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  1. i remember this and was honestly wondering the same thing haha
  2. @KeenanWhat do you think about this? something you guys could possibly do?
  3. I was honestly thinking the exact same thing. more than 95% of the wurm population live on pve servers. matter of fact its more close to 98%, and dominated by 1 single pmk which is massive. most people wont even attempt to cross that server line let alone do it and risk losing everything to go on an adventure so now most people stay home work on theyre deed craft and sell stuff thats what wurm has become today. The awe and pull is tremendously lacking in that area and That my friends needs to change if Wurm is wanting to survive!
  4. didnt get the notification for this sorry, i live in xanadu i 11 Lions Gate im also on community map easy enough to find and coastal deed as well
  5. Both MR banners 1s each, snow lanturn 1s, rare champagne 50c to Smwoodburn please!
  6. Quake

    Thanks mate! that was fun!
  7. Thanks Ekib i agree with your post completely:) and Craft i like the idea too
  8. id like the exquisite med run 98coc and if you can imp it higher that would be great! does woa work on speeding it up any? mail me to discuss details of rug. Also 100 concrete please via wagoner Smwoodburn in game name
  9. Oh no thats fine! i was just confused! thank you for the carver!