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  1. Congratulations on the winning bid Erhid Item will be mailed shortly [12:08:47] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to reach Erhid in less than ten minutes.
  2. Good afternoon Ladies and Gents Up for auction is a beautiful Iron Rare Hatchet with BoTD 107 and gathering rune No Buy Out/ No Reserve Sniper protection 1hr Starting Bid 1s Min Increase 1s
  3. Congratulations to the winner and thanks to all who viewed and placed a bid.
  4. i am soon up and fixing everything for u, ill drop a guard tower on coast to show it off.

  5. hope u get it sold, seems like some ppl dont know the prices on theese ^^

  6. Good afternoon Ladies and Gents This Auction if for a Beautiful HoTS complete set showed in the picture below. So polish them silvers, grab a seat and get ready to bid. No Buy Out/ No Reserve Sniper protection 1hr PM Bids are Welcome for non forum wurmians but they will be posted here on Auction so they will become public PM Ahsesino in game with your bid Starting Bid 16s Min Increase 1s Items can be delivered to ALL SFI servers if coastal, near server borders. Sorry no Chaos deliveries This auction is for the following Items as a set: 2 Hots Tall Banners 2 HoTS Small Banners 2 HoTS Flags 1 HoTS Pavilion 1 HoTS Military Tent 1 HoTS Unfinished Guard Tower 1 Beautiful HoTS Wagon in Lavender finish to complement its purty purple canvas
  7. As per your PM; yes I'm interested please COD to Ahsesino.
  8. Looking to buy 1kg of scale if you still have some, black in color. COD to Ahsesino pls
  9. Hello all I have a rare strange bone in northern freedom isles (Harmony) for sale, to be paid for in southern freedom isles ( Old Cluster). I've notice they sell for 50s at NFI so I'm asking 45s for it. if interested pm Ahsesino in game or send message here.
  10. hello, are the shoes still for sale?
  11. 1k charcoal for pick up on Wednesday character name Sanchito
  12. Tyvm Theinnkeeper, Thinking of holding on to it till we can get seryll on the new cluster for a weapon
  13. Tyvm COD to Sanchito pls since Ahsesino is on the old cluster