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Found 52 results

  1. So I was talking to some friends of mine about the follower benefits of Libila, and I realized that a huge part of the follower bonus is the use of Mycelium. However, Mycelium isn't allowed on Freedom and I'm curious as to why. I imagine it would not be hard to limit mycelium only to a deeds border, as well as only allowing Mayors or Co-Mayors to cast it on the deed. To my knowledge grass is more aggressive then Mycelium without HOTS influence. For proof of this you can look at Rifts as the Mycelium tiles spawned by them are eaten up by the grass in a matter of days. If people are worried about not having to eat while standing on the tiles, they could turn down the max amount of nutrition to keep it under 90. With these in place, I can't find a reason that Mycelium would be overpowered or being able to be used for Griefing.
  2. Presenting you Libila enchants brewed with hate, deceit, and blood of slaves. We also accepting barter (especially with referral or sleep powders). Custom casts no longer available. Explanation of our unique enchants: BotD or Blessing of the Dark: woa and coc in a single cast. A 100 BotD is the same with item with 100 WoA + 100 CoC. They are best for improving items or getting a fast job done. WA or Web Armor: slow down both movement speed and attack speed of attacker. Useful cast for both pvp and pve, on pve I would recommend web armor on leather barding to slow down those pesky spiders that bite your horse. RT or Rotten Touch. Increase damage of a weapon, but make weapons damage faster. The damage also have infection wound, which get worse overtime. BT or Bloodthirst. Increase damage of a weapon based on it cast power. 10000 bloodthirst is 10% more damage. Need to shot player to raise this enchant power but it also the only damage-enchant you can put on bow. Costs for enchants: Cast costs for BotD: 1- 79 power : 1.5c per power. 80-89 power : 2c per power. 90-99 power: 4c per power. *not available on custom casts Cast costs for CoC or WoA: *not doing custom cast on this 1- 79 power : 1c per power. 80-89 power : 1.5c per power. 90-99 power: 3c per power. Cast costs for WA, RT, and BT: 1- 79 power : 2c per power. 80-89 power :3c per power. 90-99 power: 5c per power. *not available on custom casts Tools 78 BotD 70ql Iron Saw 1s 17c 83BotD 70ql Iron shovel 1s 66c 83BotD 70ql Iron shovel 1s 66c 74BotD 70ql Iron shovel 1s 11c 90BotD 69ql pinewood mallet 3s 60c 82BotD 68ql pinewood mallet 1s 64c 71BotD 70ql pinewood mallet 1s 7c 70BotD 69ql pinewood mallet 1s 5c 73WoA 85CoC 54ql iron needle 2s 1c 78BotD 70ql iron needle 1s 17c 76BotD 70ql iron needle 1s 14c 91WoA 91ql iron hammer 2s 73c 76WoA 70ql iron hammer 1s 14c 79CoC 84WoA 82ql iron hammer 2s 5c 77CoC 14ql iron hammer 77c 72BotD 66ql willow spindle 1s 8c 70BotD 68ql willow spindle 1s 5c 96WoA 39ql pinewood spindle 2s 88c 50BotD 71ql small iron anvil 75c 81WoA 63ql small iron anvil 1s 62c 73BotD 70ql iron leather knife 1s 10c 75CoC 68ql iron leather knife 1s 13c 77BotD 70ql iron awl 1s 16c 81BotD 90ql iron awl 2s 80BotD 70ql iron file 1s 60c 73BotD 70ql iron file 1s 10c 77WoA 91ql iron file 1s 16c 91BotD 70ql iron scissors 3s 64c 91BotD 70ql iron scissors 3s 64c 80BotD 70ql iron scissors 1s 60c 75BotD 70ql iron scissors 1s 13c 77CoC 71ql iron scissors 1s 16c 82BotD 70ql iron trowel 1s 64c 77CoC 20ql iron stone chisel 1s 16c 48CoC 57WoA 33ql iron stone chisel 1s 5c 89BotD 28RT 70ql iron rake 1s 78c 86BotD 70ql iron rake 1s72c 84CoC 14ql iron pickaxe 1s 68c 89CoC 95ql 3.89dmg Large rat pelt 1s 34c 70BotD 0.40kg 82ql 0.07 dmg mountain lion pelt 1s 5c 88CoC 0.80kg 98ql 0.78 dmg wild cat pelt 1s 32c Weapons 90RT 70ql Iron longsword 84RT 70ql Iron longsword 77RT 60ql Iron longsword 74RT 70ql Iron longsword 73RT 71ql Iron longsword 70RT 71ql Iron longsword 96RT 73ql Huge iron axe 91RT 72ql Huge iron axe 90RT 73ql Huge iron axe 95RT 72ql Large iron maul We also supply these items: - Unfinished HotS guard tower = 1s or FREE (check here!) When finished in freedom isles, it will show HotS tower texture but spawn freedom guards, can be mailed How it looks like: ​ - HotS wagon = 5s pick up 6s delivered (it is big and fill almost all room in the knarr) How it looks like: ​ - HotS purple banner = 60c (can't be mailed) - HotS purple flag = 60c (can't be mailed) All items will be mailed, COD paid by buyer. Exception for un-mailable items like banners then it can be picked up/delivered per case basis for a fee. Items also get damaged from storage and my smith are not in the same location with the merchant thus why they are not even counted in the pricing.
