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Found 18 results

  1. This post is just to share something I recently found out, and which caused frustration before I knew (credit to Evening (CA Channel) for this advice): When you want to move stuff like forges, beds, ovens, crates and so on to upper floors from a bottom floor, Build a ladder. Not a staircase. Not a hole in the floor. ONLY A LADDER WILL WORK. Load your stuff into a wagon and park it directly under the ladder. Go up the ladder, and then embark the wagon from the floor you want your stuff to go to. The whole wagon, animals and all, will move to upper floor where you embarked from (through the ladder). Now ride your wagon around upstairs, and unload your stuff where you want it. When ready to go downstairs again, park the wagon directly over the ladder. Unhitch your animals. Go down the ladder, haul the unhitched wagon downstairs with a rope. Go upstairs again, hitch the animals to your wagon (which is now downstairs) through the hole of the ladder. The animals will appear hitched to the wagon on the bottom floor. This method is great for moving whole wagons full of stuff upstairs, and getting empty wagon down again. On a different note, and in case someone missed this gem: There was a recent change which allows loading full wagons, carts, bsbs and fsbs. You can also drag full drafts and chests between wagons or carts. Great news
  2. Sold
  3. Greetings, Xanaduians. Seeing more deeds pop up than disband while I was briefly there for a few days, began to make myself ponder if it's a good idea to move here (from Cele). One of the reasons, being of how massive the server is. How on some roads, the only structures around is the occasional guard tower (or maybe not even that). The feeling that it takes 3 or so hours to get from one end of the server to the other, I really enjoy. And this, is pretty much the main reason why I'm greatly considering of moving. Being an explorer, I enjoy long trips. I also notice how nice the community is. And I hope, that I could possibly ask (of my below set requirements) if there are any potential candidates of this matter. I'm not asking for people to be looking around for one person, just... any spots you folks may had come across in your travels. Here's my set requirements; 1. Flat area (modest sized) that's next to the ocean (with a deep bottom infront of it). I'll also settle with a deep lake (with an all boats accessible canal). 2. Mine nearby. 3. Resource deposits nearby (tar/clay mainly). 4. Catseye highway access nearby. 5(most important). No neighboring active deeds. The reason being, is I just prefer to work alone. -Optional: A guard tower nearby. As I said above, if you folks know of anything that closely matches these requirements, please let me know (to get a general idea of where to look). There's also other factors that are keeping me from considering of moving. With how massive the server is, I feel there's got to be unique issues I must be made aware of; any hidden dangers of living in Xan (other than the mobs (some being champ), and of course the lag). Such as; 1. Extremely long downtimes. 2. Server Shutdowns that might revert previous hard work. And anything else of the sort, that I should be aware of. That should be it. To the ones that got this far, thank you for reading. Hopefully, I'll see you all in Xan one day (as a resident).
  4. So this happened randomly and I was looking to see if someones knows how to fix this. Basically, the ground looks like its on top of tiles and changes texture while moving. I included a console log as well.
  5. Hey guys I know we don't have a lot of wurm videos around so I decided to make one of me contemplating on moving. It's not a big deal but I had a lot of screenshots of the progress I made and wanted to document my first and current deed. I know some people like to watch wurm videos while wurming it up. I know I do. Anyways at the end I explain some of my main reasons. I have gotten some good suggestions from my friends in my alliance but thought I share anyways.
  6. Hello everybody, name's Pocatella and just as what the title says, I'm thinking on moving out to Indy because Xanadu is too lonely for me already. Even though I'm in an alliance, I barely meet any of my ally mates since I moved to end of the world (Just kidding, what I meant was New Zealand ) It would be great if I'll be in an alliance at least with Aussies since I haven't met a wurmian yet who resides in New Zealand. But if there's none, it's okay. Anyway, I'm looking for a place to setup a deed, either coastal or not but further up into the mountains. I like overlooking stuff and deeds from below. Can anyone suggest good spots? Thanks a bunch! Cheers, Pocatella
  7. Hello! I finally made my own thread about this bug I've had for about 2 years now, ever since I started to use new laptop with 64-bit java. Tiles have since then shifted randomly while I move. I've tried to google out several times how to fix this issue, but I haven't been able to find solution that works for me. I've tried different combinations with the Compability -settings without any result and also tried both 32-bit and 64-bit java. My graphics card is Nvidia GeForce GT 740M. Here are some examples of my view when I play the game. Any solution ideas are welcome!
  8. Is it possible to add nice addition, when move items from container to crafting window, those move to inventory directly. Now we need move these to container, to inventory, and from inventory to crafting window and then from inventory to container, example when make bricks etc.
  9. Please make so we can examine a house and get the Writ holders name. Also please make so we can push altars some to make them neater looking in a room. Metal altars are horrible looking unless you get lucky and are standing in exact right spot when you complete them. Stone altars can be pushed, why not metal ones?
  10. Hi I just need some info to make a decision on moving. I live on desertion and I'm thinking of moving to Xanadu but will I lose all my skill basically starting from scratch if so I would be better of just starting a new toon. Eg I have 80 digging will this go back to 0? Thx Swis
  11. Map Link : Permanent Link If you want to report aditions,disbands,old disbands that i missed or whatever else,you can reply here,on forum pm to me or ingame pm to tpikol.when adding or changing roads,canals or tunnels a little sketch usually make it much easier for me to get it right. i recreated the map from scratch and its not yet finished but im opening this now to start getting feedback. feel free to report any roads,deeds,old disbands,public traders,or whatever else that its not on the map, My current plan for this is to update the map as much as posible for some time and then look for someone else to take over,who will get the source files from me,which i can just make public in case that person eventually disappears the full psd files will be there and there will be no need to recreate from scratch again.
