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  1. I guess the reason it was reported in the Server Bugs section of forums is because people would like this bug brought to attention and fixed. There may be workarounds to it but it should not be necessary for people to constantly anticipate possible bugs and accept it as part of the game mechanics when in fact it is a bug.
  2. That moment when all of them are so awesome, you don't have enough likes for them all.
  3. I liked the creative designs, the new tapestries, carpets, mats, chair covers, wagons etc. were awesome. Whatever the reason for the closure of the server, hope any new projects will be fun and thanks for sharing your ideas with us, I would still love a unicorn on my wagon in Wurm.
  4. Please allow us to paint barding. I NEED/MUST HAVE the matching set with my cart and armor. Please!
  5. I think there is some bug or the graphics have been forgotten on dragon hide sleeves.
  6. Thanks Evening, will let you know He will still enjoy salted water and ocean breezes, and will have to reign in the growling at night as Bearoness likes her beauty sleep!
  7. If only animal crates were a thing yet... I am looking for a male for my Bearoness.
  8. This is either a bug, or if not, then please see it as a suggestion: Loading ores into smelters with the automatic "heeve ho!" - could this be added please? Also, fuelling smelters with scraps and logs, we need to activate the log, right click smelter, choose burn. For forges, the wooden item can be dragged directly into the forge "you fuel the forge with a log". Could this option be added to smelters please?
  9. +1
  10. ...so was nerfed already.
  11. Pretty much premmed a Fo priest for the LoF at weekly rifts (which is great fun and gets me logging in almost every time I can possibly attend, i.e. worth a premmed char), and whenever unique fights fall within a time Aussies can attend. Other stuff? We can charm using a rune now and all my mailboxes are couriered to a level of almost instant transfer...and getting any enchant on a weap would be much cheaper to pay another priest to do the once off task. I only ever use one weapon, it is not as if it is a weekly thing. Nerfing LoF would probably see me not need or want to prem the Fo again.
  12. If changes come into effect I would like the option to ask for my money back for the Fo priest I just premmed for a year. Edit: On Freedom it is used at rifts, dragon and unique fights. Fun times.
  13. Release used to be one of the smaller "hunting" servers, but no more. Many of my friends go to other servers to see if they can find anything. The people I am talking about are trying to get from about 95 fight skill up to 100, some are on 99 and spend hours roaming around looking for new hunting fields. These players travel from the south of Release through to the North where there are lots of mobs, but also not really enough spawn to keep them going for more than a few hours, then they have to wait a few days for it to fill up again. If you have a few such players, which is currently the case, it becomes difficult to find enough. I guess it also does not really help that a lot of the mobs are stuck on slopes where nobody can get to them, or if the servers don't reset for longer periods of time, but the point is that this suggestion is to open a server dedicated to hunting which has quicker spawn rates, perhaps beefed up mobs and no deeding allowed. A lot of the WU servers have areas or even whole servers like this, I thought it would be fun to have it in WO too. It is mmo yes, but as you know a lot of players actually grind their own skill and don't really play in groups a lot of the time, which is fine too. Wurm suits a lot of different playstyles. Someone who grinds mining has options to find a specific type of vein and stand alone for hours, grinding mining. Someone who wants to grind fishing has the option to find different fishing spots and catch for hours. Someone who wants to grind leatherwork makes a lot of stuff and imp these, alone, for hours. None of these things require "MMO" in the true sense of the word, yet Wurm accommodates these playstyles. It is fine if you do not agree with the suggestion, but perhaps other players do, and if it provides fun for those who would use it, then what is the harm to those who do not ever want to go there? As far as I can see, it will provide fun for some and it won't harm others. I don't really want this to turn into a big debate, it was merely a suggestion, and like everything else, it is up to the developers to think about how they want the game to develop, players can only say what they think would be fun and leave it at that.
  14. We did pull a finger out and did explore, unfortunately what is left is not enough to keep the peeps who really really love hunting, occupied. As always, when a request is made, people who do not want to use the requested item, are welcome NOT to go to the hunting server. Those who would love it, can go. It won't affect other people's game play as it does not bring a game wide change to the way things are imped, created or harvested.