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Found 24 results

  1. Come and join! You get everything you need. Whether advice, food or equipment! Just PM me if you're interested. I look forward to your visit! Kingdom is Mol Rehan.
  2. Is your PvP community toxic or led by critical elitists with 90 body strength? Does it seem like one side is winning every skirmish? Are you a Freedom player who's always wanted to give PvP a try but didn't know where to start? Give Epic a try! The "Epic" servers were established in 2011 and are relatively ancient, although some servers have been given new makeovers (Affliction 2014, Elevation 2019) to provide a clean slate. Composed of four total servers in this cluster, there are three home servers, one for each kingdom to start off in, and a fourth server where these kingdoms clash! Affliction (Horde of the Summoned), Desertion (Mol-Rehan), and Serenity (Jenn-Kellon) offer each kingdom a place to call their own, where natives have a combat rating (CR) bonus vs invaders. Here, each kingdom can establish a thriving economy, create sprawling deeds/alliances, hone their skills and collect their valuables. Home servers rarely see player-versus-player action but you never know when a raiding party might come around. The thrill of knowing all that you hold sacred may be at risk one day can drive a nation together. Will you support your fellow kingdom members or steal from your neighbors and sabotage them? Or are you merely looking to make as much 💰money💰 as possible, monopolizing the market and mastering the art of the deal. You might become world-famous as a supplier (as Led once did), a combat legend like Gary, a pirate like Kellyt, or an infamous picker of locks like Gbelcik who named each boat after himself + the counter of how many he had broken into. Your fate is your own and you should follow your Epic destiny! When ready to take PvP to the next level, Elevation offers a chance for each kingdom to create deeds/capitals, become king/queen and elect officials in their kingdom offices, and allows priests to become champions of their deity. Along with all this, there are "epic" Valrei scenarios where each kingdom is given a dedicated god to follow on the Valrei map. By completing missions and strategically controlling their god's efforts on the map, one kingdom can lead their god to victory, offering rare moonmetals, tomes of magic, and more to the kingdom's top contributing denizens. But "we have all these things on Chaos and Defiance" you might say... Well, Epic also boasts a unique skill curve that levels the playing field, ensuring newer players can stand a chance versus the servers' god-tier characters. This curve affects all skills besides characteristics, Fight skill, Faith, and Alignment. This curve enables you to swiftly achieve your goals and gain skills faster than ever. The curve essentially gives you extra, virtual skill on top of your base skill. It increases rapidly at first, slowing as you raise your skills beyond 70. It's visible by hovering your cursor over a skill in-game within the Skills window and worth noting that this curve only affects currently premium players. Epic Skill Curve Examples: 20 actual skill offers a curve of 36, allowing you to cut 36 QL logs at 20 Woodcutting 30 actual skill offers a curve of 50, allowing you to easily make 50 QL saddles at only 30 leather working 50 actual skill offers a curve of 75, allowing a miner to excavate 75 QL iron even though their mining is only 50 70 actual skill offers a curve of 90 90 actual skill offers a curve of 99 99.00 actual skill offers a curve of 99.99 The population on these servers is essentially null, however there are a few deeds left on each home server and a handful on Elevation. Serenity only has one public merchant at its starter deed (it's mine)! The benefit of playing on a nearly dead cluster is that you can easily make a name for yourself. Those who help others in need may quickly rise through the ranks. Whereas it can be spooky on Chaos/Defiance where you deed just a few thousand tiles away from enemies who want nothing more than to gut you and drain your deed, Epic's home servers offer much more substantial distances between you and your enemies and a CR bonus against attacking invaders. All kingdoms on these servers could use a boost of active players, there is no side taking the lead *yet* but you should definitely join Jenn-Kellon and that's definitely not just my opinion. Unfortunately, skills do not transfer to the connected Southern Freedom Isles like they do between Defiance<->Northern Freedom Isles. Players have often appealed to the developers of this great game to incentivize Freedom players to give Epic a try while benefiting their Freedom counterparts, but to no avail. The only thing that transfers between Epic/Freedom is Journal entries. Also unfortunately, if your character is on Defiance or other Northern Freedom Isles, you will have to create a new character and select a Southern Freedom Isle or an Epic server to play here. However, if you already find yourself on a Southern Freedom Isle, just create an Epic portal out of 4x 24kg logs and 11x stone bricks and hop right over! mods, I made this post here and not in "Epic: Recruitment" because ain't nobody reading those forums. If I want to recruit, I've gotta get my foot in the door where someone might actually read this post 😛
  3. Join the ancient Kingdom of Mol-Rehan. Our group is experienced and we have decent players willing to help out new people. Want to have an adventure with good folk? Search no more. Come and build a new home on Mol-Rehan Epic, or Mol-Rehan Home on Desertion server. Wurm is waiting for you! Build, craft and hunt alongside friends! Meet characters such as Beardyman the Bald (for he always dislikes the helmet) who prefers to let his pate blind his enemies. Or Speedy the Blitzkrieg who gets lost in his own deed. Meet player gods such as Gary and Smeagain or Tosiek, and let them share you the histories of Mol Rehan.
