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  1. +1 this has been bugging me for a long time too. Just to get that out of the way: Why 100QL lock? because of quality lock system. This means it has to be 100.0000 QL not 99.99999QL and show up as 100QL like every other thing that is made with rare/supreme tool shows
  2. Friendly bump! And this list is such a gem! ive visited several of these markets, its so fun, and so dangerous (for the wallet xD)
  3. Hello! I would also like a room if possible I will bring Bunnlose that can help with BS99, JS75. Can also make cordage, RM91-ish. Accompanied will me my Vyn priest that can help with vyn casts if needed. Chan96,3 with bene.
  4. +10 Pretty please!!! with sugar on the top, lots of sugar! Carpets in blossom is so nice!
  5. Hello! Can we revive this suggestion!? would really really love a large barrel rack! (aka we needs its!)
  6. Handling a wagon in 3rd person is almost impossible, in the long run only 1st person is a viable option. This suggestion or similar would be really nice for me that many uses 3rd person. Only time I'm not, is on a wagon. Or divinating/looking for my horse
  7. this needs to happen, please! :S
  8. rare small anvil would like to buy one, heck ill even hire one for a week! you can reach me here or /tell me ingame: bunnlose or varius wurmrelated discord servers. /bunnlose