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Found 61 results

  1. Shield imping

    PRICE LIST ABOVE Rules: 1. Repair it before sending. 2.Send your shield to Kubon and rename it with desired ql and your name. 3. Minimum order value = 15c. 4. All orders will be made within 48 hours - if not you got it for free - unless order 100x 90ql shields 5.No longer fee for making shields rare/sup/fan! I also sell new shields, prices 80% as listed (<60 column)

    WELCOME TO NEVILLE'S SMITHING SHOP! BLACKSMITHING (***** 93.68 *****) Buyer pays CoD. Horse shoe sets will be mailed in a backpack. Items that cannot be mailed must be picked up. IMPING SERVICE INDIVIDUAL PIECES PLATE ARMOUR SMITHING (***** 92.11 *****) Buyer pays CoD. Armour sets will be mailed in a backpack. IMPING SERVICE INDIVIDUAL PIECES FULL ARMOUR SETS PLATE DR MODIFIERS VS. HIDE AND SCALE Note the following: Iron plate has 65% DR on Epic and 63% DR on Freedom (assuming 100ql of course). Steel plate has 70% DR on Epic and 70% DR on Freedom (again assuming 100ql of course). The flat bonuses are 3%, 6%, and 9% extra DR for rare, supreme, and fantastic plate pieces. For example, rare steel plate would give 73% DR and put it between drake hide and dragon scale. 90QL steel plate has 69.35% DR so it's possible that 90ql iron plate *may have* 64.35% DR on Epic and 62.35% DR on Freedom. I have asked to see if the Wurm team can update the wiki's Plate armour page with the correct information.
  3. I have grown to enjoy Smithing in the game. Therefore, I have two suggestions in particular that I would like people to discuss and suggest ideas for on this thread: The introduction of "rare" pelts. All of my smithing tools are "rare" so why not be able to have a "rare" pelt too? The introduction of some sort of "tool" for tempering (e.g., special bucket or dipping tool). Something that can benefit from COC and WOA. Just for kicks, someone casted water with WOA for me to see if it would work. It doesn't. This is why I thought perhaps there could be some sort of tool for tempering. Finally, there should also be the possibility of that tool having a "rare" version as well. That way all the Smithing tools can be rares. Let's not forget supreme/fantastic but you get the idea.
  4. Improving any weapon(and butchering knife) to 70+QL for only 25cp. Make your order now! Bulk orders avaiable Also we have tailoring jobs, order meditation rug, fine or beautiful 60QL for 25cp If you live close you can pick up at i21 on Exodus AVAIABLE NOW IN STOCK! Rare huge axe: 7s For orders or buys PM Abortivora ingame or post here!
  5. Enchanted water and smithing

    We saw a lot of old bugs/features being fixed this year. Isn't it about time that we see water enchants affecting tempering actions properly?
  6. Looking for any kind of work!

