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  1. I send a custom huge axe to Asheram, he imped it above 90 for me and had his priests put a very impressive LT and MS cast on there. Fast and professional, work is second to none and the rates are fair. If he sticks around, he will always be my weaponsmith, from here on out. Thanks for helping me get my dream weapon!
  2. bump; hard to believe that NOBODY has chopped veggies hanging around; I'm willing to pick-up at any coastal location to save you delivery, if that helps.
  3. Buying 3-5k chopped veggies for my priest to sac. If you have that much ready to go, please PM Atheline in-game or msg here. thanks!
  4. Ohmygosh, I made "Wurm Lord!" Thanks Virus for the vote of confidence I am generally awake at night in the States, and glad to help cover this odd shift. In addition to admin tasks, I can do imp up to 70 of blacksmith, fine carp, carp, and masonry. Looking forward to it, as always.
  5. Although I don't really think it could make things much worse than it has been lately (far as lag or whatnot), I am still a little hesitant about being on the first server to get transferred....
  6. regular glimmer lump, 87.24ql, 1.04kg, 3s.
  7. Fast turnaround on huge axe imp. Will be ordering from DBM again for sure, thanks!
  8. In the ancient lands of Celebration, &@ the primary Eastern waterway (M23), there existed a Canal deed that had waaay more potential than anyone who came before could EVER keep up with. Indeed, there was only so much one 8-yr veteran (Mlle. Atheline) could do when stumbling upon this wreck almost 2 years ago, and she be even more restricted now, based upon an extreme finance hold & a divided marketplace. Still, we all only ever do what we can.... PSA: The mayor of Kami is needing to hire a good (part-time) construction worker: Anyone who can cut mortar, bricks and do clay/grass/wood beams at a decent rate are very welcome (ql does not matter here, since I can use low QL mats to build higher QL structures based upon my 82 masonry and 86 carp skill). Digging clay and gathering mixed grass for timber-frame walls will also be required. If I can get someone to gather, I can cut the final mats and it does not matter their quality. Still, be aware that this is Historic Kami Canal project @M23, and should be treated with the same reverence. In the end, I will almost certainly need help with construction. And if so, You need high enough Masonry and Carpentry to deal with buildings that are 3-5 stories tall, on average. In exchange I can offer any one of these things: perfect animal breeding of any trait/color combination. Blacksmith imp up to 75. Aggressive fighter that can kill any single target equal or below 80 FS. Complex meal/pizza prep up to 48 ql. more etc, just ask! Thanks so much for your attention to detail; I look forward to speaking with fresh-faced, new building contractors, very soon!!
  9. Hello there to everyone! I am soooo sorry to get back this late for you guys, but the last 6 weeks has been.. well, pretty damned difficult personally, for myself and my family. Also, I didn't realize that there was suddenly such a demand for new horses. I have restarted major breeding procedures this past week. Feel free to send me a PM in-game to check what is available, and to make any specific requests. Thanks and have a blessed Holidays!!
  10. Much woot to ya, Shrimps; I love impalongs I will bring Atheline who does BS, carp, FC, and masonry. I am also happy to help as staff if you need any more. Also, I might be able to donate a prize or two, will PM you about that. Looking forward to seeing everyone again!
  11. Removing and re-purposing the merchant NPC due to inactivity at self-service pens. Still selling and delivering horses, just send me a message. Thanks!
  12. Great job! This is quite a handy thing to have bookmarked, thanks.