  4. As the title says, if you happen to be in possession of a Mol Rehan wagon (normal wagon, non-rare is just fine by me) and you are willing, I would do a strait-up trade for my rare Pandemonium wagon. Even BETTER, if you have a RARE MR wagon, I will trade you the rare Panda +15 silver coins ON TOP OF THIS, in order to secure such a rare beauty. Sorry, but no other template will do. This trade would make my dreams come true, even more than a drake set ever would. And I've never had either one of those, so.. that should tell you something. MOREOVER! Make this trade and you will forever gain a new best friend and lucrative trade partner~ ( I do premium horse breeding, bulk trading, high blacksmith imping, EXCELLENT deed planning and construction services, and I'm a helluva dps fighter, willing to come out to ANY rift, unique fight or anything else you need exterminated). Hope to hear back from some lovely folks, very soon on this one. Much ❤️ and appreciation!!
  5. Just had a MOI when imping my Mol Rehan wagon and now i am wondering what its worth only price checking for now its not for sale.
  6. Start bid 9s Buyout 15s 1h snip protection
  7. Hello traveller, Magranon's Bay is located by a picturesque coast, our township is strategically situated, well protected and serves as a major hub to rest of the kingdom. We are a rapidly developing social community with a mix of new and experienced players. We are looking for new settlers who are keen to contribute to our thriving community by helping with planned projects, defending the The Kingdom and being nice folk in general. In return, you will be rewarded with access to numerous facilities and personal land within the deed to build. If you are interested come over for a chat. Pantha
  8. Memories of Wurm From the body of the fallen We shall craft an unholy grail From the skull of thy enemy To which We shall pour your blood into. Casting unto it With the will of fire And the force of sand We will make wine. With this we will raise the grail And toast to the legacy The legacy of Mol Rehan The legacy of Fire and Sand. From the unholy grail We pity the bones of our enemy And leave a reminder To the lands of Chaos, Enjoy your victories Drink to your success Relish your battles For like a shadow Looming forever large A memory remains Of lands of sand. Sleep well little ones In your makeshift kingdoms One day with no warning The fire may return. With it your walls will burn The lands left scorched The skies darken with ash. You see an end, Mol Rehan sees a beginning. if you enjoy this I’d be willing to post more poetry. I’ve been writing for the last 5 years and have amassed a rather lengthy portfolio of poems. Some good some just okay I suppose. Anyways I hope you enjoy this one.
  9. Auction: Mol Rehan Wagon Starting at 15s opening bid 1s min each increase payable in in-game silver or USD via Paypal verified accounts only, Friends and family payments only. at a rate of 1s=1E at current rates at time of transaction. 23S (23E) Buyout Pickup at Ten Boer (x:19 y:33) Good Luck all bidders!
