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  1. Name and Shame: Legios

    Legios was stating the obvious conclusion of your request that you be compensated for your loss when the devs made the update and moved the starting location for newbs. The obvious conclusion being that they should run any updates that could potentially impact a player negatively past said players before making the update. There are players upset about almost every update made, and have invested time and money into the old way of doing things. It'd be the height of lunacy to compensate players for their loss when the old gets replaced by the new. How you could not see that is beyond me, but you didn't and I think Legios was simply pointing out the absurdity of your request.
  2. Name and Shame: Legios

    suit yourself, but Legios is an upstanding, forthright player who i deal with on an almost daily basis. anyone who's traded with him will tell you the same. You, on the other hand, well, best of luck with that
  3. Name and Shame: Legios

    yeah, well, your buddies i'm sure were happy that you were making your bang on point. the rest of us like watching train wrecks, and this is a doozy
  4. Name and Shame: Legios

    Uh, no, i did not miss the point of that thread. that was exactly the point of the thread. it may not have been the point you intended to convey, but it was indeed the point that was communicated.
  5. Name and Shame: Legios

    you started the ruining of your reputation with that first thread demanding compensation for your loss of income selling overpriced tools to newbs when the devs rolled out a much needed update to the tutorial. your subsequent rantings on that thread just accelerated the loss of that reputation. and now this. this is, as Angel said, a "mad wolf howling at the moon."
  6. Name and Shame: Legios

    Gumbo, yet another bull***t post. I deal with Legios on an almost daily basis. Good, honest, upright player that speaks his mind. You better hope you have anyone willing to deal with you after this, cause you've lost whatever credibility you might have had.
  7. [Resolved] Xanadu Down

    The doctor has prescribed more Xanadu
  8. [Fixed] Lantern not giving visible light

    I am using the low memory client, it's the only way I can run two toons at a time. I unfortunately have a very slow connection, and an old computer, so running the regular client caused crashes and freezes when running multiple toons. I will just have to deal with no light from the lantern until it is fixed in the low-memory client, so no traveling for the time being I guess, lol. Thanks for the help though. :)
  9. My lanterns in inventory (all alts) do not give visible light when filled and lit. This is since the big update a couple days ago. Have snuffed and relit, tried that outside of the satchel and in inventory directly, and still no visible light. The lantern on this toon is 59ql, so there was noticeable light coming from it before the update. Was advised to attach the console log here, so that is below. Thanks for your help
  10. Patch Notes 17/DEC/18 Gone Fishing

    Is it safe to assume that a tunnel or canal will act as a freshwater/brackish water barrier?
  11. Patch Notes 17/DEC/18 Gone Fishing

    woo hoo! Thanks devs! will be lovely to play and not sit here wishing those two would shag themselves to death
  12. Close Please - Thanks

    Found someone to get these. Can close this thread. Thanks!
  13. Close Please - Thanks

    Still looking to buy 2 HotS Guard Towers. Any reasonable offer accepted. Thanks!
  14. Massive enchant sellout - throw-away prices!

    Hi Nordlys, Interested in the horseshoes, specifically the 2 sets that are over 80woa in picture #4. Would 10c each be acceptable? If so, cod to Dalethegood please. Thanks!