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  1. The bonuses are meant to be relatively small so there's no straight meta for what to play as. Each god offers pro's and con's to followers. No penalties... Just choice. Just to be clear: When gods offer serious bonuses, players feel like they HAVE to pick that god just for the bonus, and it limits your choices.
  2. Can we improve/revise Fo's ritual spell? I get that he's all about healing and love, but with Vynora's boat speed boost, Libila's damage boost, and Magranon's repairing and water/food recharge, Fo's ritual is lacking. I appreciate that Fo is the opposite of a god of war, but I believe I'll have a very hard time convincing any Fo priests to ever cast Holy Crop on the Epic servers. Can Holy Crop: groom all named animals on the server recharge water/food cast heal light wound on every friendly player literally anything useful at all, especially on a relatively dead Epic server where improved crop yields don't really matter t h a n k s
  3. COD to Rangerklypf leather knife
  4. tl;dr pls I remember first venturing out and becoming a follower and priest my first time. It was a special journey. A milestone. I met people along the way and was warned of the possibilities that I'd be sought after by those who'd wish me harm. There aren't many other games, if any, that I can relate this experience to. That being said, you could make that first journey as a new player, so long as you still had to visit the (un)holiest of (un)holies on Elevation to become a priest. I sure would love to be able to become a follower of a god, just by using a player-made altar on a home server.
  5. Mail all studded leather items to Rangerklypf
  6. is that a croc-led wagon I see?
  7. Looking for 40 silver, 1e/1s. Thanks!
  8. WO needs some of these edits. Most of them.
  9. I actually thoroughly enjoyed the tutorial before this one, where you had to run through a few houses with signs, drink some water, heal a wound, etc. After mining a few times, you'd teleport somewhere. I was excited back then when I heard about a brand new fancy tutorial, only to find one that no one uses. All the noobs I've talked to since all say something like this: "What do you need help with? Did you follow the in-game tutorial?" "Well I logged in and saw a portal. I used it." "Did you read any of the signs, or even the pop-ups?" "Maybe one or two, but I just wanted to get into the game."
  10. Sweet! I had thought that our player-base would be more balanced between old and new, but I suppose we've retained a lot of our vets. Thanks for giving awesome feedback. I don't think I'll ever tire of this world. Keep Wurming!
  11. I've often wondered how long the people I see have been playing Wurm. Here's a sweet poll I made just now to help us figure it out! I'm going on 3.4 years
  12. First: Why was the old thread by Huntar closed? Too many name and shame threads. Name the coolest Wurm players that you'd give anything to play with! I'd definitely go with the original Eldurian (not to be confused with Eldarian) or Knightwolf. Both helped me start out in Wurm on Serenity and let me spend several months in their care. Unfortunately both Eldurian and Knightwolf are most likely never going to come online ever again, since it's been several years I believe.
  13. Sounds neat! I'll check it out when my WU client stops crashing.