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  1. [00:06:26] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to reach Quelon in less than ten minutes. [00:09:45] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to reach Spacy in less than ten minutes.
  2. [21:14:17] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to reach Holdendeed in less than ten minutes.
  3. I never play on Southern Freedom Isles anymore and all of my stuff is just gathering dust on a dear friend's deed. Since I mainly play on Epic and Defiance these days, I might as well profit from these items and use that money elsewhere. I wish you all the best in my absence! All offers are considered. No in-person delivery available. Noted un-mailable items are pickup only. Thanks in advance!!! Message me in-game at Rangerklypf or reply to this post. Below in Spoiler are the bulk of the items, however, I'm also selling: a sailboat at 26Q on Xanadu, not far from Esteron 1250 ~20QL stone bricks. I'm not savvy on how to use the wagoner system, but I can learn if someone is interested! 10 Sleep Powder sturdy large chest skin 85QL door lock 39QL statuette of Fo, silver
  4. Seriously? I did some testing with 40QL armor when I first made the priest years ago but even with 80 power Oakshell casts, I felt like I was taking massive amounts of damage... Oh... On the wiki: "Oakshell applies its armour value over cloth and leather if active. However other armour will render Oakshell inactive on that particular body part."
  5. I actually loved this part of Everquest. You can be blinded by enemies and your screen goes black. Now that's some immersion!
  6. Not exactly what I had in mind but I guess I'll take what I can get
  7. +1 LynD is extremely friendly, hospitable, and helpful. They have an absolutely massive deed on Harmony that I've watched grow from a single building at launch to a sprawling metropolis of active deedmates and large scale projects. LynD is a genuine animal breeder and on both Epic and Harmony they've amassed horse breeding empires. I'd live with LynD full time if I didn't have my own deed to upkeep. :)))
  8. Okay, so we have lots of masks to choose from, a snowman head, a witch's hat. I'm suggesting a new armor type that is purely cosmetic so my priest of Fo isn't literally naked while capturing battle camps. I've found that Oakshell/Thornshell at a power of 80-99 allows me to 1v1 trolls and hell scorpii naked and I like that I really don't have to risk losing armor during a PvP skirmish. I can run around all of Elevation without fear of losing a full set of enchanted plate or chain, which is fairly rare to come by these days. I suggest adding cloth/wool robes that don't count as armor but offer basic clothing for priests and doesn't stop the function of Oakshell/Thornshell, which only applies "improved natural armor" while completely naked. Even cloth armor we know and love today prevents Oakshell from offering any additional damage mitigation. I would entertain the idea that these robes could benefit priests in more direct ways (like increased favor gain/increased chance for higher power casts) but honestly, I'm more interested in having less naked characters sitting in a room on deed.
  9. Can't confirm personally but apparently the queen(s) are in the wrong starting position in-game @HegemonYou should take a screenshot!
