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Found 173 results

  1. Contact In-Game: Wulfgar Contact On Forum: Jakeii Spirit Castle: [23:09:30] Courier has been cast on it, so it is possessed by some messenger spirits. [103] Instant Mail-Time! [1c Postage fee for All Mailed items] [Ships & Furniture imps will need to be delivered to Release G11] [Summoning me on Release is also possible for imps] CURRENTLY AVAILABLE: 0-1 Second Settle Compasses 70QL+/WoA70+ = 2.5s each Made to Order Currently only imping with iron unless materials are supplied. Imps for Platesmithing are limited to Scale Only - I do not work with Plate Armour. Please rename all your items in the following format before sending: (Name) - (Quality desired) E.g. Wulfgar-90QL
  2. 1s Delivery Fee Carpentry and Fine Carpentry order form Carpentry and Fine Carpentry Improvement Cost Mail your Item to Revanthebutcher and rename it with your name and QL desired 0-60ql - FREE 70ql - 20c 80ql - 50c 90ql - 1s Bulk Stock and Tools Available Pre-Built Carpentry Items Chicken Coops 80QL Cedar------- 3 - 75c each LG Cart Blueberrywood 85QL -----1 - 1.5s LG Cart Thorn 85QL -------------------1- 2s LG Cart Raspberry 85QL ------------1- 1.5s LG Cart Lingonberry 85QL ---------1- 2s LG Cart Rosewood 85QL -----------1- 1.5s LG Cart Cameliawood 85QL-------1- 1.5s Bricks Pottery Bricks -------------- 2000 - 4s/k Rounded Stone Bricks - 2000 - 2s/k Stone Bricks ---------------- 1000 - 2s/k Slate Bricks ----------------- 1000 - 4s/k Sandstone Bricks -------- 2000 - 4s/k Stone Slabs -----------------200 - 1s/100 Colossus Bricks ----------1000-2.5s/k (low QL) Sprouts/Flowers Lemonwood - 200 Cedarwood - 200 Firwood - 100 Applewood - 100 Cameliawood - 100 Hazelnut - 200 Cherrywood - 200 Pinewood - 300 Blueberry - 300 Raspberry - 300 Oleander - 100 Orangewood - 500 Greenish-Yellow Flower - 100 Yellow Flower - 300 Purple Flower - 100 White Flower - 100 Orange-Red Flower - 100 Misc Mortar --------------------------1000 - 4s/k Dirt -------------------------------4000 - 2s/k Support Beams ----------- 500 - 7s/k - 32s for all 500 70QL Logs ------------------ 450 - 50c/150 LG Crates 50Q Cedar------SOLD Restocking 01/13/23 SM Crates 50Q Cedar ----31 - 5c each Tools
  3. Welcome to Destined Spirits. A Multi Merchant Market. Thank you to all our visitors, and all of our Merchants for making this possible! We have room for you if you have a Merchant and need a place to go. We are now located at Destined Spirits on Cadence. Tile I 24. Its right on the east coast where you will come in from a different server. Crates Market Stalls Side A Market Stalls Speeds/Combat/Rares The stalls are all full, I just have to change the keys and fill out the sheet. Will be done by tomorrow. Side B Market Stalls Drafts Eckyweckys Horse Supplies Booops Rares Booots Enchants The Old Drunkard Turils Market Alcohol, Honey, Juices, oils. Level 90 Beverage maker. Kittens Haus of Kolours KittenKauos Market Dyes of many colours! Come see the banners to choose what you like. Its a Breezze Breezzy's Merchant Booom Booom in Your Room Boooms Market Leather outfits and Toys....I mean Tools. Merchant Boughttree Vlads Armours Daisy's Not your Everyday Items Makgee's Everyday Items More multi merchant markets available.
