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  1. Can't confirm personally but apparently the queen(s) are in the wrong starting position in-game @HegemonYou should take a screenshot!
  2. oh geez I spent most of my time trying to figure out how to add multiple images to one file using the new Windows 11 version of MS paint. I didn't realize the images were wrong. I got them from the HOTS/MR wiki pages and the Freedom one from the "Kingdom flag" wiki article because the JK article's img isn't available anymore... Your post with the banners and anthems is much more fitting than an edited image of "Uncle Sam" anyway lol
  3. Is your PvP community toxic or led by critical elitists with 90 body strength? Does it seem like one side is winning every skirmish? Are you a Freedom player who's always wanted to give PvP a try but didn't know where to start? Give Epic a try! The "Epic" servers were established in 2011 and are relatively ancient, although some servers have been given new makeovers (Affliction 2014, Elevation 2019) to provide a clean slate. Composed of four total servers in this cluster, there are three home servers, one for each kingdom to start off in, and a fourth server where these kingdoms clash! Affliction (Horde of the Summoned), Desertion (Mol-Rehan), and Serenity (Jenn-Kellon) offer each kingdom a place to call their own, where natives have a combat rating (CR) bonus vs invaders. Here, each kingdom can establish a thriving economy, create sprawling deeds/alliances, hone their skills and collect their valuables. Home servers rarely see player-versus-player action but you never know when a raiding party might come around. The thrill of knowing all that you hold sacred may be at risk one day can drive a nation together. Will you support your fellow kingdom members or steal from your neighbors and sabotage them? Or are you merely looking to make as much money as possible, monopolizing the market and mastering the art of the deal. You might become world-famous as a supplier (as Led once did), a combat legend like Gary, a pirate like Kellyt, or an infamous picker of locks like Gbelcik who named each boat after himself + the counter of how many he had broken into. Your fate is your own and you should follow your Epic destiny! When ready to take PvP to the next level, Elevation offers a chance for each kingdom to create deeds/capitals, become king/queen and elect officials in their kingdom offices, and allows priests to become champions of their deity. Along with all this, there are "epic" Valrei scenarios where each kingdom is given a dedicated god to follow on the Valrei map. By completing missions and strategically controlling their god's efforts on the map, one kingdom can lead their god to victory, offering rare moonmetals, tomes of magic, and more to the kingdom's top contributing denizens. But "we have all these things on Chaos and Defiance" you might say... Well, Epic also boasts a unique skill curve that levels the playing field, ensuring newer players can stand a chance versus the servers' god-tier characters. This curve affects all skills besides characteristics, Fight skill, Faith, and Alignment. This curve enables you to swiftly achieve your goals and gain skills faster than ever. The curve essentially gives you extra, virtual skill on top of your base skill. It increases rapidly at first, slowing as you raise your skills beyond 70. It's visible by hovering your cursor over a skill in-game within the Skills window and worth noting that this curve only affects currently premium players. Epic Skill Curve Examples: 20 actual skill offers a curve of 36, allowing you to cut 36 QL logs at 20 Woodcutting 30 actual skill offers a curve of 50, allowing you to easily make 50 QL saddles at only 30 leather working 50 actual skill offers a curve of 75, allowing a miner to excavate 75 QL iron even though their mining is only 50 70 actual skill offers a curve of 90 90 actual skill offers a curve of 99 99.00 actual skill offers a curve of 99.99 The population on these servers is essentially null, however there are a few deeds left on each home server and a handful on Elevation. Serenity only has one public merchant at its starter deed (it's mine)! The benefit of playing on a nearly dead cluster is that you can easily make a name for yourself. Those who help others in need may quickly rise through the ranks. Whereas it can be spooky on Chaos/Defiance where you deed just a few thousand tiles away from enemies who want nothing more than to gut you and drain your deed, Epic's home servers offer much more substantial distances between you and your enemies and a CR bonus against attacking invaders. All kingdoms on these servers could use a boost of active players, there is no side taking the lead *yet* but you should definitely join Jenn-Kellon and that's definitely not just my opinion. Unfortunately, skills do not transfer to the connected Southern Freedom Isles like they do between Defiance<->Northern Freedom Isles. Players have often appealed to the developers of this great game to incentivize Freedom players to give Epic a try while benefiting their Freedom counterparts, but to no avail. The only thing that transfers between Epic/Freedom is Journal entries. Also unfortunately, if your character is on Defiance or other Northern Freedom Isles, you will have to create a new character and select a Southern Freedom Isle or an Epic server to play here. However, if you already find yourself on a Southern Freedom Isle, just create an Epic portal out of 4x 24kg logs and 11x stone bricks and hop right over! mods, I made this post here and not in "Epic: Recruitment" because ain't nobody reading those forums. If I want to recruit, I've gotta get my foot in the door where someone might actually read this post
  4. What is your Prayer skill? Sometimes you are just incredibly unlucky... not that any gift from a god through prayer is worth it besides healing, gems, and the occasional nut
  5. of course! I think mayors should always have these kinds of overriding rights because no one wants a bunch of mugs glued to the floor
  6. I did not know this! I will add to the post. I had always assumed you could use it on a colossus, guard tower, vehicle, forge, etc
  7. I had this draft open in a tab for about a week, I got half of it done in a day and refused to just exit out. Now I can rest easy without any browser windows open at all
