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Found 21 results

  1. This post is just to share something I recently found out, and which caused frustration before I knew (credit to Evening (CA Channel) for this advice): When you want to move stuff like forges, beds, ovens, crates and so on to upper floors from a bottom floor, Build a ladder. Not a staircase. Not a hole in the floor. ONLY A LADDER WILL WORK. Load your stuff into a wagon and park it directly under the ladder. Go up the ladder, and then embark the wagon from the floor you want your stuff to go to. The whole wagon, animals and all, will move to upper floor where you embarked from (through the ladder). Now ride your wagon around upstairs, and unload your stuff where you want it. When ready to go downstairs again, park the wagon directly over the ladder. Unhitch your animals. Go down the ladder, haul the unhitched wagon downstairs with a rope. Go upstairs again, hitch the animals to your wagon (which is now downstairs) through the hole of the ladder. The animals will appear hitched to the wagon on the bottom floor. This method is great for moving whole wagons full of stuff upstairs, and getting empty wagon down again. On a different note, and in case someone missed this gem: There was a recent change which allows loading full wagons, carts, bsbs and fsbs. You can also drag full drafts and chests between wagons or carts. Great news
  2. We have many choices for roads and floors but I would love to see a herringbone pattern added.
  3. Hallo. I'm using this image to demonstrate textures, they are all paving types but they are not all floor types. Marble Brick, Slate Brick and Sandstone brick floors are not possible to build above the 1st floor because they only exist as paving. Would it be possible to add them? There are mass multitude of reasons that i'm not going to insult anyone by explaining. thank you for reading. This is a related thread but dilutes the issue somewhat with more suggestions;
  4. Pottery tile: 2kg Clay + hand Tile floors 3x3 tile floor: 9 pottery tile + 10 mortar 4x4 tile floor: 16 pottery tile + 10 mortar 5x5 tile floor: 25 pottery tile + 10 mortar All floors have a simple square pattern, similar to this, but with tiles being larger or smaller depending on 3x3, 4x4 or 5x5 per wurm tile. BUT! What about color?! Let us color individual tiles. With individual parts of ships being able to be colored, maybe these could get the same ability. Imagine the patterns the could be done!
  5. i know that silver, steel and gold roofs and floors is nothing new... i think i see option to make it in test server... but when we get that? to make nice churchs, banks, houses. when that get alive? also we have now only 2 difrent walls for houses,,,new type of walls will be nice too... mybe iron wall.
  6. I was building a house, and I found out I do not have much of a choice to cover floors in the bathroom/kitchen, other than traditional rugs/carpets used pretty much everywhere. We have some resources without much use right now, like reed or kelp, which could make nice floor decorations. And to expand the idea, some blankets for beds, made from either wool, cotton or a combination of them, maybe? Regular beds can only be dyed as a whole, and don't look awesome nice, so a blanket on them ("used" on a bed to cover it, since we cannot place objects on top of other objects yet) would make them look way better. Edit: pics a little too modern, but added them only to illustrate the idea
  7. Hello, after recent client update we can no longer add floors unless all the walls are complete. well I finished all the walls, started to build a ladder opening, but when I go to finish the ladder I get a puzzling message. [22:43:16] The floor is in an invalid state to be continued. What does this mean/ how do I fix this to make ladder in "valid state"?
  8. Please fig level of furnitures, example bench goes inside floor.
  9. There have been changes to the different staircases in the last patch, not only the graphic for each but also the material for each. The in game recipes should now reflect the new parts required. I have not tested and verified them all yet, but maybe someone building a new one has some experience with it.
  10. If you build a house more than a few levels the bugs begin. I have no idea when they begin but I know at level five they occur. Once anything is started it is NOT removable. I wanted to add a staircase, can't change the type of floor because it "causes unstability" Even if this is on a top floor with NOTHING above it. I made a mistake while putting on a stone parapet, I accidentally used a different type of border design and I can't remove it. This is at the top of the building, there is nothing above it. It supports NOTHING. So now my building is at a standstill until this bug is fixed. I know removal works at levels two and three and I know it doesn't work at level five.
  11. I would like to suggest a new type of opening an Iron Grate opening. It would take 10 bricks, 10 mortar, 2 iron hinges, and one iron fence bar. It would function like the ladder openings we have now for hauling up a cart or accessing the other floor but not have a ladder for climbing up and it would block someone from falling through the floor. It would be good for those places you want to access the other floor but do not want a ladder blocking view or it could be used like a skylight in flat floor roofs. Basically it would be an iron fence in the floor. I thought of this when building my new temple and when I had an opening holding a spot in the floor to allow me to build the level above it I could pray at the altar on the first floor but after I removed the opening it said the floor was in the way even though there was no longer a floor there. I believe many people would find this useful as many have constructed warehouses with the bsb's on the second floor with openings for access but the row of ladders make them look a bit silly and if you want one in the middle of the room it can be downright ugly to have a ladder sticking up in the middle of the room.
  12. Flooring inside writted structures appears to be bugged, at least since the collision updates, possibly longer. Only tested on Epic-Serenity. Specifically, they are artificially capped at 80.0 QL. Tested on slate slab floor, stone brick floor, pottery brick floor. Imping caps them at 80.0 regardless of QL of materials used to imp and paving or other skills. For example, imping one of the aforementioned floors with 95ql materials, 72 numeric/92 effective paving, 93+ masonry...the imp would complete but the QL would remain 80.0. I could imp them over and over again, stays flat at 80.0. Imping a floor already greater than 80 QL (as they didn't used to be capped), LOWERS the QL to 80.0 from whatever it was, see image.
  13. Do floorboards come out looking the same no matter what wood is used? Trying to match some existing ones, but doesn't specify when examined so I'm hoping that's the case.
