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  1. WTB 65ql - 90c Sickle, iron 60ql - 1.2s Large metal shield, iron ~60ql+ whetstone for 30c if you're willing pls COD to Rangersmith
  2. You'd have better luck trying to get that feature added to Archery towers but I doubt they'll ever do that. It's easy enough just building a 1x1 wooden house right next to guard towers or along roads for safehousing.
  3. You can sacrifice animals regardless of whether or not there's a mission up. Here is a list of animals able to be sacrificed without missions (copy pasted straight from the wiki): Anaconda Black bear Brown bear Black wolf Whale Wild cat Cave bug Crab Crocodile Deer Dolphin Goblin Hell hound Hell scorpious Lava spider Mountain lion Octopus Pheasant Large rat Scorpion Seal Spider Tortoise Troll
  4. The largest roster I could find was 64 "teams" so I just filled it up
  5. I made a tournament bracket. I included every name I could find in this thread and the original "Send us your names" thread, and obviously we couldn't get each potential name to fight in a free-for-all fight to the death but it's the thought that counts https://docdro.id/WXm8mpg edit: disregard the "pvp title" at the top, the left brackets are PVP and the right brackets are PVE
  6. I wanted to like your post but I didn't wanna force you over 666 forum rep
  7. Nice rainbow and reflection from the crest of a mountain on Serenity. https://imgur.com/a/szrVJc8
  8. This was happening to me last night. I know from Blizzard, Facebook, and Reddit that this is a common issue. Certain ISP's are getting DDoS'ed and it's disrupting a lot of traffic. https://www.digitalattackmap.com/#anim=1&color=0&country=ALL&list=0&time=18339&view=map
  9. COD to Rangerklypf 89ql longsword, iron (Max w94 FB101 c45) please and thanks
  10. The bonuses are meant to be relatively small so there's no straight meta for what to play as. Each god offers pro's and con's to followers. No penalties... Just choice. Just to be clear: When gods offer serious bonuses, players feel like they HAVE to pick that god just for the bonus, and it limits your choices.
  11. Can we improve/revise Fo's ritual spell? I get that he's all about healing and love, but with Vynora's boat speed boost, Libila's damage boost, and Magranon's repairing and water/food recharge, Fo's ritual is lacking. I appreciate that Fo is the opposite of a god of war, but I believe I'll have a very hard time convincing any Fo priests to ever cast Holy Crop on the Epic servers. Can Holy Crop: groom all named animals on the server recharge water/food cast heal light wound on every friendly player literally anything useful at all, especially on a relatively dead Epic server where improved crop yields don't really matter t h a n k s