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Found 41 results

  1. Hello! Returning to wurm and need a wagon and crates. Would love something other than freedom isles pattern but not looking for anything TOO crazy in price tho.
  2. It would be great if wagoners could deliver animals in crates within servers. I'd love to be able to send a wagoner off rather than dragging an animal all the way across a server. Especially if it's multiple animals that need to be delivered, it would save many hours of running back and forth.
  3. Do you have a hoarding problem? Too much stuff on deed? How to cope with the mounting chaos of clutter? You need a Pet Ferret. This tame animal will come to call, can be trained to seek out your FSBs, BSBs and crate racks to find any item you need, and will chatter and try to stand bolt upright like a meercat when it finds it. Also suggested alternative skin: Hoard Hunting Hamster Inspiration from: Retro, Quasiwud and ferrets originally suggested by Gawain below:
  4. DRAGON'S MARKET Welcome to the Dragon's Market, we are located on Harmony at I-13. Prices may vary according to market and demand. Delivery on request for a small fee, there could be delay due to high demand. Cruise Liner All ships are custom made to your choice of wood including any archaeology wood. Free ship improvement to 50ql! Rowing Boat 2s Ready within 5 hours Small Sailing Boat 5s Ready within 7 hours Corbita 25s Ready within 2 days Cog 30s Ready within 3 days Knarr 40s Ready stock available Caravel 75s Ready within 4 days Don't like empty ships? Noone does! Get your ship ready to sail with crates, cages & wagon! Prices negotiable for bulk order with ship. Small Crate 10c Large crate 20c Creature Cage 80c Wagon 4s Redefined Woodworks If it's wood, you name it and we'll make it! Bulk Utilities Small Crate 10c Large crate 20c Floor Boards (100 pcs) 4s Large Planter 30c Support Beams (100 pcs) 7s Specified Containers Larder 1s Wardrobe 1s Animal Housing Bee Hive (50 ql) 1s Chicken Coop (50ql) 2s Custom furniture order also available! Exotic Home Décor Decorate you house with the most exotic decoration of the Wurm world Alchemist's Cupboard 1s Tapestry (Any) 50c Turret (Any) 1s Canopy Bed 2s Axe Display 50c Sword Display 50c Little Paradise Create your little paradise! Lumber Sprouts (100 pcs) 1.5s Fruit Sprouts (100 pcs) 1.5s Bush Sprouts (100 pcs) 1.5s Oak/Willow Sprouts 5c Single Sprouts (100 pcs) 2.5s Mixed Flowers (100 pcs) 2s Post you orders or PM Wrumdragon, Froststorm or Libelle ingame.
  5. Since animal crates are worth 500 responses per month, update the community that lurks in the shadows or most commonly known as the discord pvp section and Skirmish threads. Is epic really being kept alive with zero future? Is a split pvp community better than 1 whole community? Is a new map coming? Armor changes coming to chaos? Are "Balanced Updates in Wurm PVP" really a feature these days stuck to 1 server?? Are Anti-Alt mechanics such as View distance from caves a Feature these days stuck to 1 server?? Road map?? A simple yet repeated line of SoonTM??? Player gods?? ANYBODY
  6. The shop moved to another location, even more stuff for sale and updated daily!! Https:// Also check out our merchants at the Amish Sanctuary Market near Summerholt, SE corner!!! There are 8 of them, so plenty to choose from
  7. WTS 30 large crates full of sand and dirt, 9k in total. All in delivered price including crates to any freedom outer coastal location only 9s.
