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  1. Hi, how much kg would i need to dye the main sail for the Corbita, this color T2. And what is the cost?
  2. Hatch Head - QL 3 BOTD 58 - 87c COD to Kierkegaard
  3. It is very likely that the steam connection manager is down for steam, the 0.6% that is affecting wurm.
  4. There is but its when you create an account through non-steam. Its how I run my alt account.
  5. Wow, that's really cool. Definitely will watch.
  6. Will boats be able to travel under the bridge?
  7. WTS 1k Mortar 4s SOLD WTS 1k Stonebrick 2s SOLD WTS 1.1k Wemp 2s SOLD WTS 1.2k Cotton 2s Sold separately or together. COD or Pick-up (Har) N17. In-game: Kierkegaard All sold
  8. WTS 1k Mortar for 4s. Pick-up (Har). N17. QL ~ 21 In-game Kierkegaard SOLD
  9. Any more context on this? I think there have been 1-2 "fixes" in the last couple updates about the creature spawn being fixed. Is this a, its actually fixed, or a temporary forced creature spawn type of thing? happy either way. thank you!
  10. WMADD LatLng(242.366594, 477.4375),LatLng(242.366594, 480.25),LatLng(240.052562, 482.3125),LatLng(240.677976, 483.75),LatLng(245.180957, 485.5),LatLng(245.368582, 488.875),LatLng(244.242836, 490.1875),LatLng(244.242836, 493),LatLng(252.123054, 493.1875),LatLng(257.063825, 498.375),Color(green)=Highway