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  1. i do still have it and will cod it to you immediately! if you dont want it just return it
  2. Long overdue update:

    Started a new IRL job, working most of the waking day monday through friday so not much time for gaming and family focusing on family but will still play every so often

  3. 4s works for me ill send it
  4. that works for me any day around this time works just let me know when
  5. 2s for the checker board work?
  6. looking to get at least 2s more for helm and a bit more for champagne
  7. 1 box of chocolates sold, fireworks sold, 1 champagne sold, skull mask sold, rare tackle box and rare grindstone sold, mask of the shadow sold, checker boards sold, source crystals claimed, demon helm sold
  8. Taking best offers those are not prices they are weights stores in chests just FYI 7500 Zinc ore ql ranging from 15ql to 52ql and 7 zinc lump to finish off the crate
  9. Thank you Kharn yall are good people too!
  10. Hey everyone, I'm just going to keep this short and sweet. If you are looking for a village to join or tired of paying upkeep for your own full deed come on over here to Lions Gate. Lions Gate is a coastal deed located on i11 Xanadu in game map and is also visible on community map. You will be given a plot of land to do whatever you would like to do and have access to the mine within the deed. Also, I have my own Shop/merchant add in which I take on jobs and fill orders and if you would like to take on an order or include your own personal trade in there to expand our horizons we can arrange that to happen. All i ask is that your keep it clean, no stealing, and have fun! Should you decide you would like to contribute to the deed to keep it thriving there are many ways you can do that! You can donate cold hard coin, materials or items for the deed or for business stock, or help other villagers out with tasks. Anyways, looking forward to seeing more people in local!
  11. Ncr has taken the Fo building slot still looking for Libila builder