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Found 56 results

  1. ===FRUIT=== ===CROPS=== ===WOAD=== ===COCHINEALS=== ===SPROUTS=== ===MEAT=== ===EGGS=== ===HIDES=== ===WOOL=== ===ANIMAL BITS=== ===JUICES+OILS+MILK=== ===MEALS / CHEESE=== ===HERBS & SPICES=== Free delivery to any coast. Can always pickup at Deli H8(Sunburst) After 3 orders you will automatically go to my '20% off list' for all future ones
  2. Muse's Crops and Materials at Southport U18 Deli (U18 in game map, or at O24 on the Deliverance community map) For those of you who have asked to see my stock list, here it is. :o) (All items and prices subject to availability and may change without notice) Please PM me in game (Muse) for all items. Thanks Swap-shop! Currently accepting the following in exchange or part exchange for items! - Currently offering the following items in exchange for above swaps or coins! -
  3. Hours of sitting on a cold hard cart or wagon picking up foraged items day after day? - I was bound to suffer from this malady eventually... Yes, you've guessed it - Mis-labelled piles. I had been foraging grass tiles in the middle of the steppe, with not a single tree nearby. Two of the dropped piles were labelled "Pile of birchwood sprout", but there were absolutely no birchwood sprouts in the piles. "Birchwood" seems to be a generic label for a collection of different sprouts, and as the piles contained a predominantly large number of different sprouts, this name was chosen for the pile name, which is a little misleading. This issue was mentioned by a player back in 2010, but didn't receive a response:
  4. Hi some items i like to sell, PM me offers plz, 3k Rockshards 65c/k ---------------------- Fork ql2 Coc85 60c Large shield iron ql10 coc89 65c Pickaxe ql63 10c Pickaxe ql 56 Woa27 10c Rake ql 64 6c Spatula ql 55 Both86 55c Sickle ql 18 2c Short bow willow ql45 10c File ql38 5c Spindel ql62 botd51 20c Rope tool oak ql47 9c Hatchet steel ql58 17c 5x Goblin skull 25c/e Clay shaper ql66 both68 45c Mallet ql64 4c Scythe ql34 7c Metal brush ql34 5c Long bow ql27 9c Large anvil ql48 9c Shovel ql56 9c recipe unfermented rum 1c ------------------------------------------------- Sprouts,Seedlings and Flowers 75i/e + Cod1c Oak or Willow 9c/e Dotted flowers 19c/e ------------------------------- I also can make any pottery items ql50. Small amphora 5c/e , Large amphora 10c/e .. ql10 I have 74 (ql68-76)Hot food cooking: Pizza with full CCFP! 10kg 19c/e Affinity-Pizza ~4kg any affinity you like 17c/e (first bite ~3hrs) Affinity-Pizza 10kg,any affinity you like 24c/e (first bite ~9hrs) bangers and mash full CCFP 2.75kg 9c/e Meal 6c Affinty meals 9c/e ~3kg+ (~3hr timer one or two bites) Also do request different weight or food. (wrapping is free) Greets Aroma, hope to hear form you soon. Pm or leave a MSG Send a MSG with your affinity key and your order if i'm not online. To find out your Key affinity .. make a bear meal -> in a oven ..use frying-pan add 1 bear meat and 1 corn (do not dice or chop them) then tast it and that affinity is your key That is the info i need to make affinity meals/pizza
  5. Not always sure whether to start a new thread, or resurrect an old one. Given the timing of past threads, I decided to start a new one relating to past ones. The topic came up recently in one of the Valrei International discussions. I got curious as to why it isn't possible to pick a sprout from horseback and wanted to know more about the history of requests. Two reasons seemed to come up as cause for a -1: Macro - Some seemed to say it would make it easier to macro. Others disagreed. I wouldn't call it conclusive and honestly don't think I would consider it a viable reason for a -1. A vast majority of players are not looking to macro and should not be punished for the occasional bad apple. Where's the line! - A more popular reason seems to be where we draw the line as to what can be done on horseback. The most common response, and a compelling one imho, is to point out all the things we can already do on horseback. The line wasn't drawn then, it shouldn't be drawn here. Things we can do from horseback currently, as far as I can tell, please add others you know of: Imping Arrows. Repairing Armor. Paving? Healing Self. Healing Others. Butchering. Burying. Lighting a forge. Plant Cat's Eyes. (Thanks Muse!) Saccing. (As per MrGary in Alyeska's thread.) Collecting snowballs (As per Cecci in Alyeska's thread.) Reinforcing. (As per JakeRivers in Alyeska's thread.) Past threads: 2010 :: only 2 responses, both -1. 2011 :: +10, -5 2012 :: +5, -1 2014 :: Yes 92, No 28. A poll made by Protunia who had been a -1 in both previous threads. Now a +1. Many of the -1's in the body of the thread are more about disdain for Protunia than the suggestion. 2015-->2017 :: +31, -4 An interesting idea was brought up by @Tavariellin the 2014 thread. The idea being linking the ability to do certain things on horseback to the related skill, or perhaps to body control. Based on all the above, I would propose we push this through to implementation before a 2019 thread. Thank you much.