    Hi, my character name is Draveon, I'm located in Xanadu F12. I'm looking for any kind of work for coins. Willing to go almost any where. Contact me here or through the game My skills are here
  7. Starting Price (euro): 10s Min Increment (euro): 1s Reserve: No Snipe protection: 30mins Private bids: Accepted 91.90QL rare hammer, iron BoTD95 with 77 armour smithing imbue [09:03:55] A hammer with a metal head and wooden shaft. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. You need to temper the hammer by dipping it in water while it's hot. [09:03:55] It has been imbued with special abilities, and it improves armour smithing max ql [77] [09:03:55] Blessings of the Dark has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained and speed with it when used. [95]
  8. Welcome to The Golden Hammer ~ Because every Wurmian should have a trusty Smith ~ Feel free to place orders on the thread, or contact the following in-game: Notre/Pravy (Notre for forum PM) Seraine Destroyerd The Glowing Hammer is proud to announce we are re open! Bring on the orders! See Pricing Below Pick-up can be arranged in the North-West section of Xanadu. (Golden Hammer is located at F9 for anyone wanting to come by.) Please note that C.O.D fees are paid by the customer. Enchanting Prices: We are now offering enchanting services based on the prices listed Here. Any blacksmithing tools may be cast on, if you require the tool to be crafted as well please see the price guide below for that. End cost will be cast+quality, if you are looking for skillers (low QL) there will be a base cost of 10c for creation QL tools. Blacksmithing Prices: (Imping service follows same price guide.) Creation QL (Below 20, for skiller tools) - 10c 70QL - 35c 75QL - 40c 80QL - 45c 85QL - 65c 90QL - 75c 91QL - 1s 92QL - 1.5s Blacksmithing tools ready to send: List is being rewritten. Enchanted tools ready to send: Hatchet, Iron (skiller), QL 2.55 CoC 94 - 1.75s Hatchet, Iron, QL 90 CoC 79 - 1s Pickaxe, Iron, QL 90 CoC 96 - 1.85s (Lots more coming, please stay tuned.) Shield Smithing: 70QL - 65c Weapon smithing Prices: (Weaponsmithing is provided by Destroyerd as a sub-contractor and takes full profit from WS Sales. Feel free to contact him, if I am not around.) 70QL - 50c 80QL - 55c 85QL - 80c 90QL - 1.25s 91QL - 1.65s 92QL - 2.25s Bulk In Stock Currently: Bulk Gems 1c/1ql over 10QL, 2c/1ql under 10QL (Must pick up) 1x Star Diamond (Pm me Offer) The Glowing Hammer Team: Notre/Pravy - Owner (Blacksmith/Shieldsmith) Destroyerd - Head Weaponsmith Eyerobot - Sub-Contract Vynora Priest Please contact any of the names above and your order will be processed We would welcome any addition to this team, creators get to keep all profits from their sold goods. Currently Accepting: 70+ Platesmith Vynora/Nahjo Priests. Bulk workers based on projects. PM and ask if any work is available, payment for bulk work paid same day! For the artist's profile that created the picture above please click here
  9. Rare smelter

