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  1. Seems as though I've had pretty good luck over the years with the scavenging, because some of the most valuable things I own come from doing just that: 2 rare forges, enchanted rare saddle and rare and supreme horseshoes, lots of good ql bulk mats, full barrels of high quality liquor, and holiday items like reindeers etc. I don't believe the act of scavenging at an obviously abandoned and decaying former deed should be looked upon with such stigma, but to each his own I guess.
  2. I would like to propose a new beverage be added: Pina Coladas for those hot summer days or a nice party at the beach. They could be made with coconut, pineapple and water. And since the first two ingredients are compound items to begin with, perhaps drinking it could come with a buff of some sort?
  3. +1 for capybaras. They might not have the wheel running any smoother, but they are so cute we can forgive them anything.
  4. As the title says, if you happen to be in possession of a Mol Rehan wagon (normal wagon, non-rare is just fine by me) and you are willing, I would do a strait-up trade for my rare Pandemonium wagon. Even BETTER, if you have a RARE MR wagon, I will trade you the rare Panda +15 silver coins ON TOP OF THIS, in order to secure such a rare beauty. Sorry, but no other template will do. This trade would make my dreams come true, even more than a drake set ever would. And I've never had either one of those, so.. that should tell you something. MOREOVER! Make this trade and you will forever gain a new best friend and lucrative trade partner~ ( I do premium horse breeding, bulk trading, high blacksmith imping, EXCELLENT deed planning and construction services, and I'm a helluva dps fighter, willing to come out to ANY rift, unique fight or anything else you need exterminated). Hope to hear back from some lovely folks, very soon on this one. Much and appreciation!!
  5. Oh my goodness, Gold! How did you manage to get so many amazingly good panorama screenies while also running several of the contests and talking to dozens at same time, and never lose your cool? ... /whispers Are you a wizard?? Seriously, we all have something to learn from Gold about the proper way to multi-task... I suggest Goldfinch writes a self-help book. And the first person to read it .. well, I shall leave tht for the spectator to decide
  6. Jaqui sweetheart, this friend-along was noticeably better for your company, and I'm not nearly the only one who would say so. Constantly I saw you putting all your time and energy into the playful hide-and-seeking, laughing and crying, hugging (and then hugging some more lol) and cheering people on in a way that only someone with the biggest heart could ever do. Every single minute I saw you online, you were so full of positive energy, encouragement for others, hope for a good future and just this, amazing sense of gratitude for every little second that ever came your way. You are such a lovely person; and it was an honor and a privilege to fight, heal, imp and play by your side. And if the Gods be willing, we shall meet again.. possibly about this time next year, and perhaps about the same spot?
  7. The Youngest, strongest, FIRST & most reluctant Titan,  Ymir Fritz..  what an icon;  the perfect Underdog. 

    And though unintentionally, the best martyr (keeping aside Sasha, of course) ~  More well-known, and waaay more downtrodden than you or I could ever hope to be.... was a slave of,Maria%2C Rose%2C and Sheena.