  10. Transaction completed, please close.
  11. I'm looking to buy about 12 Mol Rehan flags. I'm on Exodus. Let me know!
  12. The Empire of Mol Rehan Fire & Sand > > The history of Mol-Rehan: Mol Rehan began as the newest of the three original kingdoms in the old server cluster, back in the days when the servers were Wild, Mol Rehan Home and Jenn-Kellon Home. Jenn-Kellon was the largest kingdom with all the advantages of a White Light kingdom and many HoTS players on wild wished for a WL option on the wild server other than JK. This was the beginning of MR, made up mostly of former HoTS towns and headed up by Libilian Outlaws. Eventually after a great many successes against Jenn-Kellon (holding a Non-Agression pact with HoTS due to the many friends they had that remained there) LO fell. With the fall of LO and server numbers having taken a severe drop MR was reduced to only a loyal few. With our reduced numbers these times were hard, during these times the old home servers (JK-H and MR-H) were removed in favor of Freedom server, Independence. We were always the underdogs and always outnumbered, but MR persevered and fought on, performing weekly raids and activites under afew experienced individuals. With the religion fix changes came possibly the biggest change to Mol Rehan. Our forces suddenly found themselves defending their homeland due to HoTS forces abandoning the existing NaP and attacking with Libila Champions from their capital of Ebony Veil which had been allowed to be built close to MR mainlands in friendlier times. Drastic measures had to be taken to consolidate the MR forces and expell the invaders. This was the formation of House of Mol Rehan was thought of which was a Co-operation between all the major villages in MR at the time. Around this time aswell the first 3 champions of Magranon for MR were inducted forming the foundation of our love for the god of War. These champions strived tirelessly to combat the new HoTS threat tielessly as the entirety of Mol-Rehan came together at this time to construct their gigantic size 100 new capital city and then....strike back. Together under cover of night Mol-Rehan forces speedily contructed war forts outside of the HoTS capital of Ebony Veil and laid seige to the city, eventually toppling it and crippling the HoTS ability to strike into MR land. We were finally risen and strong again. Battling both HoTS and JK in numerous conflicts. Win or lose noone on the wild server could ever deny that we had become the most aggressive force. Rarely needing to defend our lands and always bringing the fight to our enemies. We had risen from the fall of Libilian Outlaws and we were strong. Eventually of course came the release of the Epic Server and, what many believe to be, a temporary large drop in players on Wild as many players went to try out the new pvp server cluster. During this time Rolf made the hasty decision to remove pvp on the server and link it to the freedom cluster in the hopes of increasing it's numbers. Much to the lament of almost all of the players on wild, all of the kingdoms were removed and Mol Rehan was faded into only an alliance of deeds. Re-founded as the Empire of Mol Rehan alliance. As PvP was slowly reintroduced to the newly named "Chaos" server which was finally linked to the Freedom cluster we began to rekindle our spirit. Players the long retired to other freedom servers slowly began to return and continued to strive to bring the fight to our enemies when possible. Finally as raiding was introduced back to the server rendering the current MR HoTA deed at the time (Mountain Sanctuary) the warfront village of Kratos was found deep in JK lands near the east coast securing access to the Freedom border and also close enough to be a competitive force in HoTA. Thanks to it's close position to the border and surrounded by enemies it quickly became a magnet for PvP and plenty of new players from Freedom wanting to try their hand at PvP forming the new backbone of MR. Shortly after this we were given the opportunity to become a PMK which we gathered together to do. With a strong core of old MR players and a new expanded rank or Freedom originated players. Since becoming a PMK we have grown alot and had many great successes. We have reclaimed much of our old lands and have been waging a vicious war against both the JK and BL PMKs and have succesffuly grown to be the largest kingdom on the server currently. We pride ourselves on still maintaining the old MR mentality of highly aggressive actions against our enemies (You won't find a group of players on Chaos who are involved in Raids or PvP than us). If you are thinking of trying out the Chaos server you won't find a better group of friends to bring you into it, we above all else focus on having fun, win or lose and above all focus on having a active and enjoyable community. Core values of MR: We look after our own, all MR members need do is ask for help and we'll give it where we can We avoid buying/selling inter-kingdom and work more on a favor to favor basis. We can and will