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Found 47 results

  1. Let's have some Bonsai trees! - This is not a new idea, but a popular request that just needs some fertile soil to produce fruit! Start with a Sprout and a pottery planter or large planter The Bonsai tree starts small and has 4 growth stages At the end of each stage the Bonsai is ready to prune / train Use scissors to prune, and copper wires to train it so that it progresses to the next stage. At the first stage the tree produces 1 nut / fruit, at the second stage 2 nuts / fruits and so on until the maximum 4 nuts / fruits at the 4th stage. Gardening skill is used to create, prune, train and to harvest. You can have 4 Bonsai per tile like trellis They can be grown indoors, outdoors or underground. They not affected by the Wild Growth spell There are two sizes, both suitable for growing indoors The larger planter Bonsai trees are the nut trees: chestnut, walnut, pine, and oak, and smaller pottery planter ones are the fruit trees and hazel bush. Smaller pottery planter Bonsai's can be picked up and moved if required. Bonsai do not decay on deed. I think it would be both a source of fun, and a productive pastime.
  2. Occurs temporarily when a felled tree falls over shallow water ... disappears once the tree is at 'rest" on the ground
  3. It is somewhat tedious (and, depending on body strenght, even not possible to get a felled tree on a wagon, cart, or ship. One has to pick up the tree (maybe two trees at one time depending on str and items carried), and move them from inventory to the vehicle. Instead, it should be possible to use the "load cargo" option.
  4. 2000 Orangewood tree sprouts 97ql (Orangewood sprouts have been shown to work fine with achievements and personal goals) Quick 2 day auction to clear Winners agree to pickup from Southport U18 Deliverance, or that lot will be offered to the next bidder Please keep auction comments for bids only - Feel free to pm me with any questions!  Buyout: PM with offers. No Sniper Protection Start Bid: 2s <-----------------L@@K! Increment: Whatever! No reserve.
  5. Pine tree stumps look like birch tree stumps. Reported to me by a neighbour, and confirmed.
  6. 8,500 Orangewood sprouts in two lots: a, and b Please state which lot(s) you are bidding on when placing a bid Lot a ) 4,000 orangewood sprouts Lot b ) 4,500 orangewood sprouts These sprouts definitely do work for the plant 5000 trees personal goal - 2 happy past customers! All 97+ql +Free BSB for each winner Each buyer must agree to pickup BSB from Southport U18 Deliverance, or that lot will go to the next bidder! Have fun! For each lot: Buyout: 24s No sniper protection Start Bid: 1s <-----------------L@@K! Increment: Whatever! No Reserve.
  7. Does anyone know a way to set paint terrain to make all trees that are painted centered? I'm able to center them by editing the data, but that has to be done individually for each tree after the terrain is already painted...
  8. 5000 Orange tree sprouts 96+ql Offers in a pm please, or to Muse in game - if you want a different quantity just ask UPDATE: Will split and sell any amount - if 5000 is too many! **Orangewood sprouts currently do not work with the "Plant # Trees" personal goal (as of 15 May 2018)**
  9. Currently, enchanted grass serves some kind of actual purpose, even if you give up the ability to forage/botanize/gather on it. However, enchanting a tree is 100% useless. From my testing over the past week or so, I've confirmed that an enchanted tree tile: Cannot be foraged/botanized. Cannot have grass gathered from under it. Cannot have a sprout picked. Cannot be harvested. Continues to age like a normal tree. Goes back to "Young" age after "Shriveled" like a normal tree. In other words, in the current game, an enchanted tree is just a regular tree you can't actually interact with except by cutting it down. An enchanted tree is strictly and in almost every way less useful than a normal tree of the same type. This is abjectly pointless, and makes enchanting a tree a total waste of an enchant. It might as well actually have some use, no? My proposal: Enchanted trees should act like they do now, except you can harvest from them (like a normal tree) and their age is frozen at whatever its age is at the time of enchanting. If you want a gigantic oak tree to stick around on your deed, enchant it when it's shriveled. If you want a bunch of nice lavender bushes or something you can harvest with less active maintenance, enchant them when they're mature or something. If this being too permanent is an issue, maybe make the enchantment wear off after some relatively long period (months?) so you may have to re-enchant at some point, to avoid deeds just doing it to every harvestable tile they have over a period of years, if that would be considered a problem at all. I feel like this would give enchanting trees an actual purpose without breaking much of anything. Anyone agree, or see any problems with this?