  4. Salty's Woodworks Hi and thanks for stopping by. Below are my services I currently offer. I look forward to crafting that special item for you. In game Name: SaltySwine Carpentry (79.84 Carp / 70.05 Fine Carp) All items are made with your chosen wood type unless stated otherwise (archwood excluded) Located in Cadence and delivery is available to anywhere in Cadence or coastline for a shipping and handling fee Current Rare's Available: Rare Ink Brush (Oakwood) - QL50.69 - 5s Storage: Crate Rack - 15c each Large Crate - 20c each (15c each on bulk) Small Crate - 10c each Larder (no snowballs) - 1s each Larder (with snowballs, if available) - 1.5s each Bulk Storage Bin - 15c each BSB Rack - 15c each Bulk Container Unit - 1.75s each Large Storage Unit - 1.5s each Small Wine Barrels - 50ql - 15c each Large Barrels - 15c each Small Barrel Rack - 10c each Small Barrels - 10c each Small Chest - 10c each Large Chest - 20c each Planter Rack - 15c each Misc Items (all items 50ql unless stated otherwise) Large Planter - 1s each Creature Cage - 1s each Chicken Coop - 50c each Empty Beehive -30c each (60QL - 45c each, QL 70 - 70c each) Active Beehive - 80c each (QL60 - 95c each, QL70 - 1.2s each) Noisy Beehive 1.3s each (QL60 - 1.45s each, QL70 - 1.7s each) Carpentry Tools (Grooming Brush, Mallet, Spindle, Spatula, Clay Shaper) All items Oakenwood unless asked 50QL - 20c each 60QL - 35c each 70QL - 50c each Fine Carpentry Tools (Cheese Drill, Fruit Press, Leggat, Small Bucket, Rope Tool) All items Oakenwood unless asked 50QL - 20c each 60QL - 35c each 70QL - 50c each Cartography Tools Ink Brush - 50QL - 20c each Range Pole 50QL - 50c each Cartography Table 50QL - 50c each Stamp Box - 50QL - 20c each Fishing Tools Fishing Rod Rack - 20c each Light Fishing Reel - 50QL - 20c each Medium Fishing Reel - 50QL - 20c each Wooden Fishing Hook - 5c each Fishing Pole - (WIllow Wood) - 10c each Fishing Rod - (Willow Wood) - 20c each Vehicles No archwoods at this time Wagon - QL50 - 2s each Creature Transporter - QL50 - 75c each Large Cart - QL50 - 80c each Furniture Creation QL unless otherwise stated Canopy Bed - 1.5s each Alchemist Cupboard - 1s each Wood Bench - 50c each Wardrobe - 50c each Royal Throne - Coming Soon! Large Bar Table - 50c each Bed - 50c each Armour Stand - 50c each Weapon Rack - 50c each Wooden Bench - 50c each Armchair - 30c each Cupboard - 30c each Empty High Bookshelf - 30c each High Bookshelf - 30c each Lounge Chair - 30c each Chair - 20c each Coffer - 20c each Empty Low Bookshelf - 20c each Fine High Chair - 20c each High Chair - 20c each Large Dining Table - 20c each Low Bookself - 20c each Pauper's High Chair - 20c each Round Table - 20c each Small Bedside Table - 20c each Small Square Table - 20c each Small Tripod Table - 20c each Stool - 20c each Bulk Kindling (1k) - 1.5s per qty Planks (1k) - 2s per qty Support Beams (100) - 7s per qty Wooden Beams (1k) - 5s per qty
  5. * Hi! I'm Redheart and I own Red HQ. Related note: (I play wurm with my husband Blueheart, but I (Red) handle most trade transactions to keep things simple) * Reply to this forum post to place an order or make an offer; Be sure to leave your IGN. * If you'd like a faster response, you're more than welcome to DM Redheart in game. Location: Selling: Archaeology Related: Statue fragments are 20c ea; Statuette fragments are 10c ea They will be combined to save you on mailing fees Arch Frags Available: Carpentry Related Goods: Arch-Wood Wagons: 4s each Various: Tools (Clean, no enchants): Blacksmith Related Goods: Blacksmith Items: Chain Barding: Leatherworking Related Goods 75QL+: Bulk Items: These items can be Wagoner'd to any waystone you choose. Otherwise you can pickup. Sprouts 3s for 300 (1 large crate full): Meat(s) 1s/1k - Will be variety when shipped, unless otherwise specified. Stone Bricks 2s/1k Planks 2s/1k Various Items: These items can be CoD'd; Contact in game -- it'll get you a faster response * If there's something you really want but you feel the price is too much, don't by shy, you can approach with offers! Even More Various Items In My Merchants: * Prices are the very last number to the right, I'm also open to negotiate if you so desire * Items can be CoD'd. ________________________________________________________________________ BUYING THE FOLLOWING ITEMS:
