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  1. sorry guys been a tad busy with real life crap. can always send me a PM here on the forums and I will get the email advising. thanks Carla NFI
  2. mine are passing through unlocked gates in pens on deed. Randomly finding my horses around the deed. The horses are not branded and none have been above mature.
  3. I have found 10 horses out of their pens so far. please fix this
  4. Balance of 3k sent Thanks for your purchase
  5. hello will take me a couple of days. will send through as I make if you wish
  6. Thanks for making this public.
  7. Welcome to Sunbury Sales - N22 on Harmony. We are now connected to the highway. Find Route to Sunbury Wagoner deliveries available with the request that you return the crates. Message Carla, Fatherben or Vorlox in game to see what we have, leave a message here. Bulk Building Materials Stone bricks - 2s/k - 1k in stock Sandstone Bricks - 3s/k - 1k in stock Marble Bricks - 4s/k - 500 in stock Slate Bricks - 4s/k - 1.5k in stock Colossus Bricks - 2s/k - 2k in stock Mortar - 4s/k - 4K in stock Small Nails -2s/k - 500 in stock Large Nails - 2s/k - 500 in stock Ribbons - 1s/100 - 100 in stock Fence Bars - 3s/100 | 100 in stock Sand - 2s/k - upon request Dirt - 2s/k - 4k in stock Clay - 1.75s/k - 5k in stock Shafts - 2s/k - 1k in stock Planks - 2s/k - 2k in stock