  8. So I looked at the forum to find anything about saddlebags and indeed the community has quite a bit about wanting it. So, I will not go into detail about it other than... Saddlebags would be a great addition to wurm! Seriously. Now onto the Small Carts. "But wait Enigma... There are small carts." Yep, I think it would be a nice addition to the game to have the ability to hitch one horse to the cart. it makes sense to me considering that is what people do with horses. They hitch them to stuff they would rather not pull on their own.Of course you would still have to lead it. The other thing that would be a nice addition is the ability to load a single Large Crate or two Small Crates in the Small cart. I cannot count the number of times where I needed to carry just one or two crates somewhere or needed a crate in a location where horses are unable to go. Hitching up a large cart for one crate just seems... excessive to me. In these instances I am forced to spend a large amount of time pushing or pulling it to the location. Even if the ability to hitch is not going to fly, loading into a small cart would be awesome. Well theres my 2 cents worth of Saddlebags and Small Carts!
  9. I just tonight sent a delivery of 2 full crates of 300 mortar from my deed at U18 - to Greendog at L13 on Deliverance. Upon receipt and checking (as soon as the consignment had arrived) the recipient told me both crates were missing 15 mortar each. It seems wagoner contents are susceptible to very quick off-deed decay. Please would you address this, so that purchased goods do not go missing within the few minutes it takes for the wagoner to complete its delivery? Thanks. Even though the crates were checked straight away in this case at Greendog - it would be good if we could also remove decay on crates that are still sealed, and perhaps reset the decay timer at the point of unsealing, to allow the recipient to get them back to their deed if necessary, and stored away. Your logical endeavors are appreciated!
  10. currently you've gotta hover over each individual crate rack to see what its name is, im suggesting a sign on it like so: i realize you can make large signs and place them in front, but hey whatever i would like this better
  11. We need a low decay container for storing catseyes and waystones after we make them. A large crate would work nicely. Sorry, catseyes do fit in a crate .
  12. Wts 12.9k dirt for 10s/10e (0.78s per 1000) Free coastal delivery, open to either crate swap or you unload.
  13. I need four (4) large crates (1200 lumps). Post to the thread or PM with pricing.
  14. I noticed it last night (before the patch), and later on some other players reported it in CA: While passing/stationing on a random deed where you do not have permissions, you cannot drop items in crates in vehicles (cart, wagons, ships). It used to work before, but now you get the [21:19:12] That would be very bad for your karma and is disallowed on this server. message. It is possible to take out items from crates, or to put in / take out items from non-bulk containers or vehicles themselves. On a side note, passengers still cannot take items from a knarr, only dragging them from the knarr in inventory works
  15. Does anyone know where I can get the mod that allows different ql levels inside a BSB/crate etc? thanks
  16. To put it simple, while transfering from one bulk container to another, I suggest the addition of an option to transfer as much as possible instead of "As many as I can carry" (refering to the menu below) When transfering thousands of heavy materials such as shards, bricks, dirt, etc it takes eons dragging the stuff from example crates into bsbs. While dragging items from non-bulk containers into bulk-containers there is no limitations, so there isn't really any reason why we shouldnt be allowed to transfer as much as possible from one bulk container to another at once.
  17. You cannot haul a crate up stairs with a rope. A small cart can be dragged up as can a large but the large requires some silly business. Also a single small crate full of bricks is extremely heavy - 2200kg heavy. At 37.61 Strength, I can pull a large cart with only 2392kg in it, meaning a single small crate full. It takes much longer than hauling and involves dancing. To get the cart to actually change floors, you have to drag up, turn back facing the steps, then take a single step. At that point, the cart slingshots up the stairs. You then have to mount it and unload it. Then do the same going back down to get your next small crate. I am not sure if not hauling is an oversight or if it is intended that way. If it is, I would advise people to leave at least one ladder in their structure for hauling.
