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  1. The QQ in this thread is honestly hilarious.
  2. Surely everyone will just create a new account for Steam Wurm and just sell the account later?
  3. 1v1 Challenge

    Oh boy. Challenging Noizhead would be a fun one.
  4. Encumbered typo?

    It should be extremely slowly as slowly is modifying the move and extremely is modifying the slowly. Informally, extremely slow is fine.
  5. New: You can now grow woad in pottery planters. Time to resub.
  6. Pretty sure i'd want to make a bunch of failed instruments and terrorise some poor deed owner
  7. Absolute. I have 20-30 planter racks on the go and replanting them all is miserable. +1
  8. [12:04:17] Your title is now Knocker Banger. (giggity)
  9. Now that is a name I havent seen in a long time. Welcome back.
  10. Plantable woad. Make it so.
  11. Still waiting on cochineals to be combineable and add acorns to that list too.