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  1. Lake naming

    So, Ayuna, a couple of things to note here. If no one has put in a request to name a particular body of water or other topographical feature via the official map thread ( New Xanadu Community Map ) then I wouldn't have put it in the data for it to show up. If someone puts in a request to name a feature, and then someone else disputes the naming, I'm going to pull that name off the data until the dispute resolves itself thru a consensus. However there hasn't been a dispute over naming things in several years, certainly not since we moved over to this new map. I'm confused a bit as to why you can't see the other lakes and bays that are labeled on the map. There's Shimmer Lake, Lake Woebegone, Summerholt Lake, Summerholt Bay, Mraconia Bay, Surefall Bay, and Jellyfish Bay. If you or anyone else wants to name a body of water, like those mentioned by Sage and Ekcin above, just drop the name and coords in the Community Map thread linked above.
  2. This deserves another bump, and uh, @devs, are you paying attention? wish you would
  3. Wow Seri did it again! What a great suggestion! Well thought out, seems pretty much plug-and-play, lol, I mean besides the coding of course. Nice job!
  4. Lake naming

    There are several lakes on the map that have names attached to them. As I recall you used to live on Shimmer Lake north of Summerholt, and the lake below that is called Lake Woebegone (named by me after I took control of the lake and dredged it out to make it a lake again). There's also Summerholt Lake as well as 4 bays that are named. Basically, those who live in the area are free to name the lake as they see fit, keeping in mind to take the desires of their neighbors into mind when doing so, as well as obviously adhering to the community guidelines. Just post the name and center coordinates of the lake on the map post and I'll add it. If there are objections from neighbors I'll take the name off until there is a peaceful resolution. I think Hammer Lake in particular is named that because on the map it looks pretty much like a hammer
  5. Well, the data is kept on a google docs spreadsheet, so I assume that each cell has a max of 256 characters like Excel does (or did). Each category of the features (deeds, tunnels, bridges, highways, special places, etc) has it's own sheet. So, you'd have to break it up into bite sized chunks. Each end point of a line has to be defined, and formatted like the example above. If you can automate the process and spit out coordinates in that format, more power to you. You might want to contact Yaga directly to talk more in-depth about the process and how the data combines with the underlying mapdump image to produce the finished project. LIke I said on the Freedom chat last night or whenever it was, I'm of the opinion that it's pretty easy to see where the main roads are on the map, so think it's ok as is, but if you want to put in the effort, knock yourself out.
  6. That's awesome Let the person know that if they want some decent horses to replace those I'd be glad to give them a couple
  7. Done. Checked Niarja and corrected spelling, not that you can read the names on the map, lol. That's a giant cluster-#### of them there, lol