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  1. Hello Wilczan, thank you for taking the time to respond. If you read my post again, you will see what makes me think I could possibly ask for a refund, I never said I "must" get one. Just to clarify, it was a request based on premium paid at a time when the parameters were set and I assumed this would remain the same, especially given the fact that people pointed out the OP nature of Nahjo when it first became part of the game, and nobody seemed to take notice. To add to this, the many responses from players about player gods went unnoticed, so obviously someone could assume that the situation was no longer under threat of change.
  2. Thanks Cas No harm in asking a refund since these changes have not really been explained nor discussed. Getting assurances of some sort of "rebalancing without proper explanation or an option to give input does not promote trust.
  3. Unfortunately I do not have a lot of time to play Wurm, as I have a busy real life. The chopping veggies was a real game changer for me since I could actually do stuff with my priest I enjoy doing like healing at rifts, and doing other priesty stuff for which I need favor. I don't really play with her as a "normal" character since I have another main to do that stuff. However, the recent changes to favor gains going back to random items where you have to farm, harvest, spin, weave squares and hope for the best, means I will spend a lot of actual time allocated for games, to doing stuff to prepare to actually play the game. Since my Fo priest will now most likely be put into the moth balls where the Vyn (who needs CoC and WOA casts these days, right?) and Mag (only so many strongwalls needed, and chain casting onto enforced walls in my perimeter kinda got boring after three days) already are, as I don't have enough time to go back to gaining favor growing and spinning tons of cotton strings to make cotton squares at a totally random ql just to actually prepare to play the game (before I can actually play what I paid for), I was wondering if I can request a refund on the premium I paid in advance based on the current state of affairs regarding favor gain with chopped veggies? If I paid her month to month that would be fine, I would just let it run out. However, I pay a year in advance. Not sure what the terms and conditions say about sudden and one sided changes to game mechanics but a refund option would be greatly appreciated. (This is on top of thousands of veggies at 99 or 100 Ql purchased in anticipation of many years of fun stuff with my Fo.) I guess what I am asking is a refund for the changes which I do not want to embrace yet paid for a service based on current state of affairs when I paid her prem for a long time to come. Thanks
  4. Watching a lot of spy movies over the holidays must have gotten to me, because I started wondering what type of plot twists could be implemented for Jackal? These suggestions are just for fun, I am pretty sure they are impractical and have loooots of disadvantages too, and some are just downright silly. But here goes! 1. For a big enough reward which can be handed to a Jackal ogre or jackal, the creature can "turn coat" and be on the Freedom side for a day, a week, a month...but his fellow Jackal creatures still see him as loyal to them and he can get a few hits in before they realize he is a traitor... Wouldn't that be fun? 2. People who completed their whole journal and get the cape, can apply a potion to make it a cloak of invisibility during rifts. They have a fifty fifty chance of being detected by rift jackals (or not!) even when saccing hearts. 3. Horses have a new barding which can be filled with poison, and when a trap hits them they emit a vapour which only affects jackal creatures in the vacinity, and the creatures become scared for a minute and run off in the opposite direction. 4. Freedomers can create smoke bombs using crushed fibre, woodscraps and flint, which can be thrown at jackal creatures to obscure their vision. 5. Love effect work on jackal creatures to protect Fo priests. Any more silly suggestions for Jackal plot twists?
  5. If someone takes a break in between paying years of premium, will the previous still count or will it all start from scratch?
  6. So much of what you say ring true. Unique hunting in Wurm always seems to be a very dangerous pursuit, and definitely not because of the in game spawned monsters. I wish you both a happy future filled with wonder and joy.
  7. Demona I wish I could give you ten likes for these! Your deed is such a pretty, relaxing and inspiring place. I really hope you will return to be our neighbour across the bay again. Miss you. x
  8. As should PvP people be far away from PvE decisions.
  9. Great addition although I immediately dropped mine in my bank due to 1. Always having sleep bonus I forget to use, and 2. It weighs 5.5 kilogram
  10. Beds only work in completed houses. These may work anywhere.
  11. Thanks Retro, although I personally think this response shows that somewhere the actual needs of the clients for a MASSIVE QoL feature is lost in favour of other stuff we most likely don't really need this urgently. Also, where can I find the step by step thing for twitter. I don't actually use Twitter at the moment, in fact never have for any online game. If this can't be done via the game itself, at least show me with very simple and noob friendly document how to achieve this. Thanks.
  12. Glass half empty or half full? I guess there are two sides to every story, so here goes: I met a player of an antique gameWho said: Twelve vast and unexplored landsSit on the network. In these, to keep the fort,a tight group of loyal knights firmly standswith conviction and hope, and a daring dreamof better things beyond the here and now.Despite some people who kick and screamthe loyal army will never give up, never bowto the whines and sneers in game or on forum. We keep our heads up in defiant decorum.'My name is Wurmonlinias, god of games:Log on to my network, ye many, and have fun!'We log on to build our houses, our gardens, our names -For we are here, and to all out there: Come, come come!