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  1. Could I get an affinity barrel for carpentry plz! And Root Beer
  2. Picture Perfect Stables Is Now Open HORSE KEY: YF= Young Foal, AF= Adolescent Foal, YH= Young Horse, AH= Adolescent Horse TRAIT KEY: FF= Fight Fierce, FM= Fleeter Movement, LM= Lightening Movement, SLM= Strong Leg Muscles, SB= Strong Body, CM= Carry More, USH= Unusually Strong & Healthy, TB= Tough Bugger, CS= Certain Spark, KS= Keen Senses Horses For Sale At This Moment: Gold Buckskin 3 speed- AF WarStrong Male (FM, TB, CM, SLM) 2.5s SOLD Gold Buckskin 3 speed- AF StarkSadie Female (LM, CM, SLM, USH) 2.5s SOLD Black/Silver 2 speed-Aged Horse- WindDream Male (SB, LM) 50c SOLD Blood Bay 2 speed- Aged Horse -Wingwar Female (TB, FF, LM, SB) 50c SOLD Blood Bay 2 speed- YH CoffeeCopper Male (FF, FM, TB, LM, KS) 1s SOLD *pick up cad h22*
  3. Could I get in line for custom affinity beverage for Cloth Tailoring
  4. Mead - 1.5s/Small Barrel, Whisky - 2.25s/Small Barrel and Root Beer - 2s/Small Barrel please cod to Kyrah
  5. CLOSE