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  1. The problem is both of these situation could have been interpreted as an exploit, or not an exploit. Both allowed more skill to be gained than intended for something which has been part of the game for years. Whether it was an exploit or intended has little to do with the fact that some people are allowed to keep skills which puts them lightyears ahead of others, and gain advantages in the way they spend their time in the game, the way they can earn coin in the game and they way they can PvP in the game.
  2. There was a similar situation with archery, and people who used it and gained skills faster than intended, were rolled back to a more reasonable level. Not sure why the people doing priest channelling and got skills faster than intended, were not all rolled back to a much lower level to give everyone an even chance and level playing field.
  3. Sklotopolis - awesome people and great balance between slightly faster skillgain but not overly so, you can be a priest on your main, no deed upkeep and no prem as long as you log in once a month...and you can buy awesome cosmetics in the shop if you choose to do so (what keeps the game going), get cool presents for Christmas, the devs are great and listen to the customers, and no unique-mob/dragon dramas. Small and large crates hold double the content. It has a dedicated hunting server. It even has rifts. There are many, many things that help you decorate houses/deeds. It has automatically updated, accurate maps. Go check it out, I can vouch for it.
  4. I believe he wants to sell the set on the old server in exchange for silver given to him on the new server i.e. payment will be new server silver for old server armour.
  5. And the tooltips for mouse-over items in the toolbelt or containers etc. cover other items below it...this is extremely annoying and some players would like option to toggle it off. Your other suggestions all get at +1 since different players play with different styles and more options are always better than fewer. Despite people being able to accomplish something or do something with a work-around or another way, suggestions which open up more inclusive immersion and improvements in QoL are a welcome. And less mouse clicks should be a very high priority imho.
  6. I agree, but there are some glitches too. Both my Old Server chars have been premium non stop since I started and only recently dropped prem, yet when you look it says "have been prem 0 months consecutively since December 2013". That is totally incorrect. In the past people would get automatic gifts depending on the time non stop prem and it was also bugged. I guess people don't want to make too much noise about it until all the bugs are resolved?
  7. Dye is an interesting part of Wurm. It gives a pleasing feature for people who like to dolly up their deeds or avatars. I am not a pro dye maker but logically I would have thought that adding lower rgb values to higher rgb values should lower the value of the affected r or g or b. Mixing small batches of paint with lower r or g or b than the other one would see a very small decrease as the amount of paint is small, wheras mixing bigger amounts/volumes of paint would see higher increase in the value of the r or g or b. I agree with Platyna that there is no advantage other than "looks", and finding low ql cochineals, copper or other mats when you are a high player already, is difficult. It will give people with low skill the opportunity to sell off some lower value stuff, and also gave a use for the low ql mats stashed in boxes from noob days. Secondly, it would make sense that the actual quality of the dye itself will impact the "coverage" so a higher nat subs char can create higher ql paint that covers the item well, but the actual colour itself (rgb value) can be adapted by mixing higher or lower rgb values into the dye itself. If some highly skilled dye makers could clarify how dye making works, it would be great. I understand there are "trade secrets" but honestly, most people would find it interesting to know but not necessarily pursue such a difficult skill.
  8. Just throwing out a wild idea but here goes: Please make something where we can load the required tools/mats on one side of the screen into little boxes for different skillsets, e.g. the imping window can have dropdown lists to choose any skill in the game, with the appropriate little boxes on the screen where the player can add the necessary tools/mats for the chosen imping skill, and save it. For example, if you open the "Carpentry imping" window, a screen will open where you can add your log, your file, your carving knife and your pelt. These items must be loaded in the screen and then the screen can be saved and it will retain the tools/mats in the boxes as long as those are in your inventory (similarly to how the current toolbelt works). When you want to imp any item that is carpentry/fine carpentry/ship building etc, you can then select this imping window, add this item you want to imp, to the other side of the screen in the Carpentry window. Next, you can then click the "imp" button on the bottom of the screen, and the window will automatically run through the required amount of imps and repairs (if needed) until your usual amount of actions is done (i.e. until your actions as allowed by your mind logic, is done). Note the window automatically need to select and use the correct tool/mat and automatically choose to repair the item, as it runs through the rotations. As long as the tools/mat is in your inventory, you can imp the item which was added into that specific window. The balance would be that only one item at a time can be added to the window for imping, as opposed to having say 8 barrels in your inventory at the same time, to imp at the same time, using the current system. BOTH systems should remain in the game, but this suggestion would allow people who just want to imp up a single item, to do so without having to click click click click to change tools/mats all the time. If there are improvements or downsides to this idea, please add comments. For me it would be awesome to eliminate mousclicks and provide a much more user friendly interface for imping items. Leaving the current imping system in the game would give everyone more choice as to how they want to do this task.
  9. PMed you details for mailing the knife. Thanks very much!
  10. I want to widen the request to switch off all tooltips for things in inventory, containers and toolbelt. It is extremely annoying that it keeps covering other items. Thanks.