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  1. Hokay! I finally got mah toons figured out for the event. May I please reserve a room, either one with a double bed, or a single is fine too; As long as you allow both my toons to go into the same room and sleep in the bed; I don't expect to need SB at the same time for both. I am bringing Atheline of course, and my alt is Fo priest named Tosca. Unfortunately, her channeling is not good enough to do any real 'chanting, but she can preach at sermons, and help heal the poor, unfortunate souls that come away from the arena/lawn darts Tyvm!
  2. The State of PvE Magic (Fo)

    I'm sorry but I must disagree here. Fo has always been indispensable, and the changes haven't really disabled the Fo, IMO. If anything, it becomes easier to level a Fo now that we have Cleanse, which is an excellent spell for the channeling grind.
  3. hope to see you there.
  4. As the title says. I prefer corn, but garlic would also be fine. Approx. 2k chopped veggies needed; quality must be at least 80. Willing to pick-up at any coastal location. Crate or FSB swap, g2g. Please send a tell to Atheline in-game first, otherwise send a message here on the forums, thanks! P.S. ~ This is urgent, and I am willing to give a tip to anyone who can accommodate this request quickly.
  5. The New Tap Dance Market

    Congrats to Port Benden Alliance on a big job well done! And for reference, we have some before-shots:
  6. What's your favourite Wurm skill?

    Animal Husbandry is the most relevant to my primary distraction in this game; I'm pretty sure by this point I have solidified my spot in the crazy horse lady category. Fighting is enjoyable enough, and my FS, weapon skills have progressed at a nice clip. And I never knew that I had a penchant for construction, but some of my highest skills are carp and masonry. My digging is still highest of all, for now, although just barely (and without ever having need to grind it). Common activities such as terraforming and gathering clay for mortar seem to push this skill higher for many folks.
  7. Rift loot, shoulder pads, lumps& bloods

  8. Sermons at Xanadu

    Upon learning this, I will not send the Mag. xD There is really no good reason to grind channeling on a Mag; at least not compared to a vyn or a fo. So let me see if I can secure prem for either of those again, then will send em out.
  9. Sermons at Xanadu

    I might send my mag priest named Jnx soon. Need 80 faith to try this disintegrate thing...
  10. The Cute New-Born Foals Thread

    Yeah, I have no idea what you might be referring to... (these are all girls, btw) I call 5 speed grays "blanks," because of their tendency to differ the foal color to the other parent. Discovered this year-before-last, while trying to propagate jets. Ever since then, my herd has never been without em. And if you still need grey 5-speeds let me know, I think I have a few extras hanging around...
  11. WTS seryll lump (closed)

    81.99 ql, 1.51kg. Asking 5s.
  12. The Cute New-Born Foals Thread

    It's all in the family now Beautiful buckskin boy from jet mare and the wild black-silver sire.
  13. The Cute New-Born Foals Thread

    Hallelujah, the Gods have finally shown me mercy! Just found this black-silver, wild aged male. Sooo in love; now to gingerly bring him back home...
  14. WTB New Color Horses (closed)

  15. Tap Dance Market Remodel

    "If you can re-design Tap Dance, you can re-design TDM"