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  1. id like to custom make a kingdom is that possible?
  2. Just started a server with my brother and many friends on Wurm Unlimited called Wurm Unleashed: Alaron come join! no prem payments and silver is 0.60 USD per silver. We also offer a transfer service where we will transfer your character skills from Wurm Online to your new toon on our server for a fee. Custom Map as well Looking forward to seeing you around

  3. Sounds good thank you ive pm'd you in game ;D
  4. Agronom bought 600 birch logs and 2 crates for 2s 16c 300 sprouts sold to unknown for 3s
  5. shadow vale not there anymore and the chiefdom of menway is on the lake south of the one you put on there 1260 2660 i believe
  6. 1230, 2680 Shadow Vale 1260, 2560 The Chiefdom of Menway
  7. still looking? message me here in forums or in game same name for more info! hope to hear from you soon:)
  8. 1255, 2736 The Bloody Shadow Market i also have a forums merchant that will be back up in running about a month give or take from now "Wacky Woodys Workshop which will change to The Bloody Shadow Market. I have a Trader on deed and 2 merchants that will be filled over the next month and 2 Guard towers spaced 50 tiles apart on deed. Soon to come wagoneer and highway connecting to the main routes. I will continue to grow. currently have a 2600 square deed covering more than what appears to be developed on the map at that location. Thank you for your time! Great work on the map!
  9. Bump! we NEED to be able to use Slate, Marble and Sandstone for the same things Stone Brick is used for
  10. Perfect thank you! this is what im talking about, and it helps with coordinating better as well! is there anything we need to bring to best contribute? besides our swords? Might also want to bring a tent just in case
  11. we definately need more of this and id love to see more underworld type stuff as well such as skull and skeleton themed items...Skull lamp post, pikes with severed heads etc
  12. Hello all I would love (and i am sure many other would love) to be a part of any and all possible slaying of unique creatures! These slaying events have always been my favorite part of the game where everyone gathers together hacking and slashing away at these ungodly fiends and would like to be considered for any future public slaying events please. The point of this forum post is to start a specific tab where public slaying events can be posted so everyone that can handle it or want to join the crowd can easily find the location and times of events. Thank you in advance and good luck all!