  12. Hello, dear Celebrians. As a part of my 'comeback', was away for a few months (again), I'm looking for new adventures in Xanadu. Therefore i'm selling my deed, on the north shore, clean open water (no bumps to run into below sea level) access to north border to go over to Exodus. Has a backyard desert for hunting and a bunch of materials, such as bulk of logs at 20ql, 800~ sand, and some other stuff which I'm leaving behind, tools, weapons, some armor, random qualities (no over 60). Some breeded horses, some have traits, some don't. Has some pre-built or under construction buildings. Perfect for nearly anyone to take over and make it flourish. Town has been built on a flattened surface, has access to mines (iron and silver at least) within 30 tiles from token. It's about 40 slopes above sea level and a dock part that's 10~ slopes above sea level. Edit: Also has a mailbox(66) and a Vyn altar. Coordinates: D11 ingame map I'm open to offers, preferably in silvers, will consider items offers too (has to fit my boat). As of today and now: The size of Ignis Mist is 31 by 25. The perimeter is 5 and it has 1 guards hired. The settlement has 3 silver, 13 copper and 95 iron in its coffers. The monthly cost is 2 silver and 55 copper. The upkeep will last approximately 34 days, 11 hours and 21 minutes more. Some screenshots
  13. With the all new information about the uniques being respawned on the old servers at the same time as Xanadu opening and the trader change confirmed i was wondering if it has changed anyones mind on moving. I know i am still going but was just wondering if these new announcements has changed anyones mind?
  14. Hi all. I know this has probably been brought up and a fix posted, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. I'm playing on a 2011 Mac pro with Mountain Loin. The new patch works perfectly and finally allows me to enter the game with no crashes. However, I seem to be getting a strange issue when I move around. It's as though adjacent tiles are jumping into each other. It's kind of hard to explain, but if you can imagine two rows of tiles: one stone and the other grass. If I walk down the stone row, as I'm walking the grass tiles will start flashing between grass and stone and the stone tiles will start flashing in the same fashion. When I stop moving, everything "rights" itself. Is there a graphic option or something I can do to keep this from happening? Thanks in advance for any help. Here is a Youtube video of what I'm experiencing:
  15. Make it possible to heal other players who are on the same large cart as you when the driver in driving the cart around. At this moment it says [12:00:44] You are now too far away to firstaid. When you are healing them and the cart is moving.
  16. Looking to sell my Size 8 Deed (Deli) Currently I'm asking for a low price, but I'm happy to take more(Or less ). I'd like around 8-12 silver for the deed and everything in it. So, I'm ready to sell my old deed and move on for now... I got a bit lonely, and I'm the type that likes to travel and help people out instead of just sitting by myself and crafting things. This deed is great though, its a size 8 meaning, its 17x17 in area. It has flattened land and even a mine. The house is pretty nice, its all walled off and perfect for anyone looking to stay away from baddies, that includes protection for your horses and fields... Also, those gates are Troll proof (At least till they get smashed.) This is the map of where my home is located if you want to check it out, I don't mind you coming down at all... If you don't want to though, I'd say you should look at the images or ask for more, I'll be happy to supply. Features: - 8 Size (17x17) - Personal Deed - 3x3 (2 story) house. - Forge, oven, big barrel. (for cooking/Smelting) - Chest with tools and items in it. - 2 FSB (Filled with 100+ Meat and plenty of food.) - Plenty of enemies around, lying dead next to the deed ready to be skined. - 2 BSB(Filled with all sorts of supplies/ores/really everything I don't take with me. I travel lightly) - 1 Large cart, if you want it, I'll give you ownership. - 5 Horses in total (7 in total - 2 of my personal horses.) - Four, 12 square pens 14 wood fences each, 2 gates unlocked. - 6 square Sand tiles (flat) on deed. - Cobblestone Roads. - Walled off with stone fence, wood mine door, Iron gates locked. - Magranon alter(wood) in mine. - Huge cave system with 2+ iron viens. - Two small barrels - Loom - Oaken wood combat Doll - Two guards (Can be removed) - 1 month of pay left. (2.5 or so silver) - huge forest all around - Close to main highway - Fairly close to ocean side, - All lit up at night (Iron torches and candelabras) - Locked up tight with keys all in chest (4 gates, Cart, and Mine locked, allong with House doors) - Great neighbors (Most of them are active but far away and it leaves a great amount of room to expand the deed, more then you will be able to afford... Thats for sure.) (There might be more, I think thats it.) For anyone who wanted gems or the separate items of good QL offer -
  17. Hi, I'm playing Wurm for around 1,5 years now and I have a cozy small deed on Celebration. Recently I started looking at Independence server and I'm more and more leaning towards packing my toys and moving there. Created an alt and set it on Indie to look for some good spot. Any1 know of any good coastline empty spots that I could settle in? I heard that there is a lot of open space/ruins as players left Indie and so on, but at the same time I dont want to land in a completely deserted area. Any pointers would he highly appreciated, Thanks,
  18. You heard it guys, I will be trying to find a way from Celebration back to Deliverance. I came over to live on Winterfell with Darkmalice/druidnature before my vacation I got back he was nowhere to be found so I left wurm kind of bummed out but I am back this deed does not have long left and I miss my original home the one I know. I will hopefully be checking my old spot to see if anyone is still there or if they have let my houses and all I gave them die off then restake my claim off deed. So once I find a way back to Deli I will personally visit everyone I have not seen in forever!