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  1. Eliminate upkeep, then there's no need for silver. Everyone pays for premium, end of story.
  2. I started Wurm 9 1/2 yrs ago and have 3 toons that have premium most of that time. I work full time so aren't as dedicated to Wurm as others, but I have finally gotten skills into the 90s. I can't see starting over. I know you say the old servers aren't going away, but I also don't want to be playing in total solitude because those who were playing moved to steam. This may be the nudge I need to finally break my addiction and get my head back into the real world. Sad..
  3. Are the gems still available?
  4. free bump Kind of long but so worth it.
  5. Please delete this one, thanks
  6. Faith Bug?

    My priest is at 100 faith. The other day, I noticed she had dropped to 99.6%, so I dug through logs to find out what happened. [2019-03-22] [20:23:21] Faith decreased by 0.1000 to 99.9000 [2019-03-22] [20:34:28] Faith decreased by 0.1000 to 99.8000 [2019-03-22] [20:34:28] Faith decreased by 0.1000 to 99.7000 [2019-03-22] [20:34:28] Faith decreased by 0.1000 to 99.6000 [2019-03-22] [20:23:17] After you finish digging you will start mining. [2019-03-22] [20:34:02] After you finish digging you will start mining. [2019-03-22] [20:34:02] After you finish mining you will start mining again. [2019-03-22] [20:34:02] After you finish mining you will start mining again. It appears while digging, that I accidently hit my mining hotkey. She had faithful on, but it still deducted faith. Is this working as expected? She actually didn't mine anything, she didn't even have a pick in her hand so I thought I'd ask here. I'm not worried about the lost faith - I'm running sermons to get it back, just looking to get it fixed if it is indeed a bug. thanks
  7. LOL ok I guess I can say this since it was a real thing. Organ Licking. lol was a sub under Lead Licking.
  8. Hello.. I have 12.33 QL | 93 coc hatchet in my mailbox. Is the 4 QL not available? or did you send the wrong one? I'm gonna return this. I'm using 15 QL so there isn't much difference. thanks
  9. You can fit 100 oranges in a satchel, but you can only fit 18 blueberries or raspberries in a satchel. Can we get Blueberries and raspberries bumped to 100 too? thanks!
  10. I created a new building (1x1 if that matters.) One of the walls was an arched wall, and I wanted to put a gate on it. With hammer, I didn't have FENCE option. In Crafting tool, I could select IRON GATE but when I clicked CREATE, I got "[16:38:52] After you finish planning fence gate you will start planning fence gate again." but no fence would start. I talked to CA help, they suggest I put in a petition. While I was waiting, I tried to build a ladder for second floor, and I got the following error: "[16:47:51] You need permission in order to make modifications to this structure." Its my building.. I had already added permissions for my alts, so I went back into permissions and added myself, and then I was able to build a ladder and I had the FENCE option. I've never needed to give myself permission before when it was my building.
  11. I need a forest giant.. have never been to epic though.
  12. There's something weird going on with chopped veggies and crates. I had some chopped veggies in crates, and I moved them from one crate to another. They became unchopped, and are now in stacks of 1. I can't remove them from the crate in a group, I only get one at a time. So I went to re-create this.. I took 5 chopped veggies out of my FSB and dropped them into a crate, and they did the same thing - became unchopped and are now in stacks of 1 and I can only remove them 1 at a time. So I took them out one at a time, and it let me re-chop them. Oh yea, the quality increased when I chopped them and when they became unchopped, they retained the higher quality. More Info: If I go from FSB directly to crate, its works exactly as expected. I get chopped veggie in the crate. If I go from crate to inventory, its working as expected. I get chopped veggie in inventory. If I go from FSB to inventory and then from inventory to crate, its not fine. I get single stacks of unchopped veggie If I go from one crate to another crate, its not fine. I get single stacks of unchopped veggie. Hope this helps.
  13. Chickens bugged

    Tonite I took the hens out of the coop, and the roosters and baby chick began moving again. Edit.. well, kind of. One rooster took like 4 steps and stopped and hasn't moved since. The other rooster and chick haven't moved, but the two hens are moving.
  14. Not sure if this is what OP was doing, but you need to use support reinforcements on floors, can't strongwall a floor (or the tile fills in.)