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  1. I was only making a joke Yldrania Sorry - been a very rough 6 weeks.
  2. Well, we need more facemasks that actually look like surgical ones...for those times we need social distancing, or when a dragon's blood threatens to get into your nostrils. Also helpful when a troll stinks up the yard.
  3. Dude, that facemask on your avatar :D 😅

  4. They are also symmetric on every axis, a complete hole within themselves...which is why a group is needed, so everyone can sit in a circle and chant songs in an animated fashion about the hole left in their souls (soles too, if you are trying to fix shoes and your repairing action brings no joy.)
  5. Since donuts are self centering, it may help focus on the inner hole left after the changes to repairing skill. Focus on the outer ring, people!
  6. I think the reason some people are commenting about this is not because they believe there is a conspiracy theory per se, but more because they invested lots of time to gain skill in repairing which now seems to have much less of an impact when imping their very cool moonmetal or other valuable stuff.
  7. PvP is the way to go...and pink will distract most peeps so gives a distinct advantage...
  8. What I am wondering is whether Steam actually frowns upon these things or is it fine to do? If they frown upon it, perhaps it would be prudent to accommodate for as many contingencies as possible by building it into the game infrastructure e.g. with regards to deed ownership (multiple deeds but one person owns them instead of the need for a myriad of deed holders etc.) and ways to ensure that people who play with various chars are accommodated within the Steam parameters.
  9. Just wondering about a few discrepancies between Steam play and previous Wurm Online play styles: 1. The requirement to have a different mayor for every different deed - will this will change to allow the same person to own different deeds without the need to have different "accounts"/mayors? I note there have been a lot of emphasis on "person" versus "account" and that it is clear that the game now focuses on real life people who may happen to own various accounts. 2. In steam, as far as I am aware, you can't log two accounts at the same time apart from using some workaround. Yet, in Wurm Online, many people simultaneously play with a priest and a main account due to the priest restrictions. How will multi character playing be handled via Steam?
  10. They did make some changes after this thread but yes, moving colossus on your deed to a better location should be a thing.
  11. What about if we paid in advance for premium? Since those changes too, will we get more prem if we paid in advance? All of these things relate back to people purchasing something at a time when some parameters were set and now it all changed after the fact. The same situation occurs for people with priests who paid for a Nahjo priest but now it is no more relevant, or people who premmed a Fo priest with the chopped veggie favour in mind to play given limited time due to having a real life with a real job... It would be great if people who supported the game in the past with loyalty via prem and deed upkeep and traders bought given a certain set of parameters in place, could be incorporated in the future plans by way of giving something extra back to level the playing field. In many cases, if a client contacts a company who offers "new deals" to entice "new clients" with sweeteners and discounts, the existing client will find they can get the same from the company (they just have to ask). The reason is if your current client leaves, it is way way harder to get them back, if at all...so sweeteners will more than likely not entice a previous client back once they decided enough is enough.
  12. At least this made me smile Odynn, the lack of response to this issue has been a bit weird. I also hope the playerbase gets some answers, and not just because I have an interest in the outcome for people with traders, but also because it may give a clear indication of things to come. Happy Valentine's Day to you