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  1. Loooove that long distance rendering! Keep up the great work!
  2. So, while shooting the breeze with my deed mates today we came up with some novel ideas for guard towers. Idea: Allow 'sacrificing' high ql or high ccfp food & drink to guard towers to give the guards a buff, or perhaps increase guard count. Something akin to a deed bonus, but for guard towers. Subsequent idea: Feeding the guards too much booze when sacrificing has a small chance to cause a randomly timed, scripted fight amongst the guards at some point in the hours/days after the sacrifice happens. Something like how the wagoners burp and fart or whatever they do, but there's a chance that a guard randomly dies after the scripted fight ends. Could be fun?
  3. Still looking to work some kind of trade. Bump.
  4. This really points to the fact that someone "in the know" feels like some shady business is happening behind the scenes, and meanwhile nothing has been announced or discussed with the player base. I get that not all decisions at the GM level will get public airing, that just wouldn't work, but today apparently a bunch of bans are apparently happening without anyone being told why. That seems pretty shady, and I can't help but feel this is directly connected to Sindusk's decision today. Please keep in mind that all information I have is second or third hand, but if something about these things was announced/discussed, potentially flawed secondary sources would die in the light. So yeah, bring on the transparency.
  5. Seems like a great toon to get a head start with. 50e does not seem unreasonable at all.
  6. I'm really curious to know wth is going on at the GM level that causes one of the most active devs to wash their hands of the game entirely. Don't go Sindusk!
  7. If interested, pm here or Fearil in game. Thanks!
  8. 4k Blue Grapes for 9s. Message me here, or PM Fearil in game. Thanks!
  9. Please Close

    I've known this guy a long time. 100% trustworthy seller.
  10. Allow players to tend to or clean bee hives for a source of Animal Husbandry skill, and/or a temporary output boost for the tended hive (something like tending fields & farming). Allow players with a certain level of AH (50-70+) to forego using a smoker to access hives.