  3. Rare Archaeology Statue of Libila fragment (1 Rare fragment only) Activate the rare fragment when combining with your own plain fragments to transfer the rarity to your final Libby statue.  Make a magnificent statue to grace any deed! Your rare statue will glow when finished - I can provide instructions! This rare fragment when combined with your own plain fragments will make a beautiful rare Libila statue with outstretched wings! - see below! (Screenshot from Wiki / MrJonnyboy) Make it your own! Rare Fragment can be mailed COD or pickup available at Southport U18, Deliverance. Please keep auction comments for bids only - Feel free to pm me with any questions! 1 Rare fragment which you need to combine with your own pieces to create your rare Libby - Have fun! *NOTE: I have a limited number (46) of plain Libila fragments available at +10c each if you need additional pieces to combine with your own - just ask!* Buyout: 20s No Sniper Protection Low Start Bid: 15s <-----------------L@@K! Increment: Whatever! No Reserve
  4. Supreme Archaeology Statue of Libila Fragment 1 supreme fragment 1 supreme Libila fragment Activate this supreme fragment when combining with your own fragments to transfer the supreme rarity to your final Libila statue. Make a SHINY BLUE Libila! Your supreme statue will glow blue when finished - I will provide instructions! See below! (Screenshot from Wiki / MrJohnnyboy - your finished statue will shine blue!) I've never before found a supreme deity fragment - - so I'm pleased to be able to offer you this Libby in time for the winter break. Hard to find. Make it your own this year! Fragment can be mailed COD or pickup available at Southport U18, Deliverance. Please keep auction comments for bids only - Feel free to pm me with any questions! Have fun! Buyout: 50s No Sniper Protection Start Bid: 25s <-----------------L@@K! Increment: Whatever! No Reserve
  5. Looking for Worg Statue Fragments. Will trade any of the other fragments at a 1:1 ratio
  6. Feedback is appreciated. Temple is close to being done, will keep adding things to it.
  7. hi all .... i'm gonna auctioning my rare pickaxe [13:51:11] A tool for mining. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It has a benevolent aura. It could be improved with a lump. [13:51:11] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Fujiwara'. [13:51:11] A single bronze rune of Libila has been attached to it, so it will gather resources at a higher quality level (10%) [13:51:11] Blessings of the Dark has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained and speed with it when used. [100] Starting Bid: 5s Min Increase: 50c Reserve: None Buyout: None Snipe Protection: 1 Hour Happy Bidding All
  8. In reading the Official Responses from the Dev. Team, I have gathered that: 1. We know the current stituation is unfair. 2. The current situation will continue until we have developed the Perfect Solution in 6 months or so. 3. At the point the Perfect Solution is completed we will release it and all will be Balanced and Fair. Therefore, my forcast for my game play is: 1. For the next 9-18 months I can expect to see fewer and fewer Lib Players. 2. During that time period I can expect to continue to receive continued deliveries of Terraforming events as I can't compete competitively in the Valrei Game and there is no point anyway. 3. During that same period I can expect that my enemies will continue to accumulate Tomes and special armor materials unapposed, as well as add more WL & BL Player Gods to their menagerie. 4. At some point in that time period the Balanced and Fair system will be released. I will be told that all is good now. The fact that my enemies have had several years of unapposed play is irrelevant get out there and compete. As a special reward we will provide you with a new New Affliction to rebuild your deeds on because the New Affliction looks more like a moonscape than Old Affliction. Wargame: "A strange game, the only winning move is to not play."
