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  1. Sadness(PVE) and Dissapointment(PVP)
  2. WTS gems

    Can you just ###### off out of everyones sale threads please?
  3. I mean, I know Wurm players dont really have many friends, but it needs to be asked.
  4. What happens if you revoke access to someone and give it to someone else? Is this measured over a time frame?
  5. Can you not just disable the Onboard chip in the BIOS?
  6. "This is a standard oar, about the length of a standard oar."
  7. Sounds to me like they're going to be checking Steam IDs / Hardware IDs.
  8. The QQ in this thread is honestly hilarious.
  9. Surely everyone will just create a new account for Steam Wurm and just sell the account later?
  10. 1v1 Challenge

    Oh boy. Challenging Noizhead would be a fun one.
  11. Encumbered typo?

    It should be extremely slowly as slowly is modifying the move and extremely is modifying the slowly. Informally, extremely slow is fine.
  12. New: You can now grow woad in pottery planters. Time to resub.