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  1. Id like that 2nd rare carving knife, c90 w101
  2. oooooh and could do the iron grates along the lower level across it to the center where the second starts
  3. Yessss! perfect! and on the inside could have it look like kindling on the 1st level and stacked logs on the 2nd level
  4. could also even invert the pedestal and have it as a gazebo type and implement a drying station or hanging from beams above the pits be able to walk into it maybe and sit along the walls just throwing out ideas
  5. could also as the 1x1 have it like those multi-circlular firepit grill types where people can cook their own steaks and food items via grilling! it could also add that as a new skill
  6. yeah would be cool to have that one as the 1x1 and then have a 3x3/2x2 one with a second inner circle a bit higher of a pedestal and say have it like a charcoal pile size/bonfire size logs on top of the pedestal taking 1x1 tile in the middle and 3x3 or 2x2
  7. shoot i could see people having toons actually use beds to bottle up Sleep Bonus and sell the bottles a whole new trade hehe
  8. if the immortal horse is male ill take it for 3s 4-speed right?
  9. let me get 10kg Cyan and purple Also, the Rare casted trowel and saw please Cod to Smwoodburn