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Found 13 results

  1. [22:11:52] Ouch! That hurt! [22:11:59] You start to tend to venerable fat brown cow 'I am a fat cow'. Why do we need to hurt ourself, when we want to have a longer timer in many of the actions that we do? Either we jump down a cliff to break a foot, up to 70% damage, then go groom animals, or we go into climbing mode or we restrict ourself to no food, no water for a long time so the "pesky" stamina does not return so fast ... Couldn't we just have a simple way to solve that? Set yourself how long you want your timer to be? Or have more controll over the stamina? I am quite sure, these tricks in animal husbandry are also not known to most new players - they all want to breed horses and cows, many surely do it with a 10 second timer and will cry. I can see minigames to speed up the timer, or slow down the timer... In any way, i would like to see a simple logic way, that does not resolve inflcing yourself 70 damage, even if that works now quite well, i think most breeders know what i mean.
  2. As title say...while dredging from passanger seat stamina wont regen..i have to go on the shore and regen there and come back in to the boat.. I'm not sure if this bug is reported or not..even so needs to be fixed..its very bad..even more so with bridges coming up.
  3. Hello everyone! Today player show me one interesting situation. Player start attack tiny creature (like cat/dog etc), after creature start attacking player - he target another crature behind the fence. The player must stand at the gate(If I understand everything correctly) and in defensive stance. With this -- player always in fighting and can train defensive stance, shields, weapons, main stats (body, str,stamina, mind speed etc) via afk coz stamina never down. Schematically it looks like this: If I have enough time, I'll try to shoot the video, but it will definitely not this week UPD. m8s say me: It coz small creatures do self-stung ("bad moving") after this player regen full stamina... Dont have more information about this, but I think it's not right coz I can stay in game on week in afk and learn skills.
  4. So I was discussing the usefulness of items such as strawberry juice, wine, decorations and things of the like with a friend and the word "Vanity" items started to get thrown around. As the word vanity can be associated with happiness in a few different ways we had the idea that if a value called "happiness" were added it could affect things like creation chance, timers for meditation/pray, rare rolls (By a very very very slight percent) and other various actions. Things that would raise happiness: better drinks/food like wine and meals, decorations (which would give an unseen aura-like effect, like tapestries, candelabras; these would need to have a limit), praying/meditation, and many more. Things like dying/taking injuries, water and food getting too low, lack of decorations, lack of room/spacing around the character and stuff like that would lower happiness. Just curious as to the thoughts of others with this idea.
  5. Currently, the stamina drain while casually piloting a large cart, or riding a horse is way too much. Why does it tire me out so much to sit on a bench and hang onto horse reigns? We domesticated horses to make travel easier, and increase the time between rests, and yet in Wurm, I have to rest every 100 yards or so to get my stamina back. This has been going on since the inclusion of horses and needs to be addressed.
  6. Hello! I'm having a problem on my server where stamina regeneration seems to have a long delay before starting to function. Example: A player digs several times, then stops to rest and it takes 3-4 seconds before stamina starts to regenerate. Is there a config someplace I can modify, even in the databases? Thanks! --Llurendt Edit: Is it maybe the FATIGUESWITCH Field? Or maybe the TILEREST field? I've really no idea, those just seem like "maybes" Edit2: This seems to have been resolved somehow with the server update. Please disregard.
  7. Is it normal for stamina to wait for 3-4 seconds after you stop doing things to start regenerating? If not, is there a way to fix it? I don't THINK I've changed anything that would cause a delay to regeneration, but I'm not really sure... Anyone have any helpful information on it? Thanks! --Llurendt
  8. I was riding on my lg cart just now and i was wondering if us losing stamina was a bug or if it is intended. We are not doing anything the horses or whatever you are using is doing all the work...idk Just seems odd and to me it seems like more of a bug. I had always wondered if there was some reason for it or if it was just an easy way out of separating walking vs riding. What do you think?
