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  1. Hi, I can help with Pottery imping And can i get a room in the inn, please? Thanks
  2. I've tried to install jre: https://www.noelshack.com/2019-22-1-1558989148-capture-d-ecran-2019-05-27-22-31-49.png However I've got this message when i try to launch WO: L’exécution du processus fils « javaws » a échoué (Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type) Translation => Javaws failed because can't find it. Maybe it's in the wrong place? I need to move my files?
  3. I've read that WO doesn't like the jdk version but even with the jre which i've tried (and desinstalled, don't remember which version), didn't manage to make it work out.
  4. Hello, I've installed Xubuntu 18.04.2 on my new computer but can't manage to find a java both compatible with Linux AND Wurm Online. I've tried many things but the farthest i've manage to get is the very beginning of the launching of WO. I do not even manage to get the window to clic on "Play". I'm stucked and stop trying because i believe i'll end up scrapping my PC at this rythm. Anyone can help me find a solution? and explain it step by step, details, etc Thank you very much in advance, Illusion
  5. Hello Everyone, We're organising an event on the 02/02/2019 at 15:00 UTC: Server: Xanadu J11 Deed: Rockwall In the Rockwall Arena, champion animals are prepared to fight each other to the death! Bring your Champion pet. The last one standing will get the Prize! Entry fee: 10c Prize: half of amount collected from the total of entry fee NO CHAMPION TROLL ALLOWED!!! Pm Lunadew for details, or me. See you soon to have fun!
  6. Weird, hope they didn't forget you! And congrats to our most beloved Dinant!!!?
  7. Supreme planter 80QL Starting price: 3s Increament: 50c Sniper protection: 1h Linke to image (sorry, the "insert image from url" doesn't seem to currently work): https://www.casimages.com/i/18121307553924532016036291.png.html
  8. Plz close

    Hello, I can do some pottery but only imp to 70ql currently. Won't be on from 6th to 13th august. PM me in-game under Illusion.
  9. Hello everyone, Location: Xanadu J11 Deed Ethereal Dynasty Pick up/wagoner/mail (cod) On sell: Sprouts/seedlings : various kind – 1 or 2c each Plant & herbs Food Metal Rock & Bricks Divers Leave a message or pm me.
  10. Pottery skill : 85.85 On order. Leave a message or pm Current supremes : Current rares: Current stock:
  11. There's no slope, and it's landing exactly where it should be. And, as I said, the shards took NO DAMAGE, which is ABNORMAL. Anyway, I ended up bashing everything with a Huge Axe.
  12. Hello, I currently have some problem trying to use a catapult to destroy fences. It's the 1st time it happens to me. Tool used: Small catapult Ammunition used: rock shards of 80kg, around 15QL Target: Crude wooden fence The catapult is approximatively 10 tiles and a half away from the Crude Wooden Fence. The crude wooden fence is NOT on deed. There's NO DEED on either sides. In fact, there's no deed anywhere close from the fence or catapult. Tried more than 50 times, I always get the message: "You seem to miss with the rock shards", even after logging off and on. I've a neat pile of rock shards in front of the crude wooden fence. If i move a TINY little bit the catapult, it goes behind the crude wooden fence. The rock shards NEVER shatter, even though they're LQL. The rock shards NEVER get any damages, even though they're low QL. My skill in catapult may be low, but last time I used it to destroy fences, I HAD absolutely no problem. Could you please check if there's any bug hindering the use of catapults? THANK YOU in advance for your help. Best regards, Illusion.
  13. Hello everyone, Here are a few ideas that came up in my village: Glass: sand+fire? => To make greenhouse for plants => To make fishtanks => To make seethrough walls or opaque walls => To make liquid containers like goblets, teapot... Bones could be used to: => make arrows' head => accessories such as bracelets or magical staff => make food y breaking the bones and taking out the marrow Ice-making: barrel filled with water put outside in winter. Could break it up afterwards to stock in larder or make some kind of food? ice-cream? Mud: water+dirt...could be used for healing properties? lol Whip: different kind of whip, either for animals, or as a weapon. Could be made of leather, or leather + metal pikes Bath Possibility to make artificial lake for planting rice even if not at sea level? and other ideas which i'm sure have already been proposed: Marble/Brick house Crate rack Large barrel rack
  14. Hello! Are you still searching for someone? Because I've just started the game and would like to gain coins to become premium. Regards, Illusion