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  1. *hic* Cake's a lie *burp*

    "Nice buns"
  2. Things I am looking forward to in Wurm...

    Pretty sure i'd want to make a bunch of failed instruments and terrorise some poor deed owner
  3. When you...

    Nice work!
  4. Absolute. I have 20-30 planter racks on the go and replanting them all is miserable. +1
  5. Share your titles

    [12:04:17] Your title is now Knocker Banger. (giggity)
  6. Hide Yo Gems! Guess Who's Back!

    Now that is a name I havent seen in a long time. Welcome back.
  7. Skill Points

  8. Woad Planters

    Plantable woad. Make it so.
  9. Allow more items to be combined

    Still waiting on cochineals to be combineable and add acorns to that list too.
  10. Valrei International. 063

    Man that looks absolutely fantastic. My tile transitions look nowhere near as good as that.
  11. Valrei International. 063

    I like the new mapping and it brings a certain pop to otherwise flat looking textures but the one thing i've noticed with this update is that the beautiful blends between different tile types are now gone, and the contrast between different tiles is a bit stark. Is this something that is going to be addressed at some point?
  12. Achievements difficulty.

    They could really do with a forced spawn of some unis to make it at least possible. I have the 10k trash achievement to do but until I can finish the uni one i'm not even bothering.
  13. Woad Planters

    I've returned after nearly a year away and I still cant feel funky. #makewoadfunky
  14. Herb planters in planter racks

    Realistically there really should be an empty out planter option.