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  1. I like the idea of Malevolence as a server name. Insanity or Lunacy could be fun too. We all need a bit of madness to play this game
  2. Right, and if pve experience is not considered worth it...why would they use screenshots from our Alliance deeds to advertize WO on Steam?
  3. Nice ideas. Could also have some potions to slow decay, slow the decay of enchanted things, or on the contrary give damage to something like a wall on pvp?
  4. Here we go! A few flowerpots are there at the entry, though very discreet.
  5. Hello, We're a few in our alliance to not see the lava tiles anymore. They show as rock tiles but still act as normal lava tile. I use the client for Linux, another use the one for Mac, and another for windows. So, it's not related to a specific client but is general. It's dangerous when we don't already know there's a lava tile there... Thanks for your help.
  6. Even worse, you can't work with what's just in front of you. You're not lagging, your position is updated, you're on your on deed, all is nice, you're on the same tile as what you want to work on and then ... "You are too far away to do that". Even though it worked perfectly well a second before and you didn't move! So, you end up moving the stuff on another tile to be able to work with it. That's quite irritating.
  7. We also have big undergrounds intended for living and build house. I currently have a big mined out space on which i've yet to build anything. Morever, it's connected to 2 other caves of alliance deeds, and one has direct access to coastline!
  8. For those wanting to travel more and longer travels but do not because of time/lag, it could be great to be able to point A from point B by paying wagoner.
  9. +1 I love the idea of stained-glass which we could add to windows, making glass items for decorations. Granaries For wagons, maybe not a lot attached but there's the problem of turning around corners: would the whole go straight? or be like an accordion? We could go for some kind of auto-travel? pay wagoner to go point A to point B. Or maybe be on our wagon and pay to go to point A to point B? 1rst might be easier to implement. I would surely travel more, would be even if easier if i do lag. (Then I would go around scaring the whole of Xanadu! :P) For mills passively making things, would be great. The timer production doesn't need to be as quick as we do. Maybe no rares produced this way for balancing things? I don't know. Using wind to produce things would be great, will have an impact other than on boats. Maybe depending on the orientation of the mill, it will be more or less quicker? If not wind, a certain amount of water consumed?
  10. Hi, I can help with Pottery imping And can i get a room in the inn, please? Thanks
  11. I've tried to install jre: However I've got this message when i try to launch WO: L’exécution du processus fils « javaws » a échoué (Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type) Translation => Javaws failed because can't find it. Maybe it's in the wrong place? I need to move my files?
  12. I've read that WO doesn't like the jdk version but even with the jre which i've tried (and desinstalled, don't remember which version), didn't manage to make it work out.
  13. Hello, I've installed Xubuntu 18.04.2 on my new computer but can't manage to find a java both compatible with Linux AND Wurm Online. I've tried many things but the farthest i've manage to get is the very beginning of the launching of WO. I do not even manage to get the window to clic on "Play". I'm stucked and stop trying because i believe i'll end up scrapping my PC at this rythm. Anyone can help me find a solution? and explain it step by step, details, etc Thank you very much in advance, Illusion
  14. Hello Everyone, We're organising an event on the 02/02/2019 at 15:00 UTC: Server: Xanadu J11 Deed: Rockwall In the Rockwall Arena, champion animals are prepared to fight each other to the death! Bring your Champion pet. The last one standing will get the Prize! Entry fee: 10c Prize: half of amount collected from the total of entry fee NO CHAMPION TROLL ALLOWED!!! Pm Lunadew for details, or me. See you soon to have fun!
  15. Weird, hope they didn't forget you! And congrats to our most beloved Dinant!!!?