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Found 11 results

  1. The sailing boat Event! by Wiluss Here we have 30 unfinished sailing boats (3 keel section each): The boats have numbers from 1 to 30 The rules : You can buy event ticket for just 1s! The event ticket is buying a small sailing boat with posibility of buying a Knarr! 1 person 1 ticket (plz don't try to buy more tickets using another account) There are 30 tickets 1 for each boat. After all boat slot all filled or at 01.11.2017 i will start building boats. After i finish all boats i will imp them till 92QL. If sailboat with you nuber becomes rare/supreme/fantastic you will get a 95/97/99QL Knarr (random wood) +Vynora speed rune and anchor and free delivery coastal. (I keep all rare/sup/fan sails) If boat with your number won't become rare at 92QL you just got a 92QL sailing boats with you number and picked wood type. If somene with rare sail number don't want to get a Knarr as recompense i can make him regular small sailing boat 92ql 92QL sailings bought in this event will be left off deed near Demon Stand obelisk on my island O 25 Exodus you can pick them up or let it root there (no anchor). They will have ownership of person that bought ticket. I will try to keep my rarity deed bonus between 7-10. I am building sailings fast and after building them all i will try to improve minimum 1 boat a day. (this event is long term fun To buy a ticket post here number from 1-30. Ingame owner name and wood type of sailing ( i have them all even Oleander). I will send you an item by mail as payment for ticket and post you name here. (99c+1c CoD and + Number of boat irons) Two person can't take one number. If number is taken you can only pick from numbers left without owner. Ticket are in form of Mallet 10-90QL and you can keep them Any question? pm Wiluss in game Boats Slots: One x before number - boat finished Two x before number - boat at 92QL no rare Three x before number boat rare/sup/fan! TD - Troll Drums Attaching TD - Troll Drums Improving xx 1. Warlock Orangewood Paid xx 2. Dorf Cedar Paid xx 3. Baloo Cedar Paid TD xx 4. Irbiska Cherrywood Paid xx 5. Azraiel Cedarwood Paid TD xx 6. Vomusu Willow Paid TD xx 7. Oblivionnreaver Cherrywood Paid xx 8. Ammar Firwood Paid xx 9. Strav Oleander Paid xx 10. Kasumi Apple Paid xx 11. Theplague Cedar Paid xx12. Subie Applewood Paid TD xx 13. Hailstorm Oleander Paid TD xx 14. Samvimes Cedar Paid xx 15. Xcapi Apple Paid xx 16. Nouname Oleander Paid TD TD xx 17.Votip Willow Paid xx 18.Spyte Willow Paid TD TD xxx Rare 19. Tedzogh Oak Paid TD TD xx 20. Siegfried Oak Paid xx 21. Brainer Cedar Paid TD TD TD xxx Rare 22. Kawopij Cedar Paid TD xx 23. Norwege Cherrywood Paid TD xx 24. Kijan Cedar Paid xx 25. Salbian Cherrywood Paid TD xx 26. Xcaliber Cherry Paid xx 27. Quelon Oak Paid TD xxx Rare 28. Lozi Cherry Paid xx 29. Kgorski Cedar Paid xx 30. Kondris Cedarwood Paid TD TD xx 31. Angelklaine Cherrywood Paid TD Event is ON ! Status of boat for last pending payment player will not be updated till payment is done. If i recive any of tickets mallet back as not recived this player is disqualified and perm ban for any my future events. Boats are build at 55QL Imping Time! All boats are finished Thanks for participating!
  2. Hi, I'm looking for Nirav or anybody else who moored the sail ship called Windsong at J20 (ingame map) close to the Colossus. Accidently I closed him on the lake so he/she wont be able to leave it using his/her saiing boat. He/she sailed through my non-public cave canal while I was not playing for a few weeks. Today i put a mine door on the cave entrance then came home and realized theres an unknown sailing boat on the lake. So he/she wont be able to leave the lake. All I know about Nirav is that he/she founded a deed on 3 march: The settlement of Lyric Beach has just been founded by Nirav. I asked several times on chat if anbody knows anything aout him/her, but didnt get any answer. Tried to write pm but he/she was offline. I wrote a support ticket about this situation and i was told to write this forum topic. So if anyone knows him/her pls tell him/her to write me a pm on forum so we can find together a perfect time when he/she will be able to leave the lake again. I'll check my pms daily. Thats all. Thanks. ----- Solved. Thanks.
