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  1. I sent a message to Yaga about getting the Xanadu map moved over to their engine. Unless there are any super strong objections, I'm thinking this is the way to go.
  2. Look, Wurm is too vast and big to make one character that can do it all. There is simply not enough time to skill up all of the useful skills (however you want to define that). So, if I have 2 toons that are both digging, they can both queue up actions, or level, and I get double the amount of dirt dug in the same amount of time. Plus, my priest can do his casting, praying, meditating, or make planks or whatever. I can't run more than 3 toons at once due to a crappy computer, but I can get roughly 2.5 times as much done with my time by running toons. Contrast that with having to communicate with other people about what needs to be done, overcoming the inherent difficulties of communicating a vision in your head with someone who might not view it the same way, or language barriers, or the myriad of other obstacles. I'd rather use my time in getting things done than trying to explain to someone what I think should be done and how. And as soon as you think you've explained it to them, they have to go, don't show back up for a couple days, forget everything you've talked about, and so the process has to start all over again. Case in point. I hired 2 people to help with a project around the first of the year. They had advertised in classifieds, and we struck a deal. I built them shacks to use for sleep and a larder with food and some left over snowballs, gave them perms on a couple wagons, explained what I wanted, and set them to it. One only worked about an hour the first day, and over the course of 4 months has dug a total of 15 lg crates of dirt. The other, said he had a quick errand to run and would be back shortly, and I've not seen him again. Wasted probably 2 hrs or so getting them set up, hours that I would have rather used wurking. So yeah, I'll stick with my alts thank you very much, and you can go play with your one toon and rely on the unreliable masses to help you out. I don't see why you can't just go play with Zueletak or whatever his name is, that has the NO ALTS village that I see him advertise. If you want to skill up one toon in everything, by all means, neither I nor anyone else, including the devs, is stopping you. BUT LEAVE MY ALTS THE F ALONE!
  3. Yeah, I like the format of this map better than others I've tried (haven't tried them all, tho). I will try to work on Jack to see if he can dedicate a couple hrs to update the maps and maybe give me a tutorial of sorts on his ~60 files of code that make up the entire thing. I've done some short searches on making maps online, but have found nothing that's plug and play and free
  4. +1 and make it look like we're sitting in it, semi-reclined, not upright and uptight
  5. Leave my alts alone! If I want to play in my corner of Wurm without assistance from unreliable, untrustworthy, overly chatty people and do my own thing, who TF are you (OP and his sycophants) to force me to do otherwise? Just because you think the ideal Wurm experience is sitting around waiting for someone to show up when they said they were going to, only to find out they had something else come up, does not mean that I want that experience. I LOVE WURM. I love it because I can do what I want (within the rules) and don't have people like you telling me what I have to do, or how to play. Hands off my alts!
  6. I don't Spacy, sorry. The one who hosts it on a server and who wrote the code has a new child and hasn't played WO for over a year other than to add to upkeep. I have a copy of the code, but am not a coder, and really don't have a clue how it all works. I'll try to get ahold of him via discord or Facebook again, but am thinking that we (the Xanadu peeps) might need to look at another solution. Maybe there's someone out there who knows how to code a map and would be willing to host it. Would have to be someone who's also invested in WO long term, as having to go through a changeover every couple years would get bothersome. If anyone has suggestions or whatever, PM me, or if you want we can start a new thread to discuss and collaborate on this.
  7. Dining al fresco is the way to get around that. Outdoor eating areas are all the rage now