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  1. there is still the sniper protection
  2. Hi all Due to moving with some friends I'm selling my deed in Cadence C8/9, north west part of the map, north side of that small island. See images below the description The deed is decent size covering good part of that shore. Following more details of what is included Several horses up to 3 speed traits, different colours Farm animals including cows, bulls, sheeps, rams and pigs. All in pens. 2 pens almost full enchanted grass. Wagon and 2 large carts adjacent mine, inside the deed, with several iron veins and others including Tin and lead. Buildings, including a large warehouse/workshop, a panfilling one with several forges, Guard tower plus other small ones. Several active and noisy behives, placed mostly on farming areas. 1 Corbita and a rowboat several crate racks, BSBs and FSBs some with materials inside. A trader is present in the deed The deed is ready to live in without any modification. Excellent for new people or someone that want to establish his presence on Cadence. The position in the map is very advantageos for travelling, you can easily reach any corner of any map sailing through map borders. The island is full of potential with mountains and vast areas not inhabited, I counted only 3 active deeds, included mine there. Following pictore of the settlment info and a view taken through deed planner. I include the deed planner map so you can actually see every part of the deed. If you have any question in regards send a Forum message or DM me on Discord at enniskillen#1320 I'm starting at a relative low bid so everyone can try to get it! No buyout, no reserve, I could accept private bids but prefer to let the auction go. Enjoy Starting bid : 30s Bid increment : 2s No buyout, no reserve
  3. Hi, if you are still looking for the Caravel, send a in game message to Oxmoggxx or to me, Alesrteil or Garginim in game, and we can work it out. Oxmoggxx is one of the best and higher SB skill in the northern server, and probably can make you a cheap price and surely any wood color you like. See you and happy wurming
  4. I'm keep having the same issue, is there still a problem with my login server? Edit: Ok sorted, it seams the problem is sorted, thanks
  5. Can you send all gems to Garginim pls? Thanks