  6. Merchant available near highway at deed (L12) for your convienience Nahimana's Wagon Emporium: InGame contact: Nahimana or Nahimanae Archaeology items: Nature items: Carpentry items: (96.73 Carpentry & 91.16 FIne Carpentry) !!!New Cloth Tailoring: NEW!!! (75.02 Cloth Tailoring) !!!New Logs: NEW!!! (79.29 Woodcutting) Grab bag: 2s compass x2 - 4s ql94 oak mallet woa/coc 89 8s Sleep Powder 1.5s/ea rare Emerald ql 83,73 Potion of Woodcutting ql 68.26 Halter Ropes 15c/ea Source Crystals 10c/ea InGame contact: Nahimana or Nahimanae
  7. Welcome to Bifrost Canal Market! We are excited to announce the opening of a new market location, located in a quiet bay just beyond Bifrost Canal's entrance. We are located at map tile P15 on Harmony. Easily accessible by both water and land! (Please be sure to look for Bifrost Canal MARKET when using the waystone) Merchant available with leather items such as saddles and studded leather armor! Merchant with up to 90ql+ metal tools at low prices!! Merchant available with Plate Metal Armor!!! Limited horses available for self serve!! Shields available for order! 50c for 70ql (iron) We are pleased to announce we now have a self-serve area located on the west side of Bifrost Canal. We have horses, leather items and metal tools available. Come visit us and rest your weary head in our hostel! We have vacant merchant stalls for public use!! Come visit us and set up your merchant today! SELF SERVICE STABLES Available Horses, Mules and Hellhorses: (Don't forget to check out our free animal pen!) IMP SERVICES or New Orders Items needing imped can be mailed to the appropriate craftsman. Please label each item with your character name and desired quality!! For additional information or for new orders, please pm appropriate craftsman or message me on here. Thanks! Leatherwork Leatherwork (up to 90ql) provided by Darwenius. Please message him in game! Blacksmithing Blacksmithing services (90ql+) provided by Katharina. Please message her in game! Plate Armor Smithing Smithing services (80ql+) provided by Zegrim. Please message in game! Carpentry Carpentry services provided by Katharina. Please message in game! Shields Shield services provided by Darwenius . Please message in game! Bifrost Canal Market is located on Harmony at map tile p15. Easily accessible by both water and highway. Thank you! Horses viewed at over 65 Animal Husbandry. All traits are shown above. Merchants are located at Bifrost Canal Market as well. The token is conveniently located along the main road that runs through the property for anyone that needs to access their bank and there is a mailbox with a 85+ cast for use located next to the token.
  8. Welcome to The Foundry, providing Benediction Vynora enchants, Tools, & Armor! In-Game Info Location: S17 Cadence - The Right Spot In-Game Names: Fadden or Forbes. Current Professions: Pottery: Fadden up to 70QL Blacksmithing: Fadden - up to 60QL Leatherworking: Fadden - up to 60QL Carpentry: Elvirah - up to 80QL Fine Carpentry: Elvirah - up to 75QL Vynora Priest: Forbes - Benediction 90.70 channeling Fo Priest: Fort - Casting coming soon. ON DEMAND CUSTOM CASTS Pricing for each range is a set charge, the final cast is guaranteed to be at or above the power listed for that range. If cast power is higher than requested range there will be no additional charge. Price is for any item that can accept a cast (tool/wep/armor/etc) SHATTER RISK Casting is based around RNG and there is a chance of shattering an item. If the item is important please imp to 50QL before sending to reduce chances of shattering. Any common (none rare/supreme/fantastic) item that is above 50QL that is crafted by any profession listed in the "Current Professions" section will be replaced free of charge. Outside of what is listed above we will not be held responsible for any shattered item. BLACKSMITHING CARPENTRY & FINE CARPENTRY SERVICES LEATHERWORKING POTTERY - Pricing Coming Soon <---CURRENT PRE-CASTED INVENTORY BELOW---> HORSESHOES (Sorted by Cast Power) TOOLS (Sorted by Cast Power) GENERAL DISCLAIMERS Any item turned rare during the imp process is at no additional charge to the customer. Any order involving items that can not be sent via mail is subject to additional delivery costs, which will be handled/priced on a per order basis. CUSTOM ORDERS/REQUESTS/FEEDBACK Requests and orders can be submitted via in-game PM or posting here in this thread. We would love to hear any feedback you have good or bad just drop a reply here in this thread.
