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  1. Wogic and Fruit

    You can fit 100 oranges in a satchel, but you can only fit 18 blueberries or raspberries in a satchel. Can we get Blueberries and raspberries bumped to 100 too? thanks!
  2. Building Permissions Bug

    I created a new building (1x1 if that matters.) One of the walls was an arched wall, and I wanted to put a gate on it. With hammer, I didn't have FENCE option. In Crafting tool, I could select IRON GATE but when I clicked CREATE, I got "[16:38:52] After you finish planning fence gate you will start planning fence gate again." but no fence would start. I talked to CA help, they suggest I put in a petition. While I was waiting, I tried to build a ladder for second floor, and I got the following error: "[16:47:51] You need permission in order to make modifications to this structure." Its my building.. I had already added permissions for my alts, so I went back into permissions and added myself, and then I was able to build a ladder and I had the FENCE option. I've never needed to give myself permission before when it was my building.
  3. Slaying uniques personal goal, offer to help

    I need a forest giant.. have never been to epic though.
  4. There's something weird going on with chopped veggies and crates. I had some chopped veggies in crates, and I moved them from one crate to another. They became unchopped, and are now in stacks of 1. I can't remove them from the crate in a group, I only get one at a time. So I went to re-create this.. I took 5 chopped veggies out of my FSB and dropped them into a crate, and they did the same thing - became unchopped and are now in stacks of 1 and I can only remove them 1 at a time. So I took them out one at a time, and it let me re-chop them. Oh yea, the quality increased when I chopped them and when they became unchopped, they retained the higher quality. More Info: If I go from FSB directly to crate, its works exactly as expected. I get chopped veggie in the crate. If I go from crate to inventory, its working as expected. I get chopped veggie in inventory. If I go from FSB to inventory and then from inventory to crate, its not fine. I get single stacks of unchopped veggie If I go from one crate to another crate, its not fine. I get single stacks of unchopped veggie. Hope this helps.
  5. Chickens bugged

    Tonite I took the hens out of the coop, and the roosters and baby chick began moving again. Edit.. well, kind of. One rooster took like 4 steps and stopped and hasn't moved since. The other rooster and chick haven't moved, but the two hens are moving.
  6. Not sure if this is what OP was doing, but you need to use support reinforcements on floors, can't strongwall a floor (or the tile fills in.)
  7. Chickens bugged

    I built a chicken coop and moved my hens into it. They are eating, drinking, laying eggs no issues. I also have 2 roosters and a baby chick, then I led into the new fenced area near the coop and dropped grain on the ground for them. But a day later, they are still right exactly where they were when I unleashed them. They haven't moved at all. I would expect that they are running around like busy little beavers like before.. perhaps they are sad that the hens are isolated? Or maybe they think because the hens can't run around, that they shouldn't either? Anyway, thought it was worth mentioning.
  8. Do you like the new fishing system?

    Is it left click? double click? right click?
  9. Do you like the new fishing system?

    I wanted to weigh in on Fishing.. I've been working on this for the better part of 3 days as I need fish for affinity cooking. My fishing skill is about 45ish. I made the new pole, reels, rounded up bait, floats, etc. I made "light" pole as I was interested in the small fish for cooking - perch and roach. I live on the coast, and after hours of trying, wasn't able to catch anything. CA helps said that because I'm coastal, light pole won't work. So I then made net and tried that, and wasn't able to catch anything (again probably because I'm coastal.) On my deed, I have a place near my farm field for growing rice. I tried the net in my rice bed, and I was finally able to catch the small fish that I needed for cooking. (in reality tho, would there really be fish in a rice bed?) My deed is Silversage, its on the west coast.. to the west is server border. Today I took a boat and moved somewhat inland (where the X is).. So I think this would not be considered coastal, but I'm not sure. After reading here, I think my problem is trying to hook the fish. I watch the chat window to find out when to click to hook the fish, but then my eyes are not so good. I'm using a feather as a float, and its difficult to see. By the time I locate the feather, I think I'm beyond the allowable time to hook it. I was looking for a bobber to dunk under (like the old way). Anyway I'm happy that I can get the fish I need to cook, but not sure how much time I will spend trying to skill up fishing. Edit..I just tried again, I guess I still don't understand where to click to hook. Nothing becomes targetable. The float, the line. I see the fish swim up to the float..i can't target that either. I just get "You are too far away to do that." [11:24:46] You sit still and get ready to cast. [11:24:52] You cast the line and start fishing. [11:26:26] You feel something nibble on the line. [11:26:28] You missed the herring! [11:26:28] The nibbling at the end of your line stops. [11:26:28] You are too far away to do that. [11:26:32] You are too far away to do that. [11:26:33] You are too far away to do that. [11:26:34] You managed to put another fly on the metal fishing hook! [11:26:53] You sit still and get ready to cast. [11:27:01] You cast the line and start fishing. [11:28:40] You feel something nibble on the line. [11:28:42] You missed the catfish! [11:28:42] The nibbling at the end of your line stops. [11:28:45] You are too far away to do that. [11:28:46] You are too far away to do that. [11:28:47] You are too far away to do that. [11:28:48] You are too far away to do that. [11:28:50] You managed to put another fly on the metal fishing hook!
  10. Merry Christmas to me! I will buy a wagon. I have an alt logged out at your shop thanks
  11. Pristine Community Map

    Settlement Name: Silversage Location: 106:1243 Settlement Name: Silversage Gardens Location: 160:1189 Settlement Name: Silversage Summit Location: 168, 1257
  12. Creature Cage - Duplicated (Dead) Creature

    I took some horses from Pristine to Indy. I left them there and weeks later, removed cared for. They must have died on Indy, now they are appearing dead on my dock on Pristine, right where I last loaded them in the creature crate before leaving to take them to Indy. Have had 3 dead horses in the past two days.
  13. Fixing the bridge at BDI

    The building that the original bridge was attached to is completely gone.. so don't know if the encumbent deed owner logged in and poofed the building or just what..but its completely gone now (along with that segment of the bridge.)
  14. *update* its mostly done now, I have a few sections that need a few more plants and I need to get more lighting in. One thing I've always loved about Wurm Online is Forestry.. trees and bushes add so much character to Wurm. I've been around for 8+ years now and have received help from many. In an effort of paying it forward, I have made a public arboretum called "Briar Patch", a place were folks can come to work on their nature skills - gathering sprouts, harvesting the fruits, foraging, botanizing, archaeology, etc. So far, I have the following planted: 525 Maple 432 Grape 220 Orange 240 Apple 240 Lemon 240 Cherry 168 Raspberry 168 Blueberry 120 Rose 120 Carmela 120 Lavender (plus more as decoration) 120 Oleander Added: 165 Olive 165 Hazelnut 150 Chestnut 165 Linden 165 Walnut 135 Pine 135 Cedar I currently have 2 altars up - Vynora and Nahjo. I want to get altars made for the rest of the dieties. There's 2 guard towers on the premises for protection. I'm located south of Black Dog Island, just south of the old Sutherland Shire, on my old deed - Location So.. if you are need of sprouts or fruit, feel free to stop by. As I stated, there's no charge, but if you find my arboretum helpful, I wouldn't complain if you tossed a coin in the token to help with upkeep
  15. BOTD Tools and Custom Libila/Fo Enchants

    thank you! I'm back for more.. (one of these days, I need to level up WS) butchering knife, BOTD95: 1s 25c imped to 90 please butchering knife, BOTD84: 54c imped to 80 butchering knife, BOTD86: 66c imped to 80 pelt, QL100 BOTD87: 72c all COD to Cinderr