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  1. I wholeheartedly agree with all of Seri's suggestions. 50 item limit is ridiculous, and should be able to have backpacks and satchels full of items for sale. A writ for a wagon sounds good, and Tomatoes' amendment seems like a necessary one to take into account decay/damage. +1 to all that
  2. Done :) Thanks! Miss your Youtube streams and clips :/
  3. I have plans to use hay bales and possibly bundles as decorative items at some point. But couldn't imagine trying to use it to feed anything, way too much hassle. as Elentari noted, so much easier to enchant some grass under a hitching post
  4. I don't buy it. Consider my trust in the team severely diminished.
  5. Yeah, agreed. Having to pick them up, snuff them, repair them, re-light them and then replant them is a huge waste of time. Make them like planted lights which you can repair without jumping through that many hoops.
  6. Why should anyone be forced to go to PVP just to change their faith? F that. There should be an NPC at each starter town that allows you to change your faith. if you want to put it behind some paywall, either silver, marks or whatever, that's fine by me. If you charged for it, it'd incentivize players to interact with other players rather than pay the NPC, but at least you wouldn't be forced to go to godforsaken Chaos and risk life and limb just to become a follower or priest. This gets a +1 from me.
  7. I for one have talked to one of the 3 about what transpired. I feel very confidant in the truth of what I was told about what transpired and it's an absolute shame.
  8. So, apparently my previous comment on this extremely unfortunate event was pulled, so lets try again... I'll try hard to not put the master on blast, as I assume that's what got the last one yanked. Shydow, Shrimpiie and Sugarfoxx are extremely valued members of the Wurm community and the GM crew. They are kind, helpful, thoughtful, considerate people who are eager to share their vast knowledge. The void in the GM ranks that has resulted will undoubtedly have long-term consequences, with the negative impacts reaching the entire spectrum of Wurm community, from the upper levels of management to the lowest brand new player. From my conversations with at least one of those involved, I know that the trust factor between the top tier of management and these three (as well as those of us who count them as dear friends) has been irreparably damaged, and that is a shame. There seems to have been a concerted effort the last year or so by the dev and GM team to win back the trust of the player base after so many years of letting that slide, and this feels like it's undone all that hard work. I do hope that our leaders see the error of their ways and work overtime to repair this.