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  1. Just coz I love the game and appreciate that the devs actually fix problems I decided I will post every random crash I encounter . I don't really want/need any feedback on these as this is a work computer but still might be valuable for the devs Below the crash dump and below that the system specs DXDiag Report
  2. poll

    I personally would be perfectly happy with a better character view for selfies , I mean look back at April fools day you couldn't even see the full gnome in the character screen.
  3. Best alliance around, why haven't you joined yet? Yes I'm talking to you!
  4. Can't wait! Time to sharpen my axe!
  5. comic relief

    Real men ride cows.
  6. There can only be Wurm and Dota 2
  7. +1 for Saddlebags
  8. I'll support the cause. I'll also take one mystical pickaxe.
  9. 90ql services

    Great prices great service Quick on the job as well. Happy customer.
  10. Good Afternoon, Please CoD the 83QL scissors 71botd-71c to Burdok. Thanks a lot
  11. Good Morning, I'd like to add my deed please Lemon Grove - Also the previous deed at that location "Labyrinth Lab" Has been disbanded and decayed. Thank you kindly Burdok - Mayor of Lemon Grove
  12. +1 This looks soooooo cool, I want. Gimme Gimme Gimme !!!
  13. Thanks for the quick delivery on the Mortar and Clay, great service
  14. Great alliance, very friendly and active players. Also some great events going on now and then
  15. Good Morning Eleraan, Please CoD the following to Burdok Rare Stone Shards x 10 5c each Rare Labels x 5 5c each At work right now will claim when I get back home Thank you kindly