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  1. selling one large crate full of support beams for 12s, crate and coastal delivery included.
  2. +1 for something on the ceiling. The underside of floors are so ugly, just ruins the look of any building with more than one story.
  3. Sermons have re-convened for the day, so bring your priests and listeners to M23 Cele. All Treasure Hunt prizes still remain unclaimed...
  4. Greetings o/ We still have a few slots open for preachers at the sermon party, so come on down to M23 Cele and join us for some faith, food and fun!
  5. thanks folks, will give this lil guy a nice new home.
  6. Hello, if anyone has a crab statue for sale: mainly I need to know how much you would sell this item for. At this time, I fear it may be too expensive for me to buy (though idk that for sure until I get a price check), but I'd still like to keep tabs on anyone selling it/ potentially work out a trade. Thanks!
  7. Take my word for it, You will never find a better dye-maker than Auntie Sid. Not that her skill is so much better than others in the past, such as Archaed, for example. What makes her stand apart: friendly and knowledgeable, PERSONALIZED customer service. Here is my story: I've had the hardest time in the past few weeks, deciding what colors the decorative items such as statues in my new Church ought to be. Sidereal took the time to brainstorm with me, and even showed me dozens of screenshots that were examples of various colors applied directly to the statues in question. Because she did this, I was able to pick the optimal colors for my statues the first time, so I didn't waste money on ordering the wrong colors. All other merchants for goods and services, take notes from Auntie Sid. I hope she stays in business forever!
  8. Hello and good day o/ I am looking for some Mol Rehan decorations to make my deed look a little spiffier. Specifically, I need : one MR banner and one MR flag. I can trade for the following items: 2x JK tall banner, 2x HOTS banner, 1x HOTS flag. Or, if the price is right I can do coins instead. Also, I am happy to travel to your location for the swap. If interested, please feel free to message me here or in-game at Atheline. Thanks!
  9. Selling Rod of Transmutation for 30s, this includes free delivery anywhere on SFI. Feel free to message me here, or in-game to Atheline. Thanks!
  10. Congrats to the winner, Willslaphansien! I'll message you shortly to arrange delivery, thanks.
  11. Kintsugi

    I wanna know how you always get such sexy shots of these lil doods...
  12. Auctioning a completed, rare forge made from stone. The winner of this auction receives free coastal delivery anywhere on SFI. Starting bid: 2s Increment: 1s Buyout: none Sniper Protection: 30 mins.
  13. Hello and good day to all o/ I am seeking the services of the best deed planners in all of Wurm. We are talking about deed planning on the only above-ground canal on the Eastern side of Celebration, which gives many residents and guests access to the central-sea as they come in from the East, and exit to the West (M23). I've been wanting to apply for Heritage status on the canal itself for many years. Already the land of the canal itself fits the bill very well; But I feel like the deed which surrounds it is.. inefficient at best. And I refuse to make a Heritage on the canal, if the deed which surrounds it is lacking.. in case anyone wonders why Kami is not already Heritage. I need someone who can not only help to plan this land in the best and most efficient way, but someone who can help with carrying-out the construction quickly, because we are WAY far behind on applying for heritage status, time-wise.... and very importantly, I need someone who is not afraid to tear down something that already exists, if it be not appropriate for the optimal flow of the deed. Please respond here or in-game to Atheline. Looking forward to the professional imput, tyvm~