  9. You seek the powers of the whisperer? Come, sons and daughters of Libila. Worshippers of the darkness and children of chaos. Now is the time to stand together against the forces of light. Now is the time to stand together as her Black Legion! Once, the Horde was feared. Once, the Horde demanded respect. After long years of fighting, of being oppressed by the forces of light, the Horde of the Summoned was but a shadow of its former self. Magranon’s power waxed while Vynora and Fo took a step back from human affairs. Libila was all but beaten down. She whispered to her children, demanding that someone answer her call. Calling loudly, she drew her most faithful towards her. Some had answered, but not enough. Enraged at this, Libila screamed with all her strength; breaking through mental barriers and driving people crazy far and wide. Her voice infected the world. People who’d never had an ill thought felt drawn to the dark lands. As her power grew, Libila whispered plans for a new way forward. Through the tools of order; chaos and destruction would be more easily spread. While Black Legion can trace some of it’s roots through most of Horde of the Summoned history, as a newly formed kingdom and the first HotS template PMK we are in the process of constructing an inclusive government to allow all a part, no matter your experience level. Black Legion has a host of excellent crafters and enchanters in house and continue to welcome people of all professions joining our kingdom. We may be ‘evil’, but barbarians we are not. Whether you wish to apply to join an existing settlement or build your own, we will endeavor to assist you as much as reasonably possible through the process. As mentioned above, our government is still under construction, however our village Senate has been convened and other offices are in the process of being filled. Both the Chief and Senator positions are held by elected officials with a round of nominations followed by a short campaign and of course a universal vote. Elected officials are subject to term limits so that all can have the opportunity to run for office. Join Black Legion today and help bring together an orchestra of death upon the lands of Chaos.
  10. From the Patch Notes linked above: As far as I know, it only works if you're converting followers of player gods. If a Smeagain follower tries to to convert a Libila follower, it says: [03:12:46] Libila will not accept that you leave the Horde of the Summoned for Smeagain. No, I'm not trying to leave HoTS, I'm in a HoTS PMK and being converted by a player in the same kingdom...