  6. 5000 Hops Seedlings 97+ql Offers in a pm please, or to Muse in game - if you want a different quantity or different type of seedlings or sprouts just ask Start your own hop garden! UPDATE: Will split and sell any amount - if 5000 is too many!
  7. 5000 Orange tree sprouts 96+ql Offers in a pm please, or to Muse in game - if you want a different quantity just ask UPDATE: Will split and sell any amount - if 5000 is too many!
  8. 5000 Hazelnut bush sprouts 97+ql Offers in a pm please, or to Muse in game - if you want a different quantity or different type of sprouts just ask (Nuts can be used to add extra Fat to CCFP meals such as pizzas) UPDATE: Will split and sell any amount - if 5000 is too many!
  9. 5000 Raspberry sprouts 98+ql 5000 Blueberry sprouts 98+ql Offers in a pm please, or to Muse in game - if you want one or both types, or a different quantity or different type of seedlings or sprouts just ask UPDATE: Will split and sell any amount - if 5000 is too many!
  10. Hello everyone, On Xanadu, linked to Glasshollow, Linton, Summerholt, Vrock landing, Newspring, Greymead, Whitefay. I wish to sell some materials I've currently in stock: Feta cheese : 84QL, 1k in stock – 1s/100 Cheese : 92QL , 900 in stock – 90c/100 Sprouts/seedlings : various kind – 1c each Large crates : 10c each – on demand Rare Iron lump : 4 in stock – 10c each Rare Gold lump : 10c Rare rounded stock brick : 10c Rare lump zinc : 45ql – 13dmg – 8c 2 k stone brick : 1.5s/1k Bison milk: 4 small barrel in stock (45kg) - 20c each 4 dotted flowers: 20c each Leave a message or pm me.
  11. wts

    wts most prices are marked, or just make an offer..
  12. Plan your trades and trade your plans... Free Haven is offering leather working, tailoring and forestry services! Leatherworking: - Saddles: 40QL - 15c 50QL - 20c 60QL - 30c - Toolbelts: 30QL - 5c 40QL - 15c 50QL - 20c 60QL - 30c - Backpacks and water skins Creation QL - 2c - Leather studded armour: 30QL - 5c / piece 40QL - 8c / piece 50QL - 10c / piece 60QL - 15c / piece - Plain leather armour: 30QL - 4c / piece 40QL - 6c / piece 50QL - 8c / piece 60QL - 12c / piece Tailoring: - Satchels: Creation QL - 2c - Small square sails: Creation QL - 2c - Square sails: Creation quality - 4c - Triangular sails: Creation QL - 3c - Kingdom Tabards: Creation QL - 1c Sprouts & Fruits:
