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  1. Xanadu Community Map

    Has anyone else noticed that if you look at F16 In Topo view there's a QR code that reads (Tuch Mi PP) ?
  2. Oakheart is calling... [Updated]

    Join Oakheart, We have both experience and jokes to share With over 30 active member ( and even more alts ) you'll never have a dull moment in Oakheart.
  3. Yellow Potion Uses Revisited...

    Howz about a 0.001 increase to a random skill on consumption?
  4. The House of Lords one stop shop-Inde M25

    Heya, Please COD the below Item to Burdok 18ql metal brush 89coc-89c Thanks a mil
  5. Add Kegs or a Barkeep, please!

    I would support this notion HEY BARTENDER, Hit me with another round !
  6. Received and thank you very much for the quick service you guys have always been awesome
  7. Good Morning guys, long time no see... Please COD the below item to Burdok if its still available QL 6 Meditation rug c85 (50c) Thanks
  8. The House of Lords one stop shop-Inde M25

    Haven't been here in over a year, Love what you've done with the place
  9. Oakheart is calling... [Updated]

    Joined Oakheart yesterday and I have so far only enjoyed what I have seen. A very friendly and helpful community new and veteran WO players and they have all sorts of people, Funny, Punny, Bloodthirsty, Fearless, Shameless and all round incredible spirit. Glad that you would have me.
  10. Oakheart is calling... [Updated]

    Hey guys, Returning WO player here, you still looking for new citizens?
  11. Xanadu Community Map

    Hey guys, Just came back to WO and I am not going to keep my old deed, I see it is still on the map but it has been disbanded very long ago Please remove Lemon Grove at 3571,-7062 Thanks Burdok
  12. Just coz I love the game and appreciate that the devs actually fix problems I decided I will post every random crash I encounter . I don't really want/need any feedback on these as this is a work computer but still might be valuable for the devs Below the crash dump and below that the system specs DXDiag Report
  13. Third person view, Yes or No?

    I personally would be perfectly happy with a better character view for selfies , I mean look back at April fools day you couldn't even see the full gnome in the character screen.