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  1. Agreed, I was thinking the same thing. lol
  2. Renaming Bridges

    If you deed over an area that contains a bridge, you should become owner of that bridge and be allowed to rename it. Its kind of silly to have to destroy and rebuild a bridge, just because you don't like its name.
  3. Something similar happened to me. There are lava tiles inside of my mine. I built a building in front of it, and lined up crate racks on that wall and filled them. Horses hitched to a wagon, I moved close enough to reach the crates. The horses moved through the wall and into the lava tile. One horse insta-died. No corpse. Thanks To Sandyar, he had me check outside up the mountainside. Sure enough, there was the horse corpse. (didn't show as a lava tile outside, was just rock) Otherwise the lava tile in the mine is harmless. I tried pushing old carts into it and hope they'd burn but nothing.
  4. Patch Notes 08/MAR/18

    Destroying items on deed seem to be taking 10x longer. Just took me forever to destroy an oven I made on deed.
  5. Loadable ice box for snowballs

    Bump. Large Crate size Ice box with same properties as icebox in larder, that holds 300 snowballs, so you can travel around and pick up snowballs and keep them safe until you can get back home.
  6. Wood Type Feedback Thread

    Apple is different than what it was, I need to remake my boats..
  7. yup this is fixed for me now, thank you!!!
  8. Stuff when I first enter the mine is there, but when I move further into it, everything is gone. Lamps, fountains, statues, everything. Edit - I walked quite a ways into the mine and stuff was gone. I turned around and walked back towards the entrance, (without relogging) and the items were back.
  9. This happened to me too. I was buying dirt in bulk from someone on a different server. Crates were full when I left, but when I arrived on my home server, they were all missing dirt - crates had between 225 and 240 in them instead of 300. I never said anything to the guy I bought it from cuz I couldn't prove what happened. Now I see here its happened to others too. Glad they fixed it though.
  10. Wood Type Feedback Thread

    AAny chance of fixing Trash heaps and crates to show woodgrains? Both have same (ukky) graphics as before.
  11. Trader Resets All Servers 2018

    Not sure when they reset, but Pristine traders are zero'd out. [19:39:34] Economic breakdown this period: Earned=0, spent=0 Ratio=0.0 Sometime between the 7th and today.
  12. [Fixed] The roof is in the way.

    bump, this is still an issue.
  13. WTB White Drake Hide cap

    Have a set without cap.. so you if you have one you don't use would like to take it off your hands. Yea I know there's no armor value.