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  1. Let's get a legit First Aid kit that acts similar to the Lunch Boxes and Picnic Baskets. Allow them to only hold Alchemy Ingredients, Healing Covers, Salves, Cotton, and Square Cloth Pieces. Make the First Aid kit function in the same manner as the Lunch Boxes, reduced decays of specified items as long as they remain in the First Aid Kit. They can be made with 3 compartments. Bandages: Cotton and Cloth, Treatments: Salves and Healing Covers, Ingredients: Teeth, Glands, Paws, ect.
  2. You could always just make a toon and start praying...
  3. That would be awesome. We currently only have 1 Player with a Path of Love toon, so covering the ground in the future animal pens is taking a while. lmao. I will be posting the Deed Plan Map I this tread. Kazukio and I are discussing opening a couple recruitment slots.
  4. Things are starting to look better and better each day
  5. I already called for these. Just waiting on a reply from poster.
  6. I will be there in full force! Thanks for the event notification.
  7. Send Merculies the Rare Clothing Pieces, and 1 Snowman Head too. pls and TY
  8. I will take the last checker board for 2.5s. Would you take 5s for the Demon Helm? CoD Merculies pls and ty
  9. I'm back here once again asking for your MM lumps. I want your Seryll, Adamantine, and Glimmersteel. Pricing: 60ql and under: 2s/kg 61-79ql: 2.55s/kg 80-90ql: 3s/kg 91-99ql: 4s/kg 100ql: 5s/kg Rare lumps: 5.5s any kg Supreme lumps: 6s any kg Fantastic lumps: 8s any kg I was able to find 45kg+ of MM. Thanks you. Be on the look out for another posting the future. You know who to stock your MMs for in the future.
  10. Send all Armor/Weapon/BlackSmithing oils and 1 bright tiding lantern to Merculies pls and ty