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  1. Buying treasure maps for harmony & cadence for 3c/ql. COD Libelle please
  2. Totally support pms, infact I have suggested that and similar ideas multiple times. The idea needs some finetuning to balance it but it's something that's totally needed
  3. 20 Treasure Maps on Melody (692 Total QL - Starting Bid is about 5c per QL) Starting bid: 35s Increment (minimum): 1s Reserve: No Buyout: No Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: Not Accepted
  4. What if ?

    hail Libila!!!!!! but yeah, it would be nice.
  5. Iohn is the kind of guy you love having around, I would have totally moved in if not so attached to my mountain top
  6. Been here for almost 5 years, this would be the most exciting update
  7. true, archery needs some use, barely see anyone use it in pve
  8. Now that niarja is gone, we need a place to check the rift timings, unique slaying and with exploration update, disbanded deeds. We can add much more useful features, open for suggestion. I can handle the front-end if someone can help out with the backend.
  9. that sounds fun and some more could be added with some finetuning. Shovel of Libila? libila doesn't like digging, lib priest can't dig so it's kinda against lore.
  10. I get it development is hard and assuming a game built in before 2010 would not be competing with new games in terms of graphics and performance. Game development is hard, myself did some projects, but glitches that was there when the server started 3 years back still being there is a joke.
  11. sailable pvp or something, pvp is in desperate need of update to motivate players to play on the server, pmk perhaps along with another server. without players even if you want to play there it makes no sense
  12. that is THE cast to grind at 40-80, if you remove that, what do lib priest grind with?