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Found 19 results

  1. Rare Archaeology Statue of Kyklops 1 rare fragment +plus 45 plain fragments for you to attach yourself! A cute kyklops! All 46 fragments included! This rare statue will glow when finished - I will provide instructions! Not too big - small archaeology statue size (46 pieces) - see below! (Screenshot from Wiki/Ostentatio) Make this kyklops your own! Fragments can be mailed COD or pickup available at Southport U18, Deliverance. *If you wish I can combine all fragments but the last one leaving you just the one fragment to attach if requested - just ask!* Please keep auction comments for bids only - Feel free to pm me with any questions! All the parts you need to create your rare kyklops - Have fun! Buyout: 10s No Sniper Protection Start Bid: 4s <-----------------L@@K! Increment: Whatever! No Reserve
  2. 1x Kyklops - 1.2s/ea obo 10x Troll King - 1.2s/ea obo (or all 11 for 9s)
  3. 1 Eye Giant

    Hey yall, would like to invite every1 to slay the Kyklops in Pristine. U can make leather working potions with his blood, loot is private. He is located at me deed in Pristine P 8, Darkness Falls on the West Coast. This should start in around:
  4. Hello! We will be hosting a public Kyklops slaying tomorrow on Independence near the Grand Steppe. Come get your leather working bloods within local of the Rift! Time: This is two hours after the Independence Rift starts. If the Rift is not closed by then, we will wait. Sorry for the short notice, but I think it's a good time as it's just after the rift, and the Kyklops is very near. Rift Time: Location: Easiest Route: If you want to get a ton of alts shipped in from another server, I'd recommend bringing a knarr and a few large carts. Sail into Colossus Lake, and walk/ride down the road indicated. Loot will be shared within our hunting group. Hope to see you there!
  5. Butchered Kyklops corpse (3dmg) auction

    As title says, it is deli's recent kyklops up for grabs in a quick auction. it currently has 3.03dmg on it. starting price 1c
  6. Collector's Items: [18:37:14] The eye looks back at you hollowly. [18:37:16] This sharp tooth was taken as a trophy. [18:37:17] This sharp tooth was taken as a trophy. This is a little compilation of trophies, obtained by slaying unique creatures: Teeth from a white and a red dragon, as well as the eye of a kyklops. The ideal addition to any trophy collection! Starting bid (for the collection of 3 items) : 1s Min increase: 20c Private bids: No. Snipe Protection: 1 hour
  7. KYKLOPS slaying on indy

    Come and get some blood to make potion of leatherworking and title Giantslayer (rare bone, and other will be private loot) localisation: Independence P 24/25 for more info contact Kenshi
  8. The venerable Kyklops!

    Last night, a group of fearless fighters gathered to slay the venerable kyklops on Deliverance. Wow - that guy was a tough one! Here are some images: For a few days the corpse will be on display in Dunegard (X40, Y38 on the community map).
  9. I want to sell Blood from Red dragon Blood from Kyklops Oil of the armour smith ql57 (unfortunately dmg 1,74) Please make offers
  10. WTA Kyklops skull [sold]

    Hello there! I'm auctioning kyklops skull. The skull of a special animal can be a great trophy. Starting bid: 5s Increase: 1s Buyout: 10s Sniper protecion: 1 hour Buyer pays CoD from Deliverance or pickup from "Arr" village (D19).
  11. SOLD

