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  1. I think that most things have a "secure" option now but some things are missing this, for example gnomes, yule deer, yule goats, pottery Valentine flowers, pottery flowerpots, normal planter pots, rugs, dragon skulls etc. Could we please get the option to secure these items as well, similar to the Christmas snowmen we got as a present? Also, please allow other containers like backpacks and crates and perhaps racks with crates in them, to be locked. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for letting the community know Rolf I have no idea about his company who now owns Wurm but I love the game as it currently stands. I hope things go well for all parties involved. I have a concern in relation to possible playerbase information kept by Wurm Online, e.g. email addresses and so forth, which can be sold (as some major companies seem to do on occasion)...what checks and balances are in place to maintain confidential information in relation to the player base? Sorry if I sound silly, I am not very au fait with game transfers and perhaps this does not even factor into anything. Thanks in advance.
  3. Brilliant service! Would recommend anyone to buy from Muse, she went above and beyond to help out. Thanks Muse.
  4. You still have to click an extra button to select "as much as I can carry" every single time. That is annoying. It if is a toggle option people can choose not to have the option, or have the option.
  5. Thanks Finn, I think we know this setting, however I mean we can toggle to always just take all we can carry (weight or item wise) of any item we are trying to pick up or move into inventory (or between containers). If I am building a wall, I want to just drag the bricks into my inventory without having to pick that option all the time. It may mean four bricks, it may mean five. Next round I want to drag mortar over and this time it may be 40 items...I just want the system to automatically work this out and drag that amount without me having to actually press another button to tell it to do so.
  6. Please allow a tick box option for always taking or dragging or moving "as much as I can carry" without having to select this option. This selection can be saved in a setting, or just enabled at certain times. Would be immensely helpful to tick while building or moving bulk items. Thanks.
  7. Please let us know when you pick a title Martynas
  8. We can hitch a creature to a tent but a post for more animals, which can be used by one or more players and set down as a semi permanent structure, would be great. +1
  9. Nah, the person wanted to get high in mining to gather high ql ores before imbues and runes were a thing.
  10. Super cool! Congratulations, no strings attached!
  11. ...I know someone with 99 minining, which he did not get mining out fewer than ten veins (MANY MANY more, in fact) and he still has no recognition for this goal...he still has to AGAIN mine them out...why? I really like and +1 the OP suggestion. I think anything to ease up on the constant clicking and clicking and clicking will be a bonus. Another suggestion: If someone is an expert in mining, stands to reason he could build a machine similar to a ramming machine we use on walls, to ram a vein with an almighty hit and get rid of it (The vein does not take damage, it just suddenly breaks when the person rams). Make it so only people with over 70 mining can operate it, and then you have the solution because noobies can't just swing a maul and get rid of a vein in a public mine near spawn, but an expert miner can open up a tunnel for a canal or on his deed's perim, with great ease. Obviously no useful resources will be left after removing a vein this way.
  12. Lets talk about traders...No.
  13. From what I read here, tea and whine... I don't think anyone had any illusions that the server would be reset in six months, it was a fact. For that reason I knew I would struggle since I am such a packrat. Following butterflies seem to be my funtime, so I would become easy bait for a rift jackal or ogre. However, I also know most of my friends are on Jackal and report having a lot of fun over there. Wetas seem popular. Luckily people can have the best of both worlds here: Go to Jackal and fight the beasties, then come back to Freedom to check on the new foals and get some sleep bonus.
  14. Trying to find pearls are like...(insert difficult to achieve thing which causes people to pull hair from heads). Reading the wiki is not much help...does anyone have any tips with regards to the seasons, the depth of water, whether nets are better than rods or spears? What is the best possible bait to catch pearls? What is the best time of the day (morning, afternoon, evening, night) or anything else? What works better? And BLACK pearls...please help with any info as well. TL:DR - any tips to catch pearls (white or black), please share. Thanks!