equip our people for free We are the people of the desert, Mol Rehan is known for spreading sand at it's war deeds and raids All players are welcome and equal members, whether you're mad for pvp or just want to grind your skills in safety In war we are aggressive, always preferring to be the side pushing our enemy back and raiding deep in enemy territory. Mol Rehan is not a dictatorship, we have a democratic election every 6months for Warchief. We are also an very open community and encourage our members to use our forums and Mumble server as often as possible. Recruiters: Horton - The Emperor of Mol Rehan and ruler of its capital House of Mol-Rehan Christa/Ammanus- War Chief - Massive Elitister Tea House Madnezz - Recruiter - Fort Freedom Epicphail/Felinas - Recruiter - Valley Cove Robus - Recruiter - Arachnadelphia Kriet - Recruiter - Kratos Evadaly - Recruiter - Sheer Pandemonium Senior Members: Baddbob - Senior Member - House of Mol Rehan Caradal - Senior Member - Massiver Elitister Tea House Embolism - Senior Member - Fort Freedom Emoo - Senior Member - Kratos Jukimo - Senior Member - Kratos Miniroll - Senior Member - Massiver Elitister Tea House Revengo - Senior Member - Ravenholm Tommty/Garrettwademan - Senior Member - Massiver Elitister Tea House Tulemees - Senior Member - Ravenholm Yurik - Senior Member - Sheer Pandomonium Zivirt - Senior Member - Azkaban How to join: If you have any questions regarding joining plaese send a PM to any of the Recruitment staff or if you have inquiries regarding a specific deed address any of our senior members! You can contact us directly to apply on our kingdom forum boards, simply fill out the brief questions about yourself and wait our 24hr approval period. Our forums are located here: The current registration password to create a new account is : ForPony
  13. I was personally surprised to find I was doing it wrong all these years...
  14. For any Questions PM me in game(Hoppy) Or this account on the forums. As a customer loyalty system, all armor that bares my name(Hoppy) as maker will receive a 50% off bonus to all improvements and 10% off all sets of plate armor purchased after buying one full set of armor. Location:Xanadu/Chaos In game map= Xanadu, G11 (small island next to the large one) _____________________________________________________________________ -Plate Prices- Current Skill:[01:28:28] Plate armour smithing increased by 0.0115 to 80.293 (as of 3/29/2015) Creation Plate.......................................................50c 50QL Plate..........................................................1s 55QL Plate..........................................................1.5s 60QL Plate..........................................................2.5s 65QL Plate..........................................................3s 70QL Plate..........................................................4s 75QL Plate..........................................................4.5s 80QL Plate..........................................................5s 85QL Plate..........................................................(N/A) 90QL Plate..........................................................(N/A) 95QL Plate..........................................................(N/A) _____________________________________________________________________ -Plate Improvements- (Per one Point) 0-49QL................................................................50i 50-60QL...............................................................1c 60-70QL...............................................................2c 70-80QL...............................................................3c 80-90QL...............................................................5c ___________________________________________________________________________________ >>!!!Mol-Rehan Items!!!<< Mol Rehan Banners/Flags...40c per item Mol Rehan Tall Banners...1s per banner "lots of material" Mol Rehan Wagon...10s+1s for shipping I refuse to sell any moon metals so don't ask -Looking for individual parts?- Any armor parts will be divided by the the full set price and weight ratios. All payments can be paid in silver or Materials in game depending on what it is.
  15. Come visit beautiful Mol Rehan! Seriously Come, Im not joking, We could really use you. You specifically are needed! Mol Rehan is looking to recruit new citizens to join our kingdom on the epic server cluster! If you are interested in joining our great kingdom and becoming a great hero for the underdogs find your closest portal to epic and take it to desertion. If you would like to find a village when you arrive it can be arranged, OR you can volunteer for Mol Rehan's own Civil Guard! The men and women whom risk their lives daily to protect our traditional Hellenistic society from being over run by thieves, and enemy raiders. Come settle in beautiful MRH! We need you! To help further Mol Rehan Culture and secure our empires foothold for the next eternity. Thank you for reading this post and considering joining Mol Rehan on Desertion in the epic server cluster!
