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  1. To all the lovely wurmians that feel like there has to be more to life
  2. Hope you're doing well Elwood :) Happy 2022

  3. Got some imp work done here, fast smith Thank you for the service rendered
  4. Hi Annuile, We spoke a bit in game two nights ago, I just have one more question, what timezone are most of the folks in over there, I am just afraid of sending my priest there only to find myself (UK Timezone) Caught in a US timezone which means most people will be offline during the time I'm online, or I'm offline or at work while the US guys are online. Would you be able to provide more feedback on this? Please lemme know. Thanks Dok
  5. Very friendly and quick smith, extremely good prices and lets you know about their work schedule before they start. I will highly recommend this smith for all your weapon smithing needs. If I could leave a 5 star rating I would leave 6 stars!! Thanks for the work on my Huge axe mate!
  6. Happy Monday everybody, May your monsters be at peace today!
  7. Very fast with orders with no excuses. Will recommend Thanks for the steel plate set mate!
  8. Thank you once again Sinnjinn for making this dude public
  9. Thanks for the public slaying, I'm looking forward to joining for my first unique slaying on NFI!!
  10. Hi All, Please note this Market is temporarily closed.
  11. Auction Concluded Please Close