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  1. Fast turnaround on huge axe imp. Will be ordering from DBM again for sure, thanks!
  2. In the ancient lands of Celebration, &@ the primary Eastern waterway (M23), there existed a Canal deed that had waaay more potential than anyone who came before could EVER keep up with. Indeed, there was only so much one 8-yr veteran (Mlle. Atheline) could do when stumbling upon this wreck almost 2 years ago, and she be even more restricted now, based upon an extreme finance hold & a divided marketplace. Still, we all only ever do what we can.... PSA: The mayor of Kami is needing to hire a good (part-time) construction worker: Anyone who can cut mortar, bricks and do clay/grass/wood beams at a decent rate are very welcome (ql does not matter here, since I can use low QL mats to build higher QL structures based upon my 82 masonry and 86 carp skill). Digging clay and gathering mixed grass for timber-frame walls will also be required. If I can get someone to gather, I can cut the final mats and it does not matter their quality. Still, be aware that this is Historic Kami Canal project @M23, and should be treated with the same reverence. In the end, I will almost certainly need help with construction. And if so, You need high enough Masonry and Carpentry to deal with buildings that are 3-5 stories tall, on average. In exchange I can offer any one of these things: perfect animal breeding of any trait/color combination. Blacksmith imp up to 75. Aggressive fighter that can kill any single target equal or below 80 FS. Complex meal/pizza prep up to 48 ql. more etc, just ask! Thanks so much for your attention to detail; I look forward to speaking with fresh-faced, new building contractors, very soon!!
  3. Hello there to everyone! I am soooo sorry to get back this late for you guys, but the last 6 weeks has been.. well, pretty damned difficult personally, for myself and my family. Also, I didn't realize that there was suddenly such a demand for new horses. I have restarted major breeding procedures this past week. Feel free to send me a PM in-game to check what is available, and to make any specific requests. Thanks and have a blessed Holidays!!
  4. Much woot to ya, Shrimps; I love impalongs I will bring Atheline who does BS, carp, FC, and masonry. I am also happy to help as staff if you need any more. Also, I might be able to donate a prize or two, will PM you about that. Looking forward to seeing everyone again!
  5. Removing and re-purposing the merchant NPC due to inactivity at self-service pens. Still selling and delivering horses, just send me a message. Thanks!
  6. Great job! This is quite a handy thing to have bookmarked, thanks.
  7. I am looking to buy a rare huge axe, and if you should happen to have one that is made of adamantine, that would be highly preferred. Otherwise, I would also consider iron/steel. Please send me a message with specs. and price. Thanks!
  8. seryll is now sold out, but I will update as I get more.
  9. greetings and salutations, my friend! Could you please COD me the potion of the ropemaker? Many thanks -.-
  10. Bump! Keep in mind: I deliver horses almost anywhere, for free. Most merchants will not deliver horses...
  11. Shoulder pads are 20c each. Glimmer lumps, 1.5s ea. Spear bracelet 75c.