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Found 29 results

  1. needs to be at a minimum 40paving post here or pm Farscape in game
  2. Auctioning a 50 ql rare pickaxe head, iron Starting Bid: 10s Buyout: offer Increment: 50c Snipe Protection: 60 minutes per bid
  3. AUCTION CLOSED Please lock or remove. Thanks moderators
  4. Starting Bid: 5s Increments: 50c Buyout: n/a Reserve: none Sniper Protection: 1 Hour PM Malokai in-game or Message me here if I don't find you, the winner, first!
  5. Starting Bid: 20s Increments: 50c Buyout: 30s Reserve: none Sniper Protection: 1 Hour PM Malokai in-game or Message me here if I don't find you, the winner, first!

    Your Bidding on 1 Unfinished Supreme Kiln Starting Bid: 20s Min Bid increments: 1 Silver Buyout : 38s ( LOWERED BUYOUY @ 10 HOUR LEFT ) NO RESERVE ! Auction will have 1 hour snipe protection. ------ Embellishments ----- Free Delivery Free Assembly Free Improvement Free RARE Puppet Set ...Good Luck On Auction.....
  7. Your Bidding On 1 Finished Supreme Fire Place Starting Bid: 4s Min Bid increments: 50 copper Buyout : 9s ( lowered buyout @ 3 Hours LEft ) No Reserve ( Updated @ 3 Hours ) Auction will have 1 hour snipe protection. Snipe protection Activated ! any bids placed now will add 1 hour to auction ------ Embellishments ----- Free Delivery Free Improvement ...Good Luck On Auction.....
  8. Can pickup/take delivery in Southwestern Xanadu, e.g., preferably nearish Q14, but am flexible. If you have one or more of the vessels and also want to sell an oak ship transporter, I'll likely take that as well. PM "Fasterdoudle" in-game or respond here, as you like.
  9. Buyout reached Auction closed. Thank you all who bidded, and thanks to the winner.
  10. In Total >1550ql. I want 30s for the lot. Willing to deliver the gems to coasts of indy, deli, exo and cele.
  11. Auctions ends 3 PM Eastern time u.s the 28th of june Start bid is 5 silver Min increment is 1 silver 1 hour snipe protection No reserve Item will be mailed from Exodus at buyers expense Buyout offers accepted Approximate end time is:
  12. Topic Now Closed. My RL friends have now joined me. When we feel we are ready to allow others to join, I will create a new post - Samo
  13. Icelion's General Store (Closed, for Now) (Not taking any new orders on rope until the 01/01/13 due to family obligations.) Hello Pristinites! I am located at Molyneux Harbour; (27x, 14y) We produce a range of different goods and also offer Vynora conversions for free whenever I'm online. I'm offering a range of goods for sale to order, take a look below, to order post on this thread, contact me in game - Icelion/Icetiger or send me a forum PM; This is currently just a personal list of what I can produce and what I could sell in the future. I have decided to focus on deed development rather than try and make any money out of the haphazard mess I have now. Apologies to any I have misled in this endeavor. Rope: 10c Per (Out of Stock) Orders: Archaegeo: x2 Shadowoftheapocalypes: x4 Gold Lump 1ql: 5c per 2kg Gold Lump 20ql: 5c per 1kg Statuttes, 10ql +: Vynora: 15c Fo: 20c Magranon: 20c Libilia: 50c Iron Tools 20ql: 10c / 3 tools. Iron Weapons 20ql: 10c per Weapon (Double for Huge Class Weapons) Practice Dolls 20ql: 10c Rowboats: 2s per Boat, anchor not currently included. (Will be in the future) Bear in mind time dictates a great many things. A rowboat can take a couple of days to create for instance, especially with the ql of tools that are available at the moment. Please be patient.
  14. Everfree Forest (Yes, I named it after the forest in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) Size: 35x19 No. of Buildings: 3 Farm size: 5x7(40 tiles) Stable: 3x7 enchanted pasture Guards: 0 Upkeep(Cost): 1s 75c Upkeep(Days): 95 days Upkeep(Coffers): 5s 96c 56i The stable has all enchanted grass and comes with 4 horses and 1 bison. Two long-houses and dirt walls seal off the area for seclusion and one large house 7x8. Contains:Two 75ql forges, one 75ql forge, 2 beds, 80ql loom, 5 armor stands, 7 bulk bins, 1 food bin, and an altar with each god (Fo silver, Magranon stone, Vynora wood) and an 83 courier mailbox. Veins: Zinc(55ql), Iron(89ql, 81ql, 77ql and a few lesser ql) Great Hunting Area! Start Bid: 9s Min. Increase: 1s Auction Ends: Sunday, November 4th Please do not send offers in PM to me.
  15. Buying in bulk, but will take any and all grapes (either color) you may want to sell. Let me know what you want for them and how many you're selling. Details: Buying Either color type, any ql. For each whole grape (0.20) I'm paying 50i, or 5s per 1k. Grapes between 0.10 and 0.19, I'll offer 25i per grape/2.5s per 1k. Grapes below .09, normal harvest rates of 1s per 1k apply. Depending on quantity, and your location, I may be able to pick up, but would prefer for you to deliver. Delivery/pick-up arrangements to be discussed once I know how many grapes you'll be selling. ::Update:: Closing the topic for now, I'm still buying if you're selling though, so just send me a PM.
  16. Hi all, I'm in need of more sap and/or syrup, and willing to pay 50i per 1.00 weight. This works out to 22.5c for a full small barrel, but if selling by the barrel (with the barrel), I'll round this up to 25c per full barrel! This should cover costs of the barrel and still pay you about 4x's the going rate for harvesting! This price is for any ql maple sap/syrup you may have, and any full quantities over 1.00 weight. Please keep in mind, I need whole weight, so if it is between 1.01 or 1.99, it will still be considerd 1.00 for pricing. Delivery is preferred, please let me know how much you have to sell, and we'll work on the details from there.