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  1. Have you sold all of these or are you still selling? I am interested
  2. Aftermath 1040, 1771 Please Remove and replace with Aftermath- 1698, 1731 Frenzy Farms 1022, 1677 Has disbanded Thanks so much ! ~Xio
  3. Holy crop

    I appreciate the information
  4. Holy crop

    Does this normally get posted so priests could attend to help out or to aid the cast for benediction ? Is there a central place for these types of posts curiously? Thx...
  5. We were lucky enough to attend the White Dragon Slaying, and Enjoy a couple of Close up views! Such a pretty Wurm World. Thanks For sharing.
  6. Was our first time in attendance of the Red Dragon! Somehow or another, I got to close and ended up a corpse on the ground, but I had a very good time getting personal. Thanks for the invite.
  7. I sent of a set of Horseshoes for an imp, one of them became rare and Thass sent it back to me and made sure that it was a proper quality. Fast Reliable service, great communication, and above all LOYAL to his customers and their needs. I have grown very accustomed to "needing" my favorite Dwarven Smithy. Much Love Thassadhar and thank you for all you do...... Semperfiswife/XioAftermath
  8. Thanks for the event. I also hope that we will be able to attend more in the future!
  9. Are you Able to COD these to Semperfiswife please? Rare log, pinewood (24kg, 74ql) - 20c Rare log, pinewood (18.67kg, 72ql) - 20c