  9. Hello and welcome to crafters legion merchant ad ! Latest update: 09/18 Currently there are two public wagoners in market for everyone to use. Location: Crafter's Legion Market Xanadu M7 north of cave canal. Our crew: Martynas Mrcoolman Richtje Richardcheese To order item post here or pm crafter ingame. Currently thread is WIP, if you dont find item you need tell us. 10% discount on items with crafter's signature ! Alternative payment methods: Favor[NEW] Enchanting Alchemy: Carpentry: Hot food cooking: Masonry: Smithing: Tailoring: Up to 99QL
  10. Welcome To the Nutty Sawdust Market Place. We offer the very best in BoTD casted Items. We are located on Melody with the main deed at J15/16 with connection to the main Overture highway. We also have an alternative harbour deed at S15 We are a very friendly service that are always happy to offer help and advice where possible. Please see a list of some of the things we can offer and the prices, other items available on request, please don’t hesitate to contact PNUT in game. BoTD is a combination of both CoC + WoA in 1 cast, increase the skill gain and usage speed. Please see below for available items. My Priest is now fully healed after his grind to 99+ Channelling. Fast delivery with Instant + Runed mail box - Dark Messenger has been cast on it, so it is possessed by some evil messenger spirits. [105] Please Contact Pnut in game or leave a message below if there is a specific Tool/Cast you desire. Taking a very straight forward approach to my return offering CUSTOM BOTD casts on your tools: I can provide any custom tool at creation QL with requested cast. 99+ Channelling with Benediction. Please be aware of shatter risk when sending tools. 80+ 1.5s 90+ 3s 100+ 5s A few Pre-casted tools remain. QL may vary: Carpentry + Fine Carpentry - No Longer Available Temporarily closed the Carpentry Market - For all you Carpentry needs I strongly recommend Motec, he is by far the best Carpenter and Fine Carpenter on the NFI. See his page below
  11. Welcome to Sunny coast! Harmony, i8 Send me a private message or send post here Horses 4 draft and 4 speed, Mules 4 draft: Fo priest service: Leatherworking up to 92ql: Carpentry / Fine Carpentry up to 85ql / 75ql:
  12. Welcome To Yassi Carpentry. I'am Specialized In Fine Carpentry To provide Top Quality Items With Top Quality Services. Current Skill Status : Fine Carpentry - 99.997 Carpentry - 99.97 Services. Goods. Bulk Container Unit - 1.5s . Empty BeeHive - Price Equal to imp Prices up. Chicken Coop - 50c For Creation QL . Larder - 1s . Canopy Bed - 1.5s Wagons - 2.5s (+1s For Arch Woods) . In Game Contact ( MoTeC ) Recommendations : Get Your Sharp Weapons From : (Inactive) A Libila Priest With 99+ Channeling & Benediction Get you're BoTD Casts . The Finest Black smith out there on NFI . Thank you.