  10. Every time I get out my saw and a log, I make yokes. Perhaps this is a good prep activity to get the blood flowing, but after a while, I just end up with too much fancy firewood to know what to do with. Now, I know this is my fault, but I would LOVE some sort of patch that makes it so that when I open the crafting window, I don't already have yokes or anything else for that matter pre-selected. In other words, start out having nothing selected and then force the user to select something before crafting commences. That way, when we're a little unfocused, we don't always get things started with a pile of yokes XD
  11. Logged in , No trees showing up. On deed . Could see trees off deed, Was fine 8 hours ago. I did not change any settings Relog did not fix the issue. One setting in graphics did fix the issue. Click Pretty Trees under Adv. Graphics Solved the issue . Now have Trees Running two clients and same issue for both. Same fix for both
  12. New renderer performance seems pretty good for me, mostly better than the old one, especially when around a bunch of dynamic light sources. I'm getting 60fps (vsync'd) in most places, which is neat. ... Then if I go near trees, it goes completely to hell. Seriously, standing inside a single almost-mature young fir tree drops it from 60+ down to 45. Being in a fir forest brings it down to 10-15. Disabled transparency AA in NVidia Control Panel to see if that was the problem, but that didn't help. Also occurs at night, so I don't think it's shadow-related. System info: I'm 370% willing to help test what might be causing this, if anybody has any ideas or wants me to test anything.
  13. I just planted all the new trees and bushes in a mini orchard. Young to mature on all of them and not a single visible mark in the snow for any of them. Not a huge deal, but the graphics should be added at some point?
  14. Newest rift will happen in the remaining part of the forest south of Gallifrey & New raxa, I announce my intent to replant the rift site afterward and the nearby area as follow : Seeing the whole area south of echo lake was trees till someone decided to clear cut all of it and replace them with oaks (despite the neighbors will and/or approval) and with the GM rulling to allow 20 tiles of oaks around his deeds, it's time to make the replanting official and hope this post will make it clear that the highlighted area will be forest again and said individual should stop cutting all the freshly replanted trees. (which have now been done 3 times.) FAQ:
  15. Can we please have cocoa trees that give cocoa?
  16. 4 new actions: Heavy Prune and Revitalise that may be used on bushes/trees when a sickle is selected and uproot and graft which may be used on hedges. Heavy prune takes a tree back an entire age group (old (any stage) -> mature (initial stage) for example). Unlocks at 50 forestry, 1.5x difficulty of a regular prune. Works on very old, old and mature trees/bushes only. Revitalise takes a withered tree and turns it into a mature one. Unlocks at 80 forestry, double difficulty of a regular prune. Uproot removes a hedge and returns 5 sprouts of that hedge type +1 for each additional growth stage (so a stage 3 hedge gives 7 sprouts). Unlocks at 60 forestry, double difficulty of pruning. Graft replaces a hedge's texture with the sprout grafted to it. For example using a cedar sprout on a lavender hedge makes it look like a growth level 1 cedar hedge. Unlocks at 70 forestry (or 40 forestry and 40 gardening, a hybrid action!) Really just makes forest upkeep simpler, allows folks to deal with hedges a little easier (while still making it hard to grief), lets folks who want old hedges have them, and makes high level forestry a little more worthwhile (and marketable!).
  17. (Mostly a WU suggestion until they decide to re-enable tree collision on WO) Currently chestnut trees take up an entire tile. I suggest making them spawn the same way as oak and willow, requiring a one tile exclusion zone around them. Chestnut forests are nearly impossible to traverse due to the fact they take up an entire tile, and if they are side by side, can block a player completely.
