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  1. Great tip dude, thanks
  2. +1 seed drill!
  3. +1 seed bag!
  4. +1 on the seed spreader. I was about to suggest this but did a search like a good forum user. I was thinking like a seed bag or basket used in the same way as Koroth mentioned. Doesn't offer any real advantage other than reducing a player's chance at repetitive stress with all the double clicking on each individual seed. Simply a quality of life addition.
  5. For anyone interested, I ended up selling the oh-so controversial Seryll to a friend for about 9s (just over 4c per .01), so @Wargasm was closer to the mark, but I still would have been closer to 11s without friend pricing. The moral of this story: pricing isn't absolute, and poo-pooing someone's post with poorly veiled pleasantries isn't likely to receive a kindly response. In light of my slightly off evaluation, I'm going to close this up and maybe just make some goodies instead.
  6. Digging clay and making pottery bricks are two of the most boring tasks I've ever done in Wurm. Would love to see anything make this a bit quicker or just less boring... I rarely advocate for more complexity or more clicks, but this is honestly just mind numbing. I like the mould idea... As a potter irl, I know this is how things would be done with regard to items like pottery bricks or shingles. You can also use moulds for other things. Eg: This vase made with a slip (a mixture of water and clay) mould: I've actually been meaning to formulate some ideas on making the pottery skill more realistic in function, but sadly I've been to busy digging clay and making clay bricks.
  7. Seryll has been all over the place lately. And most lumps come between .25 and .35kg from rifts these days. Thanks for chiming in though, really appreciate that you just stopped by to ######-talk my post. FYI could have been done by PM. Seryll removed from post.
  8. Post a Reply, Send a Forum PM, or contact Fearil in game. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for going above and beyond with regard to the compensation! And for all the ongoing work, so happy the embark bug is gone!
  10. WTB Merchant contract. Willing to pay 6s. Send a forum message, or pm Fearil in game. Thanks,
  11. So... um.... checkers, anyone?
  12. Same here. ^
  13. Would you take 2.5s for the seryll lump? If so, please CoD Fearil. Thanks
  14. Hi, would you take 7s for all the moon metals and rift gear? If that sounds good, please CoD to Fearil. Thanks!
  15. 2.5s for the Seryll lumps? 1.5 for the Adamantine lump? 10s for the Glimmersteel lumps? Thanks for considering, CoD to Fearil if all sounds good.