  13. Location: Bulk Stock: Services: Bowyery imps up to 90ql 50c (PM Acrisius). Carpentry imps up to 90ql 50c (PM Acrisius). Fine Carpentry imps up to 80ql 40c(PM Acrisius) Delivery: Wagoner(Xanadu, cod). Pickup at B19 coast Xanadu. Delivery negotiable(PM Acrisius). Notes: No extra cost for crates unless you choose wagoner delivery. In that case it is 1c per crate. Client can keep any items that turn rare or better for no extra cost. We only sell what we have in stock. Contact: Acrisius in game or forum (in game preferred, forum reply might be slower). Mimma in game (wagoner or pickup orders only). Special offers: Colossus build kits (2k clay, 2k colossus bricks) - 4s
  14. Give us this type of roofs 👉👈😏 (Ofc I meant this shape, cause ((almost)) every roof in wurm looks bad, because you can only make this /\ )
  15. One stop shopping! We are located at Cadence O17, on the highway system! Delivery can also be arranged! **Contact Chaosmeow in game** Pizzas - Affinity and Filler Carpentry Fine Carpentry Blacksmithing Masonry Priest Services Leatherworking Cloth Tailoring Pottery Ropemaking Archaeology Sprouts We can get most sprouts that are requested. Sprouts are 1c each, except oak and willow which are 3c each. Animals For Sale If you need a product or service that isn't on this list, please contact me in game (Chaosmeow), or post here.
  16. Brython's Pretty Patties Apprentice Carpentry, Cooking, and Dyemaking! Situated in Bay of Twelve (E15), Harmony, right off the northern Heartland highway, Brython's Pretty Patties is here to help with any carpentry, cooking, and dyemaking orders! While less skilled than your standard shops, I have a heart filled with gold and determination, and will give an exceptional experience at a price that works for you! I take commissions for the following skillsets: Carpentry (Lvl 46.72) Fine Carpentry (Lvl 35.84) Hot Food Cooking (Lvl 50.01) Cooking (Lvl 23.33) The following skills are in progress and also for sale, but likely not the quality you desire: Natural Substances (Lvl 16.24) Beverages (Lvl 10.20) (Last Updated: 2021-12-13 at 13:48 EST) Prices for work are negotiated with your budget and wishes in mind, and not from a pre-defined list! Please contact: Brython (Usually on Afternoons and Evenings EST) If you cannot reach me, please reply on this thread with your character name and desired work, and I will try to get to you as soon as possible!
  17. Came to Wurm looking for an MMO, and what a MMO i've found! I am a RL Greatsword enthusiast, So I thought I could perhaps make some sort of a Blademaster/Barbarian trope! Focusing on Leatherwork (36) and WeaponSmithing (12) (yes, I know it's long) at the moment. I've been on for 3 weeks but an introduction is never bad. As I always say, happy grinding! Nicolás.
  18. Richard's Halfway Inn is offering an all included Trading Variety. Send a tell to KarlFranz in-game or make a reply to this thread to order any of the following services. *Update* Parts of the store will be added back slowly. For now the header will say whether or not a service is currently offered. Thank you for your understanding. We offer the following services; Top tier Vynora Enchants 90 Weaponsmithing 90 Blacksmithing 90 Mining 90 Woodcutting 90 Carpentry 90 Farming 80 Masonry 80 Fine Carp 70 Pottery Services soon offered; Fo services including high LT, Genesis, and Humid Drizzle. Priest Favor Leatherworking Cloth Tailoring Benediction Vynora Priest [15:06:00] Congratulations, you fully completed Benediction and earned the reward: Divine Title, +5 Power to Spell Casts & 5hr Sleep Bonus We offer custom Benediction Vynora priest enchants. Our priest is 96.9 Channeling with Benediction complete and maximum faith bonus. 