  11. Note: Due to Seedling's recent upcoming spring-cleaning (fall-cleaning?) of the Wikipedia, I am dumping some of the more complete battle records here. Unfortunately, some wiki pages referenced information that's no longer accessible, old forums, and etc. Attempting to dump the content as complete as possible from the wiki; though, issues may arise. Most of these are from older maps that no longer exist. EDIT: In fact this one and another are the only ones that happened on an existing map: Chaos, the Map Formerly Known As Wildv2. Siege of Libilian Outlawz Date: August 5th, 2007 Location: Libilian Outlaws Result: HOTS Victory, Successful Defence Kingdom: HOTS Jenn-Kellon Towns: Libilian Outlaws Hammerfell Kyara Independent Settlers Fort Mole Whosville Strength: 15-18 warriors Zombie Trolls Town Guards 29 warriors Pet Crocs and Bears The Jenn-Kellon army entered the dark, stinking northwestern troll lands, with the intent to destroy the new Libilian menace that inhabited these lands. A fortress under construction by Libilian Outlaws had been sighted by several scouts deep within the forests. Any BlackLight stronghold so close to WhiteLight lands could not be allowed. As the army marched approached, they were soon seen by a lone scout. The WL army, realizing the time and place of the attack had been revealed, decided to began preparing siege equipment immediately. There were far more defenders present then was expected, apparently they had been preparing even before sighting the attacking army, and had raised numerous Zombies to assist them. The determined attack force set up camp near the deed, right outside a large earthwork wall. It was soon realized by the attackers that the rear was much less fortified, but it was decided to continue attacking from the original position. An encampment and mine were quickly set up as the forces of LO came out with many zombie trolls to meet the attackers. Constant clashes occured around the area of the siege encampment. The defenders, while taking some losses, were unable to prevent the breaching attempts on the town's incomplete outer defenses. A section of the earthworks was breached in approximately an hour, and catapult strikes were being directed at the inner stone walls. A pathway to the town center was cleared so the attackers started to directly engage the town guards; however, constant pressure from defenders in the breach - despite heavy losses - forced the attacks back. The attackers at this point were weakened from many injuries caused by the enemies Zombies, while the defenders kept returning to fight again after their deaths. Constant counter-attacks and word of fresh reinforcements from other BlackLight towns, convinced the attackers to get ready to withdraw. However, a deep shaft was opened by the mining team, and several attackers and their rescuers became stuck. A significant chunk of the attackers force became busy with rescue, and they found themselves outnumbered on the surface. When the BL executed a savage attack, the WLers went on the defensive and they were pushed into their seige encampment, as stragglers from the mine trickled in. The camp was surrounded and the BL used zombie trolls and mauls to break in. The WL army panicked, grabbed what loot was at hand and fled towards the safety of a nearby outpost. The majority of the raidforce was able to make it to the outpost; however, several warriors fell behind and were slaughtered with no attempt made to aid them... Since that fateful day, the northwestern lands have fallen more and more under the taint of the Goddess Libila. EDIT: Almost too easy... -.-
  12. Hi im looking to buy a priest account for Vynora or Libila I'm looking for frequent casts. Woa and coc or BOTD. Not really bothered about the cast strength as i will be playing it as well For now i dont have a budget so just make me an offer.
  13. Hello fellow wurmians today I need your knowledge!, One of the greatest mysteries today in wurm online is that we dont really know anything about one of the oldest gods Libila. Suggestions, myths have spread what kind of affinity/bonus Libila really has but none have found proof through testing or searching in the code for it. Follower bonuses/Kingdom bonuses What we do know now is that if u are a follower of libila and part of HOTS you can: 1. Absorb Mycelium that heals a wound and removes the mycelium (no diety required) 2. Fills the Nutrition bar/Food bar while standing on mycelium over a long peroid of time to 99 (max) Priest bonuses We got codes like: deity.enemyBonus = 30.0f; deity.monsterBonus = 20.0f; deity.destroyWallBonus = 10.0f; (At 60 faith and 30 favor it cuts your effective weight in half on mycelium, /wood/road/rock for Fo/Vyn/Mag gods, this should work for either of the gods as far as anyone can tell) But they never check/activate, aswell as the myth about having 10% fighting skill bonus that there is no real proof for either. Wurm Unlimited have a 25% dmg bonus for libila but it doesnt apply in Wurm Online. So what really is Libilas priest bonus?
  14. I have discovered a problem on the Wyvern and Wyvern PvP servers. Apparently I cannot convert from Libila to Vynora on PvE because I started first as Libila on PvP. The only way to fix this problem which shouldn't exist in the first place would be to reset my faith to 1 and become Vynora first on PvE. This seems to be part of the mechanics but it is also illogical and has to reason for existence. If there is anyone who works on server mechanics please fix this problem or let me know when this problem can be fixed.
  15. So I came across this thread(Model for the Scepter of Ascension) by Emoo, and thought why not draw what I think it should look like! Wasn't too sure if I should have done this thread in the suggestions section. Either way, here it is.. Let me know what you think, its just my impression of what I think it looks like. - A large bulky sceptre, made from shiny white steel with black steel thorns attached to the head. It has a malevolent aura. Ql: 90.0, Dam: 0.0. - It is enchanted with Fo's demise, and has an aggressive aura towards Fo. Sneak peak on next project ...Yeah its Libila- what a surprise!
