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  1. Realistically there really should be an empty out planter option.
  2. Chores Online
  3. Is there a tutorial or some documentation about how to create bridges properly? I have been trying to make a bridge but its never ever the right level.
  4. Wiggle wiggle. Best animation.
  5. Playing on a WU server at the minute because I can grow Woad there. Rather enjoying it actually.
  6. Allow planters to be emptied before they die. As someone who has been growing 500 loveage planters for a grind and hitting my goal way sooner than expected I am now having to wait about 3 weeks for these to be replantable. Can we please have some kind of option to empty planters out? It doesnt even need to be instant. Even a "You intentionally damage the plants. They will die in a few days" would be welcome.
  7. 3s for the rare shoe? COD to Asciana if fine.
  8. Make it happen devs!
  9. Pan rarity should not be affecting affinity at all.
  10. Perhaps you could just treat it the way forestry is treated. Keeping the tool QL about 5 QL above your skill. Nice to see woad planters actually being raised as an issue (thanks!)
  11. Retrograde, please take a trip through a chestnut forest with a greenish troll spawner before returning the collision detection please.
  12. #woadforplanters
  13. Currently out hunting. Will get to a mailbox at soon as possible!