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  1. yes! asked for this quite awhile ago. been killed a few times because of this nonsense.
  2. I'm a little confused actually. You can use a keybind to repair the tool in the crafting window already. It's shown in your picture as 'B: Repair' at the bottom of the overlay window. I'm assuming that you have set your default key as 'B' since mine always shows as 'F: Repair' since my default key is 'F'
  3. yeah, i'll give that a solid thumbs up
  4. Let's chat What's your in-game name? I know I've seen you in chat, just can't remember the spelling exactly (coffee isn't kicking in this morning like it should, lol)
  5. Done. Thanks for the updates on those. :)
  6. Done. Entered it as a temple (Mission Structure)