiles maintained, and most of all loving my fast cart and wagon. Why does it seem that now it is only possible to have either speed or draft traits per animal? What exactly is the thinking here? Why include more random crappy traits we can't get rid of with an even bigger chance to get random weirdness? Why nerf slow vehicles even more instead of giving it proper speed bonus with decent base speeds? Not everyone has hours to travel or fight off mobs that keep catching up because you can't travel fast enough. I have seen many updates over the years, and some sucked, but people could generally ignore them. In this case, these nerfs affect every player. Is the thinking that the game will attract a new, younger generation of players with this update to replace the oldies who leave because of it. Or to see how far the current loyal people can be pushed before the leave? Truly curious about the motivations for the changes.
  5. It is sad that three of the things I enjoyed most about Wurm Online (horses and breeding their functional offspring with great degree of consistency, carting around with nice speed, and the ability to safely use a wagon to haul heavy loads back to deed) were destroyedcall in one go.
  6. Feeling the same as you, as do many other people from what I read here and in chats around the game. Some people I know, who played WO even longer than I have, even mentioned looking into current WU servers without this change and perhaps still offering some kind of meaningful incentive for having high AH ... I guess we will have to wait and see if there actually is a response by a dev/communication guru to say they are hearing the community.
  7. Hi Demona This response of the 28th May is appreciated, I guess I missed that message. From what you said on the 28th May, it seems that the devs heard the community saying that they would like a way to help them get the basic five speed horses plus maybe other "good traits" if they get over 50 AH with more control over the offspring, and in response the devs went and made it virtually impossible to even get the basic five speed horses with zero control for the breeder? In all honesty, that pretty much broke the AH for many people. If someone was a bit unhappy before but still survived with the 50 AH cap as long as they got the five speeders to keep playing for fun, imagine how they are feeling now that they aren't even getting that. People are not happy. Here are some suggestions, and others may have better suggestions than these, but at the moment the system is NOT WORKING. Suggestions: Add the option for people to PICK some traits to set in stone as they baby is being created, so say a person with 50 AH breeds two horses, then all the parents' skills pop up in a selection window and the breeder can pick say 4 traits if they have 50 AH, the fifth trait is a random roll out of all the possible traits. The baby will be born with at least those four traits, plus one random trait generated by the Wurm gods. If the person breeding the horses have 60 AH, a window pops up with the parents' traits, they can pick 5, and the baby will have those five plus one more random trait, etc. If it is wild horses, and they have 80 AH, then there will be a random roll which include at least 7 "good traits" and the breeder can select percentage of traits out of "speed" or "draft" box, so e.g. they can pick to weight the random roll to include 50% out of the speed trait selection and 50% out of the draft trait selection, so the baby out of the two wild horses will have a random chance to get 3 speed, 4 draft, and one random other trait. Something like that? And add a potion or craftable item genesis so people in non-fo kingdoms or people without fo priests can still genesis the babies. I would also suggest immediately change the slow wagon/cart speeds. At least revert back to the pre-update speeds.
  8. I played Wurm on and off for years. I love much of the decorations but most of all, my horses. Despite these being pixels, I keep logging in every now and again to check on them and to see how the bisons and unicorns are. I suspect many people are similar in their playing habits, especially when things in real life get hectic. Every time new horse colours were added, many people played for hours and added more tiles to their deeds (or more deeds to their collections) to accommodate the new horses. I was excited to read that AH would be improved, and thought perhaps people with higher AH would have more choice/control over which traits the babies got, or perhaps which name combinations to pick, etc. I did not anticipate that people will now get fleets of useless horses and bisons, and people who like exploring and bringing ore/logs home would be far worse off than ever before. Adding yet more pretty much useless traits to the mix amplified the useless offspring rates by ten. Please remember that most people actually play the game to have fun, not to get frustrated and discouraged. Long story short: If these changes are permanent and not just something being trialed to be changed to something user friendly, with proper vehicle speeds, why would people bother? Can a dev please respond and tell us if these changes are set in stone or going to be addressed (and a timeframe if so.) This include request for response about the offspring trait selection as well as the speeds of carts/wagons after the changes. Thanks.
  9. The problem is both of these situation could have been interpreted as an exploit, or not an exploit. Both allowed more skill to be gained than intended for something which has been part of the game for years. Whether it was an exploit or intended has little to do with the fact that some people are allowed to keep skills which puts them lightyears ahead of others, and gain advantages in the way they spend their time in the game, the way they can earn coin in the game and they way they can PvP in the game.
  10. There was a similar situation with archery, and people who used it and gained skills faster than intended, were rolled back to a more reasonable level. Not sure why the people doing priest channelling and got skills faster than intended, were not all rolled back to a much lower level to give everyone an even chance and level playing field.
  11. Sklotopolis - awesome people and great balance between slightly faster skillgain but not overly so, you can be a priest on your main, no deed upkeep and no prem as long as you log in once a month...and you can buy awesome cosmetics in the shop if you choose to do so (what keeps the game going), get cool presents for Christmas, the devs are great and listen to the customers, and no unique-mob/dragon dramas. Small and large crates hold double the content. It has a dedicated hunting server. It even has rifts. There are many, many things that help you decorate houses/deeds. It has automatically updated, accurate maps. Go check it out, I can vouch for it.
  12. I believe he wants to sell the set on the old server in exchange for silver given to him on the new server i.e. payment will be new server silver for old server armour.