70+ Power 60 copper 80+ Power 1.2 Silver 90+ Power 2.4 Silver 100+ Power 6.5 Silver Shatter Chance: Under ~0.07% You pay the price for the minimum cast you're looking for, even if the cast lands in a higher bracket. If you want 70 and it gets an 80 cast, you still pay 60 copper. Pre-casted Prices (Doesn't include weapons) 70+ Power - 33c 80+ Power - 66c 90+ Power - 1.8 Silver 100+ Power - 5s Silver Our Skiller Selection (In process of being refilled) Shovels: Hatchets: Sickles: Pickaxe Heads: Rake Blades: Rugs: Small Anvils: All items can be sent COD. Items can be improved before being sent if applicable. Master Chef Affinity Pizza (NOT IN SERVICE AND NOT UPDATED) A single bite of one of our deluxe affinity pizzas will give over 15 hours of affinity and fill CCFP bars in just one bite. We offer pizza in 2kg portions. You can select if you want a random affinity or a targeted affinity. Random affinity: 50 copper per 2kg portion. Targeted affinity: 1 silver per 2kg portion. In order to target the affinity, I will need to know the affinity roll of the character in question. This can be done in one of two simple ways: Frying a horse meat (horse meat + oven + frying pan) and telling me the affinity. Butcher knife on a potato -> raw fries and tell me the affinity the raw fries gives you. We can also COD a taste test meat for 1 iron if you'd prefer the convenience. Once the taste test is complete, it will never have to be performed again for future orders. Temporary Hiatus: I'm currently strapped for time and unable to cook as much as I used to. As a result, I'm not very active in cooking new affinity pizzas. I will, however, continue to sell slices of the pizzas I do have. 75 of 138 affinities are covered at the time of writing this, so there's about 50/50 chance I already have the affinity you're looking for in stock. Master Weapon Smith CURRENTLY NOT IN SERVICE) We offer weapon smith services up to 90QL. This includes carving knives, butcher knives, sickles, scythes, and all other forms of weapons. Iron: Iron 70QL: .5 silver Iron 80QL: 1 silver Iron 90QL: 3 silver Silver: Silver 70QL: 75 Copper Silver 80QL: 1.5 silver Silver 90QL: 4 silver Improvement: Negotiable Halberds must be picked up from our deed at Harmony L15. Long spears are currently not available. Master Blacksmith We offer blacksmithing services up to 90QL. This includes hammers, pickaxes, hatchets, awls, horse shoes, lanterns, and all other forms of blacksmithing items. We do not charge extra for large anvils. 70QL: 35 copper 80QL: 65 copper 90QL: 1 Silver 50 Copper Improvement: Negotiable High Mason (NOT IN SERVICE AND NOT UPDATED) We offer masonry services up to 80QL. 70QL Ovens & Forges: 1 silver 80QL Ovens & Forges: 3 silver 70QL Smelter: 4 silver 80QL Smelter: 6 silver Improvement: Negotiable (~1-3 silver) Large items such as forges, ovens, and smelters must be picked up on deed at Harmony L15. If you want a pre-existing item improved, such as a rare or supreme forge/oven, then it must be brought to the deed at Harmony L15 for improvement. Master Fine Carpenter (NOT IN SERVICE AND NOT UPDATED) We offer carpentry & fine carpentry services up to 80QL. This includes rope tools, spindles, mallets, and similar. Tools can be made from any wood type requested, and will default to oak if none is specified. 70QL Tools: 80 copper 80QL Tools: 2 silver Mastermine (NOT IN SERVICE AND NOT UPDATED) We offer ore up to 90QL. This can be purchased two ways - pickup through large crates at Harmony L15 or COD with 64x lumps. Iron: 80QL Iron: 1 silver 25 copper for 64kg lump COD, 5 silver for 300x in large crate pickup. 90QL Iron: 3 silver for 64kg lump COD, 12 silver for 300x in large crate pickup. Tin: 80QL Tin: 2 silver for 64kg lump COD, 8 silver for 300x in large crate pickup. 90QL Tin: 4 silver for 64kg lump COD, 16 silver for 300x in large crate pickup. Gold: 80QL Gold: 3 silver for 6.4kg lump COD, 12 silver for 300x in large crate pickup. 90QL Gold: 6 silver for 6.4kg lump COD, 24 silver for 300x in large crate pickup. Silver: 80QL Silver: 3 silver for 6.4kg lump COD, 12 silver for 300x in large crate pickup. 90QL Silver: 6 silver for 6.4kg lump COD, 24 silver for 300x in large crate pickup. Improvement Services: We're willing to offer a discount on improvement services for items already over 60QL. Send a message and we can work something out. Send a tell to KarlFranz in-game or post an order here. We're open to negotiation on all our offerings.