  14. I know this has been reported back when the floors first come out with multistory buildings but thought i would try and report it again and see if maybe we can get this fixed now. When you use the raised floors in a house the merchant and traders do not raise up with the floor like everything else. I know it might seem insignificant to you guys but it really bothers me, lol I had in the past opted to just not use the raised floors but now with the new rugs seems my choice of paving the rounded cobble is showing through the new rugs at times causing a dilemma for me. So here i am hoping to get one of the two fixed and i do like the raised floor so thought i would post about the NPC again and see if anything can be done. The NPCs are already small to start with and with them standing on the ground and not the raised floor it makes it really bad then add a rug under them and you are about to their knee...hehe
  15. I have not messed with the supported mine floors any but does it keep collapses from happening on that tile or do you still need the wall supports to keep the path clear?
  16. I've been pondering about this for awhile now, especially looking at pictures of massive castles in Wurm that are pathetically split up by a tall stone wall, 5 levels below the houses surrounding it. You should be able to plan house walls in-between two other existing buildings. The maximum size of each of these segments would be one tile by whatever width the two houses are, but not forced, meaning you can build just a single 1x1, or even multiple, throughout the entire width of two buildings if you want to. Let's say you have two houses here 5 levels high and you wanted to connect them so people couldn't get inside. Well, the only option you currently have is to cram a tall stone wall or two in the middle of them and hope it doesn't look too bad in the end product: As you can see, that looks terrible. With this idea, you could ultimately connect the houses in a variety of ways, such as the two examples below: The mechanics behind this idea would be simple, and nearly the same as planning a standard multi-level house. The height would be limited by your skill, and by the height of the existing buildings around it. You can only plan a wall if there are two house-writ walls touching, and in order to plan a floor there needs to be at least 2 walls touching it. Perhaps to limit any forms of abuse and "bugs," don't allow doors to be built, but rather only walls and windows. Catapulting this would work like a regular house, starting from the top and going down. The same limits on these would be in place as standard housing, meaning that you could plan multiple levels of catwalks if your Carpentry skill and the heights of the surrounding houses allow you to. That way, we can have awesome crosswalks and arches like the below picture: Please post your comments on the idea! (Thanks Warlander for the awesome 3D Planner found here:
  17. When i was building my house I noticed that the floors did not sound like floors nor did they give me the movement bonus I would expect from floors, they also made my friends sink down to their ankles in it as well. The floors also gave the characteristics of the terrain below the floor and not the floor itself. I thought the floors would act like floor boards and give a woody sound and give me a movement speed bonus aswell as make my friends stay ontop of them. To reproduce the bug build a house, the walls and the wooden floors ontop of any terrain and walk on them and see how they give you the sound and movement speed of the terrain you put them ontop of, in my case it was grass.
  18. Hi. The idea with multistory is to enable players to be creative in building their home in wurm. Variety, options are central and will be worked towards during upcoming releases. We really want to enable you to build your own magnificent castles. How does multistory work right now (or at least how it is supposed to work). - Planning new floors requires carpeting. - The higher you want to build the higher your carpentry needs to be. - Selecting the floor material type requires specific skills and tools depending on the material, see list below: - Some challenges remain, like having a solid leveling path for Paving, it will be fixed somewhat with changing packing to give paving skill instead of digging. Floors Wood plank (Carpentry) -- this is the entry level material Pottery brick (Paving) Slate floor (Paving) Stone brick (Paving) Slate slab (Paving) Marble slab (Paving) Roofs Wood shingle (Carpentry) -- this is the entry level material Pottery shingle (Masonry) Slate shingle Stone brick (Masonry) Thatch (Thatching) Known issues: - Walls on second floor and higher seem to be badly aligned causing visual crack in some corners. - If you just make a planned parapet and then continue to build above it, it becomes impossible to go back and finish the parapet fence. - Issue with too low quality yield of floor compared to raw material QL and skill level. - Possible to fall into walls on the ground floor and get stuck in them. - Traders, Merchants fall to floor level #1 when dropped on upper floors - Piles are counted for the whole tile and all floors above it, should be maxpile per floor - Walls at floor 2 and up can be planned without material consumption. Will fix so it requires 1 plank + nail. - Wheels are inside the floor on ground floor. - Creating a floor above you makes you float in midair on ground floor if you have no floor on it. - Bulkbins floors etc are not abel to coexist on same tile, different floors Fixed issues: - Skillgain for paving considerations: Skillgain for paving now given when packaging dirt. - Planning a roof on the first floor requires a floor on the first floor. This restriction will be removed, so that making a roof on your first 1x1 house will not require the floor. Should be fixed with the 2012-12-25 reboots. - Built to 4th story, destroyed 1st story floor plans and can't plan them anymore. Should be fixed with the 2012-12-25 reboots. - Improve does not work (hangs?) Fixed in patch 2013-01-03 - Repair does not work (hangs?) Fixed in patch 2013-01-03 - Donut homes now fixed
  19. Hi, I couldn't see this mentioned but it is driving me crazy. As you can see, my feet are going through our churches floor. It also goes through all the other floors people have in our area. Its incredibly annoying.
  20. Does my building still count as a complete house without planned floors? I have plank floor boards down.
  21. It looks like the old floors in our previously built houses are now ground tiles, which is okay, except that the graphics look blurry on them. So the wooden plank floors in our houses look fuzzy, while the new plank floors look crisp and high-def. So even though there is a graphic of wooden floors on the main floor of the house, it's crappy looking, and therefore I have to build a new ground floor to make the floor styles match. Is there anyway that the graphics of old floors (that are now ground tiles) be sharpened up? That way I don't have to build a floor again. Thanks.