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  1. Sorry to see you go Manth. and uh, btw, that's NE Xan not NW.
  2. Huge -1 to this suggestion. Bison are fine just as they are. I have no problem selling them, and much prefer them over hell horses for pulling my wagons. Even at 40 AH I can get consistent 4 speed bison and the occasional 5 speed. and nowhere, not even in fantasy comics are bison anything other than brown. just a dumb idea all around
  3. +1 on this suggestion. I like to keep my nutrition up in the 90's and if I fast it drops down to like 70, and when I eat right after, it only gets up to 80 or so. Oh, and Teeebomb has the bomb-ass pizzas, fyi.
  4. -1 Don't need more tabs, and certainly don't need more server-side load. Maybe you should just make a choice between which neighbors you want to ally yourself with. Or use your powers of persuasion to broker a peace treaty between them.
  5. Done. FYI, the underlying maps are from the map dumps that the GMs put out shortly after the new year. That is unchanging until the next map dump. The overlaying data, the settlements, tunnels, etc. are just that, an overlay on the map. That is the data that this thread deals with. People post the names and coordinates and we put them into a spreadsheet which then generates the points and lines. But the underlying terrain is a snapshot from January and will not show any changes until the next map dump.
  6. -1 Leave it as is. If people are being jerks about perimeters, call them out publicly and let the community shame and ostracize them. Those types of people don't tend to last that long in this game. I know, I've had my share of battles with people over land and perimeters and I've outworked and outlasted them all.
  7. +1 to this idea. I don't use Sleep bonus, so whenever the devs screw up enough that they feel the need to compensate us for that screw up, I end up only getting screwed, not compensated for the screwing. I wanna get paid!
  8. I have too much dirt and am making more every day. The offer is 6S for 12K (40 lg crates) basically a full knarr. That includes swapping out empty crates for the full ones, as I need the crates more than the dirt. Pickup is K25 on Xanadu. Minimum is a wagon's worth (12 crates / 3600 dirt) for 1s80c Willing to discount for multiple loads. Hit me up on here or in-game (same name).