  16. Something I wrote in like 2010-11, whenever mounts and horses were added. At the time was reading some Bedouin stories and got an itch. Do recall posting this in forums before; however, couldn't find the thread after coming across the Word doc file in some archives I keep. Apparently I also never bothered adding to wiki along with the others I did add. Anyways... here it is in its entirety as I had originally made it. Birth of the Drinker of Wind (Wurm Online fanfic) Inspired by Bedouin myths And so after the people of the kingdom of Fire had found favor in the eyes of Magranon, did the god appear in the southern desert. From long repose did he consider the Mol-Rehans as they spread from the western mountains into the surrounding steppe and deserts. Overtime a sand tornado errantly whirled into his face with great force, and with annoyance did Magranon brush it away. Again did the sand devil come, and again did the god flick it away. Thrice did it return, and Magranon finally seized it. In the fires of his wrath did the flame of an idea take form. Thus did the god Magranon begin to work. The tornado gathered itself into the form of a prancing creature, its mane and tail flowing with marvelous speed into the dry desert winds. Into it did the god impart great strength and stamina. However the god became weary and left his unfinished work for rest. Then did appear the goddess Vynora and the god Fo. Upon spying Magranon’s work did they consider it. Vynora finding it beautiful poured forth intelligence. Fo found nothing to give. They departed, seeking their brother deity. Drawn by the Three’s presence so close to her dominion did the dark goddess Libila appear. Finding instead Magranon’s abandoned work, she added a fragment of her own malevolence before vanishing. Soon the Three returned discussing and debating among themselves. It was Magranon who first sensed the taint, and sought to destroy his creation utterly. However, Fo interceded and imparted unto the work some of his own gentleness, hoping such would help counter. Thus did Magranon name the creature the Drinker of Wind and set it forth unto the kingdom of Fire. The people of Mol Rehan beheld the creature in awe. It somewhat resembled the unicorns; though, it showed far greater speed and endurance. Chasing led to not but only exhausted and beaten pursuers. Attempts to capture came to not but destroyed fences and nets. Some in their frustration sought to harm. Such came to not. Arrows easily avoided with a snort. Blade and hammer did not even come close. Even methods of hunting unicorns did not succeed. True the creature could be lured by innocent maidens. Such came to not with an almost malicious glee as it turned every trap. With great disappointment and dejection were the attempts finally called off. However, over time similar creatures began to be born by the unicorns. They were far easier to handle; though, their sire was plain to see. These offspring came to be called “Equus†in the tongue of the Ageless, or “Horseâ€. Long has sightings of the Drinker of Wind been; though, one can still hear the thunder of its hooves echoing across the Horseshoe Mountains. Only among the horses of Fire and Sand does its blood still flow strong.
  17. Ready to try out PVP on Chaos? Get to Glasshollow spawn on Xanadu and get ready for bigest change of your Wurm life... Every week we gona have group tour to favorite Chaos village Valley Cove. We dont look for skills, we dont wana have you ready, WE NEED YOU! 1. All you need to do is apply for free ride here or pm me ingame! 2. Register and write Application here: 3. Get to Glasshollow spawn and you are READY to go! More info about Valley Cove you can found here: One Trip could change your Life!
  18. Hello folks, would you like to be the envy of your neighbours with a beautiful red and gold wagon? Feast your eyes on this: Isn't that the most gorgeous wagon you've ever seen? And now you, the general public can also acquire these wagons at no risk to your own life and limb! For a generous price of 5 silvers you can Pick up a wagon at our new up-and coming high end HOTA Market Exchange deed (Top Notch) on Exodus or have it delivered to any coastal spot on Deliverance/Exodus for 6s, 7s for Independance/Celebration. Same price as other kingdom wagons but at least twice as good looking! Now also selling Banners/Flags for 50c each, and also unfinished Mol Rehan Guard Towers (mailable) for 1,5s each. Orders can be placed in this thread or by PM, please state your favoured wood type at the same time (default is oakenwood). Get one today and make your neighbours tremble with envy!