  3. I have tried to track the current owner of the character Faster, which seems to have been sold multiple times over the last few months, to ask him / her to come and get the sailing boat "Sea Shag" which is near my deed, Babuskaa's Village, on the SW Coast of Newspring Island, T 8, Xanadu. It is a nice sailing boat, worth fetching: [12:43:55] A small sailing boat that will accommodate five people. It is locked with a lock of very good quality. It is made from pinewood. You will want to polish the "Sea Shag" with a pelt to improve it. Ql: 51.858524, Dam: 3.894562. The name of the owner, Faster, has been etched in the stern. So, Faster, hope you see this and come to fetch your sailing boat.
  4. Four small sailing boats for sale. All >55ql, one each of cedarwood, cherrywood, lemonwood, and pinewood. Mooring anchor and a low ql boat lock with key are included. Located on Independence at L19 (43x,34y community map). 1s each, pickup only. Post here or PM me on the forums, I'm not often ingame. Available to transfer ~5-8:30pm EDT daily.
  5. A small sailing boat that will accommodate five people. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is locked with a lock of below average quality. It is made from applewood. You must use a file to smooth out the small sailing boat in order to improve it. Ql: 42.831963, Dam: 0.0. It is moored here. The name of the owner, Kgorski, has been etched in the stern. Starting bid: 30 Silver Increase: 1 Silver Buyout: No
  6. WTS: 50QL applewood knarr, 3 sailing boats: 2x cherrywood 50QL and 50QL pinewood, 50QL applewood rowing boat **New ships** 50QL applewood knarr with anchor and lock Caravel! It's unfinished so you can choose wood type.
  7. Knarr Price: Sold! Sailing Boat - Unfinished Missing 1 peg, you choose the wood-type [21:52:46] You see a sailing boat under construction. Ql: 24.920464, Dam: 0.0. The sailing boat needs 1 peg to be finished. Price:Sold! Each comes with a boat lock and mooring anchor. The sailing boat will be imp'd to 50 after completion. Addition Items Available Large crate: 20c/ea. Small crate: 10c/ea. Small raft: 10c/ea. Free boat delivery anywhere I can sail directly to, except Chaos.
  8. like above, want to buy sailing boat, rather quick, today, paying 1.5s for common ql, if u got better ql let me know i can consider price, i'm at xanadu p16 at the bay, ingame name Koszalek
  9. Sold please close 1 Sailing boat - collect from T 8 Xana - 30ql - painted red, currently called "The Red Devil" Forum msg me here - or PM me ingame with your offer - Baloo Also WTS 4 yellow potions
  10. I recently stopped playing on Celebration, but I still have a small sailing boat there (complete with anchor and boat lock). The boat can be yours for 2s 1.5s. However, I'm not able to deliver, so it must be picked up at Whitehaven (close to Amish Paradise, X30/Y37). PM me. (Edited: price reduction)
  11. Hi, We have rules regarding how to handle highways. Is there a possibility to apply similar rules to canals as well? Because cattles can't swim, and boats can't go across a canal above a certain water level but they still can be pulled/pushed, seems the conflict with carts and boats not solved with the changes. I led cattles to Esert from and can't pass at a canal with the cows because the depth of water stopped them. There was no way to fix it because the canal has been deeded, the owner away for some weeks and no digging allowed even for their citizens to fix it. Please don't take this offensive, I know how good is to sail, I am building and use boats too, but I think the blocking of animal transport inside server may be against other people's fun too and has negative effect on game economy. I would like to suggest to add a rule for canals: if they are deeded, that they must have at least one tile width way where people can go across with cattles, but deep enough on other places to go with small sailing boats or knarrs at least. This has some similarity with the goal of the highway rules: deeds cannot block the traffic on important areas. Is there any possibility to do this? Of courese this problem may be solved easier if cattles can be packed to boat or can swim. Regards, Heroic