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  1. It would be super handy to have a value total listed in trading windows, imo. Such as in the photo provided (only a bigger font size because I'm too lazy to fix my botched job):
  2. OK no fun wanted, noted.
  3. Hey, we should totally have a Bjarne mask! It would also be pretty great if it covered the whole head kind of like that one mask in Tarkov. Thanks, have a nice day!
  4. Hiya! Just wanted to point out that the guard tower "Steelmerc 682" is located at http://celebration.yaga.host/#1782,803 Also, the tag for the tower here: http://celebration.yaga.host/#1817,878 is "Fearil 902" Cheers!
  5. Would still love to see this happen.
  6. Ok, thanks for looking into that @DarklordsI appreciate the effort!
  7. As a side note, the 40 limit on concrete is just too low, imo. I'd love to see this be more relevant by including skill in the process. These kinds of hard cap by imperial writ just NEED to be tied to skill, similar to digging and mining. Perhaps this is a good use for a similar equation using masonry (skill x3), or concrete QL (ql x 3). As for erupt I do think a high cap would be a good way of balancing it and letting it stand above the skill equation as a benefit of that path, 500 or something like that, with a hard cap to avoid going outside of the vertical server boundary (if it exists). Again, rather than stifling creativity, empower the player base to make create new and interesting landscapes by allowing them the tools to do so. (Maybe prepare a rock face with steel spikes to allow the concrete to stick better on higher slopes? That preparation decays relative to spike ql, or is necessary every 20 slope, or some limiting factor to stop the mountainsides from becoming prepared slopes forever. Anyways, there are, I'm sure, plenty of better ideas out there than just slapping a 40 slope limit on it and moving on.)
  8. Was it looked into at all or did you guys just figure people are complaining for no reason and it wasn't worth your time? Legitimately asking, because half the time feedback from devs and GMs on the forums is so terse it's hard to make sense of.
  9. Not to mention, it's a sandbox game, these kind of limits are (unless necessary for server stability as mentioned) kind of anathema the the idea of this sort of game. Limiting the creativity and personal aesthetic of the player base disenfranchises said group. That's like forcing everyone to eat pizza, whether they like pizza or not. You and I may think they're nutty for not liking pizza, but that's their choice, isn't it?
  10. If the erupt raising can crash the server, maybe just put the maximum limit just below that. If its a max slope issue, then that -1, if it's an overall universal height, than maybe that -1. Also. I can't help but agree that there are other issues that need more attention than this. Buggy server crossings, the inconsistency in damaging bridges with catapults, that sort of thing. I find it really amazing that we can pop any building of any size that we've made instantly, but can't pop a bridge we made without an extreme investment in time or money. In any case, despite those not being addressed, I still appreciate the time and effort put in to improve the game.
  11. I've been thinking that it was turned down but really have no basis for it other than my particularly bad luck. 0 maps from a couple dozen rolls. Very disappointing.
  12. I encountered a spelling error when Madnath dropped some of my stuff nearby: [22:33:04] Madnath drops three largge mauls, one maul, two longswords, one staff, one axe and two scythes. Three mauls should be larggge, if I remember correctly. That is all.
  13. I've tried downloading with both Firefox and Chrome browsers, I still get the same error.