  18. WTS 9k mortar 2.5s / 1k AND 2k bricks 2s / 1k with Large Crates 20c / crate will be more soon DELIVERY is possible, price depends on amount and distance. PICKUP at Celebration h10 (in game map) for free PM Larom in game
  19. Hi, I have been noticing all sorts of inaccuracies occurring when adding items to containers, such as BSBs and crates. Here is an example, with a BSB and square pieces of cloth: Start 2 pieces of 62.47 ql, add one piece of 36.39, end with 3 pieces of 52.91ql - which is not correct. Now, here is some simple arithmetic 2 x 62.47 = 124.94 add 36.39 = 161.33 divide by 3 = 53.78 - not 52.91 In this simple example I lose .87ql on 3 pieces of cloth - i lost .87ql on all 3 pieces of cloth 3 x 52.91 = 158.73 add 41.75 = 200.48 divide by 4 = 50.12 - not 49.84 Now I have lost .28ql on 4 pieces of cloth - that is working with the wurm calculations. If the calculations worked properly, then the result should be: 3 x 53.78 = 161.33 add 41.75 = 203.48 divide by 4 = 50.77 There are 4 pieces in my BSB with 49.84ql This means that I have lost .93ql per piece = a total loss of 3.72ql 50.77 - 49.84 = .93 x 4 = 3.72 If my calculations are incorrect, please advise accordingly. If they are correct, surely it is a simple matter of some accurate coding to correct this error. Thank you, PS: If this has been reported before, I apologise. However, the search engine on Wurm is poor to say the least.
  20. the idea its to have crates where we can fit 100 items that we can take in our inventories and put on merchants to sell.
  21. Carpentry stuff from Aurora Keep on Deliverance. Tools 50ql - 10c 60ql - 20c 70ql - 30c 80ql - 50c Ships'n'boats Rowing Boat - 50c Small Sailing boat - 1.5s Corbita - 5s Cog - 10s Knarr - 15s Other BSB - 10c Large crate - 10c Support beam - 5c Enchanted grass - 50c We are located at Aurora Keep (18/35), you can pick up your ordered items for free or get them per mail. Delivery is usually free unless you live far away or in a place that is difficult to access. Delivery fees will never exceed 50c, but delivery is only possible on deliverance.
  22. to be able to store mats in bsbs, fsbs, and crates. without losing rarity. they would still get hit by the 5% decrease in weight. less clutter that takes up memory and therefoe improve fps due to less lag from loading and rendering theres other options for storing like using alts, merchants, etc, and the remove option of gift wrapping,. but just suggesting another way of doing it.
  23. I have 12750 bricks (85 small crates full of bricks - max capacity of corbita) to sell. You can buy all the bricks with crates for 30s or only bricks for 25s I can deliver to all freedom servers except Chaos for free. You can order smaller amount of bricks too for 2s/1k. Pickup at h10 on Celebration. PM Larom in game.
  24. When dragging an item stack from a bulk container (have only tested on bsbs and crates), and you drop the cursor within itself (essentially, cancelling the request), the container asks you how many to drop into itself. [18:12:05] You selected 1.
  25. “It used to be that people needed products to survive. Now products need people to survive.†~Nicholas Johnson -let's help products survive *Here to serve you!* Building materials: Dirt - 1K (1s/1k) Bricks - 1K (2s/1k) Mortar - 8K (3s/1k) Planks - 500 (1s/1k) Sprouts: (80c/100) Applewood - 50 Grapewood - 100 Maplewood - 100 Pinewood - 50 Storage: Large crates - 10 (10c each) Small crates - 4 (5c each) Rafts - 74 (2c each) Crops: Potatoes - 1k (1s) Ships: Corbita - mapplewood ql30, comes with a lock and mooring anchor (4s) Flags, banners, towers: MR banners - 9 (25c each) MR flags - 5 (25c each) MR guard towers unfinished - 5 (50c each) HotS flag - 1 (25c) HotS banner - 1 (25c) Other random stuff: Yellow potions - 3 (25c each) Fireworks - 1 (1s) Snow lantern - 1 (1.5s) Sleep powders - 2 (1.5s each) *Stock will be updated regularly* *We can take orders, and will try to make it ASAP* *For mailing items, buyer pays COD* *Delivery on Deliverance free for orders over 1s, will deliver to other servers for a small fee*