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Found 4 results

  1. I have just been watching Dracaa's stream, and watched her lead 4 horses up to the wagon and then have to go through the process of hitching each one in turn using the menu. It is apparently possible to set a key-bind for 'hitch', but that still means at least 1 key would need to be pressed 4 times. I am just thinking it might be easier and faster if there were a 'Hitch All' option. This would mean that if you are leading several animals using a halter rope, or separate ropes, clicking 'Hitch All' (or using a key-bind for 'Hitch All') would fill all remaining empty animal positions on the wagon with any animals being led. Examples: Before 'Hitch All' After 'Hitch All' Leading 4 0 Empty Wagon Positions 4 0 Animals on Wagon 0 4 Before 'Hitch All' After 'Hitch All' Leading 4 2 Empty Wagon Positions 2 0 Animals on Wagon 2 4 Before 'Hitch All' After 'Hitch All' Leading 2 0 Empty Wagon Positions 3 1 Animals on Wagon 1 3 Before 'Hitch All' After 'Hitch All' Leading 4 2 Empty Cart Positions 2 0 Animals on Cart 0 2 I'm not the first to think of this as the following posts show!
  2. I thought to ask to be able to hitch an animal to a tree with a rope, and that may be great, but would have an effect on how trees are used in the game. So how about a hitching post - it would be a post or rail that you could tie your animals to? Why this matters to me is that I have a new deed, I'm collecting animals from the area but I am not ready to fence them in - the land isn't ready. IRL, I'd just tie em up to something solid. In wurm, I have to deforest an area, and create a paddock.
  3. I love the visual look of the bardings! But feel both the visual and possibly added benefits of having a harness for the animal-drawn vehicles would be an fine addition. Maybe it could add a slight speed bonus when pulling carts etc. I do not think it should be required to be able hitch animals to carts, as leather can be hard go get when you fairly new to the game. But would mean more uses for the leather working skill. Perhaps a new features could be to: Pull trees etc through the woods without the use of a wagon at all Plow fields Cut grass Harvest some types of fields Help tear some types of fence down More ideas anyone? I also posted this on uservoice, not sure if that's used much anymore? I apologize if I missed out on others posting this idea, but I did a fair share of searching before posting. -Bene
  4. I think it would be cool to have a new item added called a sled. The sled could be hitched with up to 2 dogs, maybe 4. It could be a container and it's capacity is similar to what can be stored in a large chest. It could be faster than a large cart pulled by 2 horses ONLY if it is winter. If it is not winter then it is slower than a large cart hitched with 2 horses. Thoughts??