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  1. COD Semperfiswife please and thank you !! looking forward to it
  2. Can you please COD to Semperfiswife in game: Meditation rug, Cotton, 52coc - 50c Meditation rug, Cotton, 61coc - 80c Thanks in advance!
  3. Please COD to Semperfiswife: fine meditation rug, cotton, 1,00ql, 75coc - 1,15s
  4. Please COD to Semperiswife : 48 BOTD Sickle Thanks in advance!!! PLEASE CANCEL AS I WAS INFORMED THIS IS NO LONGER A VALID THREAD!
  5. 50ql -Studded Leather set with Bear Helm instead of Studded Helm 2.30s 1 Bridle 15c 2 Saddle Bags 30c If 2.75S please COD to Semperfiswife at your earliest convenience.
  6. OakenShield Mountain Alliance Deeds that need added at your convenience:,1729 AftertheAftermath Deed (Guard Tower),1749 Me-Lo Deed,1679 Kol Koldhor Deed (Guard Tower),1823 Quiet Cove Deed (Guard Tower) Thanks very much in advance. !
  7. 60ql dredge 50c Please COD to Semperfiswife