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  1. [07:28:53] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to reach Iseult in less than ten minutes. Congratulations and thank you. Wish you best luck with them
  2. Here you will find some rares and supremes to improve your crafting time and to decorate your toon and your deed. If you are interested in any of these items, please, contact me or Davih via PM in the forum (Luttuosa and Davih) or send us a message in game (Luttuosaa and Davihh). Have a nice day and happy wurming **TOOLS** Supreme unfinished rounded stone forge 85s. Supreme oak spatula 50s. Supreme oak spindle 85s. Supreme oak fruit press 50s. Supreme unfinished cheese drill 50s. Rare hammer 94ql c100 w100 35s. Rare oak mallet 95ql c106 w100 30s. Rare oak mallet 95ql c106 w98 28s. Rare oak mallet 94ql c103 w101 24s. Rare oak mallet 95ql c97 w96 22s. Rare oak spindle 75ql c80 w77 16s. Rare Oak ropetool 13s. Rare oak spindle 12s. Rare oak spatula 10s. Rare oak clay shaper 10s. Rare oak fruit press 8s. Rare oak chees drill 8s. **DECORATIONS** Supreme marble wall fountain 50s. Rare unfinished larder 25s. Rare slate wall fountain 20s. Rare unfinished marble open fireplace 15s. Rare unfinished PvP portal 15s. **WEARABLE** Rare lead breast plate 3s. Rare iron plate gauntlet 4s Rare brown striped breeches 3s. Rare black cloth set (belted vest + pants + 2 sleeves) 12s. **SKINS** Spiked club skin 3s. Masterwork small axe skin 3s.
  3. Brat Who knows, if they should merge the servers in the end
  4. We will not be home until 21th April, so if you need anything from our shop contact us through PM; we will reply you once back Happy Easter to you all.
  5. We will not be home until 21th April, so don't worry if we will not be able to pick up daily the mails; we will accept them every 3, 4 or 5 days, it will depends, but we will accept them Happy Easter to you all.