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  1. Arno, can I have 1kg of deep blue? CoD to Rayen Please and thank you!
  2. I also have a Foundation Pillar (Despair) and an Obelisk (Charge of Tongue) that both have Brass Jackal Runes, and neither glow any more. I came back from a hiatus, so I do not know when exactly their glow effect stopped working. The Obelisk also has a color rune, which is expressed in the examine info, but stopped showing after I equipped the Glow rune. CAD P13 However, my santa hat with a Brass Jackal rune still gives me light light a lantern does.
  3. So pretty! You sometimes forget how much of an impact the players have had on the world.
  4. Arno, can I get 4k of as close to pure blue as possible? Ty! COD Rayen
  5. I can add that the Jackal Brass Rune adds glow, but removes the color of the object. Both statues are marble and have been painted purple. (Thanks Arno!) The one on the right has a Jackal Brass rune for glow. The one on the left is dye only.
  6. Pic of Golden Obelisk "Charge of Tongue" I would like to add some more data to my similar situation. I have an obelisk "Charge of tongue" on Cadence P13 that I added a Addy Jackal Rune to color it, then lost it's color when I added a Brass Jackal Rune for a glow effect. Pic of Glowing Obelisk "Charge of Tongue" I was told it should retain the color after adding another rune, according to multiple people, including GMs. When I added the glow rune, it was dark in-game, so I didn't notice the color go away, and further hidden in that the glow is the color it should still be.
  7. Rayen offers his Masonry services for those who want to improve the efficiency of their Forges or Ovens. Or Smelters. Or Kilns.
  8. He probably heard that you can make clothing from sheep's wool. Might have forgotten to shear the sheep before wearing them.
  9. This man can work some magic! Imped my Dioptra from 81 to 96.39 with the scant Bronze lumps that I gave him, and had some left over! Time to build some amazing bridges! Thanks Achillis! Keep up the excellent work!