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  1. (silver weapons gives 10% more pve dmg) 90QL Rare Silver Huge Axe | enchants: Nimbleness: 91, Life Transfer: 92, Circle of Cunning: 97, Mind Stealer: 97 price: 8 silver 90QL Rare Silver Longsword | enchants: Nimbleness: 98, Life Transfer: 91, Circle of Cunning: 90, Mind Stealer: 93 price: 10 silver 90QL Rare Silver Huge Axe | enchants : Nimbleness: 98, Life Transfer: 95, Circle of Cunning: 90, Mind Stealer: 80 | Rune: 10% less damage taken by item while fighting price: 7,5 silver 90QL Rare SIlver Huge Axe LT98C90N91MS95 10%dmg reduction rune Price 9 silver 90QL Rare Silver Axe | enchants: Nimbleness: 92, Life Transfer: 98, Circle of Cunning: 92, Mind Stealer: 101 price: 8 silver 90QL Rare SIlver Small Axe | enchants: Nimbleness: 96, Life Transfer: 90, Circle of Cunning: 93, Mind Stealer: 95 price: 8 silver 90QL rare silver huge axe LT91C99N96MS95 with steel vynora rune(10% less usage decay) 8 silver 90QL rare silver huge axe LT92C90N95MS98 with steel vynora rune(10% less usage decay) 8 silver reply in topic, forum pm, or ingame pm exopath if you want to buy
  2. Taking only serious offers Ingame: exopath
  3. WTS 92 ql supreme butchering with 10% harvest rune c92w94 25 silver, pm forum or ingame : exopath to buy
  4. as the title says, if you want to buy pm on forum or pm ingame nick exopath thanks.
  5. Hi , i'm Improving iron weapons to 80 QL for 25 copper Send Weapons to Exopath No aditional fees if i make the weapon rare, supreme, fantastic etc If i do a small tip is always encouraged but not required If You provide steel, i can also improve steel weapons to 80 ql for 25 copper I have 10 seconds rarity bonus always up on my deed also
  6. Hi , if i buy the mask for 2k euro, will i get a fantastic 100 power nolocate ring ?
  7. Hello i m a chainsmith, can also improve full set iron chain armors to 81 ql for 1,7s, and bardings for 1s, For orders just post your order here in this topic with the name of char you want the items cod'ed to if you have any questions you can catch me in game on nick Exopath, or just post the question here best regards Exopath
  8. ok sending is a sec the supreme boots 1 rare chain boot still for sale
  9. Rare chain boot 2s Rare chain gauntlet 2s each Supreme Studded boot 5s each Rare studded glove 2s Rare studded Pants 5s first come first served , no auction , i will cod the items asap post buys in the topic