  19. How arched walls require the same amount of materials is beyond me. Perhaps when I was young and naive this didn't bother me as much. I have always actively played PvP where arched walls are rare and I've never had the inclination to build them... until now. Please reduce the material quantity requirements for arched walls from 20 to 10 bricks and mortar.
  20. Hello folks! Icy and Grogster here at BeamMart, serving you soon! Here at BeamMart we will craft support beams on your demand. Being based in Highrise we will craft them out of the finest materials you can find up high! We usually do beams but can do other mats at your request. Service fees aren't yet in effect! [WE ARE NOT AVALABLE YET GIVE US A LITTLE WHILE, HOWEVER SOON WE MAY BE AVALALIBLE FOR SMALL ORDERS, JUST GIVE ONE OF US A PM INGAME] SUPPORT BEAM PRICES Number Count Under 150: Service Fee Multiplier: Price Per Beam Overall Price: Under 15 0.15 0.063s x * y (z) 15+ 0.1 0.05s x * y (z) 100+ 0.1 0.05s x * y (z) Number Count Over 150: Service Fee Multiplier: Overall Price: 150 N/A 0.063s 9.45s 150+ 0.05 0.05s x * y (z) MISC MATS Beams: 1c per beam x 0.1 Service Fee Ribbons: 1c per ribbon x 0.1 Service Fee
  21. Hello there, my name is Brotteil and I live in Harmony! I see you stumbled upon my shop! Well, would you like to buy some high quality tools, anchors or even horseshoes? Then you came to the right place, because I can handle every blacksmithing needs. Depending on your location, I can also handle bulk/big deliveries such as nails, ribbons, lamps, rivets etc. For details you can pm me ingame! Hello! My name is Oriath. I live in Harmony, and I mainly do leatherworking! These are my up-to-date prices, but if you have something in mind, be sure to pm me ingame! Hello there, my name is Mengo and I live in Harmony, in the same village with the others! I mainly handle Carpentry and Fİne-carpentry needs. I also do bulk goods such as logs! If you want something that's not in the menu but it's Fine-Carpentry or Carpentry, you can pm me ingame. Hey guys, my name is Audrie, I'm living in the same village with the others. I mostly do the jewelry and chainsmithing jobs in the village. If you don't see something you want, but it's withing my capabilities, you can pm me ingame. Greetings, my name's Griselda, I live on Harmony and I am a highly skilled mason and an able potter!(Not a wizard) Please contact me in-game, or post here if you want anything. And if you need other services and/or items, that are not listed here - such as bridge plannings, mine doors, stone slabs or just want to haggle or ask something? I am always open for those! Just PM me right away! I don't do bricks, mortar or concrete. Coastal delivery - 1s (free if the order is higher than 20s) or pickup at P11 Harmony.
  22. Hello Everyone on Harmony specially everone who live in the SouthEast of Harmony (everyone between T16 to P12) I'am Planning a 2 wide wooden Bridge From P14 (the Deed is named Matology) to R14 I want to connect North with South so they(and I) dont have to travel per boat or the long way arount through the mountan... that is just Phase 1 of the Project, next stage is a highway from P14 to O15 and from there another Bridge to O16 and from there Stage 3 Highway to Harmony Bay. I do this all by myself but I would be Happy if someone come and assist me a bit. Eather through Carpentry work, material preperation, or material donations (note sry 4 my bad english ^^) Hope to See you there... ps. I can Provide some Bed's for Helping hands and A monestary for all who wants to pray a bit ^^ so long *wave*