  10. oh geez I spent most of my time trying to figure out how to add multiple images to one file using the new Windows 11 version of MS paint. I didn't realize the images were wrong. I got them from the HOTS/MR wiki pages and the Freedom one from the "Kingdom flag" wiki article because the JK article's img isn't available anymore... Your post with the banners and anthems is much more fitting than an edited image of "Uncle Sam" anyway lol
  11. Is your PvP community toxic or led by critical elitists with 90 body strength? Does it seem like one side is winning every skirmish? Are you a Freedom player who's always wanted to give PvP a try but didn't know where to start? Give Epic a try! The "Epic" servers were established in 2011 and are relatively ancient, although some servers have been given new makeovers (Affliction 2014, Elevation 2019) to provide a clean slate. Composed of four total servers in this cluster, there are three home servers, one for each kingdom to start off in, and a fourth server where these kingdoms clash! Affliction (Horde of the Summoned), Desertion (Mol-Rehan), and Serenity (Jenn-Kellon) offer each kingdom a place to call their own, where natives have a combat rating (CR) bonus vs invaders. Here, each kingdom can establish a thriving economy, create sprawling deeds/alliances, hone their skills and collect their valuables. Home servers rarely see player-versus-player action but you never know when a raiding party might come around. The thrill of knowing all that you hold sacred may be at risk one day can drive a nation together. Will you support your fellow kingdom members or steal from your neighbors and sabotage them? Or are you merely looking to make as much money as possible, monopolizing the market and mastering the art of the deal. You might become world-famous as a supplier (as Led once did), a combat legend like Gary, a pirate like Kellyt, or an infamous picker of locks like Gbelcik who named each boat after himself + the counter of how many he had broken into. Your fate is your own and you should follow your Epic destiny! When ready to take PvP to the next level, Elevation offers a chance for each kingdom to create deeds/capitals, become king/queen and elect officials in their kingdom offices, and allows priests to become champions of their deity. Along with all this, there are "epic" Valrei scenarios where each kingdom is given a dedicated god to follow on the Valrei map. By completing missions and strategically controlling their god's efforts on the map, one kingdom can lead their god to victory, offering rare moonmetals, tomes of magic, and more to the kingdom's top contributing denizens. But "we have all these things on Chaos and Defiance" you might say... Well, Epic also boasts a unique skill curve that levels the playing field, ensuring newer players can stand a chance versus the servers' god-tier characters. This curve affects all skills besides characteristics, Fight skill, Faith, and Alignment. This curve enables you to swiftly achieve your goals and gain skills faster than ever. The curve essentially gives you extra, virtual skill on top of your base skill. It increases rapidly at first, slowing as you raise your skills beyond 70. It's visible by hovering your cursor over a skill in-game within the Skills window and worth noting that this curve only affects currently premium players. Epic Skill Curve Examples: 20 actual skill offers a curve of 36, allowing you to cut 36 QL logs at 20 Woodcutting 30 actual skill offers a curve of 50, allowing you to easily make 50 QL saddles at only 30 leather working 50 actual skill offers a curve of 75, allowing a miner to excavate 75 QL iron even though their mining is only 50 70 actual skill offers a curve of 90 90 actual skill offers a curve of 99 99.00 actual skill offers a curve of 99.99 The population on these servers is essentially null, however there are a few deeds left on each home server and a handful on Elevation. Serenity only has one public merchant at its starter deed (it's mine)! The benefit of playing on a nearly dead cluster is that you can easily make a name for yourself. Those who help others in need may quickly rise through the ranks. Whereas it can be spooky on Chaos/Defiance where you deed just a few thousand tiles away from enemies who want nothing more than to gut you and drain your deed, Epic's home servers offer much more substantial distances between you and your enemies and a CR bonus against attacking invaders. All kingdoms on these servers could use a boost of active players, there is no side taking the lead *yet* but you should definitely join Jenn-Kellon and that's definitely not just my opinion. Unfortunately, skills do not transfer to the connected Southern Freedom Isles like they do between Defiance<->Northern Freedom Isles. Players have often appealed to the developers of this great game to incentivize Freedom players to give Epic a try while benefiting their Freedom counterparts, but to no avail. The only thing that transfers between Epic/Freedom is Journal entries. Also unfortunately, if your character is on Defiance or other Northern Freedom Isles, you will have to create a new character and select a Southern Freedom Isle or an Epic server to play here. However, if you already find yourself on a Southern Freedom Isle, just create an Epic portal out of 4x 24kg logs and 11x stone bricks and hop right over! mods, I made this post here and not in "Epic: Recruitment" because ain't nobody reading those forums. If I want to recruit, I've gotta get my foot in the door where someone might actually read this post
  12. What is your Prayer skill? Sometimes you are just incredibly unlucky... not that any gift from a god through prayer is worth it besides healing, gems, and the occasional nut
  13. of course! I think mayors should always have these kinds of overriding rights because no one wants a bunch of mugs glued to the floor
  14. I did not know this! I will add to the post. I had always assumed you could use it on a colossus, guard tower, vehicle, forge, etc
  15. I had this draft open in a tab for about a week, I got half of it done in a day and refused to just exit out. Now I can rest easy without any browser windows open at all