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  1. Hi can you send the following to Enniskillen pls? 3,86ql hatchet, steel - 88coc 8,46ql metal brush, steel - 86coc 2,18ql pickaxe, steel - 89coc 4,03ql stone chisel, steel - 83coc 72,37ql pickaxe, iron - 88woa 6,00ql carving knife, steel - 94coc Thanks
  2. Excellent service and easy process. Very recommended, fast and friendly. A+++
  3. Hi I need 3k HFC panfilling, I should have all materials. Can you contact Enniskillen, to work out for a suitable time for you and me? Thanks
  4. Hi Davih can you send the following to Enniskillen pls? Rare Pickaxe Head - Iron (2s) Rare Fruit Press Oak (2s) QL~7 Pickaxe Head Steel c91 (50c) QL 36 Dredge c85 (25c) QL 99.7 Whetstone c85 w78 (30c) Thanks
  5. Well done Champagne, congratz and enjoy the statue. I'll cod ASAP. Thanks all for participating in the auction.
  6. Hi Beastwolf

    Any chance you can invite me to your kingdom in Chaos server? Is there any requirement to join it?


    I'm honest with you, I don't think I gonna play there for now, doing mostly to be able to craft staff of a specific kingdom. But never say never, I'm an ok fighter with decent crafting skills and one day I will have a try on some pvp action ;)


    Let me know if the invite is possible and if we can meet.


    Thanks in advance


    1. Beastwolf


      Heyo! We are mostly looking for active players :), new or old. More often than not people will try and join "act" like they are playing and leave so they can farm wagons/banners. Sad we even have to look out for that. You are however welcome to play with us anytime!


      We do tend to kick out people that are obviously not very interested in playing and are on freedom 24/7. We aren't strict, it's just easy to tell when you've done it this long. :)

  7. Hi all [21:16:55] A small fragment from a statue of drake. You think you could recreate the statue of drake if you had a bit more material. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. Get it before anyone else with buy out option if you want, but bidding I think is more fun!!! Starting bid 5 Silver Increment in 50c minimum Buyout 20 Silver
  8. Hi I can say you to join our village Troy. We are a small group but always friendly and helpfull. I post you the link to our recruitment post We have a discord server let me know Alliance speaking, we are members of the biggest alliance in xanadu. Surely you will find someone online at every time during the day Enniskillen
  9. I'm going to close this, apparently there is no interest for the item. Please close
  10. Hey, well I moved now, but the highway is at good point. There is a bridge with catseyes already done between dzolo gon and serenity, and there is need only to catseye the road to troy, the rest is done Feel free to take of the project if you want. I just moved to troy.
  11. BUMP, check my auction for a supreme hammer