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  1. A large batch of fresh lvl 90 and 95 Molten Draft Hell Horses are available today.
  2. Two fresh new rares available today: Lvl 95 4 Speed Rare Twin Maker:
  3. Two fresh new rares available today: Lvl 95 4 Speed Rare Twin Maker: 8 Silver Lvl 90 Chestnut 4 Speed Rare Immortal: 8 Silver
  4. A fresh batch of Molten Hell Horses are going out today if you are looking for the freshest young babies. Some young 2nd-stage-growth hitchables are also ready to go.
  5. Looking for 2 unrelated breeding pairs of 4D donkeys, not mules, donkeys. That is four animals total, two males and two females. PM Lebonbon if you have exactly what I posted above and are located near a coast for easy exchange. Thanks!
  6. Back from vacation and catching up. Here are some rares that are available this week. Prices are based on my rare auction pricing archive that is post #2 on page 1 of this thread. PM for purchase. TWO rare 3D HH TWINS avail with these matching traits: 2 silver each: VEry nice black sheep with all 5 output traits plus a 6th RARE: 6 Silver: Two matching lvl 90 twin 4D horses both with RARE twin birthing trait: 7 silver each: 2 SOLD
  7. On vacation for another week with limited play time. If you message me here and place you order, I can have it ready for you when I log in. Playtime is sporadic now but I am trying to log in 1 hour each day to keep things moving. Thanks!
  8. Good job Grooty, Weeb, and Gwen for capturing him! Haven Hill Stables is located just a few steps south of the Dragon and we are filled with boatloads of fresh, young, top quality, lvl 95 drafts, speeds, Hell horses, and 10 trait pure output sheep. Shoot me a pm if you'd like to place an order, or stop by and browse. Feel free to use our port at Q21 and bewp a few steps due-north on the freeway and you will run right into the Dragon. Massive selection of top quality animals at low prices. Horse gear merchants, and creature cages also available.
  9. Stables are located a few tiles south on the freeway next to the Red Dragon Slaying on Saturday Huge selection of lvl 95 Speeds, Drafts, Hells and 9-10 trait pure output sheep. Q21 Harmony.
  10. Incase you missed my 2023 prices: Pricing: Flashy Colored Horses: 4 Draft/5 combat/4 Speed/Hell 4 Drafts = 33c Sheep: Black, Grey, or White = 25c (Pure 5 output with 9-10 traits total) Horses Ebony Black: 4 Speed/4 Draft = 33c (Hidden ebony-linked passive 2.5% riding and hitched speed bonus) Hell Horses Molten: 4 Draft = 50c (Hidden molten-linked passive 2.5% hitched speed bonus Hell Horses Colored: 4Draft = 33 Bison Drafts: = 33c Mule Drafts: = 33c
  11. A new auction has been placed for a rare lvl 95 hitched immortal draft team: SOLD
  12. Starting NOW. Ending MONDAY, Feb13 at 12 pm EST ~ BOGO Buy one get one free.~ Rare lvl 95 Immortal Appy 4-Draft hitched team. ***Auction is for the 2 Horse team. 1 rare.*** Starting bid: 1s Increment (minimum): 1 s Buyout: No Reserve: no Sniper Protection: 15 minutes (bids placed in final 60 seconds will activate an additional 15 minute timer) Private Bids: not accepted Haven Hill on freeway and SE coast, Harmony Q22. lvl 98 Animal Husbandry. I breed many extra-fine quality lvl 90+ animals: Horses (Pure Speed, Pure Combat, Pure Drafts, most rare colors), Hell Horses (Draft). Black sheep are pure output production bred with full 5 production traits and around 9 total traits. Feel free to contact me in game and let me know what you are looking for. I am on a lot most weekdays. All animals are cleanly bred and most have 8+ traits total and 4-5 minimum pure traits with minimum lvl 90+ - speed/draft/combat/production etc. You can pick up by boat, I can deliver free towards South and Central Harmony, or meet you part way on mount. Long distance coastal delivery fee and other servers coast based on time sink/distance = 1 silver + or - View My Full Horse Merchant Ad HERE with Detailed Information on My Animals: Contact Lebonbon in game with your IGN via pm if you are the winner.