    [12:33:20] A smelter made from bricks and clay, fits more ore than a forge. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a rock shards. Ql: 82.94031, Dam: 0.0. Starting Bid: 6s Min Increase: 2s Reserve: None Buyout: 20s Snipe Protection: 1 Hour Free delivery on coast (not chaos) or pickup exo Q22
  10. Price for each cast: 70-79 power - 60c 80-84 power - 80c 85-89 power - 1s 90-92 power - 2s 93-95 power - 2,5s 96-97 power - 3s 98-99 power - 3,5s 100 power - 5s Example price: for whetstone with 70 coc and 70 woa - 60c+60c = 1.2s Name ingame - Combik
  11. Either Contact me in game, reply to this thread, or PM me on the forums. Here's a link to my merchant page: Updated 12-1-2015
  12. Smokes' Smithing, Enchanted Tools and Things Located at L - 26 on Xanadu Payments Accepted: Paypal (1s=1euro) Silvers If your requested tool is not in stock, a small wait time may be needed. Can pick up any item at the Smokes' Landing deed, as shown above. Buyer pays all COD Mailed items with be sent using a 83 power mailbox To order an item, please either post in this thread, or PM me in the forums, or in-game. My accounts are Smokes, Smokez, and Smokespriest. Blacksmithing Enchanted Horse Shoes Chainsmithing Vynora Enchants Current Stock
  13. Hello there, I'd like to sell 4 rare fryings pans (Creation ql). 3s each at creation ql. 4s each imped to 90ql. The pans will be mailed from Independence, buyer pays the mailing fee.
  14. Can we please get a fix for this?
  15. Offering you the finest wares, Tenakill has 3 merchant locations spanning across 2 servers, holding a variety of goods. The first location is found at Freedom Market on the Independence server (m16, in-game map). The second location is found at Slovenia (Glasshollow) Market on the Xanadu server (c10, in-game map). The third location is found at Tenakill's Landing on the Xanadu server (b16, in-game map). Tenakill also takes special orders and offers equipment improving service. If you do not see an item on our merchants, you can contact Asidecay or Becket to place an order. All orders and improvement services will require the customer to meet the delivery costs. Delivery/Pickup will be made to either Tenakill on the Independence server (n9), or to Tenakill's landing on the Xanadu server (b16). We can send items via mail to any Freedom server, but the CoD cost may vary for the customer, depending on their location. Pricing is listed below, excluding improvement services. Contact us for pricing on an improvement. Smithing Blacksmithing (iron) 81ql - 70c91ql - 1.5s92ql - 2s95ql - 4s Weaponsmithing (iron) 81ql - 1s91ql - 2s Chainsmithing (iron) 81ql Pants or Jacket - 70c81ql All other armor pieces - 50c Platesmithing 71ql Great helm - 80c Shieldsmithing 81ql - 1s91ql - 2s Horseshoe Sets (4 shoes per set) 71ql - 2s (50c per shoe)91ql - 5s (1.25s per shoe) Light Sources 71ql Iron lamps - 60c each (set of 10 - 5s)91ql iron lantern - 2s *light sources can be dyed white at no additional cost if requested Anchors 50+ql lead anchor - 50c Carpentry Carpentry and Fine Carpentry Tools 81ql - 70c 91ql - 2s*wood type can be requested, if applicable Bowyery 81ql Willow - 1s91ql Willow - 2s Large Crates 50+ql - 30c each*wood type can be requested Wagons 71ql Freedom kingdom wagon - 1.5s*wood type can be requested Tailoring Studded Armor 81ql Pants or Jacket - 60c91ql Pants or Jacket - 90c81ql All other armor parts - 40c91ql All other armor parts - 60c81ql Full set - 4s91ql Full set - 6s Saddles 71ql - 1.5s91ql - 4s Bridles 71ql - 50c91ql - 1s Meditating Rugs 71ql, any type - 1s Misc Cloth Items Sheet, varying ql - 15cFreedom tabard, 50+ql - 20cFreedom Flag, 50+ql - 25cFreedom Banner, 50+ql - 25c Vynora Enchants WoA, CoC, AoSP or Frostbrand powers 0-69 power - 1c per power70-75 power - 1.5c per power 76-80 power - 2c per power81-90 power - 2.5c per power Nimbleness 0-70 power - 1.5c per power71-75 power - 2c per power76-80 power - 2.5c per power81-85 power - 3c per power86-90 power - 3.5c per power Mind Stealer 0-80 power - 3c per power 80-90 power - 4c per power **All skiller tools (<20ql) will have a base price of 25c in addition to enchant costs** Life Transfer Enchants In limited capacity, we are now able to offer LT enchants on weapons, thanks to a partnership with the almighty Pumpkin King, Raamkozijn/Blahsonson. You can visit his merchant page here: > Generally speaking, we are unable to offer custom casts at this time, but a variety of pre-enchanted weapons will be available through our merchant locations listed in the beginning of this opening post. Raam's pricing structure for LT is also used by us, with prices per power listed below (in copper coin value):
  16. I would like to see Gilding be used in the game. My first idea is the use of gold/silver applied to statues to detail characteristics and add some accent/beauty to them. Then I would also like to see the use of Slate applied to Marble and Stone creations for Black created versions of these items..and the Gilding would make it "Pop!" even more. Gilding could also be used on houses on the Non-Plain Stone builiding, benches and even Water Fountains to really add a lot of style to all of it. Gold, Bronze, Silver, Copper and Brass could also be incorporated..but my focus is Gold and Silver for this article. Better use of Jewelry skill could applay here to especially on "Upgrading" of tools to better receive enchants???? Just an idea..what do you think?
  17. WTB - Smithing Tool Set

    Hello, I am looking for a set of Smithing related tools. I need high quality 90+ tools with a high coc and decent woa I need a hammer and pickaxe I need a high ql set for Improving Pelt, Whetstone also a high ql small anvil and large if possible If I am missing anything that deals with the realm of Smithing Please provide the offers here Thank you all!
  18. Bashkin's Chain Works

