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  1. Much woot to ya, Shrimps; I love impalongs I will bring Atheline who does BS, carp, FC, and masonry. I am also happy to help as staff if you need any more. Also, I might be able to donate a prize or two, will PM you about that. Looking forward to seeing everyone again!
  2. Removing and re-purposing the merchant NPC due to inactivity at self-service pens. Still selling and delivering horses, just send me a message. Thanks!
  3. Great job! This is quite a handy thing to have bookmarked, thanks.
  4. I am looking to buy a rare huge axe, and if you should happen to have one that is made of adamantine, that would be highly preferred. Otherwise, I would also consider iron/steel. Please send me a message with specs. and price. Thanks!
  5. seryll is now sold out, but I will update as I get more.
  6. greetings and salutations, my friend! Could you please COD me the potion of the ropemaker? Many thanks -.-
  7. Bump! Keep in mind: I deliver horses almost anywhere, for free. Most merchants will not deliver horses...
  8. Shoulder pads are 20c each. Glimmer lumps, 1.5s ea. Spear bracelet 75c.
  9. Your friendly local Cele-beastie breeder, in conjunction with Port Benden Alliance present: ~~~All the Pretty Horses~~~ Selling perfect 5 speed horses of all colors. Also, I do not sell anything older than Aged horse, unless it's cleared with the buyer. Please feel free to PM Atheline in-game, or send me a message here on the forums, for whatever color/gender combinations that you desire. I can also do custom breeding upon request. Unlike most other breeders, I personally offer FREE DELIVERY of 4 horses at a time to any coastal Freedom location, provided that your sale amount totals at least 2s. If the total is less than that, I round up to 2s to cover my time. Need to keep the cages that the horses come with? No problem, just add 25c per cage to the total. Price List: *New color horses (skewbald pinto, black-silver, appaloosa, chestnut, gold buckskin): 1.5s ea. *Jet horses: 50c ea. *Blood Bay, Piebald Pinto horses: 35c ea. *Basic color horses (grey, white, gold, brown, black): 25c ea. *70+ql horseshoes enchanted w/ WoA: 50c ea. *Creature cages (50+ql cages with lock and key): 25c ea. *Creature transporter (50+ql empty with lock and key): 50c ea. *other equips: tba.
  10. As requested, the picture of a pile o' bodies.