  16. [21:36:11] <Alexgopen> hots template pmks in the past have always been able to have libila followers and priests though [21:36:48] <Enki> thats what I thought, but I asked Rolf and htati s what he told me. apaprently PMKs were not intendd ot have Libila [21:37:06] <Enki> I explained the issue to him in several ways to make sure he understood that there were Libila players in PMKs Apparently HotS template PMKs are not supposed to be able to have libila, fo, vyn, or mag followers as per Enki who asked Rolf. This would mean that before the addition of player gods, hots template PMKs should not have been able to have ANY priests. This is obviously not the case. Converting to a libila follower as part of a HotS template PMK is currently not possible. The only religions available are Tosiek and Nathan. According to Enki this is intended behavior, but I suggest that this be changed, because it would make no sense to have denied any form of priesthood to HotS template PMKs in the past, and it makes no sense to deny libila religion to them now that player gods have been added. Allow Libila (black light) religion for black light pmks. Possible Religions BL PMK WL PMK Libila NO NO Fo NO YES Vynora NO YES Magranon NO YES Nahjo NO YES Tosiek YES YES Nathan YES YES How is this balance?
  17. Wicked playground for the mad, Bakery of undead, and neutral ground for curious wurm players. Here in Deathfell we turn sane people insane, dance with the corpses, and sell their souls to Libila! We are now open for recruitment, regardless of whether you wish to be a fighter, crafter, or builder, and to play with us full time or part time. History Deathfell is a Black Legion village. Construction began on 24 June 2014 and the deed was founded on 06 July 2014. Built upon a lot of blood and adrenalin, we pride ourselves for being insane enough to keep going while enemies push us. What do we offer? - Be part of building the village and growing one of the underdog kingdoms of Chaos. - An active alliance that is willing (and happy) to help each other. - Community! We work together, bonding for greater teamwork (or brotherhood). - Be part of our events and evil cultist ceremonies! Stay tuned on this thread for comics! And check this thread for our newsletter! - Supplied gear and tools so you don't have to bring your valuables here. - A chance to experiences the KvK (Kingdom vs Kingdom) side of wurm, with big drama like the Game of Thrones. ps: death by another player only results in 0.01 body, 0.01 body strength, and 0.25 FS lost, no other skills are affected. - Play both in chaos and freedom if you want to, or stay here full time to receive the greatest love hatred of Libila! Some screenshots How do I join? Click the apply button below and don't forget to mention that you wish to join Deathfell! Or contact Nicrolis
  18. They are representatives of fighting gods, thats what they do.
  19. It's a rather widespread opinion that priests are kinda crap as mains for non-pvp purposes. So lets change that. I've been working on a list of some non-combat pve changes for priests. The main concept is to not remove restrictions and rather enhance what they can do while being lore friendly about it. The faith level required to activate the perks isn't a big concern atm. note: the focus is not on pvp, but rather everyday life. So without further ado, here is some new stuff im suggesting: Fo = Double quantity from foraging/botanizing. Receives 1 additional product from forestry/gardening/farming. The quality diffrense from 100ql for gathered nature items is 25% less. Can care for 50% more animals. Mag = Twice as many gems while mining. 1ql higher ore from mining. Uses 15% less stamina while mining. Prospecting works in a 11x11 field instead of 7x7. Spark of Magranon (spell - 5 favor) - Lits forges/lamps/ovens etc. (if there is fuel) Vynora = Double Swim speed while not hurting (same stamina drain per meter). The quality diffrense from 100ql for fish gained while fishing is 50% less. 5 times higher chance to catch rare fish. (this does not include supreme nor fantastic) All crafted items receives 5 additional quality (this bonus can only boost up to 95ql). Paving timers are reduced by 50%. Can write twice as much on a papyrus. Libila = Can devour corpses. 30 second timer and causes the "butchered" status without loot (does not destroy pre-excisting loot). It's counted as a 0.2kg 20ql meal and heals 5hp 4 times on random wounds and gives 10 seconds of sleep bonus. Black mushrooms nutritional value is counted as a 100ql meal and gives 2 minutes of sleep bonus. All other mushrooms give 5 seconds of sleep bonus. 2 seconds of sleep bonus for killing any npc. 10 bonus quality on non-unique butchered items (this bonus can only boost up to 95ql). 10% stamina reduction on all non-combat related actions at night. All priests = +15ql to all beverages starting quality (doesn't stack with vynoras bonus) So what do people think?
