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  1. Welcome and get this lovely Marbled Necklace! Only a few of these exist in the World. Your character will see its handsomeness increased! Starting bid: 5 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: no Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: not accepted
  2. Just happened to my priest too and freemium had ended already but i was still 100 favor. I sacced a rare. But wasn't there an update saying we keep amount of favor accumulated before the end of premium? but once used, it's obviously capped. So not sure if it's normal or bug.
  3. Yes, just realised that myself. Thanks in advance for your work!
  4. Would be nice to be able to use traps on those goblins.
  5. Towers :,2925 Msbubba 546 (Pioneer Academy),3640 Brutis 56,4832 Katherine 946,3808 Damine 362,3863 Delone 738 (K8 - Rangers Haven),3450 (Shadowfell) Spazzthespazztastical 842,3313 Lutanior 554,3362 Duncansdays 370 Already declared towers but missing the text in () :,3849 Takeo 322 (Hots K9 We are here for you),3344 Rembarnt 290 (Rembarnt's hope) Epic buildings :,2863 Gate to Pride,2338 Spear of Cherry,4510 Mantra of Luck (Elwood's final stand)
  6. Dear brave Wurmians, Whether you travel around Wurm as a merchant, an explorer, an animal/treasure hunter, you'll have your happiness here and never get lost! Starting bid: 1,50s Increments: 50c Buyout: Nope It stays stable for 20sec after moving and stabilize in less than 2sec when you stop! So depending of the speed you're going, you can know the direction for many tiles. (ex : 21km/h - 30+ tiles)
  7. More towers!,3337 Kantinka 578 (JK),5019 Sladex 274 (Hidden Acres Farm),4967 Methryx 362 (Hidden Acres (N11)),4917 Nefius 10 (Nesquilands defense),3189 Aelli 674 (Thera isle),3330 Zyzyz 634,3329 Zyzyz 458,3386 Rixum 922 (Gnomeregan),3371 Zibalas 58,3268 Keina 730,3271 Blakd 354 (Moosehead's),3729 Goon 458 (Goons Tree House),3313 Zyzyz 10,3972 Ataj 26,3110 Mila 514 (RP West Tower)
  8. Wishing for a nice champion unicorn? Make your dream come true! This lovely male champion unicorn is 3 speed and 2 miscellaneous. Don't miss this opportunity! Starting bid: 3 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Sniper Protection: 1 hour
  9. @Doctercheseif i'm not wrong, screenshot is from a now fallen deed which was here :,4134 Cave still exists but not buildings. You could use it as your new lair
  10. Thanks everyone for the help! You're adorable. I got my horse back...and got new horses.
  11. And correction of name of this tower :,4452 Kromm 546 (L11 Southwest corner) Thanks again!
  12. Hello Dale, Some more towers :,1248 Grayfox 506,2136 Groukin 698,1627 Elflamablanca 882,2730 Erlindur 410 (Maple forest H12),3978 Zanabims 402 (Absalon K10),3581 Nilars 90,3236 Sorien 122,3053 Edvard 290,3077 Spazzthespazztastical 306 (Solace),2589 Stuberticus 618,2555 Alkayne 498 (H14),2505 Heliothrope 82 (H-14 Sojourn North),2425 Alkayne 602,2456 Moho 706 By the way, Alakuzam 418 in K11 is filled twice. Realized it by zooming on the map. It's the right location, though.
  13. Deed "Torment Pitstop",3610