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  1. Close please

    No Interest - Closing.
  2. Thank you for capturing this beast and hosting a public slaying BipolarBear and the rest of the Southern Harmony Alliance, it's much appreciated! Myself and 3 other friends are sharping our weapons and improving our armour in preparation for this event, looking forward to it!
  3. WTS 15 x Cadence Treasure Maps - Prices set as per screenshot.
  4. awl blade, iron, ~21ql, 101coc - 2,25s leather knife blade, iron, ~21ql, 101coc - 2,25s needle, iron, ~19ql, 103coc - 2,5s wild cat pelt ~100ql, 100coc - 2,0s saddles, leather ~49ql, 102woa - 2,5s scissors, iron, ~14ql, 102coc - 2,5s scythe blade, iron, ~14ql, 100coc - 2,0s whetstone, ~98ql, 101coc - 2,5s (+0,25s for Item quality) CoD to Bauk please.
  5. Rare pickaxe, iron ~85ql 104woa 103coc - 13,75s - 10.02s !!! CoD to Bauk please.
  6. Hi Soulrender, I'll take a full 80ql steel plate set. COD to Bauk please.