  23. As post states, wts manual labor. Relevant skills: Body Strength 24 Paving 27 Carp 79 Fine Carp 56 Shipbuilding 45 Digging 61 Mining 34 Forestry 43 Gardening 33 Woodcutting 41 Masonry 44 Animal Husbandry 56 Pottery 50 Thatching 23 Ropemaking 15 Blacksmithing 36 Fletching 25 Bowyery 20 Pottery 50 *skills may be slightly higher than as shown I can sail to where you are, though my deed is on Exodus... If you want a lodestone or mailbox moved, I can even do that too. Rate of 10i per action, also offering to make bulk items, feel free to offer me other jobs at other prices as well, if I'm not working on one already or if it isnt urgent, I'll probably take it up >.< send me a PM here, or ingame @ eirwengale. Thanks ^^ Also selling: 60+QL wool, I have 6k in stock right now but can gather more upon request, priced at 1s/k picked up, 1.25s / k delivered or 7c + CoD per combined lump (64) Cow / sheep milk / cheese; I can collect/make for your proposed price / quantity as per request. Pending / Upcoming Jobs: Queued Jobs: Ongoing Jobs: Completed jobs:
  24. Sharkbury Ships All our ships come with the following: ☠️ Choice of wood type for the final peg/tenon ☠️ Free delivery on Harmony, Melody, or Cadence (for purchases over 5s) ☠️ Free lead mooring anchor ☠️ Free future imping for all ship purchases at Sharkbury [Harmony K23] ☠️ Help loading/unloading of your crates & creature cages We also have a selection of crates & cages available to purchase! ⛵ The boats below are complete to the final peg/tenon and available for purchase now: ☠️ Small Sailing Boat (Quantity: 1) ☠️ Corbita (Quantity: 1) ☠️ Cog (Quantity: 1) (We aren't taking future orders at this time, only selling the boats listed above, as they are ready to go!) 💰 Prices 💰 Rowing Boat: 1 silver Small Sailing Boat: 3 silver Corbita: 15 silver Cog: 25 silver Knarr: 45 silver Small Cedarwood Crate: 10c Large Cedarwood Crate: 25c Fish Keep Net: 1s (Preserves freshly caught fish on your boat) Sleep Powder: 1.5s Cedarwood Creature Cage: 1 silver 🦄 Creature Cage Filled With Cute Baby Unicorn Foal: 4 silver 🦄 Contact Picklelicious or Pickwicke in game to arrange delivery details. (she/her)
  25. Foxhound Stables No inbreeding! Competitive prices! Buy 4 at a time and I will discount 1 silver! Message me (Claytonn) in game or on the forum for scheduling! Delivery (Harmony only) is extra depending on distance and availability. Location - Northeast corner of N19 - East of Harmony Bay LAST UPDATED (10/15/20) 5-Speed Work in progress! 4-Speed Work in progress! 3-Speed Black - Pandarage - Young Foal - It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It can carry more than average. - 4.75s 2-Speed PENDING - Appaloosa - Haltswift - Adolescent Foal - Female - It has fleeter movement than normal. It is a tough bugger. It has lightning movement. - 3.5s Black - Bloodhunting - Young Foal - Male - It has fleeter movement than normal. It has lightning movement. It has a certain spark in its eyes. - 3s Black - Walkingrock - Adolescent Horse - Female - It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has a certain spark in its eyes. - 3s Brown - Quailwild - Young Foal - Male - It has fleeter movement than normal. It has lightning movement. - 2.5s Piebald Pinto - Clipjohan - Young Foal - Male - It is a tough bugger. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. It has a certain spark in its eyes. - 3.5s White - Lightingsouth - Young Horse - Male - It is a tough bugger. It has a strong body. It can carry more than average. - 3.5s 1-Speed Brown - Haltrage - Young Horse - Male - It has lightning movement. - 75c PENDING - EBONY BLACK - Piechaser - Young Foal - Female - It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a certain spark in its eyes. - 5.5s EBONY BLACK - Starkdamien - Young Foal - Male - It is a tough bugger. It has lightning movement. It has keen senses. - 5s Gold - Huntingsad - Adolescent Horse - Male - It has lightning movement. - 75c PENDING - Grey - Eckerclip - Adolescent Horse - Female - It will fight fiercely. It has fleeter movement than normal. - 50c PENDING - Baxterwar - Young Horse - Male - It has very strong leg muscles. It looks unusually strong and healthy. - 1.25s White - Fleasweet - Mature Horse - It is a tough bugger. It can carry more than average. - 1.5s White - Romaniron - Adolescent Horse - It has very strong leg muscles. It has keen senses. - 1.5s Carpentry Services: Small crate - 10c Large crate - 20c Other carpentry items - Message me! Building planning - Message me to work something out! Currently at 69 carpentry.