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  1. Not sure if it is just mine or whether all the wagons are still Freedom tents with pink/purple wood? My banners have changed but the wagon has not changed. I am not sure whether this is the correct place to make this post but your assistance would be appreciated.
  2. All Gone!

    Hello, May I please have: Left Layered shoulder pad Steel 1 Pumpkin shoulder pad 1 Left Stylish Shoulder Pad Gold 1 Right Stylish Shoulder Pad Gold and if by any chance you still have another 3 picnic basket also please Thanks Annette
  3. [Resolved] Xanadu Down

    Has been down for for about 30 mins now Please fix it.
  4. Vale Wintersolstice

    I am still shell shocked from when you rang me this morning with the news. That is a very heartfelt post son. You and Mee would always talk about this guy called Winter. It was all you spoke about when telling me about the game. I remember when I first met Winter. When you and Mee talked me into walking from freedom to wild in the water. Mee came back to get me. Then we got lost lol and you and Winter came looking for us. He used to tell me about how you met him, and call me momma bear because he knew that I would stand by and protect you two no matter what. Winter was one of the few players that I have met in game that would always help you out no matter what. Always there to have your back, always there to drive you insane with his ranting. Speaking with him in ventrilo over the years and hearing how much he was struggling to breath at times was always tuff. At least now you are no longer in pain with your back. Thanks for always being there Rest In Peace Tommy. Catch you on the flip side xxx
  5. Xanadu Community Map

    Good Evening. Could you please add Resting Patch at 2747, -694? Thank you
  6. Gone Fishing, Catch You Later - Tich / Pifa / Epona

    RIP Tich. Will miss you. Remember you, uzetab and Baracus taking in me and my other characters Neddie, Mendoza and Kameo. Trying to teach me how do do something other than mining on Annette and just laughing at how uncoordinated I was. Your love and support was always appreciated.
  7. Discount Tool Sale - [CLOSED]

    thank you
  8. Discount Tool Sale - [CLOSED]

    Good Afternoon Aaron, Could you please send the File 90.07ql w68 2 x Hammers 88ql w75 and 87 ql w77 Rake 89ql w65 & c53 Please send to Dakota.
  9. Xanadu Community Map

    Hello, Could you please add Semillon Manor to these coords 2610, -380? this is where Wispering Souls used to be
  10. POLL: Wild Server and (free) Freedom

    The armour I hold and most of my other gear was brought with me from wild when Freedom first came out. I moved from wild to JK home to wild and then to Freedom. Why should I not be able to bring the items that I had on me when I moved to Freedom back to wild? I was under the impression that Freedom would remain Prem only and now some of you are calling for freedom to be capped again. My money that I pay per month to play the game is no different to yours. If the server changed and I now want to bring my girls back to wild to play I should be allowed to bring all the stuff I brought over on the boats. I voted yes, but I would be happy to have converts used and also have a limit on items and a specified time limit to up and go. Thanks
  11. You guys are amazing. You complain that someone was killed when they “lost linkâ€. You complain about the griefing but when MR complained you all chirped up that it was wild and to deal with it. What you have done to the WL is the worst form of griefing I have ever seen or heard of in the time I have played. You say that if MR wants to champ that they can send a message and you will let them in? Give me a break. They can’t twig out if you are in local and there are no guarantees that you would even let them out without killing them or making them suicide. You have also always complained when your whole kingdom is labeled because of one or two players who do something which is seen to be unfavorable to others in the game but you have just taken this to the next level by punishing a whole kingdom for a few. You also argue that MR can catapult the walls. LOL how long do you think it would take for this to be done? You put the dang walls up you should be the ones forced to take them down. If I was to decide to come back to wild from Freedom, I could never priest or champ over here if I wished whether it were JK or MR because I would not have access to the WL. You guys have stooped to a new low I have to tell you and any respect I had for any of you in JK has now been totally lost. Whether any of you care what I think is irrelevant to me. You can not use the “JK have control of the light†because that is really one of the lamest comments that I have heard. MR was thrown into the game years after because BL was losing numbers and Rolf wanted to kick start the game again which was not very well thought out at the time as there was no thought given to how or where MR would priest or champ. Put yourselves into the situation of other players who are not as well known in the game or are on the other side and forget your JK status for just a moment and see how you would feel or how you would priest or champ without access to the WL. You can’t even twig in anymore because you have cut down all the trees around the light. If any of you have any morals at all you will cease what you are doing and remove what is there so far. You can not control every person in a kingdom and I am sure that the Pizza alts were BL not MR. The logs that I have seen about what they said to Balde did not look any worse to what some of other players on all sides used to say about me because Rudie is my son. I was told to deal with it by leaders of large towns and also the GMs. Grats on ruining the game for many new and old players by taking the right for them to priest or champ away. Move the Light to somewhere more neutral as JK do NOT own the light. MR and JK do. Well that is my 2 cents worth
  12. Did Wurm just died?

    It's all your fault Mr BW >
  13. Proper forum moderation.

    I have been suggesting the infraction system for maybe 18 months now. It works well for one of the largest internet providers gaming sit forums here in Australia. It is not hard to work with and it is still up to more than one Mod to make the decision to ban. Given the amount of crap on the forums atm it is about time that these forums moved forward and looked into a better way of policing things. To be able to create a new forum account in less than 5 mins is ridiculous. When I first opened my account, and I am sure a lot of you had the same, we had to wait for a Forum Mod, GM, Egal or Rolf to send the activation email. What happened to that? Anyways. That's my vent. Annette
  14. Dominating on Freedom

    Hi, I am having issues with re-dominating. If I have a dominated Troll, I can not re-dom as it tells me bad karma and illegal. I take the troll off deed and still can not redom and yes I am outside the perimeter. I go to another animal and can dominate it, same thing can not re-dom. Go back to the troll and can dominate it. I get the message to say that the previous dommed animal is no longer dommd so I don't get what the problem here is. Could someone please look into this for me? Thanks Annette