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  1. sweet baby jesus that's awesome! *looks at credit card in wallet*
  2. @Aldur How is that done? Is WA sending a read command on the text file every half second?
  3. @AldurIs the timer function scanning memory for updates or scanning the log file? how often does WA check the log file for updates?
  4. The Knarr is back on the market.
  5. Just DM'd you. 75ql, 600 logs for 6s. pick-up. still good? Nevermind.
  6. Congrats Saltheart on the Corbita
  7. still available. lowered price.
  8. WTB RARE. No Message or PM required. Just COD. Details Full weight Minimal to no damage Peg - Any type 22c Tar 22c Rivets - Iron ONLY 22c Rope - Mooring or Thick 52c Tenon - Any type 22c COD - Kierkegaard
  9. Hi, It would be nice if you had the option to right-click the main stack and had the option to combine. Example
  10. Yes, bring your Corbita to N17 on Harmony. There are two purple boats (Corbita & Cog) on the dock. If you park it there I can imp your Corbita. Just let me know when you plan to swing by.
  11. sorry for the terrible picture Congrats Aelha on the new Knarr!