    Bashkin's Chain Works Bringing You Chain armor Under a Warranty Plan Are u sick of buying armor and then having to pay for it be repaired back up to QL? All it takes is buying a warranty plan that fits for needs! ONLY 50c!!! Chain Armor Pricing Chart Warranty Rock Plan Tin Plan Zinc plan Iron plan Chain iron copper gold iron copper gold iron Copper gold iron Copper gold QL 50ql 60cql 70ql 80ql Boot 10c 16c 36c 16c 20c 40c 20c 26c 60c 30c 36c 80c Boot 10c 16c 36c 16c 20c 40c 20c 26c 60c 30c 36c 80c Coif 10c 16c 36c 16c 20c 40c 20c 26c 60c 30c 36c 80c Gauntlet 10c 16c 36c 16c 20c 40c 20c 26c 60c 30c 36c 80c Gauntlet 10c 16c 36c 16c 20c 40c 20c 26c 60c 30c 36c 80c Jacket 15c 19c 49c 19c 30c 60c 30c 34c 90c 45c 49c 1.2s Pants 15c 19c 49c 19c 30c 60c 30c 34c 90c 45c 49c 1.2s Sleeve 10c 16c 36c 16c 20c 40c 20c 26c 60c 30c 36c 80c Sleeve 10c 16c 36c 16c 20c 40c 20c 26c 60c 30c 36c 80c FULL SET 1s 1.5s 3.5s 1.5s 2s 4s 2s 2.5s 6s 3s 3.5s 8s +Warrant NA NA 3.7s Free Free 4,3s 2.5s 3s 7.5s 3.5s 4s Ask Barding 1.5s 2s 5s 2s 2.5s Ask 2.5s 3s Ask 3.5 4s Ask Chain Armor Improve cost Iron,copper Marker To 50 50 To 60 50 To 70 50 To 80 Icbash Free Free 1s 2s Others 60C 1s 2s 3s Warranty NA Tin Plan Free Zinc Plan Free Iron Plan Free Example Others 1 to 70 = 2.60s 50 to 70 = 2s Warranty Info Plans can be Upgraded All Warranty Armor Must have maker's mark icbash. All Warranty contracts will be posted here after Payment of your order. All plans 30cdays after order before it can be claimed. Buyer is responsible for Shipping or transport. Warranty VOID! If Caught Cheating the warranty system
  19. WTA: 7k steel lumps

    WTA: 7k steel lumps 26 ql Starting bid: 10s Min. Increment: 1s Reserve: none Buyout: none Private bids: none Sniper: 2h Free delivery on coast, exception Chaos. Sold, close please
  20. Rare forge!

    Hello, This nice 70ql rare forge is looking for a new home! This is today's auction from JMA! The auction will last for 1 week/ 7 days. Starting bid 2e/2s Lowest increase 1e/1s Hidden reserve Buyout offers accepted! Private bids accepted! (Payment through paypal!) Happy bidding!
  21. Visible Jewelry?

    If I'm not mistaken, wasn't an update a couple of months ago that jewelry was now visible when worn? If so, why can I not see a silver necklace? Does it need to be imped to a certain QL in order to be visible? Thanks!
  22. Gief! woa and coc casted waters should affect the smithing as other casted smithing tools does. coc is maybe a litle late for me but at least it will help other smithers. Woa can be handy for me tho when in a hury. So, what do you guys think?
  23. Viper's Vantage Smithing

    Viper's Vantage Smithing Located at X9 Y7 on Pristine [00:14:04] You have just received the title 'Master Blacksmith'! (Please allow some time for 90 QL items as they take awhile) Regular Tools 70 QL-20c 80 QL- 40c 85 QL- 50c 90 QL- 1s Large Anvils 70 QL- 40c 80 QL- 60c 85 QL- 75c 90 QL- 1.5s Horseshoes 4x50 QL- 50c 4x70 QL- 75c 4x80 QL- 1.75s Lamps (Only in iron at this time) 10x30 QL- 80c 10x50 QL- 1.5s 10x60 QL- 2s 10x70 QL- 3s Lanterns 50 QL- 10c 70 QL- 25c 80 QL- 50c Shield Smithing I am currently working on shield smithing! Will be able to do lower QL shields soon! Will re-imp anything with my signature on it for half the cost Trade-In List (This is to pay for any type of order you want, but may not have the money, you can trade in these items to pay for order) Sleep Powders- 1.25s per Referrals- 6.5s per Bricks/Mortar- 2s per 1k 70-90 QL Wemp- 1s per 1k Rare Materials (Bricks, Clay, Shafts, Planks, and Large Nails)- 10c per Supreme Materials (Bricks, Clay, Shafts, Planks, and Large Nails) 20c per I can be contacted in-game on either Lockedbob or Stagnatrious or on the forums as Stagnatrious1 See Also Viper's Vantage Bulk Shop-