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  1. It is also not a 100% chance to get the same condition in the baby, as I have a champion wildcat female and still got a normal baby (dad was a normal cat).
  2. Pines are fine, try cedars.
  3. If anyone has a wagon like the one below, and they would either lend it to be displayed in a nice venue, or exchange it for another wagon, or sell it, please pm Fairyshine here or in game. Thanks.
  4. Tree collisions...this is a tiny little cedar tree. I tried walking over it, and got the collision zone in a very wide circle around it...is this intended? Click on the link below to see it in action https://i.gyazo.com/7833692046033bb56eb802af43336d51.gif https://i.gyazo.com/7833692046033bb56eb802af43336d51.mp4 Edit: Young pine trees don't have the same collision zone around them.
  5. Bump - please look into this.
  6. No. -1
  7. Congrats, very nice prize. Us simple Freedom folk need such decorative pieces for sure, but unfortunately fifty silvers are hard to come by Free bump none the less. Good luck with the sale.
  8. We recently ran into an issue where someone made a bridge on his perim. He made the bridge and it is his deed with his perim. The bridge is not connected to a house as it is in perim. In replanning deed he wanted to move the bridge...and there is no way to quickly destroy it. Battering ram does not work on bridges. Catapults only hits bottom 6 and top two tiles not in the middle. Mauls give .5 damage every 50 seconds for 28 tiles of double stone bridge...it takes days and days of bashing. Long story short: Please allow bridges to be destroyed like a house with a writ or via manage options...where bridges are added and has a destroy button to use in case it is not connected to a house.
  9. Have you seen the chickens run lately? Now they are here, then they are there...and they don't come back to feed either. Eggs everywhere...Can we organize some chicken races?
  10. Budda with the new game stuff, after the update, can you please redo this with all the boxes for the new game look? I have been using this setting and it does help a lot, just after the update I get great game performance at the start just after logging in then it gets worse as I play longer. After about an hour I have to relog or the game is virtually unplayable with lagging. It is like the game "hoards" all the memory or something and just gets too full until I relog for lo time. Anyway, have a great day!
  11. but I was winning
  12. Bloodscythe needs a blood scythe, we all want pics of your whole ensemble. +1
  13. I have had severe lag since the last update. Someone said use the default settings since changing any settings causes some lagging for many people. Could someone please post pics of all the default settings? I lost mine ages ago with all kinds of tweaks, even renaming a tweaked settings with "default". I would like to try it just to see if it resolves some of my issues. Thanks!
  14. Hi everyone, thanks for all the responses, ideas and even whinges. The reason I put this here and not in the suggestions thread, is to warm people so they don't fall into the same nonsense I did, which I take responsibility for, it is my own oversight. I think the person saying there are no real updates in Wurm is playing a different game to me, I noticed heaps of good QoL updates come through (of which remote access on permissions is one!) I also enjoy exploring all the new content. I do not enjoy when I get stuff I value being taken because a char was sold to someone with opportunistic tendencies, which is why I made this warning to others. This thread is merely a warning to all players that if a char is sold and you gave the name permission on branded horses, they will still have those permissions even if you remove them from your deed or alliance. They will also still have the permissions on every item you gave them permission to unless you use the cool setting which JBerg and Retrograde shared here to remove them from at least the things you can control remotely. If people don't value the gear on their horses (and in my case, my actual horses as well) as much as I do, it is obviously their own choice to let every Tom, ###### and Luckystickyfingers have access to their horses (or carts or ships or houses or bodies...oh wait, that is not possible unless you share passwords, right? Moving along then.) Note that I did not ask for the devs to spend more time on this, just wanted to warn others of the situation. If new animal moving crates come in, be aware also that you will not have branded horses if you move them to a new server. When you say it, then it seems obvious, but it is good to be mindful of when you go to a rift on another server taking your pimped steed with the possibility of losing your pimped steed because it lost its brand by going to another server. Please read the thread for what it is intended to be: A warning that there are still real dodgy people out there. Like one of my friends dryly commented when he heard about all this: "Fairy, learn to make your deed settings so tight that not even an alt's fart can get through." Well said! Also, thank you to the devs for giving me the option to protect some of my stuff from people whose intention it is to steal it. I guess this thread can be closed now
  15. I would like to also flag to people that if branded animals lose the brand once they change servers (with the upcoming animal movement crate things), people will be able to take your branded animal here (if they have lead rights) and take them over the server and just kill them and take the stuff. As many people have highly enchanted rare/supreme horse gear, it is a valuable loot for some griefer to get their hands on. I am assuming that your current protected animals will no longer be protected once they leave the server they are branded on. It is even more important now to ensure NOBODY can lead or ride your branded animals but you, yourself and nobody else. I would like to request that when animal crates come into game, all current branded permissions be reset to only owner can lead/manage/ride, so we have a choice to actually go add other people (or not). This will ensure we can be very careful in allowing anyone any rights on our animals.