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  1. inb4 taxidermy, lemme stuff my rats and "preserve my food" indefinitely I guess we have cat/bear/wolf rugs but you can only have so many lol
  2. On the Epic servers, fog is common and often prevents you from seeing much farther than 15-30 tiles in front of you at its worst. It's a real danger sometimes in PvP or when out in unfamiliar territory. I wonder if it's missing on the PvE/newer servers. Epic is ancient and SFI is even older so I don't understand why you guys can't see it as much... I will try to take a screenshot next dewey morning!
  3. That will be in the next update. They've spoken about removing traits that are useless for certain animals
  4. Uhh, all traits were essentially useless unless they were on a horse/hellhorse and you couldn't read traits anywhere besides inside a wall of text upon Examine. The new Inspect window and a great many new traits were added that are cool and uncommon, plus traits that are actually useful on other animals/monsters. The updated system in which traits are passed down has changed too with the "points" each trait uses and how many trait points a creature gets is the part I see in the most critical light, but I believe a lot of people just hate change. "If it's no broken, don't fix it" -> backwards thinking. What games are blowing past WO in style and play options? and don't mention Life is Feudal I managed to play WO with a Steam controller YEARS before the Steam launch just fine haha... Even combat wasn't too bad or anything
  5. I guess you could call PvP activity "Theatrics" but I've heard a few noobs talk about difficulty using the forums. Ez simple change
  6. How arched walls require the same amount of materials is beyond me. Perhaps when I was young and naive this didn't bother me as much. I have always actively played PvP where arched walls are rare and I've never had the inclination to build them... until now. Please reduce the material quantity requirements for arched walls from 20 to 10 bricks and mortar.
  7. +1 Lynd is a dedicated breeder and has overwhelming experience
  8. Jenn-Kellon is Recruiting on Serenity! (Epic Islands/Southern Freedom Cluster) We are welcoming all players, both casual/poor farmers and PVP-driven to join us on Serenity. Our alliance has many ancient players who have watched the great kingdoms of the Epic servers rise and fall. A few members of the community have joined together in creating a public crafting area, dubbed Noob City, directly East of Strongbox that will have nearly all crafting stations, many beds, a walled-in but public mine, walled in areas to safely farm, breed animals, and gain skills safely. There is a guard tower that will watch over the majority of the new player area. Inside the mine there is copper, slate, iron, marble, and a few forges. We please ask that you allow traited animals to remain there and to leave anything that doesn't belong to you. There are sets of tools for newer players to take in the crafting house and please do not take more than you need as there is a limited supply. That being said there is nothing of real value here in this stead so all you looters out there really won't find anything worth stealing in any building on the premises. There are large pre-leveled portions of the new player area that we do not have plans for so if you have the inclination to build your own house or have a bright idea you think might benefit these surroundings, then please go ahead. Clay is within 100 tiles North and there is a large sand pit just a few tiles away. We as a server are constantly working to bring down all the unique and legendary creatures that roam the server. We have weekly alliance slayings and a few PVP deeds on Elevation but will accept those who wish to join provided you meet some of these requirements (they are not all hard requirements but will greatly increase your chance of getting an invite to our alliance): 50+ Huge Axe Skill (for slaying unique creatures) 50+ One hand weapon/Large Shield skill (for PVP) 70+ Fight Skill 21 Body Control The server has several priests of all faiths and if you join our alliance, we'll be sure to help you with casted tools, weapons, etc as you ask for them. I have made it my duty to collect all unlocked or otherwise public rowboats and deliver them to the ports of Strongbox for easy transportation across the server. There are plans in motion to rid Serenity of its fruit tree and bush infestation and to replace them with hardwood forests. Long stretches of 3 to 5 tile wide highways extend across Serenity and connect faraway locales. To those of you who are prone to building large deeds with dirt walls, there are many ruins of deeds long gone that are 100% deed ready, provided you have the bricks for walls. We are fortunate to have dedicated repairmen who find and note all guard towers across the map. Our alliance also shares the locations of Utmost veins, 3 to 5 speed horses, and if you are planning a deed, I'm sure we can help you with bricks as well. My ingame pseudonyms are Rangerklypf, Specialist, and feel free to PM me ingame or on these forums if thinking if giving Serenity - Epic a try. I will also be happy to help you along your journey if you have any questions. We hope to see your faces and support you as you make your mark upon this world.
  9. how about... none of those changes BUT new cat colors/breeds calico, orange tabby/cornish rex, siamese, maine coon, bengal yes pls
  10. +1 we see noobs constantly asking for help in GL and they don't always immediately know what server they're on. It's always Defiance and I'm always unable to help them from Epic
  11. Quiver + waterskin, possibly a second satchel, measuring jug, pottery flask, smallest version of each weapon, statuette/sacrificial knife, carving/butchering knife. All of these are totally understandably put in the hip slot.
  12. +1 but maybe certain containers for the various armor types. Wardrobes sound good for cloth and leather, but I suggest another container or rack for chain and plate armors.
  13. I am trying to move to Chaos but I have a lot of weapons and items in storage at a Friend's deed on Xanadu. It's a dumb hassle traveling from Chaos to Xanadu, then to Epic and back again so often. I'd like to cut down on my storage and just use the money. I never play on Freedom so I really don't know the prices of things but I'll examine similar ads and judge offers accordingly. Thank you for checking my ad out!
  14. Hello! I live in a deed on Serenity, one of the "Epic" islands. I've lived here for a veeeeery long time and it's gotten rather lonely. If you don't mind, we could speak over this great distance between us lol but we may never meet. I have a character on Harmony with very decent chainsmithing but I don't have any plans to play there again. If you ever want to chat, send me a /tell!