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  1. Running the installer to get the option to choose the preview client killed my keybinds. Not fun. This isn't so much a new ui as a reskinned ui, am I correct?
  2. And... just to update that feedback, on the west coast of Canada (Vancouver, good connection), I'm getting probably an average of 2s of input lag at this point.
  3. Post transfer lag is a lot better now. Thanks for that! Could probably use a touch more imo ,but its playable now!
  4. This still occurs. Log just chocked full of While cleaning error state: GL ERROR: (1282) o7
  5. Again, kinda making my point. It worked for some, and was solving a problem. You guys do a pretty good job rationalizing why you shouldn't gain revenue or a silver drain in game (effectively the same thing). What we're really not hearing is what harm it was doing to the game, other than 'your chef's knife shouldn't be used to cut cheese'. In any case, yeah, a solution to the problem would be well received, I think, whatever that be.
  6. Yeah, but don't forget a lot of veteran players are more vocal on the forums. I know of quite a few cases of the 2s getting people their first taste of Wurm prem perks. It was crucial for giving them the opportunity to earn their next 10 with usable skills. There is now no viable non-cash option for them. New player retention is one hell of a hurdle for an aging game in a niche genre without making it harder. I use a chef's knife to slice cheese. Doesn't mean I should have my chef's knife suddenly taken away, especially without a wire cheese board ready to go, because the design of a chef's knife wasn't specifically for slicing cheese... The 2s prem solved a problem that needs solving. If you're willing to consider discussing a solution, you're basically making the argument that maybe the 2s prem wasn't that useless a thing after all. Only, this comes after the fact after a solution, even if it was not an ideal one, has been ninja'd out of existence without a ready replacement. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Am I making any sense? Am I at least making anyone hungry?
  7. It might be confirmation bias but I see a lot of "we're removing this, don't worry we'll fix it later" from this management group. Meanwhile things aren't fixed from years ago. How about catapulting bridges? Any progress? Maybe fixing server travel issues once and for all. Hows that UI coming? How about just letting things, eg. 2s prem, sit until you have it solidly worked out and ready to be replaced (not we're working on a replacement system, but don't hold your breath), as did not happen with the war machine revamp? How about not changing the hell out of things without fixing old bugs and problems? It seems, so much, that we players are asked to shoulder the burden of poor planning and implementation. I myself, am near the breaking point. There is SO much useless work and time wasting in Wurm as it is, I'm not sure I want to continue supporting this management team and it's decisions, when it seems to just get worse. I mean, maybe just come clean, would you rather the OG players just sthu so you can get on with your master revamp of the game for this expected Steam audience? Brand loyalty only goes so far, what happens when you've burned through all that and a new set of people are asked to start shouldering the burden? How long can this model last?
  8. Yeah the 2s for a month of prem was great for new players to come in, make a couple silver during there 'to 20' grind, and get hooked on prem. Happened all over my stream deed with the people I brought in. Also, I was looking forward to a channeling grind that didn't involve so much absolute tedium. In terms of economy, I was prepared to spend 18s on preming up nubbly priests for my grind. Now I will spend 0. *shrugs* Loss of revenue and/or silver drain for wurm. Doesn't seem like the best business decision imo. Also, was this a total ninja change? I don't recall it in the discussion if coming changes.
  9. This started happening to me a couple days ago. Couldn't play at all. Every time I tried to give an input, it the server lagged out. I installed the VPN ^ and it seems to work for the moment. Is there no other fix for this?
  10. 2.5 Years later, when calling /support for help with this, I'm told to pay to deed it or spend days bashing. Why should I pay for a deed or waste days of prem to fix a shortcoming in the game system that is well known and widely requested to be fixed? Please, get off your butts and look into the problem, or start giving people GM support.
  11. This makes some sense to me. It's also a great educational point for new players who wonder, 'why make actions slower.' Finding the answer will reveal better ways of skilling, I'm sure. In any case, I've wished for something like this when skilling. If I'm going to stand there doing useless work for skilling, why not make it more worthwhile. +1
  12. Selling a set of Dreadnought Dynasty PMK Gear! Included: 1x DD Wagon 1x DD Tent 4x DD Flags 4x DD Banners 4x DD Tall Banners Asking 40s Reply, forum message, or PM Fearil in game. Thanks!
  13. If your IP changes every couple of hours or w/e it is unlikely that those IPs are also associated with other accounts. Maybe I'm wrong about that but it seems like it wouldn't really be an issue. I do believe that it could be made into an authorized sharing system that would take out a lot of the need for extra GM oversight... It can be be hours before getting a GM response to the /support system as it is at times. My 2c.
  14. Seems like a fair concern. Could there perhaps be an authorized account-sharing system between one or two other accounts put into effect? Only to be changed perhaps once a month at most to avoid sudden knee-jerk account sharing?
  15. I feel this is a good move overall for the game. Time will tell of course. One point I wish to bring up, is that 2 months is actually 0.01e more expensive? How about a discount for 2 month purchases? Or, perhaps just a discount overall and cut the buy more-spend less approach that benefits those people who can afford large single purchases? Premium is a pretty necessary thing for any serious player, there really isn't any need to appeal to the more affluent players over poorer ones who can afford single large purchases (not to mention exchange rates). Overall 9/10 would read again.