  13. selling off my stock of sprouts and fruit. delivery is possible for orders of 10s+! If you pick it up most items have a 50% discount (does not apply if order is 1s or less!) Pickup location: with Ships N15 Xanadu (only Knarrs fit through the tunnel) - per Land L15 Xanadu (Atrocitas) accepting sleep powder 1s and referrals 6s as alternate payment. Fruits 90ql+ 1.5s/100 (50% Discount for pickup =75c/100) 4137 Cherries ql96,95 4850 Apples ql92,11 9024 Lemons ql95,39 2232 Olives ql97 1401 Walnuts ql97,95 1306 Walnuts ql 93,98 857 Pinenuts ql96,96 Fruits 70ql+ 1.2s/100 (50% Discount for pickup =60c/100) 1780 Cherries ql85,85 1671 Blue Grapes ql88,44 1451 Olives ql86,77 Fruits 30ql+ 1s/100 (50% Discount for pickup =50c/100) 2124 Lemons ql33,93 1827 Olives ql42 New Fruits 2s/100 214 Oranges ql96,95 481 Hazelnuts ql97,94 Sprouts 1s/100 (50% Discount for pickup =50c/100) 2569 Apple ql76 1542 Olive ql76 0 Maple ql77 1487 Cherry ql81 968 Walnut ql77 700 Cedar ql79 106 Lavender ql75 629 Thorn ql76 483 Camelia ql78 465 Birch ql72 314 Rose ql77 New & rare Sprouts 2s/100 353 Orange ql81 75 Oak ql74 Maple Sap ql96+ 2s/Small Barrel - 40 barrels in stock
  14. =Enchanted= 71QL leather knife,iron 93botd- 2,5 silver 89QL ropetool, oak 86 botd-1,6silver 86QL ropetool oak 80woa 85coc-1,6s 18QL ropetool oak 88coc-1,8s 80QLpickaxe,iron 85botd-1,5silver 74QL pickaxe 86woa 79coc-1,5s 77QL pickaxe 83botd-1,3s 83QL hatchet 86botd-1,6s 83QL hatchet 84botd-1,4s 84QL hatchet 90botd-2s 76QL hatchet 92botd-2,2s 82QL hatchet 85botd-1,5s 72QL hatchet 82woa 72coc-1,5s 44QL large maul 73aosp 84coc 67N-2,6s 51QL huge axe 79MS 87coc 74LT 87N-5s 44QL bridle 83botd-1,3s 46QL bridle 84botd-1,4s 39QL saddle 88botd-1,8s 78QL chisel 74woa-60c 22QL grooming brush oak 73coc-60c 39QL carving knife 80woa-1s 83QL scissors 71botd-80c 90QL clayshaper,oak 90botd-2,5silver 82QL spatula,oak 84botd-2silver 83Ql mallet,oak 86 botd- 1,7silver 81QL mallet,oak 81botd-1,5silver =Pelts= 85QL large rat pelt 96botd-2,5 silver 85QL large rat pelt 92botd-2 silver 91QL large rat pelt 82botd-1s =Meditation rugs= 61QL meditation rug 87coc-1,5s 59QL meditation rug 85coc-1,3s 8QL beautiful meditation rug 86coc-1,5s 11QL fine meditation rug 83coc-1,5s 13QL fine meditation rug 83coc-1,5s =Rares= 5QL rare clay shaper, cedarwood- 4s 84QL rare horsheshoe-4s 95QL fantastic tin knapsack-10s =Food= 98QL rice,10k-1s per k 98QL wemp 8k-1s per k =Bulks= Bricks 3k-2s per k Mortar 1k-2,5s 36QL hide 2,8k-2,5s 60QL hide 1,4k- 1,5s 83QL hide 400-1s per 100 15QL wool 1,6k- 3,5s 1k cotton 75QL-1s Animal bits all potencies and QL's alltogether 12,3k-1,5silver per k PM Raldon or Zoranah ingame for info! Pickup Deli H8-Sunburst
  15. Hello Xanadians. Xanaders... xanaduienas... Ya'll. I've recently settled here, on an absolutely amazing location. One issue... i have walnut and maple and something like pine in the area, but little to no trees of other varieties. Could someone(many) send me a few sprouts from various sources? I'll pay shipping. Most liked: Oak, Apple, Cherry, Grape, Willow, though I'd take all varieties. Thanks for any help in advance.
