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  1. Wacky Woody's Workshop

    Bump Re-Open soon! Taking first 3 orders in order!
  2. Valrei International. 052 - BREAKING NEWS EDITION

    Congrats!!! AND LOVEEEEE the new textures and such!!! super excited!
  3. CLOSE

    ill take 10 gold sheets 6c each please mail to Smwoodburn in game Thank you
  4. For sale items and bulk mats

    i am also a witness to cecci's input i was there for said instance and the new owner is very....unpleasant.
  5. Xanadu Community Map

    wacky woodys workshop is no longer around i have moved
  6. Xanadu Community Map

    1815, -2530 thank you!!!! Wacky Woodys Workshop
  7. Skeletal statues!

    haha thanks Mykoal i would personally really love to see many of the ideas and thoughts presented in this discussion brought forth into our game. Many great points as well.
  8. Xanadu Community Map

    No just 1 in the middle haha sorry about that mix up on my part... right there in the middle will do thank you very much!
  9. Flower Seeds

    -1 i can see the point of seeds being a faster much more reliable way to get specific flowers but as a merchant that takes away from the value and as a harvester its nice to have to go searching for these things like a scavenger hunt and go places and see things instead of staying on deed all the time. It also fewls more accomplishing when you do FINALLY come across rare/hard to find flowers and other such items than it would if you had 1 and just kept replanting and "flower farming" then they would lose their value.
  10. wtb bulk goods

    Haha sounds great??
  11. More marble and slate craftables!!!

    Same here theres so much you can do with it as many as you can with stone brick and slate just sounds awesome or something like obsidian a jet black color
  12. wtb bulk goods

    Setting up new deed so not currently able to but for future reference here is my shop:
  13. WTS Supreme Forge, Supreme Oven, Supreme Altar

    if i can trade some stuff of equal value id like that altar
  14. Xanadu Community Map

    new deeds to be added please. ***Wacky Woodys Workshop from west [1780, -2530] to east [1850, -2530] north [1810, -2510] to south [1810, -2550] decent sized area area but that's where my new token is. Also, name of merchant add Sandy Dunes at [1840, -2575] Shadow Hill at [1775, -2575] [1750, -2860] is a new deed i do not remember the name though *****Sold Shadow Peak Ridge at [1250, -2750] has new owner not sure if new deed name.
  15. Green Dragon Hatchling Slaying

    Because hes the deval and a rebel! *plays badass demonic solo...* ??