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  1. please add Mt. Coalition 2615, 397
  2. hiya Tek, i could really use a leatherworking, a small maul, a shortsword, and a meditating pizzas. sent to Konlin. Thank you.
  3. can anyone tell me 3-7 Rift location and best access by boat then wagon?
  4. anyone have a rift loc yet? and best access by boat then wagon?
  5. made 6 coal piles the other day. gained skill from 17 to 22.40 while making coal piles. lit piles, never gained any additional skill while piles burned. piles were all 20 to 40q. my skill is still at 22.40 and all coal piles are done burning.
  6. while harvesting pinenuts I used a rare 81q sickle with BotD93 and had a 12s timer for first action. While harvesting pinenuts with a regular 33q sickle with no enchants i had a 12s timer for first action. nature 46 forestry 41 repeatable again and again on different trees, sitting in wagon or standing on ground.
  7. Well, thank you for removing my post. you worry about imbues being overpowered and abused but you totally break runes. you betrayed our trust by not discussing this beforehand as you ensured you would. you have made imbues even more important in game, which will drive prices through the roof. you have totally disregarded the time people take to collect rune materials, make runes, and attach runes. this is a direct slap in the face to a lot of people.
  8. Can anyone tell me where the rift is? Map grid? Best access from a boat? Thank you.
  9. Can anyone tell me where the rift is? Map grid? Best access from a boat? Thank you.
  10. Today at a troll slaying event I was unable to trade bloods to another player so they could make potions, they opened the trade window and when i put the bloods in they could not see the bloods. we closed window and i instigated the trade, once again they could not see the bloods. i rebooted the game, same situation, i tried to trade just 1 blood instead of a stack, same situation, they could not see the blood, i tried trading the bloods to a different character, same situation, rebooted again, same situation, finally i dropped the bloods into a cart and the pther person was able to see them and interact with them. have not had this problem before or with anything else. during these trade attempts i was also going to pass source crystals and tey saw the crystals just fine, but they never saw blood in the trade window. this was an assortment of different bloods. and it didnt matter if it was 1 blood or multiple bloods, the other person never saw any bloods in the trade window. not sure if it can be reproduced but wanted to notify you in case someone else has the same problem. this occured on Release, outside, off deed
  11. if you have branches of blueberry, raspberry, grape, thorn, lavender, rose, or Lingonberry i will take 1 of each of those that you have in stock. Just mail them COD to Konlin. Thank you.
  12. Please add; Mt. Konlin 3094, 1606 Thank you
  13. great service buying horses, patient and full of information, thank you
  14. new fishing, totally seriously uncool. when the smallest fish in the game are breaking good quality medium poles constantly I would say that it is broken. Extremely Seriously Uncool.
  15. After not playing for a number of years I would like to play again. I foun d my character name, I did forgot password to reset password, I logged into game and realized I am encumbered and an in a very dangerous area. I log out and try to go to the shop but when I log in it says incorrect password. I reset password again. then I attempted to enter shop, it still says incorrect password. I waited at least 15 minutes in case it needed to update. still same problem. I clicked change password on that page, changed again, tried to log in, it gave me a challenge question of "incorrect email" and wants an answer. I have no idea what to do next. I did get an email when i clicked forgot password earlier. Character name : konlin