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  1. Hey, Can you please send it to Alesrteil? thanks
  2. Can you send the 3 large crates of mortars and the Wild Cat Pelt to Alesrteil please? I'll accept the delivery as soon you confirm here
  3. Well done Wurm Online Community We have people around sniping sermons at public events, like public slaying. Sermons well organized with web spreadsheet and everything and this people still doing it. PVE Servers so you cannot really do it about it and that's a shame, considering I never had problem and loved the community here in the game but this is shamefull and these people should go somewhere else. Just to clarify, here are 2 names that did tonight at the Black Drake slaying in Harmony : Antireunion and EddieKeyjr Thanks a lot both of you for ruining a well organized event.
  4. I don't like the idea, open to so many exploits and render sailing useless. Plus this is an exploration game, it is supposed for you to go around, use vehicles to move. it's not a theme park where u can use teleports to go everywhere.
  5. I sold one for 30s not long ago, around 3 weeks ago
  6. As per title I'd like to buy 6x 3s/ea. Can reply here or IGN Alesrteil or Garginim Thanks all