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  1. As per title, 25s pickup, +2s with delivery, only coastal areas Reply, PM on forum or IGN Garginim
  2. Mi associo al mio conterraneo, uniamoci in una community. Discord e' un ottimo sistema, anche se non volete parlare, basta joinare e ogni tanto scrivere qualcosa. Abbiamo gia' diversi italiani con anni di esperienza in gioco per tutti quelli che hanno domande o vogliono migliorare la loro esperienza in Wurm. Contattateci in game o su Discord. IGN Garginim o Alersteil.
  3. HI all Need a BOTD Cast around 80 or 90 power. Preferable priest with 80+ channeling. Pm me here, In game at Garginim or reply to this post with price. Thanks
  4. Congratz gnomegates If you tell me your IGN I wil send it in COD!
  5. no idea Pretty sure however with a good WoA casted on is going to be low
  6. HI all Rare compass, 12.53 Ql [14:54:04] A rudimentary compass, made from a needle floating in oil on a piece of wood in a jar. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. (Starting bid lowered) Good luck to all the bidders Starting bid : 1s Bid Increment : 50c Buyout : 10s Sniper Protection : 30m
  7. "Felice Anno Nuovo" or you can even say "Buon Anno" - Both Italian Language BTW, for people lazy with Google Translate - Happy new year !!!
  8. Hi Dunsil I hope you don't mind, but I got to your village and got 3 Free horses you were gladly put at disposal of everyone. The names are Gallantbrisk, Pearlocho and Greysad. My friend came with me and he got 3 as well, names are Doggold, Starkblood and Runpaint. I tried to contact you in game and the forum but I tought to go anyway. Thankfully you had setup a free pen where we can get it. I probably could get in touch in case need to buy some more horses. Thanks again and happy new year.
  9. As per title COD all you want to sell to Alesrteil Accepting High gems up to 50ql as well, at 1c/ql. Thanks all
  10. I should have 2 range poles, need to check, I'll let you know!
  11. Hi, can you cod it to Garginim pls? Thanks