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  1. Red HQ

    Thanks very much
  2. Red HQ

    Hello please COD the mask of the shadow to Carla. Thanks
  3. Can bring Stevii. 100 faith 23 channelling.
  4. Hello all, I am looking at mining a tunnel, to suit all boats, which needs the ceiling mined prior to the floor for the depth, from Sunbury, N22 to Harmony Bay lake. Below is the map with x at start and finish and our progress so far. We have started mining and need to dredge the entrance some more to get it to 20 deed. We are mining straight above water in the tunnel, then mining the ceiling prior to mining into the water. If anyone is interested in helping us out, please post here or message me on the forums. Regards Carla and Sirjohn.
  5. sorry guys been a tad busy with real life crap. can always send me a PM here on the forums and I will get the email advising. thanks Carla NFI
  6. mine are passing through unlocked gates in pens on deed. Randomly finding my horses around the deed. The horses are not branded and none have been above mature.
  7. I have found 10 horses out of their pens so far. please fix this
  8. Balance of 3k sent Thanks for your purchase
  9. hello will take me a couple of days. will send through as I make if you wish