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  1. Although it is stated that the perimeter is no man's land, traditionally, only asshats or complete noobies would go messing around in someone's perimeter. I would prefer people not make a highway three tiles from my deed and in effect taking my right to KoS away on my own deed. If they do that, they will be deemed asshats and prone to griefing. There should be a clear understanding that for any road built in a deed's perim, the owner's right to KoS will not be affected. There should be no reason for anyone to sit around in a deed's perim if they are close enough to get the KoS messages. They should just move right along, they are not welcome there. Any highway in perim should not affect a deed owner's right to KoS.
  2. Double win
  3. Oh well might as well now.
  4. Absolutely....can't...mix...Star Trek and Star Wars!!!!!!!!
  5. The third day in Wurm I was wondering how to make enough irons to buy a new pottery bowl from a merchant after losing mine because I ran right up to a troll because they had cool graphics...but that is another story. I found an iron vein and very excitedly told people in my local that I can now make my own iron coins!
  6. ...and that thing in the background looks like a submarine! Cool video.
  7. The tortoise or the hare? This is what happens when you ask for help to remove a piece of salt which got stuck in a raft: A GM will appear above your head as a menacing, floating, sea serpent and promptly turn you and your deed mate into a fluffy, hopping bunny and tortoise!
  8. Oooo onto gifs now!
  9. All those ada helms...and is that a glimmer one in the background???...+1 cause bling.
  10. How-wild? No such thing! I would make it more pink and purple...as you know my Party Palace is one big pink ball of shine which requires at least two pair of sunnies (edit: Sunglasses, for those not living in Australia) to behold!
  11. I love them all! The gods tapestry idea is kinda what I was going for in the other entry, we need to enter one tapestry only but I wanted tapestries of all the gods and a dragon too, so all one could do was to put all of them on one tapestry. I hope they allow a tapestry of each god though, yours are so so so cool! Obviously the uni too, I like the first one . And the hog roast looks yum.
  12. Not for long.
  13. I can't draw but a lot of medieval tapestries featured dragons with more than one head depicting powerful entities...so this got me thinking: How about something depicting the eternal struggle of light (Fo, Vynora and Mag) vs dark (Libila)? I tried putting the light side against light background while adding darker touches behind Lib. Obviously more artsy people can draw this properly and add some snazzy celtic type scroll frames or something, but paying homage to the oldest deities seem somehow fitting, with a reference to dragons. (The tapestry below does not really show a struggle, which is what I would have liked, but since I can't draw, it will have to just convey the basic idea!)
  14. I hope it is horse riding. The more you ride the higher your skill the shorter your horse turns or moves or responds. Also hoping carts will follow the terrain/slope under them in the new release. Crate racks will be cool Any news on when animal crates will be coming?