    For Sale: 0.13 scale - 6.5s 0.13 scale - 6.5s Kyklops blood - 2s Kyklops blood - 2s Oil of weapon smith 86.4 ql - 3sOil of weapon smith 79.99 ql - 2.5sOil of weapon smith 82.5 ql - 3sOil of weapon smith 68.55 - 2.2s
  12. Apparently it jumped someone in the fog looking for iron, when they poked their head into an unsuspicious cave entrance. What a day... what a day... Robert is currently being held in a cave, waiting for the dinner party guests to arrive. We'll try to not disturb the area too much, while preparing it a bit for you, and making it easier to find. There are people living in the area, so we're trying not to be too disruptive. On the other hand, hopefully they won't get horribly murdered by Robert. Tuga, Shodakai, and myself have spent some time to prepare Robert's party tomorrow! Please give him a warm surprise by showing up in large numbers on SUNDAY, 12PM PST / 9PM CEST / 7PM GMT! (*** Mostly copied from WKM who copied from Lisabet ***) Fighters: Have 70+ fighting skill, bring a 70+ ql weapon, 40 skill in the appropriate weapon skill, and wear some armour during the fight. Bystanders: All welcome to come watch the fights and get free blood! Loot is public: Sign-up with your main character by posting here!Every name will be numbered on a list.You need to be listed on the twitter list from the kill.We'll make /random rolls for the loot that drops.Tuga will manage the loot distribution! He also did the red dragon on Xanadu.Location: The location is N18, in the valley on the eastern side of the mountain. One way is probably from Greymead/Whitefay, going around the southern end of the lake to the south, and then west. It's probably the easiest, too. The dirt from the cobblestone road is packed in a diagonal line. Tuga will pack some more dirt tomorrow to find it even easier, but we'll not make any permanent pavement. It is possible to get a sailboat or knarr into the bay southeast of the lake that is shaped like a 9 through the south tip. All the way from the ocean. I went through with a sailboat myself once. Zoom in on the map dump and you'll see it. Corbitas, cogs, and caravels however won't fit because most of the canals up until that points ain't deep enough. And it's a very tight fit as it is. If you head along the north highway east of Hammer Lake, there is a road leading above the mountain. It is 40 slope through and needs to be climbed with a mount or vehicle, it is not connected to anywhere and rather hidden. It can very vaguely be seen on the map dump, I rather found it by accident. The forest is rather thick and the road is hard to find if you don't already know somewhat where to look for it. I would not recommend it. Here's a close-up of the location: Despite looking like the circle is on top of the mountain, it is not. It's at the base of the mountain, it just overlaps the location due to the way elevation is rendered. Here's one where you can see more of the area better: If you look carefully on the map dump, you'll see a cobblestone road near the two tiny lakes. It's a dead end. Head north along the mountain and you'll find the place. Tuga has been packing some dirt as mentioned above, and will pack some more tomorrow but not make any permanent pavement. Can't miss it! Robert's wiki article. Miscellaneous: I'm building a house with a large balcony for bystanders to watch the fighting from a stone's throw away. There are no forges or ovens, please bring 11x clay if you want Somebody's alt has delivered 22 clay for one forge and oven each, so you can have something hot to do meanwhile! Currently there's only a QL21.00 iron vein readily-ish (1 tile steep slope to cave entrance) available (other veins (very good, utmost) close by are under tons of dirt).
  13. On a foggy day in the wilderness of Xanadu was he tossing around a few players who tried to "invite" him to stay for a party. Let's give him a party tomorrow on Sunday at 12PM PST!
  14. Countdown to the Fight: Hunt Date/Time: Saturday, 7 March 2015 2:30 PM CST (Please be there 15-20 minutes prior) Fighters: 70FS, 70ql weapon, 40 in the appropriate weaponskill, wearing armour during fight. Bystanders: All welcome to come watch the fights and get free blood! Loot: We will do a number of /random rolls equal to the number of items butchered. Each winner gets to choose 1 item. Limit 1 item per fight per person. Valrei items are considered to be 1 item per charge (three raffle draws instead of one, more loot to share!). Meat/eye/teeth are rolled also rolled as 1 item. There will be unlimited slots, one per RL person. Every fighter who is signed up (two hours before the fight) with qualifying stats and gets on the twitter kill list will be given a raffle slot.. (*edit* We are not responsible if Twitter does not list you) Everyone is welcome to attend to get blood from the unique.(You need to be in local range, and be a premium player)Signup Sheet - Be sure to post on this thread to get your name added. Rally Point: Moonshadow Shipyards (disbanded) X18Y5, T15 in game map
  15. To reduce further debate about the uniques butchering items then I think the pages for them should be updated. Blood and scales/hides or other things that are now only spread among the premium local players should be removed from the list of butchered items. It is my understanding that these items are not butchered anymore from the uniques. This would reduce that people think they are being cheated and the butcher keeping the bulk for him self.
  16. Kyklops skull (Looks like a dragon skull) for sale. Items in exchange are negotiable!
  17. Uniques Blood

    Blood for sale from Unique kills. Black Drake x32 (makes Oil of the armour smith) White Drake x14 (makes Salve of frost) Kyklops x10 (makes Potion of leatherworking) 2s each + CoD Collection available from Dragons Keep, Pristine (I/J15 - IGM)
  18. Hey folks, I did want to make a nice wrap-up to last years Kyklops op in the old topic but it was already archived so I couldn't do it anymore.... I would like to thank everyone that participated again and for all those who fought and supported us during the fight (a year later) I give you........a monument: Not really sure if anyone will EVER go to this monument, but's there Warm regards, Thor PS. Couldnt move or rotate those gravestones so they are in their original position
  19. Operation 'the Kyklops' Gonna Die'

    Dear Celebration militia, After the failed attempts of 5th January it's time to put a stop to this Kyklops nuisance once and for all. Everyone is laughing at us cause we still have that thing and besides, he is not playing friendly with the neighbors either! It is obvious after the mess in January than more coordination than what this forum has to offer is needed, so: All able bodies head over to - submit your info and await further instructions. Let it be known that we are not pushovers, nor will we bow our heads to this...creature For our children, for our parents, for us! Celebration, onward to glory! Thor out EDIT: The forms will be taken down on Wednesday morning (24th July) EDIT2: The email poll will be available until 27th July 23:59 GMT so please follow your email link to vote if you haven't done so yet.