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  1. I have found that I get more skill ticks making breakfasts from sliced bread than from a meal. You also use a lot less ingredients and gain baking skills. Take a grain (wheat, oat, barley or rye), make flour (grindstone), make dough (water), bake it into bread (baking stone), slice the bread (knife), and put 1 slice into a bowl and make a breakfast. You get 6 breakfasts from one grain. I did a test and made 100 meals using the pan filling method and 100 breakfasts using the above method, and gained more HFC from the 100 breakfasts, plus I gained baking skills. You can, I believe, use multiple forges with backpacks filled with baking stones and bowls to scale that up.
  2. I had that happen a few times the last couple days, just assumed it was my slow computer and connection. Seemed to be associated with steeper (>20) slopes.
  3. I believe that gets the map all caught up. If I missed any disbandments from Niarja or adds/changes from here, let me know. Thanks for your patience