  19. Recruitment Rivendell is looking for new premium account players that have recently joined the game. Rivendell is a trading village so your job will be to for fill customer orders. Unlike most villages you will be paid for what you make, all Rivendell asks for is a 20% tax which goes towards upkeep and maintenance, there will also be a village economy where you will be able to spend your wages on food weapons tools etc. There will be space to build your own house but there are to ways on how to do it 1st choice is to rent the space eg you want a 3x4 area so 12 tiles x rent per month but you would not own it and Rivendell keeps the writ. 2nd choice is to buy so again 3x4 area 12 x cost of tile plus rent ( council tax lets call it) but this way you keep the writ. I'm doing it this way because some people might want big houses but tiles cost money on a deed and space is costly , also gives the village a real estate economy where people can buy and sell there houses. If you like the sound of this please message me we need lots of hard honest working people to help grow our village to have thriving economy and most of all to make friends and have fun. What you will need to achieve before you earn your citizenship Ranks Miner : mine 1k rock shards & 60 iron ore ( reward x1 stone chisel) Mason : make 1k stone bricks Lumber jack : chop up 100 logs Carpenter : make 100 planks 100 shafts Black smith : make 50 large & 50 small nails Fine carpenter : make large cart Tera former: dig 1k dirt Citizen : collect your free armour chain set sword and shield The stone bricks will go to the village as we only sell 30ql + Congratulations you are now a citizen of Rivendell. You are now free to take what ever career path you choose wether that be a warrior , powerful priest, black smith, or farmer the choice is yours. Rivendell Rules Rivendell business should never be discussed outside the village. No privet bulk deals will be set up unless asked to No bullying of any kind in or outside the walls of Rivendell, if you have a problem with some one please tell me so we can deal with it professionally. Theft is the upmost crime and will not be tolerated, the offender will be KOS on many deeds. The most important rule have fun look out for each other and be proud of Rivendell . Regards Mayor Swistony
  20. "Hidden behind shadows, the Templars liberate some loots from theirs neighboring kingdom Mol Rehan. One soldier is unfortunate enough to hear the infamous word 'U MAD?' before assassinated by the templars' chancellor. And oh, probably there is a gm disguised as a corn there." A commission for Norad, one thing that annoys me is I can't find a fitting music that is royalty free ... The 3d models shown at beginning is rigged by me, I use 3d model since I still can't draw human anatomy right .. Timelapse: [media] Time used: 7 hours Tool used: - wacom bamboo fun small - adobe photoshop - DAZ 3d Studio - coffee - musicsssss - slate texture by Akinuri - wood texture by ncrow - rock texture by Ryan Ellis My other wurm artworks: The fall of RoseDragon Slime-y Chainsmith Spiderdeer Orpington Zoo Riders Of The White Dragon The Undead Fo Priest Imbalance ------------------------------ I am currently accepting commissions. PM me on forum or in game for details. Current queue: none. ------------------------------
  21. "The intruders were full of confidence when they thought there was only one person in local, but it didn't last long as fevfev skillfully used the terrain he knew so well to his advantage." A drawing commission I did for sharkin (FevFev), initially requested to draw him on his chaos deed-- which then we agree it is not a good idea. After some minutes of talk we decides to go with this one. I have fun with the new toy I use to create the poses although I were worrying too much of the art quality. In the end, after I finished, step back (mmm soda coffee!), and take a look at it again I feel like this one have it's own charm; it is not as detailed as 'Riders of the White Dragon' but I think the vibrant coloring is something that I usually don't dare to do. Also I have been watching foundation of light by Sycra to get the lighting on this . Overall it is a surprisingly challenging piece but I enjoy it neverthless. Click below for process breakdown: Testing my new toy Daz3d, I slap three models on the scene and put a pose on them. Here is the render I got. Placing them on photoshop and add a terrain. Doing lineart on the FevFev character and I feels something not right .. I decided to go drop random photos on the image and figure out the whole value and angle.. Also detailed the whole armor. Yep, something not right there.. the whole poses is just too neutral.. no one know who is winning in this picture.. no expression, too much initial combat pose, seems like they have been waiting for each others move.. so... I would have to tackle this problem but let's look on another possible problem.. Here I'm looking forward on the value composition.. light and dark stuffs.. getting where the people focus should be.. Then I decide I should fix that neutral pose and tip the balance. Here, FevFev is doing an attack to one of the JK, the JK parry but lose/almost lose his