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  1. +1 yes! I love special traits animals. I've a bunch of champions and i'm very careful of the ratio to minimize losses even though deed's quite big. And i stopped hoarding the colored ones like "slow", "scared", "angry", etc This would be really great!
  2. Oh my god! I'm so happy! I'm smiling until my ears, lol ! THANK YOU !
  3. 1 adolescent champion unicorn foal - MALE - 2 speed It has no name since it was born while names were bugged. Starting bid: 3s Increments: 1s 1 hour snipe protection
  4. Hi, Decorative or both decorative and useful: hanging vines & hanging planters
  5. +1 different kind of baskets, so would also have an aesthetic use. Maybe reed fences too?
  6. Nice idea. +1 Wondering how we'd manage the integration of rare with it too. By exemple, if we add a rare forge, does the "Foundry" automatically become rare like with archaeology, or would it be like anything else and be divided by amount of components? And if we ever have other kind of forges, etc (slate, sandstone...), maybe it'll turn into a slate "foundry" if we add a slate forge last? like the wood color works.
  7. +1 as decorative option. Would need a minimum QL to plant and if pottery decays too much, tree dies
  8. Oh yes, i know similar ideas was suggested. I'm all for it! +1
  9. yes, mooh first then cowbells, or both at once!