  8. Hey man, there was like, 1.5 people average, online at any given time with permissions to bury, and the GMs they just kept spawning stuff in succession. SOMEBODY gotta get rid of the massive pile of bodies obstructing everyone else's view; What is a poor, yet very Lovely Lady player to do, if she be all by herself, hmmmmmm?!?> (and nobody with an "outtie rather than innie" should even attempt to answer that question, its highly rhetorical!) Much as we'd like to, We amazingly sexy ladies can't just rely on our astounding good looks to get us out of tight situations forever! xD
  9. An example of the kind of scrapper spirit that keeps a big imp-along like this together and running smoothly, and even moreso, how hard a certain fellow works to get even the smallest details just right: Me: be a tiny priest named Tosca, come to Friendship Bay a day or two early to get in on the sermoning. Suddenly! A wild VirusMD appears, asking for help testing things to find out the best way to store bulk items and still jive with proper permissions: ~~~~~ [17:44:51] <Virusmd> can i borrow one of you to see if they fixed the wagon perms bug in the last year? [17:45:04] <Tosca> sure [17:45:17] <Virusmd> ok, the cart that says saccables, can you take a shard from it? [17:45:33] <Tosca> yes [17:45:45] <Virusmd> ok, go ahead and put it back, now try the wagon with no animals [17:46:08] <Tosca> [17:46:02] That would be illegal here. You can check the settlement token for the local laws. [17:46:19] <Virusmd> grrr same . [17:46:29] <Tosca> [17:46:35] <Virusmd> somehow, building perms override wagon perms with the same settings as the cart [17:46:50] <Virusmd> EVERyONE has access hold, but cant take inside the buidling [17:46:56] <Virusmd> same on the carts [17:47:00] <Tosca> hm [17:47:04] <Tosca> wogic [17:47:17] <Virusmd> yah we couldent figure it out, i reported it as a bug but of course nothing happened [17:47:43] <Virusmd> id really love to have 12 crates at each station, its a serious hinderance with all the materials and qualities [17:48:12] <Virusmd> ok i want to test something else, ill be back in a minute [17:48:36] <Virusmd> another option.... gonna try a locked crate rack [17:51:06] <Fess> mind if i sermon? [17:51:17] <Tosca> is enough ppl? [17:51:26] <Fess> not for reset but for tick yea [17:51:35] <Tosca> ok sure [17:51:36] <Virusmd> try the rack now? [17:51:55] <Tosca> [17:51:50] That would be illegal here. You can check the settlement token for the local laws. [17:52:14] <Virusmd> yah only has an open option not take either [17:52:32] <Virusmd> frustrating [17:52:44] <Virusmd> ill just jam 50 more carts in here! [17:52:48] <Fess> [16:49:46] Faith increased by 0.1010 to 94.7551 [17:53:10] <Tosca> gg [17:54:16] <Virusmd> brb, want to try something else.... [17:58:26] <Virusmd> the knarr? [17:58:40] <Tosca> yes [17:58:43] <Virusmd> o.0 [17:59:04] <Virusmd> one more time just to make sure it was inside [17:59:15] <Tosca> yep [17:59:15] <Virusmd> !! [17:59:29] Virusmd wheels turning [17:59:34] <Tosca> omg [17:59:45] <Tosca> dont tell me you plan to store extra mats in a knarr in here [18:00:05] <Virusmd> no no, of course not, upstairs where the metal stations are [18:00:12] <Tosca> lol [18:00:44] <Virusmd> when wogic gives you broken wagons, you make knarrs [18:00:57] <Tosca> [18:02:55] <Virusmd> think i can lose the carts upstairs this might actually be a bit cleaner, they will cross like an X in the center of the building, back ends at the station for easy access [18:03:18] <Virusmd> cause there are 8 carts there now with a central storage in the middle for reloading [18:03:26] <Tosca> its definitely different. and I always say, different is good! [18:03:44] <Virusmd> ty your sciencing [18:03:53] <Tosca> anytime ~~~~~ New best quote to put in your taglines: "when wogic gives you broken wagons, you make knarrs" ~VirusMD And this, my dear friends, is the story of how we ended up with knarrs supplying the good smithies on top of the Great Hall. Cheers!
  10. I had here! Such good company, truly hilarious conversations and made several new friends. Ath fought and died well in the arena, and helped with imping the burgeoning BS station. Tosca did her healing and drizzles, and made it to 100 faith at the sermon party, WOOT! Won a couple of great items as prizes during the contests and events & here they are nicely settled in their new home: Thank you for your hospitality Virus, Goldfinch and the other admins. They do such an amazing job running this event; it just gets better every year. And you better believe if I'm available this time next year, will be there.
  11. A game of chess so exciting, even the GM wanted to spectate Two GMs spawning mobs in the arena at once = total carnage Fish Slapping! Muffin Mayhem! Drake hide suit drawing at the token, congrats Joshuacalvert!
  12. Here we have Queen Goldfinch and King VirusMD sitting on their thrones in the prize hall. One of these two is very good at posing for pictures, and one of them is not. Can you guess which is which?
  13. A little rough this time, dead horse and barely got a hit on either after falling in the mine and then the black one tried to run off.. Still, what an amazing slay. Definitely one for the history books!