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  1. When farming, then information that matters the most is the crop status, can you make that more prominent than Disembark and Harvest?
  2. I actually like the font better. Its easier for my old, tired eyes to see.
  3. ah thanks, I went into Keybinding.txt file and deleted CHANGE_VIEW, ZOOM_IN and ZOOM_OUT. All better ..
  4. Please give us a setting to disable 3rd person view. I used to be able to bind pushing the mouse wheel to the right, but now it invokes third person view (as opposed to left mouse clicking and then scrolling mouse wheel.) Its extremely annoying and I'd just like a way to shut 3rd person off entirely, similar to disabling head bob. thanks
  5. interested in the rare rope tool and spindle, sent msg in-game to Zoranah also
  6. I love this, I use it all the time. I wish there was a way to edit the ingredients it uses.. Any chance of removing forage only ingredients (nettles and nutmeg) or a check box to omit them like nuts? thanks!
  7. With this priest change... what happens to all the work we've done towards Journal entry Benediction? For example, "Cast enough spells to use 100K favor with your diety". If we're Nahjo or Paaweelr, and we're 70% through this journal goal and we're forced to change our diety, will our progression towards the goal also transfer? or are we forced to start over? This goes for any of them..sermon, or praying, etc. Also, if we've already completed Benediction, will the +5 Power to Spell casts Transfer to our new Diety?
  8. This is it for me.
  9. We have 14 people in the prayer group, all are premium. We're waiting for alignment so that's not the issue. For my other priest who is < 100 faith, prayer counter resets. This priest is at 100 faith already, she's only sermoning to fulfill the journal requirement.
  10. I think I may have figured it out. I've been burning sleep bonus for praying and have been doing sermons when the timer is up. I don't think that the journal is counting sermons that are given when sleep bonus is on. I'll do more testing to verify this but I think that's what happening.
  11. My Paaweelr priest is currently at a friend's deed participating in Sermons. Her sermon counter in Journal goal 'Benediction' hasn't moved despite having given 6 sermons since yesterday morning. Is there some other stipulation that would cause the sermons to not count? The deity of the area we're in is Vynora.. would that cause the sermons to not count? thanks
  12. Eliminate upkeep, then there's no need for silver. Everyone pays for premium, end of story.
  13. I started Wurm 9 1/2 yrs ago and have 3 toons that have premium most of that time. I work full time so aren't as dedicated to Wurm as others, but I have finally gotten skills into the 90s. I can't see starting over. I know you say the old servers aren't going away, but I also don't want to be playing in total solitude because those who were playing moved to steam. This may be the nudge I need to finally break my addiction and get my head back into the real world. Sad..
  14. free bump Kind of long but so worth it.