  9. Please Devs, Rolf, Gods, whoever... enable stamina regen on boats no matter what slope is under you.
  10. Horseback riding takes a certain amount of stamina. The most I recall is the strain of just controlling the ornery beast to keep it from eating everything on the trail. It did not reduce my stamina in any meaningful way. However in Wurm stamina drains swiftly while riding, just as fast it would were it you (and not the horse) running. This is not natural and not realistic. The horse might grow tired, certainly, but they do not tire as men tire or at the same rate. It would seem more apparent that when horses were added the code was simply not altered in any way to prevent stamina loss as though a player had been running. Sailing does take a smaller amount of stamina. I have sailed and while handling lines and tacking all while attempting to get in what is almost always every other direction other than the wind is blowing to - it is not as draining as say - running. As it is in Wurm. People have told me that, again, this is a feature - not a bug. I believe that it boats where just added, as horses were - without any thought to reducing stamina loss/distance traveled - either the coder did not care or did not know that horseback riding and sailing are generally less strenuous activities than running 9kmh in platemail. The fix is simple - dig down in that spaghetti code of travel for boats and horses and add a coefficient for them. They can still drain stamina, but the should not drain anywhere near the amount they do. This is not a feature request this is a bug report. There is no way in any universe that so closely resembles are own that such a glaring incredulity could have been overlooked. There are many instances were fantasy can be invoked to bring about a greater level of game and a lesser degree of realism, but when it is in contravention to known strenous levels it begins to smack of 'fantasy as a crutch'. TL;DR Boats and horses should not use the vast amounts of stamina they currently do. It is a bug.
  11. Note on new containers listed: similar operation to trash heap or cooking vessel; tick occurs when contained items change state based on hidden timer and criteria. Cider - not a complex process according to DIY guides. Cider barrel Put apple juice into a cider barrel. Leave for 10 days 12 hours gametime (12 Wurm weeks) for apple juice to become cider. Quality of cider affected by quality of cider barrel and beverages skill. Suggestions of benefits: 1/2 stamina benefit of wine of equal quality. Beer from scratch I know beer is oft suggested, but I couldn't find any active references to method or benefits. Producing barley malt Steeping vessel Put water and barley into steeping vessel, leave for 3 hours gametime (24 Wurm hours). Barley becomes barley, sprouting. Malt bed Put barley, sprouting into malt bed and leave for 15 hours gametime (5 Wurm days). Barley, sprouting becomes malt, green. Put green malt in an oven, campfire or forge. Oven + malt, green = malt, pale Campfire + malt, green = malt, brown Forge + malt, green = malt, dark The finished malt should be BSBable Brewing Grind malt, 'colour' into grits, 'colour' with a grindstone. Mix 1 kg grits, 'colour' and 2L of water in a liquid container to make mash, 'colour'. Put mash in brewing kettle and heat in oven at boiling status of water for 7.5 minutes gametime (1 Wurm hour). Produces wort, 'colour' (liquid) and grits, used. Mix hops with boiling wort to produce hopped wort, 'colour'. Pour hopped wort into fermentation barrel. Wort becomes frothing wort, 'colour' within 3 hours gametime (1 Wurm day), of being cool. Leave for a further 36 hours gametime, (12 Wurm days) until wort become brew, 'colour'. Mix boiling syrup and brew to create sweetened brew, 'colour'. Pour into beer keg and leave for 10 days 12 hours gametime (12 Wurm weeks) to become beer, 'colour'. Quality of beer affected by beer keg quality and beverages skill. Suggestions of benefits: 1/2 stamina benefit of wine of equal quality, alters nutrition value towards 50% but does not fill food bar. Mix 1 kg of grits, used and 2L of water to make mash, weak Boil in oven to produce wort, weak and grits, spent. Do not add hops. Ferment weak wort as for hopped wort. Produces brew, weak. Mix with boiling syrup and leave to mature into beer, weak. When examined, should not include the word 'bitter' in the description. Suggestions of benefits: Alters nutrition value towars 50% but does not fill food bar. Grits, used or spent, can be fed to animals by the same rules governing grain with lower nutitional value.
  12. Hello! Since the server start too many noob drown to death when they tryed to swim from Tap Dance to Blackflame island. So I decided to place a public rowing boat to the halfway so anyone can rest there and get full stamina. Also anyone can fishing there. Ship name: "StaminanFishing Boat" The rowing boat is 20ql mored and locked. later ill check the damage regulary. The settings only allowed anyone to mount and nothing else. Enjoy.