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Found 36 results

  1. Auction of a set of two fragments of rare statues that once finished will look great on your deed. Starting Bid: 20s Bid Increment 1s BuyOut: 1g Sniper Protection: 30 Minutes
  2. A longsword worthy of any treasure hunting pirate. QL:85,45 Blank Starting Bid: 30s Bid Increment: 1s Buyout: 75s Sniper Protection: 30 Minutes
  3. A real pirates hat of cotton worthy of any treasure hunting pirate. QL:52,86 Blank Starting Bid: 10s Bid Increment: 1s Buyout: 50s Sniper Protection: 30 Minutes
  4. hey, delivery is included in the statue of this magnificent specimen of octopus that will give an exclusive touch to your garden or port area where will be scared. [23:00:37] A statue of an octopus. You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'T.rr.ijas'. Ql: 58.3974, Dam: 0.0. Starting Price: 15s Bid increments: 1s Buyout: 40s Reserve: None Snipe Protection: 1hr Sold.
  5. Hello! I am based in Pympes Landing, looking for these colours: Skewbald Pinto Chestnut I need both to be female. Any age except Venerable accepted. No traits neccessary but appreciated. please contact me on HAR @ Hattylaird or pop a post here. I am willing to travel to pickup, and have a wee sail boat if needed. Found what I needed! Thank you!
  6. (At the Northern Opening of the Western River Divide) Our Discord Reviews Introduction At Emberwynn Harbor we aim to provide a more personalized experience with Market Trade. We aim to offer a wide variety of items and do so with both a Custom Order function as well as Merchant Sellers found on site. Unlike larger Markets who may produce in bulk and only offer their services based on Supply rather than Request, we're looking forward to working with each and every customer individually with their needs and requests. You are our Top Priority and we aim to make sure that you are not only pleased with your transactions with us and you are rewarded for your repeat business with our Loyalty program. Place an Order on our Discord for Live-Order tracking! Many items can be created upon request. For a complete pricing list Click Here! Loyalty Program Our loyalty program provides 10% Discount to Total Order at entry level as well as other Perks to frequent/regular customers! Due to Merchant behavior we are unable to respect our Loyalty Program perks when Merchant Purchases are made. Merchant purchases are not counted towards our Loyalty Program qualification or rewards. Take advantage of our Loyalty Program by using our Discord to place a custom order request at a Discounted Price and Order Priority. Animals Our animals are born and raised in a free roam paddock and retired at 'Old' from Cart/Transportation labor. We care about our Animals, you can trust that we care about yours too! We will never sell anything with negative traits, guaranteed! We do not deliver animals! (If you've place another order, we can bring animals along in which you wish to purchase. However we do not solely deliver animals) Trait Key: Horses: Bison: Untraited/No Speed-Traits: 1s Speed Trait: +1s (Per Trait) Certain Spark/Unusually Healthy: +10c Self-Serve Stock: Trade-in Recommended: Sunbury Stables - Can't find what you're looking for, or the trip to the West Coast just not feasible? Contact Carla for your East Coast Horse needs.
