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  1. Hi I can say you to join our village Troy. We are a small group but always friendly and helpfull. I post you the link to our recruitment post We have a discord server let me know Alliance speaking, we are members of the biggest alliance in xanadu. Surely you will find someone online at every time during the day Enniskillen
  2. I'm going to close this, apparently there is no interest for the item. Please close
  3. Hey, well I moved now, but the highway is at good point. There is a bridge with catseyes already done between dzolo gon and serenity, and there is need only to catseye the road to troy, the rest is done Feel free to take of the project if you want. I just moved to troy.
  4. BUMP, check my auction for a supreme hammer
  5. Please close

    How much is the increase in cloth tailoring? is it percentage? how much damage it takes everytime you got a skill gain?