  20. As the Bone Altar reads, “Are you ready to join the Horde of the Summoned? Know that if you choose not to, you are against me!†The Horde of the Summoned is a Kingdom with a long rich history of war, brutality, deception, and both victories and defeats. It is often perceived as the uncivilized kingdom that is populated by savages who follow no rules or honor, only hatred. The kingdom follows only one God, Libila, who requires her followers to use terror, deception, torture, death, and sacrifices. The Horde is not a kingdom for everyone, and new players will face many struggles, hardships, accusations, and will be forced to earn the trust of others before being accepted. The Horde of the Summoned, commonly known as "HotS" or "HOTS", is the smallest of the four kingdoms (JK, MR, BL and HotS) on Chaos(Wild), and often presents more of a challenge to new players because their traditions and small population. Equipment like tools, armor, and weapons are earned through work, dedication, and or PvP, and tends not to be sold abundantly on merchants. This gives players more sense of pride to rightfully earn their equipment as opposed to be given it for free. Followers of Libila are meant to be evil, and are told to use deceptive tactics in order to succeed. Therefore, the game won't punish you when stealing, lockpicking, or even attacking fellow Horde members. Libila priests also possess some of the strongest spells for PvP, including spells that can drain health or stamina, create mycelium, summon zombies, and even rebirth dead animals (including Champions) into zombie pets. The Horde of the Summoned is ruled by an Emperor or Empress, who is in turn chosen by the Cobra King at random when the position is vacant. The Emperor/Empress may appoint titles and honours, and their tenure is judged on the Kingdom stats viewable from any village token. The Emperor is typically considered a figurehead, and does not have absolute power in the Kingdom save for the aforementioned office appointing power. On Chaos, The Horde of the Summoned exists around The Shroud in the south of Chaos(Wild), and hold a very small share of the map. Libila's converting speech Look at you. Pitiful creature. You seek the powers of the Whisperer? They may be available. Know that I personally will not help you much. But I am bound to tell you that she will. To tell the truth - She rewards me for recruiting you. People say much about us. They think we lie. And yes we do. We lie about a lot of things, but not about the truth. Truth is everything will end. Truth is some of us will be rewarded greatly by Her some day. Libila will not accept her having been betrayed by the other gods. Your contract with her is to help her, and she will help you. Her aim is to gain control here, and your goal is to stop the others from gaining it instead. You are expected and required to use all effective means available: Terror, deception, torture, death, sacrifices. Are you ready to join the Horde of the Summoned? Know that if you choose not to, you are against us! [media]
  21. So now that they made our horses able to eat mycelium on Chaos; we should have the ability to enchant it as well. Now mycelium has same growth levels as grass and can be easily packed by animals, yet we dont have the ability to enchant it. Please make this small change to it, it only affects animals so there shouldn't me much objection.
  22. Finally after making a few adjustments the design is complete. Im sorry it took so long but I had to learn to use photoshop myself to finish the hyena. The design represents Libila (ghostly Libila background) ordering her minions (hyena) to destroy all her enemies (Anaconda, Gorilla, Wildboar) In the design you can see the hyena ripped the head of the anaconda off; mauled the gorilla to death and forced the wild boar to submission. Hope you guys enjoy the design. It will be in-game very soon.
  23. Quick Sale for all you blacklight priests out there 5silver Pm me or Post ty.
  24. Ideas for the new map. Eternal darkness... there's never a day cycle. In exchange the BL can see in the dark, eyes glow red (night vision/red eyes can be toggled).