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  1. I have a question for the Devs

    only 29k? I feel Elwood has been slacking
  2. Burdok's Bazaar (XAN I19)

    And the bump on his forehead could be seen from across the room
  3. WTS (Aroma's shop)

    Super fast service, great tasting pizza's and the best part is all the topping stayed on top it didn't slide off the pizza like some pizzas from other pizza companies. Will highly recommend
  4. Burdok's Bazaar (XAN I19)

    Ooooh bumped into the table ...
  5. Rift Reported 2019-02-16

    Rift Reported on 2019-02-16 Location
  6. [Close, sold] Auction: Strongcoffee, black

    2s 50c and lots of love
  7. Burdok's Bazaar (XAN I19)

    Dean moved close enough to bump Fitzgerald but held his temper.
  8. #Justsaying I love the new animations and headbobbing to my favorite metal tracks also really love the fruit hanging from the trees!
  9. Animations is acting wierd.

    I found that combat animations also get fixed if you use an item that starts a new animation, for example, using a pendulum.
  10. A serious post about mental illness

    Thanks for sharing Keenan, you never offended me personally and if you did this would be where I would say "Don't sweat it bro, we're all human." I wish you all the best in your journey ahead in dealing with this I believe you have a family in some of the wurm community. Stay strong, or don't if you don't we're here if you wanna chat
  11. Valrei International. 077

    This looks awesome cant wait for the update. Thanks for all the hard work dev team
  12. Burdok's Bazaar (XAN I19)

    Just another bump in the thread
  13. Thanks for the heads up, I'll start stocking up for your great return. All the best to both of you
  14. Jola's Wonderful World of Dyes

    Great post, thanks for all the awesome dye's you've supplied me in the past. 100% Recommend Jola for awesome dyes
  15. Burdok's Bazaar (XAN I19)

    beep bop bump!