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  1. I encountered a spelling error when Madnath dropped some of my stuff nearby: [22:33:04] Madnath drops three largge mauls, one maul, two longswords, one staff, one axe and two scythes. Three mauls should be larggge, if I remember correctly. That is all.
  2. I've tried downloading with both Firefox and Chrome browsers, I still get the same error.
  3. I as well. Thanks for keeping Niarja around, it's been a great tool. All the best in your future endeavours!
  4. I don't quite understand what you're saying. Are you upset that someone ended your rift early? If so, what changed are you proposing? The inability to end the last round of the rift until after the Warmaster is killed?
  5. Bump it, do it, love it.
  6. I'm interested in 30k favor. Please contact me here or Fearil in game. Thanks!
  7. Ty for the slay Stan and friends!
  8. I appreciate that but this is the middle shelf under nose height. That and it's on an upper story, dragging a cart up doesn't seem like the intended solution, though it might allow me to work around the bug.
  9. So I have an 'empty shelf' display rack that won't allow items to be placed on it. Parts of the middle shelf specifically won't allow me to place archaeology tokens on it. I get the return: [17:09:42] You cannot reach that spot to place the small Ghostwood token. Other parts of the unit work, and others don't. Some items work, some don't (for instance, I just tried a rare small dirty casket which worked). The shelves are planted and over 10ql. Name on the unit is 'Memories' in case any dev wants to examine it in game, Valrei's Insight on Cele, inside Fearil's Cottage. I believe this to be bugged behaviour, but any information I might be missing would be welcome! Thanks!
  10. Please allow halter ropes to be stored in bulk storage. That, or don't give so many of the things in treasure chests. I get the idea of filler, but it's kind of ridiculous to get all those then basically throw them away or have them decay. It's rope; it stores well. Thank you for reading!
  11. Hey yeah, I found it and saw it wasn't branded so took it for safekeeping. I figured if I didn't it would probably get nicked. I'll be online shortly and I'll get it back to you!