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  1. Settlement: Aftermath 1041, 1770 Guard Tower located in same area.
  2. COD to Semperfi Chisel, Iron, 55coc - 50c Thank you.
  3. Sad times.. ya we are in Melody. I appreciate your response !
  4. Please send COD to Semperfi in game three of these if you have them. pickaxe, steel: BOTD 95: 90c
  5. Melody character name: Semperfiswife I play with my Husband Semperfi. Deed: Aftermath Location: Close to T17 Prior Wurm Experience: My husband and I play together on Melody in this Great Alliance we found through Discord's recruitments page. NO prior experience on Wurm. Looking forward to growing and progressing. Watching our alliance mates grow, and getting to explore the other areas of Melody as we grow.
  6. Super Exciting thank you ! Got the rest of them so quickly
  7. Please send COD to Semperfiswife: Butcher knife, Iron, 50coc - 50c Grooming Brush, Oak, 58coc - 50c Shovel, Iron, 53coc - 50c Trowel, Iron, 52coc - 50c Thanks in advance !