  18. I think it time for new 3D models for the trees, as Trees are probably the easiest objects to improve that would improve the entire game for the eyes which needs that strong scenic look. Quite a few trees have problems, Oaks and Chestnuts for example causing problems in the past do to their width, Other trees like maples have odd looking branches that look like the are arrows and other trees looking far better when compared to the rest of the tree rotation. Also a lot of the trees look flat as their leaves are on a flat plane, instead of curved. Especially a problem since a lot of the UE4/Frostbite/CryEngine games are starting to looking amazing with their trees and vegetation Quite a few 3D design tools for tree creation today including Arbaro and SpeedTree ------------------------------------------ PS loved the new items and their models lately
  19. I've a suggestion for implementing lanterns in trees. This would require light sources to be positioned relative to the local co-ordinates of the tree models. If this is possible, it would also be possible to attach light sources to parts of other moving models, such as boat masts (as suggested by ElvenElder here: Lights could also be attached to swinging shop signs, or a new swinging lantern made if and when our good artist friends have time. Torches could be held in the hands of players too, as well as magic light sources, candles on miners hats, you name it. Just an idea, please add your ideas for local-co-ordinate and model relative light sources. Thanks!
  20. Hello! I've been looking around trying to figure out if you can limit the ql of world resources, such as ores, rocks and wood/trees. What I'm envisioning is making a server a lot like Epic and making the home islands have resources with a limited quality level to encourage people to go the center island or at least trade with those who do. If the ability to limit resource quality on a server does not currently exist, I would love for someone to mod it in somehow. Thanks! Llurendt
  21. A rather vexing chore for me is constantly replanting flowers on my deed because a rogue tree turned up. If a rare flower gets grown over its never a nice feeling. A simple tickbox on deed settings saying "protect flower tiles" would be a nice touch. When ticked trees will not spread onto a tile if there are flowers on it on that deed, when unticked spread functions as per normal. Nice, simple, clean. Optional Extra : Allow enchanted grass to keep its flowers so they can be protected off deed too.
  22. With the changes to grass length on tree tiles, does this mean that animals are able to graze these tiles now? thanks!
  23. Ok a lot of people harvest maple sap, apples, ect... all of the tree based harvest.. I was unable to harvest maple sap the entire bear season weeks.. but now its wrath day in snakes star fall in the year 1046.. I'm not suppose to harvest sap at this time.. but I am now harvesting sap during this month, which is way off. which means the next harvest will not be on time either it will be in the wrong weeks in the wrong months making seasonal harvest a joke.. what the point of a calenderer and seasons if their not on time? please fix this bug. its a major issue for harvesting...
  24. I apologize if this has been suggested before, but might perhaps we have alder trees introduced to the game? They would be a unique tree with special abilities, similar to the cedar and how it resists decay. In the same family as the Birch, traditionally Alder has been renowned as a Faery tree, one to use as a portal to the Fae realm. Flutes carved from the Alder were said to be more efficient in attracting the attention of Air Elementals. It would be interesting to work some of these aspects into the game through the use of Alder logs and/or planks. Furthermore, on a practical level the alder is used in underwater construction. Something to do with the way it hardens up and "steels" itself when in contact with water. The majority of the city of Venice is built upon pilings of alder wood for this very reason. In game Alder would be most beneficial for underwater constructions. I.e. docks of some sort, bridges, and more I'm sure. Just posting my thoughts as they come up. Maybe they are random or maybe they would be beneficial to others as well. Let me know your thoughts and how you might improve/expand on the idea!
  25. Non-harvestable decorations to compliment new trellises. Allow bush sprouts to be planted in flowerpot with appropriate graphic scale. New item: Tub; scaled down graphic of huge tub, allow tree sprouts to be planted, scaled down graphic of adult tree = bonsai trees Also please, climbing-rose seedling for trellis.