balance. Now that is some action . Also figure out how to assign muscles and expression on the 3d program so yay! Let's get back to black and white, lighting composition then! Now this looks like a better action! Coloring the background, giving it the basic mood. Mol Rehan is related with the color red and yellow so I'm thinking why not the fabulous red sunset? Linearting the new characters, so the details can be put in. Coloring behind the lineart. The whole lighting still difficult even with the black and white version earlier. I eliminate the lineart and then start working out details on the foreground (rocks and stuffs). Polished a bit of the sky and ocean here and there. Detailed the landmass on the background too. Added JK logo on the tabard, put on the soft-cotton texture on the tabards and scales texture on the armors. A feedback point out that the black drake guy looks off.. so I realize the angle doesn't feels right because the lighting is wrong...Decided to fiddle with daz3d again.. gave the models some lighting.. still confused on how to use this lighting thing so I just get one that I like and use it... this one looks solid!From there it just a bit changing of the light and dark part of the characters. Also found out that the output I produce is not looking the same like what I draw in photoshop, until I figure out I have to convert to sRGB. Also my +50 gamma monitor also probably make things looks brighter to me than others. So this part mostly (frustatingly) fiddling with settings and image-wide brightness adjustment. My other wurm artworks:The fall of RoseDragonSlime-y ChainsmithSpiderdeerOrpington ZooRiders Of The White Dragon The Undead Fo Priest ------------------------------ I am currently accepting commissions. PM me on forum or in game for details. Current queue: none. ------------------------------
  22. The Land and the City Pentos is built around a small bay. We have forests, ocean, and a mountain all nearby. The landscape of the city tries to make it so you can see the ocean as often as possible. There is a lot of room to expand in the easterly direction but right now we're focusing on developing the land around the bay. Pentos is being built on an old settlement. we are currently working to build basic infrastructure and generally clean the place up. The plan for this town is to be a provider of all kinds of goods and services. Vynora is the major religion in Pentos and her influence is throughout the city. Services: (I'll be sticking ideas for services in a settlement only document. Actual ongoing services will be put here soon) Notes if you plan on becoming a citizen: All areas close by the city core are organized to be easily navigate-able. Consider that before building and double check if the area you are building is right. People to ask would be Ninjanomnom (Alt Fionavar) or [seat of city development].Telling us what your specialty is, or what you plan on it being would be a great help for our record keeping.We will be doing public projects reasonably often, I won't go into details here.We do not have a settlement token yet.Current Info:Progress Until Completion: 70% Positions Filled: 7/12 Citizen max will go up based on room in residential areas To-do list: Building homes (Later), storage, and farms ----------------------------- 35% Rebuilding walls --------------------------------------------------------------- 50% Removing unusable things from the previous settlement ------------- 55% Generally cleaning things up ----------------------------------------------- 99% - Random items all over the land Getting a surplus of raw materials ----------------------------------------- ??% - Storage needs to be done first Repairing infrastructure ----------------------------------------------------- 90% Greenery ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 0% Scouting the nearby area for notable locations ------------------------ 100% - Up to around 50 tiles away from the edges Connect to the main road system ----------------------------------------- 100% - Will make road nicer when public Terraforming ------------------------------------------------------------------- 100% City Sectors: Central Square ---------------------------------------------------------------- 33% South-West Residential ------------------------------------------------------ 80% East Residential --------------------------------------------------------------- 80% Docks ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ??% - Vitols is in charge of this, I'll have to get his estimate My in-game name is Ninjanomnom, post here or msg me in-game if you have questions.
  23. These banners and flags will only appear on unstable client, on the regular client they just appear as white banners Selling both flags and banners for 50c each Currently in stock Pickup or mailing, i live at "The Awesome Miku Hatsune Fan Club House" on deliverance at 8x41y Price for mailing is 10c/20c per item (cod) + 10c/20c (sending in a small barrel) depending if you are on Deliverence or not. Pm me on forums cause i play most of the time on chaos, but i have my alt over so i can login at any time to do the trade.
  24. Just started Wurm and joined Mol Rehan. Awesome time.