  16. Sold Out for now, will be picking more. PM if you're interested.
  17. All items are on Release, buyer picks up as I cannot deliver. Will entertain offers! Everything is sold! Close please Leaving the game so I am motivated to move items, pm me if interested in anything! 98ql wemp x 8800 / 5s Pickaxe 79ql - 95 WoA / 1s Pickaxe 80ql - 96 WoA / 1s Hammer 80ql - 97 CoC / 1s Hatchet 78ql - 98 WoA / 2s Sapphire Staff / 3s Emerald Staff / 3s Taking offers on the following, looking to sell the whole lot, (all sprouts / all animal parts / all the lamps) Sold the below items. Brass Lamps x 121 Total of 2401 Sprouts Birchwood x 127 Pinewood x 106 Maplewood x 95 Firwood x 25 Lindenwood x 23 Lavenderwood x 247 Chestnut x 38 Oakenwood x 44 Walnut x 84 Cedarwood x 798 Camelliawood x 242 Oleanderwood x 117 Grapewood x 92 Rosewood x 94 Applewood x 60 Cherrywood x 49 Olivewood x 160 Animal Parts Glands x 843 Teeth x 731 Cochinels x 1187 Animal fat x 768 hoves x 184 Long horns x 50 Bladders x 170 Woad x 231 paws x 1016 Tails leather x 278
  18. I'm having a bit of a clear-out, and I'm sure there are folks out there who can make use of this stuff. Items are located Southern Release, buyer pays CoD or you're welcome to collect. 20c per for the rare mortars and supreme shards 15c per for the sprouts 10c per for everything else Original item list:
  19. Lots of bulk for sale, more will be added soon. Pick-up only, north west xanadu F9 Coastal access must supply own crates too. Cooked Meat (44ql) 12,000 1.25s/1k (PC i got was 2s/1k but will sell for less: 1.25s/1k) Wemp: 12,000 (84.7QL) 75c/1k Oak sprouts: 100 49ql 100/1s
  20. Deliverable to any coastal area on freedom isles. (although it may take me a while to get there.) willing to trade for gems @ 1ql=1c (rounded up. 10.1ql = 11c) 150+ support beams 4c/beam(incomplete) 5c/beam(complete) * reserved (partially complete with separate ribbon, or completed while you wait, at location) 30 concrete 1c/each 1kg 100ql iron lump 10c (OBO) 7kg 98ql iron lump 50c 1kg 96ql iron lump 5c 30 30ql cheese 50i/each (OBO) 20 30ql sprouts 50i/each (no oak, thorn, or cedar) 10 30ql flowers 50i/each (orange-red, purple, yellow, white) 19 20ql woad 50i/each 12 40ql woad 1c/each 1 60ql woad 2c
  21. I want to sell sprouts, this is what I have in stock at the moment: Grape 200x, 2s Oak 50x, 1s Maple 100x, 1s Cedar 100x, 1s Pick up at M22 Release Will be updated when new sprouts are in stock
  22. I'm not sure if this is a bug, or was an intended 'feature', but I've been combing the forests the past few weeks (Before a break because family showed up IRL) and chopping olives...and started to notice newly sprouted trees coming in with lawn below them... I really noticed this because I've been training my foraging/botanizing and the trees with lawn below them don't allow you to forage/botanize/cut grass on them. This isn't old abandoned deeds with leftover lawn either...this is way up in the boonies of a mountainside covered in olives which basically hasn't been touched except for my forays into it. They all show as 'The lawn is neatly trimmed' under tree sprouts in newly grown sprouts, or second stage sprouts. (These olives spit out new sprouts constantly and I'm cutting them back and noticing this all over in the forests.) I had noticed you guys were 'bug squashing' lawn stuff on PvP servers and wondered if perhaps this was an unintended side effect...
  23. Current stock Lavender (11,000x) Price offers Lavender (100x) - 80 (copper) Lavender (1,000x) - 8 (silver) Delivery is free on Deliverance. Will only deliver to other servers if the requested amount is 1,000 or more.
  24. Hello people, Due to inactivity on one of our deeds we are selling some bits and pieces we have lying there. There's no fixed prices so just send me a message with a decent(!) offer and we'll see what can be arranged. Below is a list of what we currently have lying around and are hoping someone might find an interest in. Happy browsing! Sprouts - 1200 Lavender sprouts - 100 Oak sprouts - 1400 Camellia sprouts - 300 Grape sprouts - 250 Birch sprouts - 100 Walnut sprouts - 200 Pine sprouts Hides and Leather - 350 Furs at 55 ql - 126 Hides at 45 ql - 70 Hides at 73 ql - 300 Hides at 16 ql Cotton and Cloth - 300 Cotton at 93 ql Lumps and Ore - 600 Iron lumps at 50 ql - 100 Lead ore at 40 ql - 400 Iron lumps at 25 ql - 150 Silver lumps at 30 ql - 150 Copper lumps at 40 ql - 100 Silver lumps at 60 ql Food and Meat - 300 cooked meat at 83 ql - 200 strawberries at 55 ql Coal - 300 Coal at 25 ql Random bits and pieces - 60 ql Toolbelt - 62 ql Great Steel Helm - Construction Materials - 700 Small nails - 400 Large nails - 400 Ribbons
  25. *11x sleep powder - - 1.25s each *1 kg seryll 80 ql - - 3s *Rare Unfinished small barrel - - 2s *Sprouts:Maple 260 --- 85c/100 Grape 150 ----90c/100Camelia 370 ----1s/100 I can deliver everywhere on Exodus, or if you want to pick up: I live far south Exodus T22.I do also deliver to coast at Celebration and Deliverance for free. I can deliver to Independence and SE Xanadu and up to where I can cross server to deli for 1s Pm here or ingame, same name ingame