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  1. Feed Trough

    Cosmetic feed troughs yes, and in mines we could ask for something like mossy patches which Fo priests could let germinate.
  2. Please yes, bump for mayor to take ownership of buildings on deed. +1
  3. Things you'll never hear said in Wurm

    Well I once needed just two small nails to finish a massive project...that house now has a skylight. Stuff finishing that roof...for now (it has been like that since 3 years ago.)
  4. If you could pick your villager, who would it be?

    My whole alliance is pretty amazing. Specifically, I pick: Yuri (he keeps all tools, weapons and armors tip top, and levels or builds bridges over all my digging and mining mishaps without saying "I told you so".) Audrel (my awesome friend, always makes me laugh.) Robbycrusoe (just wow for deed and building design, his paints and bling, mushroom houses, rainbow pepperment unicorns, chocolate icecreams and pizzas, and keeping my champion pets fed.) I would add Warlock except I already have access to all his stuffs so I guess we are sharing a deed already
  5. Branch WS and BS skill

    No. -1
  6. Make normal mobs drop moonmetals

  7. Woad Planters

  8. I believe the biggest bone of contention is...the rare bones (excuse the pun) and the tomes. Yes, the scale and blood are important and I know a few people who go to the dragon fights (if they ever find out about them) to collect the scale and hide, which is why dragon fights are closed groups (to allow biggest drops for the scale and hide.) This is also why, as Mordraug said, the dropping of a whole dragon's scale and hide in one go (to be used to create a few sets of armor which become the loots for the participants lucky enough to be drawn in the raffle) is a fantastic way to ensure people actually get something great and immediately useful out of it, even if you happen to be a noobie lucky enough to get the set. Collecting bits and pieces on WO can take a long, long, long time for enough to make a set...but still, they cause less drama over all. People can sell the bits and pieces off for not a lot of silver in most cases. But the tomes and bones? Lots more money, so lots more drama. Given the tomes will now just drop via uniques, there have been lots of suggestions to make it more accessible for the common Joe Wurmian, and there has been massive resistance from the people who already have tomes hoarded up ready to be sold or traded or hoarded for longer (or to apply to new chars someone buys/works up later). The big concerns raised focused on how the tomes will "loose their valued" and be "no longer unique" to just a few. It has nothing to do with opening it up to the bigger populus who really has very little chance of ever going to dragon fight, let alone getting a tome or a bone. It has everything to do with the same group of people who trap the dragons and want to have access to the loots just within those groups. I suggested that charges or bits of charges be available via other means like at rifts or even botanize and forage. I know bones can sometimes be found when you dig, so extending similar ideas to tomes would obviously make sense. The same can be said for finding scale and hide via say archeology on the spot a dragon walked or slept ...but keep this away from just where they were killed because then, the same people who trapped and killed the dragon, will archeology the spot and same problems will just continue. If the drops are spread and distributed in a wider, more accessible manner, the dragons themselves become less valuable in terms of real money commodities. If that happens, they will be more like trolls, rift beasts or whales...not as valuable with far less drama, and far more fun. Just my two cents and obviously just my own opionion, I am not trying to say one group is wrong or another group is right. The dramas around dragons and how it breaks friendships and alliances and how tomes and drops cause so much hatred between players, are things which makes me as a person dislike Wurm Online. Also, @Mordraug, you are called the dude with the rare glimmer small shield and the seryll barding on his hellhorses...in case you wondered
  9. Old Rolf PSA

    but but but...Wurm deeds ARE real estate!!! Also not Rolf but Wurm none the less:
  10. Devblog: Movement & Desync

    I hope one day we can have carts and wagons that follow the terrain back as well...so perhaps you may have to touch movement code again... Also, horses never unhitching in building walls and corners, and perhaps having a shorter rope so we can lead and breed horses into one tile areas. Thanks for the hard work Wurm is a great game and despite relying on multiple errors to work most of the time, it is all part of the charm.
  11. That thread about cats!

    My cat told me it is my own fault she sleeps on the table since I left a blanket there. All blankets on earth belong to her.
  12. The Cute New-Born Foals Thread

    I can't like the photo twice so will just post it again. Wow so pretty!
  13. Whats your Best Horse name?

    Horses are probably my favourite thing in this game. Ever. Just in game random names: WingHeart and HeartWing for my cart. My very first foal was called HappyHeart but as a noobie I was too dumb to care for her and she died but years later someone gifted me another HappyHeart five speeder (and someone also gifted me a HappyHeart on Golden Valley!) so I guess for just random names, those are my faves.
  14. Hey, I'll be honest.

    You also built quite a few bridges Toey (inside and outside the game)