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  1. Trait Speed Tests

    Is this accurate or a typo. Seems suspect or bugged if not. Thanks for sharing the info!
  2. I really like the look of this, but I have to agree with the above sentiments. It would be nice to actually keep such items and be able to have them receive the same immunity to decay as decorations receives. The inverse relationship between reality and Wurm decay has always bothered me: In wurm, a flag left out in the wind lasts forever. A hammer stored in a chest (in reality, oiled down and wrapped in an oily rag) decays constantly.
  3. WTS instant settling rare compass. 20s Reply, PM, or contact Fearil in game.
  4. As it says in the title. WTS Cedar (slower to decay) Corbita, 30ql, delivered to Harmony, Cadence, or Melody to any coastal location accessible from the open seas. Asking 20s. Thanks!
  5. This was the problem I was referring to.
  6. This isn't a new problem, nor would I even say it's an exploit. It's not like the staff have been unaware of this strategy and suddenly need to react. Yes, it needs to be changed, but it's a systemic problem that has existed for years. This, aside from the cap being broken which certainly needed an immediate fix.
  7. The faith/channeling system has long been overdue for a change (for the better). I get that you folks there developing the game have had a lot on your plate, but this should have been addressed back when the 2s prem, and the resulting nerf in method of gaining faith/channeling, was removed from the game. The fact that the discussion never happened, and the knee-jerk change this recent patch looks like, some would consider inexcusable. Personally, I gave up on priesting awhile ago, as I think the system is wasteful and unnecessarily convoluted to get any value for your premium time. Obviously if one wants to be competitive in PvP, they are going to feel more pressure to buy that crappy product. They did that, and now the people who didn't buy as hard and fast are getting spanked? Honestly doesn't seem right.
  8. This all just really highlights the problems with the channeling grind. A new solution is needed. There was talk of opening a discussion about what that might be back when 2s first month prem and the faith/channeling grind around that went dodo. Perhaps this might be a good time for that to actually happen; perhaps, formulate a plan for how to improve faith and channeling at once. Even throw meditation into the mix for a real trifecta of progress?
  9. Running the installer to get the option to choose the preview client killed my keybinds. Not fun. This isn't so much a new ui as a reskinned ui, am I correct?