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  1. So, it's been almost a year since the UI update gave us the default key, which has been pretty helpful I gotta say. But there is still the bug where when you're riding a horse and you want to dismount, you can't use the default key for it even though it shows up on-screen. you have to either click the ground (where the same dismount default key works) and then spin around to find your horse, or use the old-school right-click > dismount. Rather than work on heat maps or whatever new feature that you devs have thought of to help the poor helpless newbs not die, maybe fix some bugs, just sayin. Also, when are we going to get a default key for Ride when leading a horse? We still have to right-click in order to ride a horse. Priorities people!
  2. Must see places

    Yeah, New Eden Harbour, like Ayuna says, is really lovely. In that area is also Seriphina's Lorewood Gardens, a really nice deed. And I'd say that seeing The Fortress at G17/18 is worth the trip. Also the White Castle/Black Castle complex at I26 has some really interesting features and buildings. If it's still standing, Aske's bridge in the lower left corner of F21 is unbelievable, just beware of traveling on it, as I've had a horse fall through the cracks and died trying to retrieve it.
  3. Last year it was released towards the end of January, but the snapshot they released was definitely a couple weeks earlier
  4. Yeah, that looks better
  5. Done and done, but double check that Seal Sands is in the right location, as those coords put it in the middle of that bay. Done Happy New Year to you both
  6. Correct. According to the wiki "A 0.03 kg piece of source salt gives 30 karma when eaten." So, 0.10 kg would be 100 Karma. Y'all Northern folk are crazy if you're paying 1 silver per karma, lol.
  7. I changed it after seeing the post
  8. you could be proactive and Manage your buildings and see which ones are not on your current deed and just destroy all the others. I mean, since you're complaining about a house being an eyesore and all...