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  1. This worked for me and literally has removed so much stress from my Wurm life thank you for this. xD
  2. Overlook Ranch 2975, 1492
  3. Im the only person in local I did everything myself but I tried it on different things and the campfire and fried meat was the only way to go I used an hour and a half of sleep bonus and got my skill to 4.35
  4. So I did this and still no exp when I used a bowl I was finally able to gain exp by using one meat in one frying pan in a campfire not oven and I had to add meat to the pan in the fire then take the pan out then put the pan back in the fire
  5. I have been playing the game for years I know what I'm doing. I'm making a simple breakfast or meal and no exp its Campfire-pottery bowl-Meat or Oven-pottery bowl- meat and I'm the only person involved in the entire process.
  6. I have been playing for weeks on Cadence and have made dozens of meals and breakfasts and have gained 0 exp in Hot food cooking and rarely any Cooking skill exp and I'm not the first I reported this to CA HELP and at least 4 others said they also cant gain any hot food cooking exp and are 1.00 skill still and I have tried everything like taking pans in and out of the oven before cooking I put the ingredients in my backpack then into the pan before and after cooking I light the oven myself and nothing works. was told by GM to make a forum post so here we are.
  7. WTB dragon scale set currently located in Laithlind SW of Greymead willing to buy outright with Silver or trade ingame services for.