  7. needs to be at a minimum 40paving post here or pm Farscape in game
  8. Auctioning a 50 ql rare pickaxe head, iron Starting Bid: 10s Buyout: offer Increment: 50c Snipe Protection: 60 minutes per bid
  9. Emberwynn Harbor is looking for self-starters! Located on Harmony at North West G9 We're a Harbor-Market Village, a self-sufficient Deed with most Main-Skills covered and looking for more to add to our numbers and assist in the larger demands of both the Deed and our Market presence. We're a Mature-Deed looking for like-minded individuals who are looking to work as a team/unit and a close-knit "family". We are not looking for immature or selfish players, we are not a group for people who prefer to keep to themselves or are looking to strictly focus on a single skill, (also known as skilling). While we are supportive of specializing in certain skills, we are not a Skiller Village! We're welcoming of new and old players alike! It's OK if you have no idea of what you're doing, we're happy to help you learn how Wurm works! Requirements: Discord We use Discord for out-of-game communication! This is used to place "work-orders" or requests for the other members of the Deed. EX: Need a new Tool but don't blacksmith? Put in a Work-Order! Need a Cart, Ship or Wagon? Put in a Work-Order! Willing to work with others We are a single unit and expect each member to contribute in anyway they can. Whether it's by assisting in preparing materials such as Planks, Shafts or helping to full-fill General Work-Orders and Market-Place orders. Mature We're not claiming to be the most poised folks, we have our immature moments with jokes and arguments but what family doesn't? We do however expect there to be no fowl play and to understand when you've crossed a line. Willing to participate in Trades Being a Harbor-Market we offer all of Northern Freedom Isles trade and Order-Filling. This means if you choose to specialize in a certain area you must be willing to participate in the sale of said specialization. EX: Fine Carpentry Wagons; Blacksmith Tools; Shipbuilding Ships If you choose not to focus a single-skill, that's OK too. We won't force you to! We do however appreciate assistance in full-filling orders and split the earnings evenly between all Deed-Mates who help out. Notes: If you can't afford Premium, we still want you! We will do everything we can to help you Earn your Premium in-game! We do expect you to respect other people's space and belongings. We share everything, meaning all Carts and Transportation is unlocked for Deed-Mates and is expected to be treated with care and respect! We offer space for Personal Housing! You're welcome to build your own Structure within reason of course for your own Private housing. This can be a place you leave your tools, private items, etc; So long as you are not "stealing" from another Deed-Mate and trying to lock away someone else's items that were loaned to you, we will respect your space. We feed you! We have a lovely chef who works hard to make sure we're all well fed. Never have to worry about having your Food Bar full or reaching your full CCFP's again! We also provide Custom-To-You affinity of your choice pizzas! Current Villager Count: 5 If you are interested in joining us, you can PM any Council member listed below: Ferrix Kellen We do have an evaluation period before all access is granted. This is to ensure that we are a good-fit together. You wouldn't want to play with someone who you were afraid would come along and steal your belongings or destroy your house would you? We hope to hear from you soon! You can come and say "Hello!" here:
  10. AUCTION CLOSED Please lock or remove. Thanks moderators ❤️
  11. Starting Bid: 5s Increments: 50c Buyout: n/a Reserve: none Sniper Protection: 1 Hour PM Malokai in-game or Message me here if I don't find you, the winner, first!
  12. Starting Bid: 20s Increments: 50c Buyout: 30s Reserve: none Sniper Protection: 1 Hour PM Malokai in-game or Message me here if I don't find you, the winner, first!
  13. CLOSED

    Your Bidding on 1 Unfinished Supreme Kiln Starting Bid: 20s Min Bid increments: 1 Silver Buyout : 38s ( LOWERED BUYOUY @ 10 HOUR LEFT ) NO RESERVE ! Auction will have 1 hour snipe protection. ------ Embellishments ----- Free Delivery Free Assembly Free Improvement Free RARE Puppet Set ...Good Luck On Auction.....
  14. Your Bidding On 1 Finished Supreme Fire Place Starting Bid: 4s Min Bid increments: 50 copper Buyout : 9s ( lowered buyout @ 3 Hours LEft ) No Reserve ( Updated @ 3 Hours ) Auction will have 1 hour snipe protection. Snipe protection Activated ! any bids placed now will add 1 hour to auction ------ Embellishments ----- Free Delivery Free Improvement ...Good Luck On Auction.....
  15. Can pickup/take delivery in Southwestern Xanadu, e.g., preferably nearish Q14, but am flexible. If you have one or more of the vessels and also want to sell an oak ship transporter, I'll likely take that as well. PM "Fasterdoudle" in-game or respond here, as you like.
  16. Buyout reached Auction closed. Thank you all who bidded, and thanks to the winner.
  17. In Total >1550ql. I want 30s for the lot. Willing to deliver the gems to coasts of indy, deli, exo and cele.
  18. Auctions ends 3 PM Eastern time u.s the 28th of june Start bid is 5 silver Min increment is 1 silver 1 hour snipe protection No reserve Item will be mailed from Exodus at buyers expense Buyout offers accepted Approximate end time is:
  19. Topic Now Closed. My RL friends have now joined me. When we feel we are ready to allow others to join, I will create a new post - Samo