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  1. COD 600 Small nails, 600 Large Nails, 750 Cedar Sprouts and 450 Pine Sprouts to Playtime please and thank you. (Wagoner if on Xanadu)
  2. I need 1k Large Nails, 1k Small nails, and 1k Cedar Sprouts please by Wagoner (assuming you are in Xan)
  3. Please add Arrowhead Orchard at 3273, 2608 Thank you in advance.
  4. The bulk system is an absolute work of genius! Btw, I dropped empty crates in where I purchased. This has to be the most well put together market I've ever seen!
  5. I need 100 Grape sprouts and 100 Pine sprouts asap please
  6. Starting Bid: 20s Increments: 1s No Reserve Buyout: No Sniper Protection 30 minutes No private bids. I will COD the winning bid.
  7. We are taking on citizens now at Arrowhead Orchard. It doesn't matter if you are new or old or in between. Our deed is currently 58x96, and there is plenty of unshaped space within the deed. We have 3 plots available for house building at the moment, more will be terraformed soon. We are also in the process of building a Citizens Work Center, a place to go and use as a workhouse to enhance your skills and do your own projects, look at it as a gym or whatnot, we don't tell you what to do lol. There's a Wagon and several carts for land transport, two knarrs available to citizens, and a harbor with merchants and a trader. We are located at H15 of Xanadu. Message Playtime in game for any further details you need. Please note that this deed is a work in progress.
  8. I need 50 Cedar sprouts, 50 Maple sprouts, and 20 Oak Sprouts COD please. Thanks!
  9. Hello, I would like to order 500 Large nails, 500 small nails, and 1000 planks (I prefer pine if possible) Thank you in advance.
  10. Have you recently restocked since Saturday of last week? I'm looking for dyes and pmk stuff. Last time I went there were no dyes, some pmk. Great market btw, love how it is laid out.
  11. Thank you so much! I'll definitely be shopping here again!
  12. Hello, I need 10kg of Yellow, and 2kg of Red. C.O.D to Playtime. Thanks I also need 1 Texas Peat, 1 Tarnation, and 1 Claymaker.
  13. Great doing business with you, and it will continue in the future. I did have another order posted here, but plans have changed so I edited it to just say You guys are the best. They don't give us a delete comment button or I'd use it for this one lol.... So I guess BUMP
  14. I would like one of the 8s JK Wagons please. I'll pick up, just let me know where.