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  1. I can see that being helpful, but sometimes I want to see which tiles they're actually on, and with them floating it'd be hard to do that. Maybe have the markers on the tile directly and have a buoy bobbing on the surface to get both visuals. But most of the time it'd be nicer to have them on the surface of the water, so +1 to the OP if my idea isn't possible.
  2. Yeah, this sounds like a good idea. Being able to have the hitched animals and cart/wagon follow behind at walking speed seems like a great QoL addition. +1
  3. I agree, however I would extend it to all items that are limited to 1 per tile. I don't know why we can stack dozens of forges on a tile, but only one smelter, or kiln, etc.
  4. Don't mind at all, nice edit And thanks for the compliments, I've been working on a large piece of land for a couple years now, it's starting to come together
  5. I'm not a fan of winter, either in RL or in Wurm. I don't mind the occasional bleak sky, but I prefer sunny days, so -1
  6. Always want more choices in things, and like Blacklotus noted above, there isn't a really good choice for railings on balconies. +1