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  1. yeah, that's what i assumed, and sent her a PM regarding that. haven't heard back yet tho, and am hesitant to add it without a confirmation of the correct coords.
  2. Those coordinates can't be correct. When i added them to the map it put it way, way out in the ocean. Pretty sure it was beyond the boundary line.
  3. 95% of the current players are PvE, but you're willing to piss them off in favor of the 5%? Whether you like it or not, this is a PvE game with PvP as a sidenote. Do you really think that some PvP gamer on Steam is gonna come to Wurm and think this is the greatest PvP game ever? No. The target audience on Steam is naturally going to be a PvE player. So don't go pissing off your existing base chasing some mythical, as yet unrealized, flood of PvP'ers coming in on the Steam launch.
  4. I like the idea of open meadows. right now the hardest thing to maintain seems to be a meadow free of trees and bushes. at the very least don't let trees and bushes sprout on tiles with flowers.
  5. Done. You still good with the location of The Rusty Anchor?
  6. After going thru the Golden Valley (?) tutorial - and whatever it's faults, Haven's Landing has to be better than that - I chose Summerholt on Xanadu. An hour and a half later a wolf killed me as I was exploring. I was never able to find that corpse, so of course lost all my droppable gear. Luckily i had pitched my tent, so didn't lose that, but hadn't figured out I could put stuff in it yet. Over the next week or so after I couldn't get free food from the bartender, keeping fed and outrunning mobs were my primary concern, and I wasn't good at either But I was hooked. I found the wurmpedia, and some newb tutorials and what-to-do-as-a-new-player posts, and eventually found out i could bury my dozen or so corpses scattered around the area, rather than dragging them into a bush to hide my shame I occasionally found items scattered around, and several veterans in the area, Jackjones, Huser, and Odr, in particular, helped out with tips, advice and the occasional upgraded tool. Once i joined NEXA, everything became easier as they are a wonderful caring alliance, more than willing to share their knowledge and wisdom. Rather than join Amish Estates, which in those days was a thriving village, I founded my own deed over the remains of an old deed (Mistvaginery's (sp?) place), and set about really learning the game. I think this game should be hard for new players, it's a semi-realistic real world sandbox after all, you wouldn't expect to be able to strike out into the wilderness IRL and thrive right off the bat without any survival skills. And yeah, being in a village and part of a community is easier than going off on your own. Choose your own path, but accept help when it's offered. The thing I struggled with the most, other than the aforementioned food and mobs, was moving and talking at the same time, and learning all the controls and how to do basic things. But that has clearly not deterred me, as I've averaged over 8 hrs a day for the last 2 yrs and change Love this Game!!
  7. Such a sad day. Rest in peace Ron, you are sorely missed :`(
  8. Fine. Leave your post about your market where you sell horses and whatever else up in the general Xanadu forum.
  9. If you're selling stuff or advertising a market, then it belongs somewhere in the Freedom Markets section. Seems like a simple concept.
  10. Name of the thread is "Bulk Sales Depot - Fort Glasshold | Self Service Buy/Sell" so 1/3 of the words in the title refer to buying and selling. Just saying, if it looks like a sales ad, and sounds like a sales ad, chances are it's a sales ad.