  8. With a rare bone you can slap on extra value instantly onto a tool/weapon with insanely high enchants or create a widely appreciated huge axe for legendary slaying/PvP clout. But what is widely regarded as the best/most effective rare? What about the most valuable rare? This took a stupid amount of time to make while I was grinding a skill I don't really need. I couldn't find a thread anywhere like this. Thanks in advance for any input! Most Useful: Plate helmets for extra face protection vs arrows in PvP or just in general Boats for shadow passenger movement speed increase, less decay off deed Forges/Ovens heat up faster and stay lit longer Weapons/Armor/Tools, especially tools used often such as pickaxe, hatchet, rake, multi-purpose tools like sickle Butchering knives to ensure top quality materials from uniques Guard Tower offers +1 guard per level of rarity up to a total of 6 Horseshoes gain 0.48/0.96/1.44 km/h bonus speed boost per shoe, which can lead to incredible speed with multiple rare shoes Moonmetal items to drastically increase their already high value and likely reduce damage Least Useful: Toolbelts which give an extra slot up to 10 total slots, because a 90ql toolbelt isn't that hard to find anyway and who needs that many slots in one loadout Non-boat vehicles because most often they are left on-deed permanently, won't decay anyway, no shadow passenger bonus Arrows or other items that will often break after just a few uses, or become easily lost Bowstring will lose rarity when attached to a bow Total known effects of rarity, according to the wiki: Rare items shimmer with a silver effect, supreme items shimmer with a blue effect, fantastic items shimmer with a gold effect Armor (+3%/6%/9% damage mitigation + unknown speculated glance bonus) Weapons (10%/30%/50% higher critical strike chance than normal, i.e. huge axe has 1% chance normally, rare huge axe has 1.3% chance to critically hit) Tools (5x/10x/15x slower enchant decay and imbue power decay, ~10%/19%/??% reduced damage from use, 0.1/0.2/0.3 second faster action timer) Gathering tools bestow higher QL materials than your skill would otherwise allow Boats (1 extra shadow passenger which increases ship speed per level of rarity) Guard Tower offers +1 guard per level of rarity up to a total of 5 Horseshoes gain 0.48/0.96/1.44 km/h bonus speed boost per shoe, which can lead to incredible speed with multiple rare shoes Lockpicks grant bonuses to lockpicking chance and reduce break chance Fishing rods grant better chances to catch unique fish Traps, War machines do more damage Locked containers including vehicles are harder to pick Heating containers like forge, oven, kiln, smelter, etc heat up faster, stay lit longer Butchering knife increases material yield and quality from butchering corpses Arrows hit more often and deal more damage Food provides higher nutrition Speculated effects of rarity: Cooking containers heat themselves and their contents faster (frying pan, pottery bowl, etc) Fish are heavier Large carts move faster Altars provide a greater domain and somehow affect alignment during sermons Healing items heal more, like cotton, healing cover, farmer's salve Signs allow extra characters Gems store more favor Alcoholic drinks are more potent Yoyos and puppets succeed more often Rare/Supreme/Fantastic bones provide players with the ability to transfer the bone's rarity to a completed item within the player's inventory. Note that this excludes transferring rarity to items outside your inventory such as forge-like containers, guard towers, colossi, wells/fountains, statues, etc. Have a useless rare like an herb or branch, something that has virtually no use whatsoever? Sacrifice it! Sacrifice a full weight rare item for 99% food, water, nutrition. Sacrificing an item like clay or a log that you used to improve something or create something that didn't use the entire clay/log will NOT grant the sacrifice bonus. The clay/log would have to be 2 kg or 24 kg, or its maximum possible weight. Best used AFTER taking a bite of CCFP food so you won't accidentally lose nutrition. Requires at least 15 Faith to any god to sacrifice something and an altar to sacrifice the item in. Supreme/Fantastic items sacrificed at their maximum weight will provide 99% food/nutrition/water and also a very small skillgain tick for a random skill, with fantastic items giving a slightly larger tick. The majority of the statistics came from the Wurmpedia page on rarity functionality, the related "Talk" page, and some information came from my aging, worthless, personal brain databanks.
  9. +1 toggleable /afk command or button that inserts something before or after our names, like "(AFK) Rangerklypf"
  10. No longer should we risk someone stealing a unique skull we have positioned in just the right way or a yule goat someone leaves by their deed token. Is there a reason they aren't securable?
  11. wasn't previously possible on Defiance either. Maybe there was one starter deed somewhere that had perms set wrong.
  12. can you imagine... game lets you become god, so you work tirelessly completing one mission after the other. So many hours making thousands of materials for mission structures, running from the west side of this deed to the east side of that other one, climbing mtns to cut mission trees. You've done it. You've ascended. but no wait, nvm, system removed
  13. It's true. It's the horse surfing and old models that I'm really missing. This could be as easy as adding optional settings that allow showing the old skin for all the mobs. Not easy per se, but easier than resurrecting ancient server backups
  14. The "combat evolution" while still using the older iteration's tick system killed the game. Made it like a WoW clone with 6 seconds between abilities in a game where combat is the only reason a great many players play, effectively revamping the entire system and alienating players. "Private servers" where players could play for free on unofficially hosted worlds allowed people to experience the game as it was in 2007, and the most popular was actually called 2007scape lol Jagex didn't introduce the idea of bringing back the older version of the game. It was suggested by the players and ran with, because if someone's willing to pay money for something so easily produced, you know they're going to make an effort. I'm not saying it would be easy to create an old school Wurm server because I doubt they keep backups handy for iterations that old, just that it would be neat.
  15. No reason at all why we can't unpack starter deed tiles, specifically on PvP servers. We've all seen it before... Guy logs out with a cart for 3 months and tiles get packed. This happens with like 10 guys and the starter deed looks like trash. These tiles are packed for 6+ months and build up quickly. I understand maybe that players shouldn't be able to pave/unpave starter deed tiles to prevent destroying the intended paved areas and that maybe some malicious players might destroy every paved tile to make walking through the deed annoying as hell... but at the very least find a servant to pay 50 iron coins to monthly visit every starter deed in the game to unpack tiles/grow grass