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  1. Nice horse market, well laid out, good prices, friendly service! Thanks Rowina!
  2. Looks Amazing! I have the week off, so make take a trip over to visit!
  3. Confirmed, water is fixed. Thank you!!
  4. Halloween event is over, and yesterday, water is still red to me. My friend said her's was back to normal. Today, I log in and its stlll red. I asked in CA Help, Moderator said his was normal. One other person stlll saw red too. I logged out, clicked the Cog wheel next to the update bar, clicked VERIFY and it redownloaded everything, logged back in and water was still red. I do have the setting changed to not view the holiday graphics (cuz the skeleton horses are just creepy). Did that maybe break my water? Update: I logged out, changed "Enable Special Event Visuals to Checked, logged back in and water is still red Update 2: I deleted my graphics.jar file in the \wurm\packs\ directory, let it redownload, and I still have red water.
  5. so this kinda worked out the way I wanted it to..inbred and it ended up with just speed traits. AH Skill: 65.21 Foal: Gallopyoana (gold Female) Trait Points: 30 Speed 20 - It has lightning movement. Speed 10 - It seems accustomed to water. Misc 0 - It has been bred in captivity. Her mother is the aged fat Copperdalia (ebony black) - old school 5sp. Father Rockhappy, Mother Honeysilver Her father is the venerable fat Rockhappy. (black) - old school 5sp father Honeyoblivion, Mother Calloak
  6. AH skill 65.21 First donkey: Name - Bill 1 negative trait - It has malformed hindlegs. Parents: 2 wild donkeys, with no traits
  7. I'm really torn and thought I'd offer this up for discussion.. Do you think it would be better to: 1. Breed our current 5sps hoping to get speed and draft traits to separate by luck? 2. Inbreed our current 5 sps hoping for bad traits so either speed or draft traits will fall off, then go from there? 3. Start over with wild horses with no traits and start from scratch? 4. Breed current 5 sp with wild no trait horses?
  8. Horse traits.. do we still have the old traits too? or just these 24 new traits?
  9. I would like to see Genesis changed to be able to remove ANY trait, not just those deemed as 'bad'. If you are trying to breed speed traits and your horse has a draft trait, while not necessarily "bad', its not desired. It would be great if you could remove it so it isn't passed on.
  10. Racks would be a lot more useful if we could store related items in them. For instance: Fishing Rod Rack - let us store Fishing Nets and maybe even lurker in the deep pendulums. Saddle Racks - let us store Saddle bags (or Saddles with saddle bags on them at least)
  11. Hmm maybe keybind FISH action, then activate each net one at a time and click the keybind key inbetween? Best I can come up with anyway...
  12. I know this is an old post, but I'm finally playing around with fishing.. I can't figure out how you are using 7 nets? You can't queue all 7 at once? or at least I haven't been able to figure out how. I just have a FSB next to me and keep unloading my one net inbetween. Any advice would be appreciated!
  13. I have to agree. What an absolute delight to visit her market. Most markets are usually a collaboration effort among different people, and ALL merchants end up being a random collection of EVERYTHING. But not Greenwood Market. It is very orderly. Merchants are named based on what they contain. Its very easy to find what you are looking for without having to look at every merchant. Its all presented as a cute little village , with items that merchant has on attractive display. Very awesome job. If you are every looking for something to do on a Sunday, I suggest a trip to Kasumi's market!
  14. My bad, guess i don't know the difference. I just went to Wiki and searched on Bread, found that page.