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  1. Id love about 2k sugar beats whenever you happen to save up that many! no rush just whenever you have them in stock shoot me a pm i know youre not taking orders right now so no worries just throwing this out there
  2. Rare grindstone 80ql for 2s please Cod to Smwoodburn
  3. I’m looking for 70+ Ql logs around 3 or 4 crates worth, 4 durable cloth barding at least 50ql prefer more but will settle at cheaper price, SUGAR BEATS around 2k please, and black and white dye enough for the 4 Bardings 1 section of white dye on each 1 section of black dye on each and if there is a 3rd durable spot then enough crimson/blood red dye for each. also willing to trade some things for it if preferred have some glimmer lumps, Adam lumps, rare plank, completed almanax, bulk resources, sailboat, 10 barrels of 70ql honey sprouts and flowers and we’ll many other things just let me know:)
  4. so far with jobs and working the market and playing my cards right with things ive earned enough to last me a long time! thank you everyone and i will be taking more jobs eventually but will be finishing up what i have and then working on deed and stock for awhile after that. will definately be doing more jobs in the future though! ill take you up on that at some point @Nordlysfor sure! and if i come across any more ill be sure to let you know @Jimbeani have a couple rare dirts maybe a shard or 2 ill have to look
  5. hulkmcckrackin's mass terraforming/mining job as well(10% done), Gerboa's order of 100+ crates 4x4 building and crate racks, Lagston 2nd dig job This is for my keeping track of and letting others know what i am doing at the moment! brattygirl ordered mortar (ongoing) Macoofer's 100k+ slate and marble shards (ongoing as found) Surface mining 100x100 tiles 160+ slope (in spare time) Lagston ongoing dig jobs
  6. @sleepysYour 10k shafts are done mate enjoy!
  7. if anyone needs a tent let me know
  8. Just read through all of this entire thread again haha. Wow stealing already? That’s unnecessary people if you need something that bad mail me and we’ll see if we can get you fixed up with something! Also, update my vynora priest Wraithshadow is again prem’ed for another year! Add to my section of the list please:) and thank you! Also, I’d like to get with kharnov Alk and Zelda about a section of my deed I will be portioning off and setting up for a big project I’d like to start after I finish this set of jobs I’m currently quad up with. I will be harvesting in bulk specific resources and donating large portions of my own personal reserves for this as well.
  9. Im looking for someone interested in SELLING a Crow Wagon please Pm me
  10. what's u game character name is it smwoodburn or something else ?

    1. Smwoodburn


      it is smwoodburn, i have joined up with the Lunar Order Alliance about 2 months ago almost

  11. We have a large alliance at J11 in Xanadu ..msg me lunadew to join up if u want 

  12. ive just had issues joining other WU servers and them being fully developed and not really any untouched land... also curious about deed setup and upkeep?
  13. might join up vet wurm player here of almost 9 years